Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cuntweasle Begs A Favour.

A big THANK YOU goes to Cuntweasle for sending Me a stunning Gothic choker as a prelude to begging a favour from Me.

Now normally I don't do favours for slave's, but on this occasion, I will make an exception, especially since I now know what this favour is - and I will of course have to take full advantage of it! Expect to see some highly entertaining photographs coming soon!


Today I find I am having to expose yet another time-waster who thought he could get the better of Me.

Leo Shannon ( applied to serve Me as an email slave a few weeks ago. In his application, he mentioned swallowing urine as one of his fetishes, and on acceptance of his application and the sending of his first email assignment, this particular fetish was one of the tasks set.

I later received an email from him, in which he admitted that he hadn't been truthful in his application, therefore, he would be unable to perform that task. He also came up with various reasons as to why he couldn't perform some of the other tasks set.

Now I am a reasonable person, so agreed to set alternatives for him to do. But I am not a pushover. For failing to be truthful, he was duly fined £5 as punishment.

Leo has not paid his fine. Neither has he acknowledged receipt of the alternative tasks, despite frequent reminders.

Today, I have emailed him to terminate his Contract, to find that he has closed his email account, and therefore will no longer be contacted on that particular email address.

This is a blatant time-waster. Not only has he breached the terms of his Contract of Slavery by lying in his application in the first place, but after I was merciful enough to change the tasks for him (and I don't have to - I could have been cruel and left the urine tasks in place) he decided to disappear, thus proving what a time-wasting cretin he is.

His details have now been passed to BDSM Timewasters accordingly.

Dommes out there, if you don't want to be taken for a ride by this idiot, I suggest you avoid him at all costs!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

RIP To The Woolwich Soldier.

I am horrified beyond belief at the terrible attack in Woolwich, London yesterday. To take a man's life in such a sick and barbaric way is inexcusable and My heart goes out to the victim, his family and all those who were deeply affected by this atrocity. No words can express My sympathies.

And in the midst of all this, there are two things which bother Me.

Firstly, since the news broke of this attack, I saw status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter of a racist, anti-muslim nature. Now I am not defending what these two monsters did, and nor am I excusing it. But it is My feeling that these two individuals did this purely for propaganda reasons. This is clear from the way they stood around around after the attack, demanding they be photographed and filmed by horrified on-lookers. They set out to cause a storm, to create unrest and to have their huge moment in the spotlight.

By lowering ourselves into racist and anti-muslim statements, we are giving these people exactly what they want. And indeed this we saw last night when EDL decided to jump on the bandwagon and "protest" in Woolwich. Not appropriate at all. What that area of London needed last night was calm, and respect, not a load of bone-heads after a ruckus. And let's be honest - the EDL don't need much of an excuse at the best of times.

We also saw attacks on Mosques in Kent and Essex - a direct result of the Woolwich attack - thus further giving the perps the coverage they wanted. Surely it's best to rise above all this?

The other thing which bothers Me is the coverage by the media. I was watching the news last night from the moment I was alerted to the attack until gone midnight. And all I could see was repeated flashing of that awful image of one of the attackers - blood on his hands, and brandishing a knife and cleaver. The media have played right into those hands by doing this. I also saw that the reports and coverage were very one-sided. It was all about the attackers themselves and very little coverage about the victim. It was almost as if the victim was insignificant, and that the attackers should take the lime-light - which is of course what they wanted. No doubt today's newspapers will have that awful image plastered across their front pages, thus fanning the flames of such propaganda.

I prefer not to call this incident a "terrorist attack", because I don't want to give the attackers any more notoriety than they have already received. Neither do I want to make a point about the fact that they just happen to be Muslim. As far as I'm concerned, this is murder. Two men murdered another in the worst way possible. I prefer to keep the flaming statements out of it.

Now here's were it's very worrying. These men are gaining exactly what they set out to achieve. It was not about Islam, and it was not about our troops being in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was about causing a storm, and My fear is that if this isn't handled very carefully, very sensibly, with the media staying away from sensationalism, I predict some serious civil unrest in the weeks to come. This will become a nationwide trend if we are not careful, and more innocent victims will suffer - victims of all backgrounds.

Because of the actions of some, it is so sad to see that all Muslims are tarred with the same brush. To some people, the word "terrorist" in the English dictionary is closely followed by the words "see Muslim." I have many Muslim friends. In fact I have friends from all religions, and they are all quick to condemn what happened yesterday. They repeatedly say that the actions of radicals do not reflect the rest of them, and that is true.

Let's remember some fundamental points of attacks like the one in London yesterday, and all such attacks across the world. What are the goals? Maximum impact, maximum coverage, maximum exposure. Remember the various beheading videos doing the rounds? Why do you think these people sent the tapes to various news agencies? Think about it!

The best form of defence in these circumstances is and always will be; not to feed the propaganda machine. Rise above the racist and anti-muslim statements - we are better than that. And don't give those responsible what they crave - exposure. It will only fuel more hatred and extremism.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday's Availability.

Because I have a very busy day in My vanilla job, today I will be offering session via Adultwork DirectChat and DirectIm

Private sessions will be via direct im only.

If you wish to book a session with Me today, I will be available from 2.30pm until 5pm. You may contact Me at to book.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Today I am exposing a time-waster who came to Me wanting consenual blackmail.

Tom Milford also known as contacted Me on fetlife. He applied to be blackmail and was duly sent a blackmail Contract.

Instead of following the instructions in the Contract, and sending the required photograph, he sent a picture of his balls pegged - NOT what he was told to do.

If you are Domme, avoid this cretin - despite the fact he claims to be "serious" about serving you, he is fact only serious about jerking you around.

Tom's details have now been passed to BDSM Time-wasters, so other Dommes know to avoid him in the future.

Bad Behaviour Will Be Punished!

It would seem that it is a day of bad behaviour from My slaves today.

Firstly slave l has crawled to Me via email and admitted that he has not been 100% truthful in his application. He put "swallowing urine" as one of his tastes, but has now admitted he doesn't like that. So he is fined £5 for this slip up

And slave j, who is fast heading towards expulsion from My ownership has yet again failed to acknowledge receipt of his homework. He is also fined £5.

Let it be noted readers - if you behave badly in your servitude you WILL be punished!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wet Nappy Blues!

Because Cuntweasle's last email assignment gave Me such a laugh, I thought I'd post it here for you all to see!


Because Cuntweasle's latest homework gave Me such a laugh, I decided to share it with you! Enjoy!

Good morning/Afternoon Mistress

Please find below my latest efforts to please and amuse you.

Homework No.86 for

Mistress Cristal

Due 15th May 2013

Sat 10:10am  Only opened homework this morning, thought i would 'tease' myself overnight by wondering/worrying what may be in it this time around.  Though if i had known it meant my instant freedom frae CB, i would have opened it straight away.  First thoughts are that it ain't too bad, though being back in nappies and having to pee in them ain't my favourite passtime.  As i said in my acknowledgement, the main problem is if i'm out and about how the hell i change them from both carrying new one about and disposing of the old wet one point of view.  Still, at least no plastic pants, or layers of tights and stuff te make matters worse.  On saying that, if i have to pee in a nappy more than once the pants may be a necessity.  As you may note, new nappies are different, so no idea of 'capacity'.  Not sure how much opportunity there is for 'photos', but i'll try and resist what i did last homework and add random photos of cock half encased in wax or owt.  The earings may be interesting.  My thinking is that if i let my hair down rather than sweep back, it should easily cover my ears so i may get away with it, though will be constantly fearful that someone may catch a glimpse. Other than that, don't foresee too many problems, though hour of pegs has the potential to be painfull........ more later........... 

Sun 7:10am  The goings on of yesterday.  Went down town to buy a pair of earings for task.  This was because a) the previous set ye had had me buy were large dangly ones and b) i could only find one of them.  So i hunted about for the smallest pair of clip-on ones i could find.  Bought a pair and went back to car.....and put them on......and brushed my hair down instead of back to cover them.  I then drove around our (crazy) one way system in Kilmarnock, finding red lights at just about every possible set.  Felt dreadful sitting there with cars next to me..and just looked dead ahead of me, scared to turn to see if anyone was 'looking'.  Next step was to park up and get out of car for a walk.  Did this in a street adjacent to main street, so quieter and much less likely to bump into anyone i knew.  Problem i had, that although my hair is long(ish), it's also very 'light', and i could feel it blowing about, with the result that the earings MUST have been visible.  Whole experience was scary as hell..... more later....oh, back to initial problem i had when i first had to pee in nappy.  Putting it off as long as possible and when having to eventually do it, having to stand there still while 'letting it go'.... bugger....

Mon 4:40pm  Seem to be missing out any 'afternoon' here to try and rectify.  You'll enjoy bits of this, and NOT be pleased at other bits.  First, these sodding new nappies.   They are bloody useless.  After only a couple of hours of wear, the 'padding' all moves (as did the others but only after many many hours) into the middle, and makes just sitting down somewhat uncomfortable.  Second, they do not appear to 'protect' wearer from the wetness as others have, and i don't think it is about not wearing CB and therefore being 'protected'.  The 'feeling' is mainly round the a*se!!  Thirdly, they, when wet, don't bloody fit well at all, and are constantly trying to slip down/fall off.  Fourthly, after only one pee, they don't feel as though they could take another drop without leaking/humiliation...... scared at even the thought of having to pee in one more than once, unlike others.  Roll on when this new packet are finished and i can go back to the ones i used to use before.  Now the bits ye may??? not be happy with.  Am not going to be wearing nappy for at least some of tomorrow.  Have an appointment with Doc re. piles, and certainly ain't gonna turn up wearing a nappy.  Especially with a male Doc.  I may, just may, have considered it with a female one.  And on another 'task', have yet again forgotten to buy bananas & apples.  Will try and make sure that happens tomorrow.  Have (mostly) managed my 6 drinks of water a day.  Still to do slapping task to c*ck and b*lls, but have had one of my two 'plays'..........grin...and will do pegs in the morning.  I assume ye meant to the skin rather than pegs ON b*lls..... don't think pegs will stretch to that.....more the morra......

Tue  5:10am  Forgot to mention, bought new pegs yesterday, pink & blue, kinda the colour i'm hoping my b*lls change from and too.  The old ones, even if i could be bothered to hunt for them, were just to 'peely wally'.  About to have a bath, then do my hour of pegs.  Still also to do slaps to b*alls & c*ck.  Only have all of today and some/all of tomorrow to complete this homework.   I'm maybe leaving too much stuff to be done at the last minute, but hey hoo.  must remember bananas & apples.........more later........ 2:50pm  Ye make some decisions, then sometimes really regret 'em.  Done the (new) pegs, and it was bloody hellish.  Had kinda expected growing pain (if any at all), but it didn't work out like that.  Think if task set again i'll find my old pegs.  Pain was quickly bad, but instead of growing, it came in sodding waves.  Intense, then not much, then back to more intense, and each time slightly worse.  Most strange & unexpected.  Lasted the full time, but with last 15-20mins watching the bloody second hand travel (very slowly) round the clock face, and terrible agony on removal.  Have taken pic of task and after marks, and though the marks don't especially show up, ye can probably see the cream i had rubbed on straight afterwards to try and ease things.  Any thoughts of slapping b*lls today have gone right out of my mind as even a wee rub to try and soothe is bloody sore.  That task wil have to wait til the morning i reckon.  On a better note, at least i had a while out of that sodding nappy, due to visit to Doc (been referred to hospital).  And, to add to my pain, the failure of again forgetting to buy 'fruit'.......... ahh well.  Randy as f*ck, just glad i'm not locked and i have one permitted 'fiddle' to go..... more the morra.........

Wed 6:15am  That's the slaps all done.  Didn't realise just how long 100 slaps to c*ck & balls would be, and it was a case of i should have done them maybe hours or days apart, as many slaps on/at one target actually 'hit' the other target.  B*lls were fine as long as they could swing freely, but if ye caught them between slap and thigh or leg, it was also a bit of a 'crush' injury!!  Ouch.  C*ck kinda presented a 'shrinking' target, as the longer the slaps went on, the more 'little' it/i got (no comment on size please at this stage).  Again, with the odd slap ye were catching the b*lls.  So homework done apart from buying the fruit.  I will however try and remember that today and commence with it.  Still (surprisingly) have one play left.... but not for long LOL.  Suspect i wouldn't get away with trying to 'carry it over', so will use it shortly.


Yet another homework done for your comment and amusement.  Still randy, but letting that feeling 'build' fer a while.  Aait your comments with trepidation (and excitement).  Pegs were unexpected, or at least the results were, my own fault for being a smart ass.  Bit of torment & torture LOL.  Still no sign of movement from plastic baby suit Company, status still saying 'Precessing'.  On their website it does say no real point in chasing until at least 45 days after order.  Looking forward to, but with trepidation, it arriving.  Have a horrible feeling that it's gone 'surprise' in some ways, just not sure how.  And no doubt you will find ways of using it and other bits of stuff i have, to make me suffer & regret buying it.  With the mitts attached, not sure how easy it will be to do up.... and more importantly, take off.  And certainly having a smoke i would think will be out of the question, especially as i roll my own.  Also wonder if i will be able to manage small locks/keys once the suit is on.  Could be interesting times.

Hope all is well and your having fun.  Guess what i'm off to do now LOL


Yer wee slave


Another Beautiful Gift!

I would like to slave a BIG  THANK YOU to paul for sending Me some gorgeous Tibetan Buddhist mala beads. I will very much enjoy using these when I do gongyo later. Another very thoughful gift.

You too can earn some brownie points with Me by treating Me to something I will enjoy. My wishlist has a wide range of items on it, and every slave who treats Me will receive a public mention here. In addition, if you treat Me to a gift worth £100 or more, I will publicly mention you via video.

So if you want to show your appreciation to Me, simply visit My Amazon wishlist, using the link below:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Adultwork Direct Chat.

Adultwork DirectChat means that you can speak to Me on the phone, without having to book. Calls cost £1 (1 credit) per minute and we can talk about whatever you like and for as long as you like.

I am available on DirectChat most days and every evening from 7pm until 10pm from Friday, throughout the weekend.

If you are not yet a member of Adultwork, then you are really missing out. My profile features multiple ways to speak to Me including via webcam, text/sms, phone, skype as well access to My free and private gallery.

It also means you can speak to Me with confidence, knowing that I am 100% genuine. What's more, if you are not based in the UK, you can still speak with Me as Adultwork is an international site!

To join Adultwork and take advantage of the many great features, simply click on the link below.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Due to needing to spend some time dedicated to My vanilla job, My availability for cam and phone sessions this week is as follows:





I will be available on adultwork DirectChat from 7pm until 10pm on Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

If you wish to book a session with Me, you may contact Me at to do so.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cam and Email Slaves Required.

I am currently seeking slaves to serve Me via webcam and via Email.

For Email servitude, you will be expected to complete a weekly assignment for Me, at a deadline set. You will also be expected to provide a full write up of the assignment along with relevant photographs.

Those who wish to serve via webcam will be permitted to have sessions with Me via webcam, with or without audio. You will be permitted to explore your desires and kinks during a webcam session, as long as they are within My hard limits of course.

If you wish to apply for any of these positions, you may contact Me via email to and tell Me why I should consider you.


Friday, 10 May 2013

Paypal Tributes to Be Donated.

In My vanilla life, I am on the committee for a relatively new non-profit organisation, aimed at improving children's health care around the world.  I am very proud to be a part of this organisation as children's issues is something I hold very close to My heart. At the moment they are holding a fundraising campaign, with the aim of helping a group of children in the United States.

As a result, any tributes I receive via paypal will automatically be donated to this cause to help them with their current campaign.

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to disclose the name of the organisation, because I wish to protect My identity. But rest assured, if you send any tribute this way, the sick children they are trying to help will certainly benefit!

If you wish for any tribute to be passed on, you may send any amount to

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Another Beautiful Gift!

I would like to say a big thank you to Paul again, for sending Me the most stunning tibetan singing bowl. This will now take pride of place on My butsudan along with My gongyo book. I will very much be looking forward to using it during evening gongyo today, and will be chanting for Paul also. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Paul!

You too can treat Me to something I would like and receive a special mention here. All you need to do is visit My wishlist and choose from the wide range of items I have wished for.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Thoughtful Gift.

I would like to say a big thank you to Paul who was kind enough to purchase the book "Lotus Sutra Practice Guide" by Ryusho Jeffus.

I have been a Nichiren Buddhist for a little over 3 years, and having lost my "faith" in the philosophy (even though it is not a faith) due to a few bad times in My life, I have started to chant again. As a result, I needed this book to provide Me with a refresher on My daimoku practice, so I can retain fully return to Buddhism once more.

This is a very thoughtful gift and one that will prove to be very useful, in My daily practice, so Paul, I thank you! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Paul!

The next thing I need are replacement mala beads as Mine broke and a singing bowl!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Little Dicky.

I had a good few calls on Direct Chat last night, the last one being hilarious!

And elderly gentleman called Me, to confess his little maggot was only 3 inches when hard, before pathetically begging to touch it. When I gave him permission and asked him how many fingers he was intending to use, he responded; "two fingers and a thumb Mistress."

"As many as that?!" I laughed as he groaned away, to which he replied; "it's not that little Mistress." "No and it's not that big either," I teased as I continued to giggle.

I asked him if he'd tried to make it grow, to which he confessed he'd tried "girls" and "exercises". He wasn't keen to tell Me about the exercises he had done, but I have a fair idea. When I asked him if he'd had any success with the girls, he confessed he hadn't. "I'm not surprised!" I taunted him. "The moment you get your kit off, they probably collapse in fits of giggles!"

He asked Me if I'd ever experienced "having" a maggot dick. "What would be the point in that?" I responded. "One look at that and it's going to put Me off! A little dicky is NOT going to get Me in the mood!"

I continued to tease him, telling him to keep pulling on his little pin-dick. "Let's face it," I said. "It's about the only thing you're ever going to manage to pull. You couldn't even pull a Christmas cracker with that!"

That was enough to tip him over the edge, and in no time at all he was begging to cum, albeit in a very pathetic manner. "Please Mistress," he groaned, "please let this pathetic maggot boy cum for you." "Oh alright," I sighed. "Let's see if the little squirt can do a little squirt."

I laughed cruelly all the way through his orgasm, laughing harder and louder as it reached it's peak. "Finished?" I asked when his groans had subsided. "Yes Mistress," came an embarrassed whisper. "Good!" I responded. "Now fuck off so I can speak to a real man!"

Monday, 6 May 2013


I will be available for Cam and Phone bookings this week as follows:

Monday 6 May - available 2.30pm until 5pm.

Tuesday 7 May - not available.

Wednesday 8 May - not available.

Thursday 9 May - available 2.30pm until 5pm.

Friday 10 May - available on Adultwork Direct chat only.

Saturday 11 May - available 2.30pm until 5pm.

Sunday 12 May - available 2.30pm until 5pm.

If you wish to book a session during these times, you should contact Me at to do so.

I will be available on Adultwork Direct Chat (phone chat) between 7pm and 10pm on the following days.

Monday 6 May

Thursday 9 May

Friday 10 May

Saturday 11 May

Sunday 12 May

If you wish to speak to Me via Direct Chat, you may visit My Adultwork Profile for details of how to do so.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

RIP My Little Soldier xxxx

Not a good week on the personal side - in fact a very sad week if I'm honest.

Two weeks ago, My eldest cat went missing, which is very unlike him. He was old and wasn't in the best of health. Anyway, I've since "discovered" that the poor furbaby has died, so as you can imagine I'm heart-broken.

I have been out looking for him every day and night for the past fortnight, and even though in the beginning, people were saying they had seen him, now NOBODY has seen him. I've walked miles to try and find him, calling him, but to no avail. I now know that he has gone somewhere quiet and secluded to die, and even though I don't have his body, I know in My heart that this is what has happened to him.

So for the last 48 hours, I've been hovering between utter loss and despair to crying until I feel I can't possibly have any more tears left. If only that was true. Yesterday, I started to move his things - his little kennel, his toys and still the tears came. I've been through this twice before and it never gets easier.

My younger puss is feeling it too. He's become very clingy, and follows Me all over the place - even to the bathroom, so is clearly missing his brother. As a result, I'm giving him extra cuddles and love - which I think is helping us both.

Some people would question as to why I feel this way, but the fact is our pets are part of the family. I've kept cats for years, and each and every one has been like a child to Me. To grief of losing one is like losing a child and it cuts deep. One of My cats died 9 years ago - and to this day, it still hurts. And if you too have been through it, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

But I am looking to the future as much as I can. I don't have a "grave", so instead I've decided to make a little memorial patch in My garden - and I've seen the perfect cat ornament on Amazon. It's a cast iron cat asleep - totally apt for what I have in mind. I shall be purchasing that next week, a long with as special rose. I couldn't not do something like this. Puss was a big part of My life - I loved him and he loved Me, so I feel it's only right to mark the fact that he will always have a special place in My heart.

The chances are I will never find him. I have been looking in possible places where he may have gone, but nothing. When cats do this, they find places that nobody will ever find, so that they are not vulnerable to predators while they are sick or in pain. And it's very peaceful - they simply curl up, go to sleep and pass away - I take great comfort in that.

I also take great comfort in the fact that cats do this so as not to upset their humans. They sense their time is near and start to wander, until you can't find them. In some way, they want to make it easier on their humans - it's a final act of love on their part. Dogs do this too, particularly females. So while some people will feel they don't have a sense of closure because they never find their beloved pet, some do see this as a great comfort, because they realise that even in those final hours, their owners were never far from their minds.

I shall miss My little soldier so much - that was his nickname as he was a stray who'd had a hard life until he adopted Me. He'd suffered cruelty at the hands of somebody else and had been psychologically scarred. So I'd spent months getting to know him, earning his trust and helping him to understand that not all humans are cruel. And because of that, we had a special bond, which will never be broken. 

I know that the pain of losing him will get easier in time. But one thing I will say is that I am so happy that I was the person he trusted enough to give him love and care during the last year of his life - that to Me is the greatest honour.

Friday, 3 May 2013


I will be available from cam and phone sessions throughout the bank holiday weekend, on both Adultwork and via My website. I will also be available on Direct Chat tonight, Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night from 7pm until 10pm.

Direct Chat gives you the chance to speak with Me over the phone for as long as you desire, and talk about anything you desire, as long as of course, it is within My limits.

There is no need to email Me to request a time - you can simply call Me via my Adultwork profile, using the link below.

If you wish to book a cam session with Me over the bank holiday weekend, you may contact Me at

Thursday, 2 May 2013

CBT - A Personal Favourite

I just adore giving instructed CBT and the more the slave can take, the more I enjoy it!

Sometimes slaves come to Me completely flaccid, which case they are punished. If they come to Me, hard they are also punished - the lesson being they cannot win!

I usually start the session with them attaching clothes pegs to their balls and threading some string through. It can be any number of pegs but normally a minimum of 6, and I like to imagine their scrotum aching as the pegs nip. Some have been known to whimper whilst attaching the pegs, whilst some can stand it for a little while before begging to remove them - I ignore their begs for mercy.

Next comes slapping their cock - lots of hard slaps to the shaft and then to head to make them good and sore. Usually it's a fair few slaps - the highest number to each being 100. I've seen cocks change into all sorts of wonderful colours as a result, and it always amuses Me. I'll have them squeezing and twisting their balls, pinching the skin, scratching and even using sandpaper to wank with.

These are just some of things I will do to CBT pain-sluts, and this is more catered to the wimps who can only take mild cbt. Moderate calls for more equipment including wooden spoons, toothpaste, toothbrush whilst harsh calls for deep heat, candles, aftershave, pin wheels and in some cases, a stiletto heel.

Perhaps one of the cruelest things I do, is have them yank all the pegs off their balls with the string - that one always amuses Me and often results in a cry of pain or a yelp from said slave. Some have even said that it's the most painful cbt method they have experienced so far. Whatever the reaction, I always have a good laugh at their expense!

So if you think you could take some of My methods, including the methods I've discussed here then get in touch and show Me how much of a pain slut you really are!