Monday, 30 November 2015


I will be available for webcam bookings via Skype on the following days and times. These times are subject to change. To be notified of any such changes; you should follow Me on twitter: +mistress cristal 








To book a Skype webcam session; simply email Me at the address below to request:

Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Cam Event!


It's Black Friday - and to celebrate; I have a nice little deal for you!

Today only; you may enjoy Skype sessions at the reduced price of £1 per minute. This is valid from 1pm until 5pm so don't let the grass grow! 

Skype sessions include cam to cam and audio; with a minimum booking length of 10 minutes. Bookings are payable via Gift Card ONLY.

Want to experience strict domination at the hands of your Sadistic Domme?

Send your booking request NOW to:

Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Wishlist Now Available.

A tiny bit early; but you will be pleased to know that My Christmas Wishlist is now available and you are invited to treat Me this year to something I will enjoy. I have a range of items available including wine cases, fetish wear, perfume and beauty products. Now is the perfect time to get your special gift to Mistress before the Christmas rush.

So far; I have received a lovely bottle of champagne from a sub. It is stored away for Christmas enjoyment and sub has been duly thanked. No good deed goes without gratitude!

To visit My Christmas wishlist; you may visit the link below and choose your way of saying "thank you" to Mistress this year. And once your have purchased that gift; sit back and enjoy the feeling that you have pleased Mistress well..

Chasity Sub gets a little hot and bothered....

Chillies are good for many occasions - cooking, an aphrodisiac, for health - and for making sure your sub suffers for as long as possible!

Hot cock anyone?

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Chastity Sub Undergoes Self-Teasing

Giving a chastised slave a self-teasing task is always fun! This is how Chastity Sub got on with his:

Mistress Cristal. Under your instruction I have endured 2 hours of constant teasing being on the edge all the time. The first clip on the dvd was a tall woman with large breasts wearing leather shorts, a loose white brouse and red lingerie. As she started by rubbing her legs it made me imagine kneeling in front of her slowly rubbing my hands up and down her soft legs. I would be naked in front of her hard and excited. I would be throbbing as I felt her. When she removed her blouse and bra and freed her breasts I was ever more excited imagining rubbing my cock in between her soft and warm breasts feeling them making me even harder and more excited. She then removed her panties exposing her pussy which looked warm and wet and was hairy. When she started rubbing it and inserting fingers into it I was even harder imagining her doing that whilst I rubbed my cock on her breasts. The thought of the smell and sound of the wet pussy made my cock even harder. I imagined tasting the pussy juices and using my mouth to clean her fingers. As we chatted I imagined doing this as i was allowed to cum over her breasts. 

In the second clip it was a slightly smaller woman with long dark hair in a garden wearing denim shorts and a loose t shirt. I imagined being in the garden with her as she was teasing me as she removed the t shirt and started rubbing her large breasts. I imagined it was me rubbing them. Feeling the soft breasts and hard nipples on my hand. She then removed her shorts and spread her legs wide displaying her smooth pussy. When she started rubbing the lips slowly I imagined it was my hand feeling the warm wet lips. I then imagined putting my head between her wide open legs smelling the sweet smell and tasting the juices. All the time watching this the vibrations from the wand made the aneros vibrate inside me adding to the intensity of my cock throbbing in the confinement of the cage desperately on the edge of cumming. I imagined cumming on her wet and excited pussy.

The third clip had a woman in a business surrounding dressed in a skirt and white blouse.  She slowly stripped off as I imagined being seated watching throbbing hard. When she had stripped off her body was very athletic and I imagined feeling the muscular body with my hands feeling her tight tummy and her firm breasts and ass. She sat on a chair and spread her legs and used a dildo on her pussy. I imagined it being my cock being allowed to fuck her. Feeling her tight warm pussy all over my cock as I moved it in and out getting faster and feeling the pleasure of cumming inside.

Throughout the 2 hours I was constantly on edge needing to cum and the vibrations from the wand and aneros made me even more desperate as my cock constantly twitched and throbbed in the cage straining at it and leaking. I am so frustrated desperate to cum and missing the pleasure of cumming every week not knowing when I will have permission to again.  I am still on the edge and extremely desperate to cum. 

I hope this is to your satisfaction and if you need to know anything else or want anything else please let me know. 


I will be available for webcam sessions via Skype next week, on the following days and times.






To book a webcam session during these times, you may email Me at the address below; stating the length of time you wish to book for and what you desire to explore in the session.

Online Servitude Positions Available.

I currently have 4 vacancies for slaves who wish to be trained online via webcam, instant messenger and phone chat.

You will be aged 21 or over, be completely submissive, selfless, honest and open to BDSM experimentation. You MUST be able to commit to at least one 10 minute online session per week. You need not be experienced in BDSM; but you will at least have a basic knowledge of the scene. You will also have a basic knowledge of how to approach and converse with a Superior Dominatrix.

You will understand that serving Me is about Me. Indeed; it is not about what I can do for you. Rather it is a case of what you can do for Me. You will remember that you are to serve only with Mistress in mind. You will understand that your needs are of no importance to Me. In fact; I will only consider your needs once you have met Mine. You will remember that and your application to serve will reflect this.

You will be expected to be 100% honest about your kinks, fetishes and limits. You will treat your application to serve as an application for a job - this means you will detail exactly WHY I should consider you. You will understand that Mistress has very high standards - and you will strive hard to meet them. I will not take applications which clearly display minimum effort. Your efforts in your servitude must be absolute maximum at all times.

You will understand what true submission means. It means you are giving yourself to Me completely. You will understand that as your Mistress; I will dominate every area of your life and you will freely accept this. As well as accepting it; you will also embrace it as the only way you can truly live from now on.

Do you feel you have what it takes to please Me? Are you able to meet My exceptionally high standards?

Then get in touch via the email address below and tell Me WHY you would be useful to Me and WHY you feel I should give you My attention. Show Me that you are truly deserving of this privileged position.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cam Update

Good morning dear readers!

As you may have heard; My partner has been seriously ill and has had to spend the last 10 days in hospital. I'm now pleased to say that he's home and recovering well. This means that after this weekend, things should be close to normality again - a long last!

I will be available for Skype webcam bookings today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Next week; normal hours will resume and I should soon be back to full throttle.

HUGE THANK YOU goes to those who have been very patient during these very difficult and stressful times. Your help has been greatly appreciated.

If you wish to book a Skype cam session with Me today; I will be available from 1pm. You may send your booking request via the email address below.

Sunday, 8 November 2015


My fans and subs will have noticed I've been very much absent from cam this week. Sadly; this is because My partner is currently seriously ill in hospital and is awaiting more tests and possible surgery. I cannot say how long this is likely to continue for; but I hope to fit in some cam time in the next few days; subject to circumstances allowing for this.

In the meantime, I will aim to be available for AdultWork DirectIM when able and you can chat with Me there via the link below:

Email Assignments are of course always available and can be obtained by emailing Me directly at:

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to My fellow Dommes for helping Me out with promotion during this difficult and stressful time. Huge thanks go to those who have been very understanding and patient. 

Fingers-crossed things will be back to normal soon. I apologise for any inconvenience.


Mistress Cristal

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pumpkin Fucker

So I made sure Chastity Sub did "something" for Halloween...

Well it's about all he'll be able to fuck for quite some time!