Saturday, 13 April 2013


There has been a disappointing lack of treats from My wishlist lately - THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

I'm through with being nice. The Bitch is most certainly back!

If I'm going to give you My attention, you must remember that in order to receive you must give. And that means you taking your sorry little ass over to My wishlist TODAY and placing an order. I'm not going to sit here, slogging My guts out, so your pathetic little maggot can receive pleasure. IT'S HIGH TIME YOU GAVE SOMETHING BACK!

There are many things for you to choose; shoes, fetish wear, stockings, etc. If you want to see Me wearing any of these items, I suggest you start shopping now. I also suggest you don't disappoint Me.


Direct Chat is Back!

Well, the last 48 hours have been extremely tense - waiting for Adultwork to get back up and running. I take My hat off to them though. They have kept us updated as much as possible via twitter and facebook.

Thankfully, now they're back online, I have been able to offer directcam and direct chat, which has been a relief. But of course, between now and Monday, I'm gonna have to work My socks off to recoup what I have lost since Thursday.

As a result, every night until about 10.30pm, I will be offering direct chat at a very reduced rate of only .60 credits per min. So you can take advantage of very low cost Domination and Fetish chat, while I tease and tantalise you until you explode - with My permission of course!

So speak with Me via direct chat, simply click here.

Verification Pic.

Here you are - you can see that I am real!

Cam and Phone Sessions Available.

Unfortunately, Adultwork continues to suffer problems as a result of the DDOS attempt. Until this is resolved, and they are working hard to resolve it, I can assure you, I will be offering private cam, instant messenger and phone bookings.

There is no need to apply - you can simply Contact Me if you desire a session. You should advise Me of whether you require a cam, phone, im or cam and audio session, for how long, and a brief outline of what you wish to explore.

I will then advise you of the total cost of the session and issue you with instructions on how to pay.

For session prices, you may click here.

The Sex Clinic

On Thursday evening, I watched a programme on Channel 4 called "The Sex Clinic". This programme features several GUM clinics in London, and shows some of the people who visit.

In Thursday's show there was a Dominatrix who had decided to go for a full health check, including HIV test because the nature of her job means she does come into contact with blood. Like she said, when indulging in needle play, or breaking the skin with a heavy caning, one splatter of blood in the eye could be risky. So she is doing the sensible thing and I applaud her.

It featured her doing a session with a long time slave, who also likes needle play. She pierced his nipples with surgical needles, before forcing him to endure mummification, while she plied the crop to his cock and put pegs between his toes. Now I did like that little touch - I think I will be using that one for My slaves!

Then the program showed a TV couple. One was a male to female "escort". I use that term very loosely because in My opinion, she wasn't an escort at all. She walked the streets of Soho, picking up gentlemen on street corners, and charging them £180 per hour. No vetting, no safety measures - nothing.

But perhaps the most alarming thing about this so-called escort is that she regularly had unprotected anal sex with her clients. She had been in the clinic for an HIV test which fortunately for her, had come back negative. She had even said before the test that if it came back positive, she'd be so devastated that she'd probably kill herself. Yet after having the all-clear she was back on the streets, still having unprotected risky sex, and admitted she doesn't even question her client's sexual health, saying that they could simply lie.
Yes love, they could. That's why its important to use PROTECTION!!

I was left absolutely mortified that she would put herself in danger in this way - not only picking up men she clearly hadn't properly vetted, but putting her own sexual health in danger. I despair, I really do!

The final thing which shocked Me (and I'm totally unshockable - or so I thought!) was a man who had been HIV positive for 25 years. He was receiving treatment and had been doing very well. He chose to have a one night stand with a guy, didn't use protection and ended up catching an STI. To make matters worse, the man he slept with was also HIV. These people just don't learn, do they?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Technical Problems Are Still Continuing.

Well, I had planned to be available for bookings today, but firstly Adultwork is still down - they are currently repairing the problems and hoping to stick up the middle finger at the attackers as we speak. Fingers crossed it will be back up and running later night, if not tomorrow.

Should the site be back up tonight, I will be offering Directchat at a reduced rate, so you will be able to call Me up until 10.30pm.

If not, hopefully it will be back up and running tomorrow, so I will be available as normal tomorrow afternoon.

I haven't been twiddling My thumbs though. For a start, I have redone My Facebook page, which you can find by click here.

Secondly, 30 odd perennial plug plants arrived this afternoon - so I had to pot those up before they died. Will have to do My nails later has the compost has dried them out. Of course I did what all avid gardeners do when they plant or pot something up for the first time; looked at the plants and said the famous words "grow you buggers, grow!" Thank you to Alan Titchmarsh for that one!

So really, until technical problems are solved, I'm stuck. But it should be resolved soon. In the meantime, I think you all for your patience!

Introducing Slave J.

Slave j has just completed his first assignment for Me. Here is his homework report below:

Hello Mistress Cristal,

I have completed the homework and have attached photos of it. 

Shaving my genitals sounded quite horrific when I read it and I wasn't that keen on doing it. However, once i started my cock started growing. I felt really humiliated so i guess this is why. I shaved my pubic hair off and my ball hair so I am completely bald now. It will be constant reminder of Mistress Cristal I guess, whether i am in a kinky mood or not. I am also going to have to hide it away until it grows back. I hope it grows quickly as my fiance will wonder why i am never in the mood. I also do muay thai kickboxing 3 times per week. at the end of every session everyone showers off in a communal shower. I am not sure what i am going to do yet but i guess i won't be using the showers at the gym anytime soon.

I knew the pegs on the nipples would hurt. Putting 2 on each nipple was quite sadistic but i wouldn't have it any other way. They really hurt towards the end and hurt the most when i pulled them off. i do have a fair bit of experience with nipple torture though so the pain in taking them off did not come as a suprise. 

I enjoy being spanked, whipped, paddled, caned etc but have never done it to myself. 

The candle wax was quite painful. I let it drip onto my bum until the wick burnt out. I tried to relight it but with no luck. 

The next part was whipping the dried candle wax off. It Took 364 strikes with the belt for it to completely disappear. To begin with it came off really quickly but some bits were really stubborn. I felt like a tit and ended up wrapping the belt around my hand and whacking it from a shorter distance over and over again until it finally fell off. 

The next part i was absolutely dreading. I have never licked my own cum before and the thought disgusts me. I also know that once i shoot my load it will be the last thing in the world i want to do. however, i really want to be Mistress Cristals slave and i told myself doing something so disgusting, when i was at my least kinkiest moment (straight after cumming) would prove to myself that i really wanted to submit to Mistress Cristal completely - not just when i have a hard on. 

I wanked onto a plate and licked it clean. it was horrible and i wanted to stop. I felt like crying but i made myself do it. 

I am starting to get an erection again now typing this out and i only finished the task 15 mins ago. it took an hour & 15 mins in total. I am now sitting here with no pubic hair, no ball hair, sore nipples, red bum cheeks and I have just swallowed my own cum for the first time. Instead of feeling like a loser and full of regret i feel as though i want more. 

Thank you Mistress Cristal, please feel free to do whatever you like with the pictures.

Adultwork Down Due To A Bunch Of Twats!

Unfortunately, it would seem Adultwork have been subjected to a Denial of Service attack and have been having problems in the last 24 hours. So if you are trying to get on to Adultwork to speak to Me or anybody else, and are unable to this is why.

These attacks are highly annoying. Not only does it affect Adultwork, but it affects thousands of men and women who are either providing services or are looking for services. And the worrying thing is that whoever is responsible for this attack, are clearly following Adultwork's every move, to undo any solution they are coming up with.

I can't decide if it's a group who do this because they can (in which case, I suggest you find a better hobby!) or it's some disgruntled service provider who broke the rules and had their profile removed, along with all their credits.

Either way, these attacks are selfish, unreasonable and downright ignorant!

So, until this is resolved (likely to be resolved today - I hope!) if you wish to speak with Me, you will have to do so via private booking. Today (Friday) I will be available from 3.30pm, so you will be able to arrange a session from that time. There is no need to apply in this instance, just contact Me to say you would like a session and it will all be arranged for you.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cum Challenge Winner - almost!

Today I almost had My first Cum Challenge winner who did very well to come so close. Alas he was also so far!

He came twice in 2 minutes, the second one not being very pleasurable judging from his moans of pain as he came. He was going for gold, having been given only 45 seconds to cum a third time, but complained that it was hurting for him to continue wanking. The clock was ticking, and I was verbally encouraging him, but sadly, time ran out and he didn't manage it.

Still he should congratulate himself as he did very well. He's one of a few who have managed to cum twice. And I was very cruel, giving him such tiny amounts of time. Perhaps next time he will manage 3 times!

Glenda Jackson Is A Viking!

Now Glenda Jackson has really gone up in My estimation. Yesterday, at the MP's tribute to Margaret Thatcher, she decided to pay her own little tribute, by speaking the TRUTH.

She talked about how Thatcherism wreaked havoc on Britain, how Mental Hospitals were closed to make way for "care in the community", which as she put it, meant no care at all. She reminded MPs of schools which were crumbling, school books which were damaged with no money to replace them, how libraries were a mass of bare shelves and that the only thing Thatcher managed to achieve in her policies was a culture of greed and selfishness.

Of course, she was jeered by her fellow MPs for speaking her mind. It would seem we can't dare to be critical of Margaret Thatcher, even if we are being completely honest. But you know what - well done Glenda! It's about time somebody spoke out and saw Thatcherism for what it really was. And as for those who jeered her; open your eyes for goodness sake! She brought the country to it's knees - certainly for those who are poor. The rich didn't see this, because like the current coalition, Margaret Thatcher was the protector of the rich. 

Glenda Jackson has balls to stand up in the House of Commons and refresh everybody's short memory. She has far more balls than her male counterparts in My opinion!

Used Panties Now On Sale!

Mistress is now selling something very very special in Her webstore.

I am giving your the honour of being able to purchase My worn panties. This is a great privilege for you - having the opportunity to buy something so very personal from Me.

They are black bikini briefs worn for a full 24 hours (I will be sleeping in them too!) from purchase. They will then be sealed in an airtight bag to protect their scent and shipped to you discreetly (unless otherwise specified).

You will be able to "enjoy" this very intimate item in however way you choose to your heart's content.

Also coming soon are used g-strings - very very tiny g-strings, which have been close to Me for a full 24 hours. Will you be worthy of owning some?

To purchase a pair of My used panties, you may visit My webstore using the link below:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Desperate Cuntweasle.

I woke up this morning to a rather desperate instant message from cuntweasle, saying how he NEEDED to play and was asking for permission.

Now being the cruel bitch I am, I totally ignored his message and instead sent his homework. A part of this homework is to lock himself into his chastity device IMMEDIATELY before posting the key to himself by second class post. Then, he is to watch 30 mins of porn whilst locked up.

I have a feeling he's going to be very frustrated. And this BEFORE I tell him that I'm about to become his keyholder!

Oh, and at My instruction, he's just ordered himself a plastic sleep-suit for summer. I predict many uncomfortable nights ahead!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


My availability for Cam and Phone bookings this week is as follows:


If you wish to book a session during these times, you may contact Me to do so.

New Items Added In The Cristal Domme Store.

I have been adding more exciting products to My store, including toe nail clippings for those who love all things feet and an opportunity to donate to My shoe fund.

In the next few weeks, I will be selling used panties -and I know a lot of you would like to get your hands on those!

You will find something in My store to whet your appetites and keep you coming back for more. So make sure you visit it today to check out the items I currently have for sale!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Dedicated to Margaret Thatcher.

I make no apologies for this. She crushed the mining industry, she crushed the steel industry. She introduced the poll tax, and she sent men to their deaths at the Falklands War. Do I feel an ounce of sympathy? Absolutely not!


Today sees the official opening of My new online store.

You will be able to purchase signed photographs, used tights, download links to My private clips as well as pay your Wank Tax at the store. More products will be available soon!

So come and check out the store today!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Truth!

"You ARE cruel Mistress!"

The words of a Cum Challenge Loser today.

Never a truer word spoken....

Can Sunday Start Again Please?!

Today is definitely proving to be "one of those days."

It all stared with puss this morning, who has had a naughty streak in him ever since he woke Me up at 6am. Clearly he wanted to be fed as the little darling chose to knead the hell out of My wind pipe.

Next, as I was getting Myself ready, putting on My make-up and doing My hair, I heard this awful screeching noise coming from the lounge. Dashing in I found puss with a live Mrs blackbird in his chops, looking very pleased with himself.

So there I was, cat in one hand, bird in the other, desperately trying to prise his jaws open to release the terrified little thing. He finally gave in, and watched as I carefully took said bird outside, locking him indoors much to his displeasure, and checked the bird had no signs of injury. Wings were fine, bird was none the worse for wear, save for being seriously frightened, so I placed it in the tree in My garden and left it to recover before it flew away.

Puss meanwhile continued to protest as he scratched madly at the door, desperate to get out to finish off his "catch of the day". Finally he gave up, and skulked off the bed, in full sulk that I had "rescued" his present.

I don't mind him bringing Me the odd gift. It is a sign of love. But I'd rather they were dead first, not screeching and fluttering about, so feathers are all over the place! This, he has now been told, but he's still decidedly pissed off!

Finally, as a final twist to today, I was in the middle of a cam session with a cum-eater when I managed to spill a full cup of coffee all over Myself and My desk, which narrowly missed the computer - thank God! Ever the professional, I continued with the session,while a river of black coffee dripped on to My lap and the carpet. Once session had finished, I frantically mopped up the mess, cursing today and vowing to open that lovely bottle of Chardonnay later. What a day! And it's only 2.30pm!