Monday, 29 February 2016

Panty Boy has an embarrassing visit from "Aunt Flo."

It's amazing how quickly the monthly visit from "Aunt Flo" comes around; especially when you're a panty slut who deserves to be humiliated. Yes ladies and maggots; Panty Boy has got his period again. And this month; I decided to make it extra-humiliating for him. It's far too easy to make him wear a maxi-pad for 5 days - changing every 4 hours. It doesn't cause him that much embarrassment. It's hidden - a simple secret that nobody need know.

So imagine how embarrassing it would be for him to REALLY have a period. Now I realise that anatomically; this is a physical impossibility. But that doesn't mean I can't be creative. If I want him to have a period; then that is what will happen.

To commence the start of his period; Panty Boy was instructed to spread jam on his maxi pad. I'm sure a few of you will be familiar with the term; "jam rag week." Well I've made it literal...

Then he was made to put on his "jam rag" in today's panties - to wear for the next four hours until it was time to change the pad...of course when he changes it; he has to add more jam.

Of course it means that leakage is inevitable. We Ladies all know how difficult it can be when "Aunt Flo" is rather on the heavy side. That paranoid fear that yes; we may just have leaked not just on our panties; but all over our clothes for all to see. I wanted Panty Boy to experience this - the uncomfortable feeling of his little balls being all sticky and gooey. The fear of standing up...just in case..

As you can see; it's made quite a mess of not just the maxi-pad but also his panties, his little clit, his little balls and his thighs - and he has another 24 hours of this to go! I'm sure tomorrow will be just as awkwardly shameful for him. Next month he gets to experience period cramps...with the help of a tens machine. He doesn't know about this...ooops; did I let the cat out of the bag?! That's right Panty Boy - when you visit Boots for more "jam rags"; you'll be buying a tens machine too! 

Saturday, 27 February 2016


You will quickly learn that the only joy I get from your cock and balls is when they suffer. It would be so easy for Me to inflict the torture. But it's harder if you do it! That's right - you're going to HURT yourself for Me - because it's the only way you can please this Sadistic Bitch! 


Chastity Sub learns what a hot cock REALLY is!

Yesterday; after an intense CBT session; I allowed Chastity Sub to fuck something - I'm kind like that. Well perhaps not THAT kind - he had to fuck a jar of very hot English Mustard. And instead of allowing him to wash his now burning cock; I had him re-cage himself; tease himself with his vibrating wand; and fuck himself with his dildo. For good measure; he has nipple clamps with weights attached. Pleasure and pain - his pain and MY pleasure!

To recap; Chastity Sub has a chastity parole hearing on 20th May. If he fails this hearing; he won't be released until 9 September - I'm sure I'll find lots more methods to tease him between now and then! 

Monday, 22 February 2016


Lucky boy! Today's the day you get to fuck SOMETHING. No; not SOMEONE. I said SOMETHING. You'll never be worthy of fucking SOMEONE. You're going to entertain Me by degrading yourself for My pleasure. The only wank you get is a degrading one - remember that....and it's never about your pleasure - always about Mine. How does it feel to know you'll only ever be worthy of fucking SOMETHING? 


Friday, 19 February 2016









20 MAY 2016



Of course; it goes without saying that I enjoy locking boys up. The only good cock is a locked cock. Cocks are seldom useful for anything else - unless it involves Me stomping on them. But while the effects of stomping on a cock can clear up very quickly; chastising a cock lasts much longer. And the results are very pleasing - frustrated boys are compliant boys. They will do anything to please if it means they may  have a chance of release. The question if when they receive their release is another matter.

Taking their chastity sentence to a public vote adds even more frustration and humiliation to their experience. What is the point of chastising a boy if you can't enjoy the sight of him squirming? And isn't it better to share the fun? Of course it is!

That's why today two of My boys have had their chastity sentences decided by public vote. One will be spending the next 30 days in chastity - the longest he's lasted in the past is 2 days; so that should be fun for him!

And Chastity Sub...well his public vote is still on going. So far it stands at 13 weeks - with 30 mins left to vote. I'm pretty sure the public will make it much longer....

Am I being evil? Why no. He has just enjoyed his first orgasm since Christmas Day - which he recycled in his mouth - along with two month's worth of pre-cum he collected in a brandy glass.

So what's the lesson? Simply put; your pleasure comes at a high price! 

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Another teasing session for ChastitySub. Three forms of vibration again - cock ring, anal plug and wand. This time; he has to tease himself for 5 hours continuously - and he's not allowed to cum. You might think I'm being cruel to him. But in actual fact; I'm being very kind. You'll notice that his glass is almost full of his pre-cum. Once he's filled it; he'll be allowed to cum - for the first time since Christmas Day!

Or maybe I'll change the goal posts again - I am very unpredictable! Either way; it's all good fun. He's in a state of constant arousal and remains sensitive and on edge. He's never known frustration like it - and this pleases Me because it will make him appreciate his orgasm even more. He'll also learn never to take his pleasure for granted again. 

This is the whole point of chastity, tease and denial. Why should you expect an orgasm every time? I don't have to allow it. Nobody said I have to let you cum. I make the rules and you obey them. And if obeying those rules means you have to go without pleasure; then so be it. Like ChastitySub; you have no choice but accept whatever I decide is right for you. 

Yes; he's frustrated and the temptation to rip off his cage must be great. But not once has he ever given in to that temptation. Not once has he begged for his release. He knows what is expected of him and he's worked hard to deliver. Why? Because he has learned a very valuable lesson - the lesson being that pleasing Me is far more pleasurable than the desperately-needed orgasm...

PantyBoy has days added; but is also rewarded.

So Panty boy is well into his Lent abstinence. Of course; he has slipped up a few times - 5 to be exact. A few times were as a result of forgetting to re-word his auto-tweet. Such a pity it contained the word "me". It didn't go unnoticed. And it meant further days have been added to his chastity sentence.

He's also forgotten himself in his tweets a few times. Tut tut - more days added. So far; his proposed date of release is 3rd April. It would have been 4th April; but he had a day removed as a result of honest behaviour. Having been approached by an insta-domme; he decided to inform Me rather than respond to her. See boys? Honesty is always important - and good behaviour is rewarded!

But let's not forget that there is still plenty of time for more days to be added. I don't doubt that he's already climbing the walls. His next assignment is centred around anal training - that should tighten the thumbscrews a fair bit. How long before he's sobbing, I wonder?

Friday, 12 February 2016

Panty Boy Gives Up A Word For Lent.

I don't consider Myself to be deeply religious; despite the fact that I was raised as a Christian. In actual fact; I am a Christian-Buddhist - leaning more towards a philosophy rather than religion - for the freedom of choice.

But; sometimes Christian festivals do have their merits. Like Lent for example. Lent can come in very handy when you're a sadist.

It is traditional in Lent to give something up until Easter Sunday. This is why we have Shrove Tuesday. The idea is that you pig out on fatty food then give it up all up for Lent. The pig out then commences during the consumption of chocolate eggs on Easter Day.

But giving up food is far too easy. You just don't buy it - then you can't eat it. But what if you were to give up a word in your vocabulary? Yes; that's very difficult - it means you have to think very carefully about what you say.

From now until Easter Sunday; Panty Boy will be giving up the word "me". He will not use the word in any of his conversations with Me; other slaves. other Dommes, in emails, twitter, and during any assignments. Should the word "me" be uttered; it will equate to 1 extra day in chastity for each utterance. He's already in chastity until the end of March...could it be extended? Oh yes - if he slips up!

Of course the decision of his sentence was put to a public vote. The choices were "alcohol" or "me". Clearly a few of My followers enjoy sadism since they voted for the most evil of the two. But hey; what kind of sadist would I be if I didn't create a nice sadistic sentence?

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Panty Boy Gets A Visit From Mother Nature...

Sissy training is not just about sucking on a dildo and fucking yourself. Neither is it about dressing up in lingerie and putting on some lipstick. When you are being trained by Me; it's the whole experience of what it's like to be a girl - the good and the bad.

Sometimes; it hurts to be a girl. Sometimes; being a girl is really quite awkward. Once a month; girls bleed and suffer pain. They suffer emotional pain as well as physical pain. They suffer the inconvenience of Mother Nature bringing them their monthly gift. And with that gift comes the stuffing of half a nappy in their knickers and visiting the bathroom every 4 hours to change said half a nappy.

But there is a big difference between a real girl and a sissy girl. Real girls are used to this inconvenience every month. They take it in their stride with the knowledge that in around 5 days' time; this ordeal will be over for at least another 28 days. They can rest easy and not be bothered with the "is my towel showing through my trousers" nightmare.

Panty Boy is learning what being a girl is all about. She has finally started her periods. She too will be stuffing her knickers with a maxi pad for the next 5 days. She'll be changing them every four hours. When she received this order; her response was "don't periods arrive on the most inconvenient of days?" Yes darling; I believe you've just learned a very valuable lesson about being a girl! Periods do tend to arrive on the days you could really do without them. That is life's way of being a complete and utter bastard.

There is however one huge difference for the sissy girls' monthly visit. They don't have the luxury of using the urinal in the public toilets. It's the stalls every time - unless they want others to see their sanitary pad...and then a whole can of worms is opened. How to explain that you're a man wearing feminine hygiene products? Hmmm....

Of course the awkward situation isn't My problem; as Panty Boy is about to find out. Discomfort, embarrassment and shame are all part of the journey of becoming My sissy. I don't make things easy...

Friday, 5 February 2016


Three forms of intense vibration for chastity sub - a cock ring, anal plug and wand. He must spend the next 2 hours teasing himself like this. Oh and of course he won't be allowed to cum. He hasn't filled the glass with his pre-cum yet. This is why I do so love chastity, tease and denial! It's so gratifying to leave them in a constant state of permanent frustrated arousal! 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Panty Boy Turns Sissy...

So Panty Boy had a go at doing My Sissy Humiliation task last week. And because I love to humiliate him; I thought I'd share how he got on....

On receiving Mistress’s orders I scanned the list and identified the things that I had and the things I’d need to get. I didn’t own an anal plug or a dildo so I went to a well-known online adult store and ordered one of each. Beginners ones for my virgin ass of course.
The next thing I did was to shave as Mistress instructed. And I’m not talking just about my chin oh no. Chest, underarms, groin, legs, buttocks and back all had to be rendered hairless. It’s a good job that I’m not a particularly hairy guy because this took forever. I tried clippers, an old electric shaver and finally a disposable razor to get it all done. And when it was I surveyed myself and thought “my arms look a bit hairy now that the rest of me isn’t. Better shave those too”. So off came the arm hair too. Out of the shower and a generous amount of Royal Jelly Cocoa Butter Body Moisturising something or other was applied all over. Smooth and silky.
So the first few days of my task had been taken up with gathering together the few bits I needed and shaving. So I was all set up to do the actual task in the second week before the due date of Thursday 28th.
To cut a long story short my second weeks plans went to hell in a handbasket because a sickness went round the entire family in that week. I told Mistress as soon as I knew that I was going to miss the deadline, and why, and she was very understanding - even giving me an extra day to complete the task. But the stomach bug from hell made that impossible. However by Monday morning everyone was well and back where they all should be so I could finally complete the task. So it was on with my best stockings, thong and bra before trying to apply lipstick for the first time ever. I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah, right!” but this really was my first time at wearing lipstick. Well I made a right Horlicks of it and even reapplying and trying to improve I still looked like everyone’s Granny – when she’s half-cut.

But down to business – the first task was to worship the dildo. Placing the dildo on the floor I assumed the position; on hands and knees, ass in the air and got stuck in. And I’ll tell you what – 30 minutes is a long time! The dildo, of course, gives you no feedback or encouragement just sitting there wobbling like the lump of plastic jelly that it is. So I found that during this task most of my concern was for my knees or back which were starting to play up. And for the photography. Trying to take a picture of yourself giving a blow job to a dildo is not an easy skill let me tell you. But when the 30 minutes was up it was time to get on my back and reach for the lube. Inserting first one, then two lubricated fingers up my ass – or sissy pussy as I must now refer to it I took a few quick pictures as best as I could before putting the camera down and getting stuck in. So to speak. I don’t know how to describe this one – it was weird. Both pleasurable and erotic and at the same time weird and uncomfortable. And I’m not just talking about the position here: flat on my back legs raised, knees bent. Perhaps I should have put my latex gloves on. When the ten minutes were up I lubed and inserted the anal plug and sat on it for 15 minutes whilst I resumed worshipping the dildo. Now worshipping the dildo with lips and tongue – no problem. But throat? No way. I couldn’t do it no matter how I tried the gag reflex was just impossible for me to stop. As soon as the dildo reached towards the back of the tongue bluuuuurg. Not good when you’ve recently been suffering with a vomiting bug.

Swiftly on to the dildo. I removed the butt plug and lubed the dildo and basically sat on it. Not all the way to start off with but I tried some different positions and sitting on it was basically the best. And, again, this was pleasurable. But again there was that something that kept bursting my pleasure bubble. And, eventually, I think I put my finger on what it was that was bothering me. That feeling. It was like I wanted to have a poo. And this was in reverse. Like pooing in reverse – that’s what I felt. And it turned me off every time.

The finale was to be using the magic wand vibrator on my perineum to keep myself on the edge and milk my pre-cum into a glass. I love my new magic wand vibrator that I bought for my previous task so I thought this would do its magic. But after 10 minutes I had produced precisely – nothing. Not one drop; not even close. I couldn’t quite work this out but decided to try again – without the cock cage. So I removed my chastity device and putting that to one side I started again. This time I could get an erection and the vibrator started doing its thing. Soon I was dribbling into the glass and at the end of 10 minutes I had a small amount of pre-cum collected. So down the hatch it went – every last drop Mistress. Cheers!
I hope I have please you with my attempt at this task Mistress and I apologise for its lateness and will send the appropriate late fee by return.
And the cage is back on Mistress.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Dispelling The Myths About Financial Fetish.

Financial Fetish....many claim to practice it..few actually understand it.

Financial fetish is perhaps among the most complex of fetishes; given that the fact that it's primarily psychological. And what you think you know about Financial Fetish probably leans more towards fiction rather than fact.

First and foremost; Financial Fetish is primarily about power. It is perhaps one of the most extensive forms of slave control. The fact that it involves money is irrelevant. The financial aspect it secondary to the mechanics of the fetish. It is the complete power exchange which makes the fetish so very exciting to those who desire to explore it.

It is for this reason; it is imperative to research the fetish as fully as possible. And this is the advice I give to newbie slaves and Dommes alike. One cannot simply wake up one morning and decide they are going to be a Financial Dominatrix. Just like one cannot wake up one morning and decide to be a financial slave. The fetish requires you to have an extensive knowledge of all the facets of it before you even begin to practice it.

Perhaps the most common misconception about Financial Fetish is that Dommes can use bratty and abusive language to encourage slaves to give them money. Incorrect. You cannot force a slave to become your financial slave; particularly if they have never explored the fetish before. There has to be a desire and understanding on both sides. That is how you build trust in the relationship. If there isn't an amount of trust on either side; then that professional relationship is doomed to failure. Neither are you exercising the power you have over your financial slave. As I've stated before; the fetish is very much psychological. The key to Financial Fetish is having the power to make your slave WANT to hand over his money. A good Financial Dominatrix should never need to resort to demanding cash. If you have managed to stoke the fires of desire within your slave; it will be offered freely.

That said; there is nothing wrong with reiterating the control you have over your slave. Garnishing their salary is common practice; provided slave is agreeable. Provided you have begun the groundwork of establishing trust; your slave will happily submit with details of his finances so that you can work out a monthly budget. But don't get greedy unless you're a rinser. Like all forms of domination; respect is still of the highest importance. You're not going to bankrupt your slave (unless that is what he wants). You're going work with him to establish a realistic tribute budget.

And this is where the psychology of the fetish comes in. You are controlling various aspects of your slave's life; not just his finances. You're deciding what sacrifices he should make in order to make you happy. Wants and needs are important. He wants to go out on the piss with his mates next Friday; but he needs to make sure he has enough to meet his submissive obligations. And if he's a genuine financial slave; he'll happily cancel his plans for a night on the town - because being shown you're controlling this area of his life is very exciting to him. And while he's sat at home; instead of in the local pub; he'll be working himself up into an erotic frenzy simply because you have demonstrated the power you have over him. And it is this which will keep him coming back for more...

This is but a small example of the very nature of the fetish and it is up to you to research it further. The complexities of it are far too many to put in a simple blog entry. Many Financial Mistresses spend years learning the fetish to ensure they are fully knowledgeable. It is not something one can learn in a few hours.

But once you've done your research; it's time for you to put what you have learned into practice. Market yourself; but market yourself wisely. How you conduct yourself in your advertising reflects how well you know your stuff. And it's very easy to get it 100% wrong.

"Pay me because I deserve it, fag boy! Your #FinancialGoddess demands your cash!"

Incorrect. This is a tweet from somebody who is not only clueless about the fetish; but demonstrates how she is money orientated. As I've explained previously; Financial Fetish is NOT just about money. It's about power and having the power to make your slave WANT to tribute you. And if you are indeed motivated by money; and believe the ridiculous myth that it's "easy money" - Financial Fetish definitely isn't for you.

"Does Financial Domination put you in a quiver? Find out more about the ULTIMATE form of control!" 

Now this is a good example of how to market your services. You're talking about it from slave's point of view. You're showing that you understand how Financial Fetish makes a financial slave really feel. You're also showing that you understand about the fetish. You've done your homework - and because you've done your homework; you're more likely to gain interest.

So what happens once you've gained the interest of a financial slave? Well this is good advice for both Dommes and subs alike.

Most experienced Financial Mistresses will expect a tribute up front. This is not a sign of greed. Nor it is a sign that they are "fake"  (although this is an accusation some have experienced.)

As a genuine financial slave; the onus is on you to prove first; how much you understand the fetish and secondly; how you propose to go forward. And think carefully when you make your initial tribute. How much you spend will often determine whether or not you will receive a response to your application. Again; this is not a signal that Mistress is greedy. It is what separates the true financial slaves from the players.

Players are those who a) don't know about the fetish b)seek to waste the time of Mistress and c) do not have the correct mind-set to explore the fetish. An experienced Mistress will spot a player very quickly - even before they have sent tribute. Players will often make ridiculous suggestions of what they can afford - and in reality won't send a penny. Secondly; on the rare occasions they do send tribute; they will expect something in return - that isn't Financial Fetish. The fact that you are enjoying the power Mistress has over you; is the very essence of the fetish.

In addition; players are attracted to those who practice the fetish but in reality know nothing about it. In other words "instadommes". Yes; those girls how use foul language and demand money. Those who tweet intimate pictures in return for money. Players love these because they know full well they can lead them a merry dance. They exploit the girls' ignorance and lack of knowledge; turning their time-wasting behaviour into a fetish all on it's own.

Those girls who have been burned by players will often tweet about them "avoid @fredbloggs - #timewaster!" Yep - you've just given said player what he wants - attention and acknowledgement. He knows he's gotten to you and has achieved exactly what he set out to do.

I personally can spot a player before they've realised it - they never get a response. And I won't reward them with undeserved attention.

So how to tribute? Again; this demonstrates the importance of doing your homework. Most will set out exactly how they expect tribute. That means you respect those methods. You don't quibble about it and ask if they take other methods. Power and control is not about negotiation. And by demanding another tribute method; you're already attempting to control the relationship. Remember; it's always on Mistress' terms. Your needs and desires will be acknowledge should it be deemed necessary.

For the record; it is NEVER a good idea to offer Paypal as a method of tribute. Paypal do not accept payments for adult services - and you will quickly find your Paypal account permanently limited and all your money gone. Neither should you consider bank transfer until you have gotten to know your slave very well. And even then; you should exercise caution. Gift vouchers and NiteFlirt tributes are My recommendations.

So what happens after initial tribute?

Provided you have pleased Mistress with your initial tribute; She will contact you. Perhaps She may conduct an online interview with you to gauge just how extensive your knowledge of the fetish is. Or She may even send you a budget sheet for you to complete. I personally like to go down the "interview" route - and establish a rapport with said slave before working out a monthly budget. This will also help to deal with any fears or misconceptions from either of you - as well as establishing mutual trust. It's also a good idea to establish if slave would like things like verbal abuse to be part of the process.

Once the budget is worked out - REALISTICALLY; exploration begins. Slave will make his monthly tribute to Mistress without being asked. A good Financial Mistress should not need to remind him - nor should She have to demand it. It comes naturally - a part of slave's life. And of course if slave should happen to forget his obligations; he readily accepts financial penalties - again paying them without being asked. He will also ensure Mistress is aware of any "treats" he has planned for himself - a holiday, season ticket to his favourite football team - and as part of the control; Mistress will decide if he may have those treats. If She feels he doesn't deserve them; he goes without - and enjoys going without with the fully knowledge he's made that sacrifice to please Mistress. He will pay close attention to the needs of Mistress - make regular visits to any wishlists and look at how he can please Her with a gift. If Mistress sends him a picture of said received gift; he sees it as a bonus. But the fact he's sent it; will have him drooling; particularly if he's scraped together the last of his monthly wage in order to fund it. He sees the gift as an investment - but not in financial sense - it's an investment which continues to show the power his Mistress has over him - and how that power is now part of his physical being - as natural as breathing in and out.

THAT; ladies and gentlemen - is Financial Fetish!