Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It Hurts To Be A Girl......

Sometimes, it hurts to be a woman. In fact, at certain times of the month, being a Woman is not all it's cracked up to be. We suffer for our gender. We have a week of emotional instability, sore breasts, bloating, aching joints,and extreme tiredness.

And the main event - stomach pain, back pain, even more tiredness, switching between being irritable and weepy, shoving all manner of "feminine protection" in our knickers or inside us. It's NOT fun. And it's definitely NOT something for boys to poke fun of. Let's face it - nature has made it so that women get the rough end of the stick. WE are the ones who go through pregnancy and childbirth. WE are the ones who end up having what can only be described as a Ford Cortina inserted up us every 2 years (pap smears, however important, are NOT pleasurable), WE have to suffer the hell that is the menopause and then of course there's the mammograms later in life - just to give you an insight - imagine having your balls placed in a vice - and slowly but painfully squeezed until you think they're going to pop - does that sound like fun to you?

Now at this point; you boys might be thinking "well, we have to hear about these feminine tribulations. Where's the fun in that?!" Hearing about it is not good enough. Only when you experience it can you truly appreciate what we go through and WHY we have the right to claim Superiority over you.

When it comes to My sissy boys; when Mother Nature visits Me, she also visits them. They don't get to escape these monthly visits simply because biologically they're male. As far as I'm concerned; they seek a journey into sissydom - so they take whatever comes with the territory.

There are simple ways in which I can recreate a "Monthly Gift" for My sissies. Prolonged wearing of nipple clamps works very well in creating that dreaded breast tenderness. As does any form of nipple torture. When you've had an hour or longer in the clamps or have endured all manner of sadistic torture to your nipples; will you be so keen to condemn women for moaning about their PMS symptoms?

Keeping you in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time can easily mimic the effects of joint pain - how long can you remain tied up on all fours before you're squirming in discomfort?

And depriving a sissy of sleep - that takes care of several things at once - the tiredness, and the emotional turmoil. Remember; BDSM is 90% psychological and 10 % physical....

And when the "Monthly Gift" arrives - the torture doesn't stop there for sissy. Oh no. Repeated ball busting creates a lovely slow, dull ache in the lower abdomen - the sissy version of "menstrual cramps". And that's before I make you wear a maxi pad - day and night. Oh, and you have to change your maxi pad. No visiting the urinal for you - unless you want your friends or colleagues to see your maxi pad tucked inside your frilly pink knickers. Off to the cubicle you go - after you have worked out how to carry a replacement pad to the toilets, without anybody finding out.....Do you take a "bag" or do you store it in your pocket and pray that nobody notices? And of course should somebody notice - how are you going to squirm your way out of that one?

I digress - because the above really isn't My problem - but it is My entertainment.

You see, being a girl means you have to regularly carry the burden of being a girl. And if nature doesn't bring that burden, Mistress will! I see no reason for you to be immune from it. In My world; biology is not an excuse nor is it a form of protection.

When God created man; he was only joking. But when He created Woman; he decided that Women had to put that mistake right - and by making you endure what We go through, we are doing just that!

Instant Messenger and Phone Chat Today.

Unfortunately, Mistress is not feeling very well today. While I will be online, I will only be offering Instant Messenger bookings via Skype. I will however be available later this afternoon for Direct Chat via AdultWork.

You can call Me via Direct Chat by visiting My AdultWork profile via the link below. Calls cost 0.80 per minute. Email Me via the AdultWork secure email system to request permission to call FIRST.

To book an instant messenger chat via Skype, you should email Me at the address below and tell Me WHAT you can do for ME.


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Crave to suffer?

Mistress seeks natural-born masochists who know the true meaning of pleasure through pain. You will be willing to suffer under My watchful eye and sadistic creativity as you strive hard to entertain Me with your painful performance. You will enjoy the following:

Genital Torture/Cock & Ball Torture.

Nipple Torture

Corporal Punishment

Ball Busting



Anal torture & stuffing

Painful masturbation

Prolonged Bondage


Online sessions will be conducted via Skype and you must be willing to commit to at least one 20 minute session per week. 

Do you have what it takes to please Me with your pain? Can you suffer to amuse Me while I laugh at your expense? Are you open to having your pain limits stretched as you learn to take as much suffering as I want to give you?

Then apply now to the email address below and tell Me WHAT you can do for ME.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Read, learn, get your priorities in order and THEN apply...

Every day I get many emails from submissives; desperate for My attention and begging for the chance to become one of My online servants. And a good percentage of those emails are ignored and succumb to the "delete" button. The reason for this is the standard of the email tells Me everything I need to know; that the author doesn't have what it takes to make Me happy.

In your first contact to Me; you have only ONCE CHANCE to make a good impression. That's all you get - ONE CHANCE. I don't do second, third or fourth chances. ONCE CHANCE ONLY. If you fail at the first hurdle then you can be sure you will be of absolutely no use to Me. And no amount of subsequent emails from you; begging for Me to reconsider will make a difference. Once your email goes into the bin - it stays there. Along with yourself.

The mistake many boys make is they talk about what they want rather than what they can do for Me. Straight away, this tells Me that they don't have their priorities in the right order. It tells Me that they are only interested in what they can get out of serving Me; rather than how they can enrich My life with their servitude.

And let's be clear on this; serving Me is about what you can do for ME. It is not about what Mistress will do for you. I don't have to do anything for you. I don't owe you a thing. I don't even have to acknowledge you exist. It's up to you to convince Me to acknowledge you - and that's what a creating a good first impression is all about.

The second mistake is an email which is littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes. I don't consider Myself to be a "grammar nazi". But I do have certain standards. The English language is beautiful - and I cannot stand it being abused. But that's not the reason for My distaste of poor spelling and grammar. The fact that you have sent this email without proof-reading and correcting; suggests to Me you have no attention to detail. And if you can't be bothered to re-check what you have written; it tells Me you can't be bothered to put in the effort. Why then; should I put in the effort where you are concerned?

Then there are those who make it clear they know absolutely nothing about Me. They talk about personal meets, exploring kinks which are hard limits for Me. There is a wealth of information about Me on this website. All you have to do is read it - there is more to learning about Mistress than looking at My pictures. Make the effort to do your research - and I'll make the effort to consider you.

And finally; and this is a HUGE turn off - those who send pictures of their dick. I do not want to see your dick. I don't care about your dick. Your dick - however impressive you have convinced yourself it to be; is of no use or importance to Me. If this statement shocks you; then I suggest you stop reading now - those who think with their dicks and not with their brains are never going to make the grade. And I'm certainly not going to waste My time; reading whatever clap-trap you have put in your email.

To sum up; a good initial email is respectful, well-written and selfless. It is brief and to the point; focusing on what the sender can do for Me and why they feel I should consider them - from the point of view of the recipient - ME. Those with a genuine desire to serve shouldn't find this too difficult. But those who want to "play" at being submissive will be scratching their heads before they've completed the first sentence....

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mistress Seeks Online Sissy Sluts...

I absolutely love taking control of new sissies and moulding them into complete and utter filthy cock-whores. I particularly love it when their tight little ass-cunts have yet to be penetrated. Witnessing their de-flowering is both a joy and a pleasure. Seeing their sissy faces scrunched up as their cunts are filled for the first time is absolutely priceless!

I seek sissy femboys who wish to begin their journey into Sissy Slutsville. You will be embracing the opportunity to finally succumb to who you really are - a girly little sissy-fag who needs to take as much cock as you can get.

You will be trained in how you should present yourself - as pretty as a picture of course. I will be choosing the kind of clothing you are permitted to wear, the way your wig/hair should be styled and how I expect you to make up your face. You will be given lessons on how you are to conduct yourself on a day to day basis as a sissy, as you slowly leave behind your boyish ways.

Once I have you moulded into the kind of sissy who will please Me you will finally receive your new sissy name!

And then the fun REALLY begins....

 All My little sissies will be performing on webcam for My pleasure and entertainment. Armed with as many toys as you can gather (you will be given a list of toys you are to acquire, throughout your journey!) you will suck, lick, kiss, gag and fuck yourself into oblivion while I enjoy watching your depravity. You will be made to do highly humiliating and degrading tasks to ensure you remember your place as My sissy - and the more humiliation you endure, the happier Mistress will be.

Do you have what it takes to please Me in this manner? Can you prove to Mistress that you ARE in fact a cock-loving fag-whore?

Then apply to serve via email at the address below and tell Me WHY I should consider you.


A Little Education.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder about things. And here's a little reminder about Mistress. This is particularly useful for all those who need to get themselves a little "education" about Me. And you know I'm talking about you - those who lurk in the shadows of My blog whilst getting off on the pretty pictures. It may surprise you to know that there is lots of writing to go with those pictures. So now is the time to take your mind of your pathetic maggot and actually read and learn about Mistress!
And then perhaps you will find your spine and actually make the first step into becoming one of My online servants!

I am Mistress Cristal, an experienced Online Professional Dominatrix based in the UK. Having enjoyed almost 13 years in the BDSM/Fetish Scene; I enjoy many deliciously deviant activities including CBT, sissy training, Female Supremacy, JOI, SPH, financial domination, humiliation, fetish exploration, anal training, Goddess worship to name but a few. 

I am a sadistic Dominatrix which means I live by the three "p's" - PAIN, PUNISHMENT & PLEASURE - the latter being My pleasure NOT yours. If you want a sensual Domme who will go easy on you; forget it! I enjoy the dark side. I like it rough. I like it harsh and I like it merciless. I don't do soft and gentle for wimps. I do Sadistic Domination for those who crave to suffer under My skilled hands and creative imagination.

I am very straight-forward. I have a no-nonsense attitude and hailing originally from Yorkshire; I call a spade a spade. That means I don't take any crap. Step out of line and try to get the better of Me and I'll chew you up and spit you out like you're a piece of gristle. This is one dragon St George didn't successfully slay.

My kinks cover a wide range of activities; but My favourites are CBT - cock and ball torture, sissy training, anal training and of course Goddess Worship - yes I am a Goddess - to be treated with absolute adoration.

I started in the lifestyle as a Phone Sex Dominatrix after deciding the leave the humdrum world of business management. My craving for something different took Me into the dark side and once I was there - I was hooked. My natural dominant side took over and with that came My little sadistic empire and the realisation that this is what I was born to do.

I enjoy seeing boys suffer in all kinds of wonderfully painful and humiliating ways. Many of the pictures I post are from boys who have gone the extra mile to please Me in this manner and this is one of the many ways you can serve Me - by showing Me how you like to suffer and sending Me these delicious pictures of your torture. Other ways to serve are by webcam, email, telephone and financially - if I think you're worthy enough to worship Me financially that is.

You will see that I am very active online. I am on Twitter, FetLife, Findoms, NiteFlirt, Tumblr, Google+ and AdultWork and you will see Me on those sites on a daily basis. I am occasionally on Facebook, but more often that not you will see Me on twitter.

So what about My physical appearance? I am 5 ft 6 tall, with dark brown/black shoulder length hair, deep blue eyes, full pouty lips and high cheekbones. My figure is curvy and voluptuous - shapely legs, very curvy hips and impressively natural breasts - not that you will get to see those - they aren't for you. I have very pretty feet with dainty toes - and toe rings on each foot. I often like to show off My feet and if you're lucky; have you beg to worship them.

My style is described as vintage gothic with My style icon being Dita Von Teese - red lipstick, kitten flick eyes, and red nail polish. Sometimes you will find Me in victory rolls, other times you will find Me in vintage 1940's glamour; sophisticated and elegant. This means that I am a Lady. I have morals and good manners and I expect you to have good manners and use them at all times. Protocol and etiquette are VERY important to Me and I expect My slaves to follow this.

As previously mentioned; I like all things vintage - corsets, stockings, heels. I also enjoy PVC, latex, and leather. I like the finer things in life. I enjoy champagne, fine wines, and tasteful jewellery. I am also an avid reader; My favourite topics being true crime, fetish, and autobiographies. Outside of the lifestyle; I am a keen philanthropist supporting causes for child health, cancer research, dementia and animal welfare. I often post details about the appeals I'm currently supporting and always welcome donations in lieu of tributes as part of servitude.

So what do I seek? I seek slaves, sissies and sluts who can dedicate themselves to serving Me online and on a long-term basis. I communicate with My slaves via email and on Skype with or without webcam. I also communicate with them via phone on both AdultWork and NiteFlirt. 

Serving Me is quite a tall order. I have very high standards of which you will be expected to meet. This means you will have work hard in order to ensure you please Me.

There are a variety of different ways in which you can serve. A popular way is via webcam on Skype; where you will obey My orders, and entertain Me with your suffering while I laugh at your expense. I conduct Skype session between 1.30pm and 5pm Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and occasionally on Wednesday's. Sissy sluts are made to leave their boyish ways behind and begin their journey into feminisation, whilst pain sluts are tortured until they beg for mercy. My imagination and creativity has no limits and you will be rather surprised at the degrading and humiliating things I will have you do!

Another way is via email. Many of My slaves are task slaves and enjoy completing weekly tasks for My entertainment. These tasks can be humiliating, painful and/or frustrating. Each slave is expected to write an essay on completing these tasks along with photographic/video evidence as proof. 

And finally you can serve Me financially. Financial slaves or "paypigs" serve Me in the form of tributes and gifts in order to keep Me happy. They pay My bills, treat Me to pamper days and enrich My Superior life with their spending while I enrich their lives by simply acknowledging they exist. Only those most dedicated have the honour of serving Me in this manner.

Experience has taught Me that no two slaves are the same. What appeals to one slave might not necessarily appeal to another. And this is why it is very important to be clear about what you crave in the form of your kinks and what you definitely don't want in the form of your limits.

Speaking of which; My limits are scat, personal meets, racial and anything illegal. That aside; I am very open-minded and un-shockable.

If you wish to considered for servitude, you should apply by email and explain to Me WHY I should consider you and how you can serve your Mistress.


You can also find Me at the following places:








Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sissy m loves giant cock!

Earlier in the week; sissy m made a startling confession to Me via twitter. She'd been playing with her girlie clit-dick without permission. Sissy knows full well how I feel about this. Touching yourself with permission is NOT allowed and there will always be consequences for those who do.

In the first instance; she was made to pay wank tax. And as she paid her dues, I was left in no doubt that I would be taking the matter further. I know sissy m very well - she is a whore through and through and there is no way she would be able to leave herself alone.

And this afternoon, as if on cue, she made another confession; tweeting to Me that she needed to be punished. No prizes for guessing what she'd been up to!

Ordering her into My private cam room on AdultWork; I demanded to see her slutty outfit in it's entirety. There she was, kneeling before Me in a little maid's dress and stockings. And do you know what, ladies and gentlemen? The little slut hadn't even bothered to put on panties! Her little sissy clit was on display, fully hard - evidence that she'd already been helping herself. Now this just will not do! I could see that a simple fine was not going to be enough to keep this whore in check. A far more hands on (no pun intended) approach was necessary.

She produced her "instruments of torture"; wooden spoon, riding crop, toothpaste, anal beads and dildo. And while it was pleasing to see that she had prepared her little fuck toys, I was far more interested in the "torture toys" to begin with. Her clit as getting harder by the second so it was time to do something about it. And that's when the wooden spoon was put to good use.

Watching her little sissy clit bounce and jerk with each slap of the wooden spoon was very satisfying. And each slap was punctuated with a delightful gasp from sissy. At one point; she was suffering so much she actually began to tremble - and that shows Me that clearly the punishment she was enduring was proving to be very effective.

Next came the riding crop; a number of strokes being delivered to her clit and her balls. Again; she trembled in agony; thus proving to Me that she was indeed suffering. My aim was to make her clit and balls so sore she couldn't handle touching them for a number of days. I wanted to make sure this punishment created a lasting impression on the slut - and clearly that was the case.

To round off her punishment; I had her take some toothpaste and rub it into her already very sore balls. Almost immediately she was gasping and writhing in pain as the soreness started to increase. "Mistress, it's burning!" she cried out. Well of course it was - that was the whole point..

Now I'm not one to refuse the opportunity to humiliated a dirty slut. And since she was dressed in such a slutty manner, I had to take full advantage of it. You see; before I began her punishment I made her insert the anal beads into her slut-cunt - counting out each one as it popped inside. I wanted her cunt prepared for what was to come.

So when I was ready to give her what she deserved, I had her pull out the beads - again counting each one as it popped out. And they really did pop out - her cunt yielding some resistance with each one.

As her cunt recovered, she produced her dildo for the second time. Now this sissy is a greedy bitch. She LOVES cock - and she loves them big! In fact the bigger the better! So the dildo she produced was in fact a large double-ended dong, in flesh coloured rubber - perfect for a slutty size-queen. I wanted to see how much of it she could take - in her mouth first of course. So there she was, knelt on the floor, sucking on this huge rubber cock like a pro. Clearly this bitch has either watched a lot of porn or is a well-practised cock-sucker. Either way; she was gagging and sucking on that thing nicely. Any man would be lucky to have full use of her mouth!

I could see she was desperate - she needed to really feel that cock. At one point; she begged Me even with her mouth full! Clearly the saying of "don't talk with your mouth full!" was lost on her. So desperate was she to feel her cunt being stretched and filled with this massive rubber cock.

But then I couldn't resist either. I wanted to see how much she could take up her ass-cunt. She lined it up, and sank herself down on it - ALL of it. I mean she really took it all - save for about 2 inches protruding out of her. This thing had to be 12 inches at least - so that's 10 inches of dick right up her fuck-hole - perfect!

And off she went - bouncing her sissy ass up and down on it like she was riding a horse at full gallop. Seeing her cheeks bounce as she slammed herself down on the dildo was very entertaining. There is no mistaking how much of a cock-hungry whore she is. Next, she was on her back, her legs spread as she slammed that rubber cock in and out of her hungry ass-pussy - squealing like a little bitch with each thrust. I gave her permission to stroke her clit - only because I wanted to see her with a face full of cum. Sadly her credits ran out before that happened - so she did all that fucking for nothing.

Nevermind - the main thing is I was satisfied.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Mistress Had A Birthday.....

If you follow Me on twitter; it should not have escaped your notice that yesterday was My BIRTHDAY! Now the fact that I wasn't around should not be an excuse. You should always be thinking of your Mistress, ESPECIALLY when She isn't online - because that's the time you have to behave yourself the most. Mistress always knows! Don't forget that.

And there shouldn't be an excuse for you not to send Mistress a birthday gift - a token of your appreciation for the fact that I acknowledge your existence. It's about wants and needs. You WANT Me to acknowledge you so you NEED to find a way of making sure that happens. And what a better time then the occasion of My birthday.

So take that wanking hand of yours and head over to amazon.co.uk to purchase a gift certificate. Put that hand to far better use - making Mistress happy instead of satisfying yourself.

Amazon Gift Certificates can be sent to Me at the email address below. Show Mistress you deserve My attention...


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sadistic Saturday

Guess what happens on Sadistic Saturdays.....

Just a small taster...I have MUCH more in store for you...

Skype bookings available from 1.30pm. Email your book request to:


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Power Of The Tease...

With My sexy curves, I can easily make you fall to your knees and beg to be My submissive pet. Showing you things you can never hope to be worthy of is what I do best. Teasing you into a frenzy and keeping you on the edge is like a drug. I don't need to bare My flesh to make you pant like a dog. Allowing you to use your erotic imagination is more than enough - and the way I use My body will having you begging for more - that and the fact that only REAL men get to tap this. Only REAL men get to know every inch of My delicious body. Does that drive you crazy with jealousy? Oh I certainly hope so!

You see; you need Me to keep teasing you like this. You need Me to fuck your mind. I won't be fucking you...well not in the way you crave. My strap on will be fucking you instead. But that's just physical. Psychological fucking has a longer lasting effect. It opens the door, reaches in and drags your deviant fantasies out into the open. And once they're out; I will play with them over and over again.....simply because I can.

Don't kid yourself that I tease you for your own sexual gratification. Lulling yourself in to the false sense of security that I'm pandering to your needs is just dangerous. Don't make the mistake of getting too comfortable - because I will quickly make things very UNCOMFORTABLE. No, no, I tease you because I want to see how badly you want Me. I want to see how much you will beg. I want to see the desperation in your eyes. I want you to crack under the strain. There is more than one way to break you - and I find this to be a very effective method.

So when you're stroking away, watching Me taunt and tantalise; remember that your pleasure and your ultimate euphoria is in My hands. And I can take it away without warning. Could you handle that? Could you?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cam Days Week Commencing 9 March.

With it being Mother's Day this Sunday, there will be a change in My cam schedule this week. Instead of My normal cam schedule, I will be available for bookings between 1.30pm and 5pm on the following days:





To book a webcam sessions with Me, you may email Me at:


Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Church of Sadistic Purification is OPEN!

The Church of Sadistic Purification is OPEN! Time to suffer for your sins!

Cam bookings being taken now:


You may also serve via AdultWork at:


Saturday, 7 March 2015

"Slave" gets owned...and not in the way he hoped!

This disgusting little slug thought he knew all about what it's like to serve a Dominatrix. And then he met Me...

Slave: I want to be ur sissy miss and u can make me pose.
Me: I want - gets nothing.
Slave: I'll do anything for you.
Me: Will you?
Slave: Only thing is I don't like anything in My ass miss
Me: Very well - enter pvt chat.
 [slave enters private chat]

Me: So you wish to be My sissy do you?
Slave; Yes Miss.
Me: And I assume you understand what being My sissy entails?
Slave: I don't know miss.
Me: Hmmmm, so you want to be My sissy but you don't know what is involved in being My sissy. How then can you possibly be so sure that's what you want?
Slave: I have girly clothes Miss.
Me; Show them to Me.
[slave shows various items, including bright pink thong]

Me: Put it on.
[slave puts on thong]
Me: So do you think this is being a sissy?
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: Wrong! This is called cross-dressing. I shall enlighten you about what being a sissy means.
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: Being a sissy means you are treated like a girl, and in particular being fucked like a girl. But we have a problem, don't we?
Slave: What Miss?
Me: Well that isn't what you want because you don't want anything up your ass. So what DO you want?
Slave: I don't know Miss.
Me: I know what you want. Shall I tell you?
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: You wanted to cam with Me with the sole aim of wanking your dick and cumming, didn't you?
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: Well unfortunately for you; you picked a Genuine Dominatrix who has intelligence instead of some little wannabe who doesn't know any better.
[slave starts to squirm]
Me: But don't worry. You haven't wasted My time - just yours. You see, while you've been here pretending to be submissive, and showing just how clueless and ignorant you are; you've paid Me for highlighting how fake you are. So you've wasted your credits as well.
Slave: Sorry Miss.
Me: Oh don't apologise to Me. Like I said; I've enjoyed taking your credits and wasting your time. Oh and there'll be no wanking or cumming today, in case you're dumb enough to hope there will be. Don't you feel a fool?
Slave; Yes Miss.
Me: Might I suggest next time you do your research before approaching a Dominatrix - or you're going to end up poor and with blue balls. Either way; I won't be the one relieving those balls. Goodbye!

[slave is kicked from the session]

Show Me You're Worthy Of Relief.

I LOVE Saturdays. Saturday is the day when My downright, mean, sadistic, evil side comes out to play. The side that enjoys watching you writhe in pain. The side that NEVER gets enough of seeing you suffer. The side that dons Her favourite thigh-boots and prepares to seriously bust some balls.

The fact is; you snivelling little maggots deserve to suffer. Each day you come before Me, dicks hard, perverted thoughts in mind, and think only of those balls which are begging to be emptied. You speak as though you have every right to cum. But you forget one very important fact; you have NO rights in My world.

If you want to cum, YOU EARN IT. And to earn it, YOU SUFFER. If I want to have those balls beaten and kicked until they're black and blue - then you shall deliver. If I want to see your ass stretched wide and impaled on a gigantic dildo - then you shall deliver. If I want to see your nipples pinched and pulled under the grip of eye-watering clamps - then you shall deliver. It's as simple as that.

Oh and don't forget that suffering doesn't have to be physical either. There is nothing to stop Me from getting into your mind and under your skin, and humiliating the shit out of you. That little voice inside your head? The one which spews nothing but contempt for you? That's Me. The one who tells you you're nothing but a pathetic waste of skin? That's Me. The one which makes you do degrading and humiliating things which make you cringe in shame - that's also Me.

And then there's the matter of your aching to have release. Just how much are you aching for it? Are you hungry for it? Hungry isn't enough. I want you starving! And by the time I've finished teasing and taunting your twig and berries, believe Me, you'll be famished! That's no guarantee that you'll receive relief though. Hearing you beg in desperation for it is like the sweetest symphony. But begging isn't enough - anybody can beg. I'd rather continue My sweet torture until I break you. And I WILL break you - you have to know that it is inevitable. You'll crack long before I do.

Can you handle My sadistic side? Are you brave enough to try? Then you better get going and send through your booking request NOW. Right now; before the scared little boy inside you talks you out of it. Have yourself some balls - give them to Me; or I'll simply take them anyway.

Skype Webcam booking requests may be emailed to:


Friday, 6 March 2015

A Date For Your Diary.

Coming up on 19th March is a VERY important date for your calendar - MY BIRTHDAY.

Now while it is obligatory for My owned slaves to treat Me, I invite unowned slaves to treat Me as well.

I am accepting Amazon.co.uk E Gift Cards for this very special occasion. You may send them to:


I also have a dedicated Amazon Wishlist for you to make good use of; link to this is below:

For those who are owned by Me; I strongly suggest you DON'T disappoint....you know what happens when you disappoint Mistress.....

For those who aren't owned; the fact that I acknowledge your existence in return for your gift, is more than enough....

Monday, 2 March 2015

"No Mistress! Don't turn me into a girl!"

My NiteFlirt sissy is starting to accept his fate. He knows that eventually; he'll have no choice but accept that his boyish ways are going to be left behind as he becomes a pretty little princess.

He does beg so much for Me to stop. "No Mistress, I don't want my nails painted!" "Please don't make me wear make-up Mistress!" "I'm begging you Mistress! I don't want you to give me hormones. I don't want pretty titties!"

It's not like he has any real say in the matter. The day he confessed his fantasy of being turned into a girl; he lost his say. Be careful what you wish for - because you know that Mistress is sadistic enough to make those wishes come true!

I love how he squirms when I tell him about the trip to the hair salon. He weeps and whimpers as I describe his black locks being dyed blonde and styled into pretty little ringlets. He doesn't want the pink bow in his hair, the red lipstick, the fake eyelashes and the pretty manicured red nails...But all that matters is he's pretty for Me. I want him as pretty as a picture; so all the boys will want to fuck him.

He asked if I'd stuff his bra to give him breasts. No, I don't do half-measures. I decided it's time to go the whole-hog - hormone injections are a much better method. That way, his whole body can become much more ladylike - nice big milky tits. Oh he will be producing milk by the way - that's another little trick I have up My sleeve. His girly tits will lactating nicely. When he invites his "boyfriends" over for tea; they'll have the option of cow's milk or slut's milk. I know which one they'll choose.

Would I chop off his dick and give him a pussy instead? Hmmm, tempting. But then I don't want him to be fully a girl - somewhere in between is far more humiliating for him. No, I think I'll leave his dick permanently caged. And his ass-pussy is far more inviting for the boys - far tighter as well.

Oh yes; he knows that he has to stop fighting. It is his destiny to become a pretty little fuck-whore for Me. His attempts to try and avoid it really are futile. I'll make a woman out of him! 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

How To Make Sure He Behaves....

An acquaintance of Mine knows how to make her boy toe the line:

"Stop pissing about your Ipad and get out here and help me, or I will shove this up your ass while you're asleep...DRY!!!"

Needless to say; he was out there helping her in a flash....