Sunday, 31 May 2015

So where does my fetish come from?

While it is a fact that there is a Fetish for just about everything and anything; it is also a fact that many fetishes stem from a childhood experience. And those self-confessed fetishist will easily relate to what I'm about to talk about.

Cue a slave who entered My direct im room on Friday evening. He wanted to talk about his particular fetish and how I would help him to explore it further.

Now it started off at a completely different tangent. Invariably this is the case; because they are testing the waters. Confessing your fetish to a stranger is a deeply personal thing - and you want to make sure that person can show empathy and understand where you are coming from. So; he mentioned that he was in a nappy and asked if it freaked Me out. No, it does not. After all these years; I can say with 100% confidence that I DO NOT get freaked out. That's not to say I've heard it all, because I most certainly haven't. I just have a very open mind. If I didn't; I wouldn't be good at what I do.

So no, I didn't get freaked out. Instead; I took the opportunity to dig a little deeper into his fetish. No; I did not assume it was an adult-baby thing even though that will be the first thing which springs to mind for some. Myself; I wanted to know if it was a comfort thing (adult-baby) or a humiliation thing. I had an inkling that it was a humiliation thing, with the way he'd actually asked if it freaked Me out.

Now the interesting thing was that in asking further probing questions about his fetish; I was pleased to see that he volunteered some further information. He liked the idea of being put into a nappy for not eating his over-cooked sloppy vegetables. He loathes his greens (with exception of peas). He doesn't like sprouts (I'm with him on that one - vile things!), but he liked the idea of being punished, humiliated and force-fed them. It was then that I'd worked out exactly where this fetish had come from.

"You had a strict dinner lady at school, didn't you?" I asked. "Yes Mistress!" was his reply. "She punished you for not eating your greens, didn't she?" "Yes Mistress! How did you know?" Because I'm that good and I did some clever detective work.

He was at a certain age - middle aged. He came from a time when school dinners really were gross. You could be guaranteed that the vegetables had been boiled to fuck and the gravy was a combination of lumps and cabbage water. This was before Jamie Oliver got involved. School dinner budgets were tight - and if you didn't eat what was put in front of you; you were punished. Vegetables were NOT optional. No; you couldn't stock up on pizza and chips. It was meat and vegetables - whether you liked it or not! (oh and spam fritters - yuck!)

So if you were to turn your nose up at the slimy, green foul-smelling gloop on your plate, you were going to be in trouble - and you were not going to be leaving the table until you'd eaten it. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was where slave had "discovered" his fetish. He'd been humiliated in front of the school for not eating his greens. He'd probably also gotten so upset at the time; that he'd wet himself - and had to be put in a nappy as a result - thus further humiliating him. And in his adult years; instead of being traumatised by such an event; he got excited about it. He has a sexual attachment to it, and as an adult; seeks a catalyst to re-enact it for his sexual pleasure.

So here's were that catalyst began. I talked about how I would tie him to a chair and force feed him his greens until his plate was clean. And with each disgusting mouthful; I would be holding his nose until he had no choice but to chew and swallow. Oh, and to add to it - he'd be naked except for his nappy. "What if I throw up, Mistress?" he asked. "You'll be eating more greens until you learn to keep them down!" I replied. "You won't make me eat it?" he responded. No, I'm not going to make him eat his own puke - that's too much. But of course I would be rubbing his face in it - and in his wet nappy - to the delight of his class-mates.

It was an interesting session - very intense - and very eye-opening. These are the kind of sessions I go for - the taboo ones - the ones which mean you can get deep into the psyche of the sub. And once I had him hooked with the whole dinner-lady thing; he was so easy to read. I knew exactly what buttons to press to have him panting like a dog.

It comes with experience though - that and having an open-mind. I've said it before and I'll say it again; NEVER ASSUME! Yes, one could be forgiven for thinking this was going down the adult-baby route. but experience told Me that this was something deeper. He just needed Me to reach inside and grab it. And I did - making it thoroughly enjoyable for both of us! 

Friday, 29 May 2015

New NiteFlirt Goodies!

I spent yesterday uploading some sexy new content to My NiteFlirt profile. Yes all My NiteFlirt boys; I have some new goody bags available and they are hot, hot, HOT! You will seriously need some heat-resistant goggles when you view them, because you may just spontaneously combust whilst watching them!

You can purchase My sexy Leg Worship POV Goody Bag simply by clicking the link below and enjoy watching Me tease you with My very sexy, Superior stocking-clad legs. Oh yes, you'll definitely want to crawl up them!

Next is My Titty Tease clip Goody Bag. A few minutes of Me showing off My VERY impressive norks while you resist the impulse to cum in your pants. Warning: this hot clip may leave you panting for more!

So there you have it; two VERY sexy Goody Bags which will make your mouth and more drool....but don't even think about touching yourself whilst watching them...that isn't allowed. Yeah, I'm that evil! 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

About Direct Message on Twitter.

One thing which really gets My goose are those boys on twitter; who have been granted the honour of a follow back, decide to take liberties. And when I talk about them taking liberties; I'm talking about them thinking they have the right to send Me a Direct Message without first asking permission.

Think about it. Would you walk into a stranger's house without first knocking or even being invited? No you wouldn't. It amounts to the same. Sending Me a Direct Message is a personal way of communicating with Me. But when you haven't even conversed with Me via twitter or by any other means; it is an overly-personal way of communicating with Me. You haven't introduced yourself, you haven't even told Me what you can do for Me. Yet you take it upon yourself to communicate with Me in a personal manner, as if it is quite right to do so. It isn't.

And then there are those boys who Direct Message Me for one reason only - for pictures. No, I'll rephrase that. For FREE pictures.

Let's get one thing straight. You will not get ANYTHING for free from Me. NOTHING. ZERO. ZILCH. Not even the mouldy crumbs from My toaster - NOTHING! So sending Me a DM with the words "pls send pic" is just going to annoy the fuck out of Me and find you being blocked.

Free-loading picture collectors really are the scum of the earth. They expect everything whilst they put nothing in. And they go from twitter account to twitter account expecting free pictures as though they're owed that. Only today, I had some disrespectful little shit-stain, not only have the gall to add Me to a group conversation in Direct Message (a group conversation with other Dommes and camgirls), but tweet each one of us with "let's have some pics, hun!"  And when I expressed My annoyance with his actions; he came back with a load of abuse "what the fuck is your problem, you fucking cunt." Cue him being blocked - well he's not My problem any more, that's for sure!

Now that is blatant spamming - it's also blatant free-loading. If you want free pics - go find a free porn site....oh you've been through all those haven't you? That's why you're hounding Me for your free pics. Not gonna happen - ever.

Oh and those who think it's cool to send cock pics via direct message - here's something for you; if you're sending out cock pics - you're clearly VERY insecure - think about it!

So here's a warning for all those on twitter. If I choose to follow you - and I don't have to. If I feel your account is not worth My time; I won't follow you. But IF I choose to follow you; you will respectfully request permission BEFORE sending Me a direct message. If I feel your request warrants it; I will give you permission.

Those who don't follow these steps will be instantly blocked - no excuses, no exceptions. Conduct yourself in a respectful manner or be gone!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New NiteFlirt Lines - Pure Phone Filth Line & Fetish Exploration Line.

Enjoy phone sex? Like to chat to a woman who is in full control and knows exactly what she wants AND how to get it? The you'll enjoy My new NiteFlirt Phone Sex line! 

Yes, this is for boys who love the idea of chatting dirty with a woman who loves to be in control. I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to do to you, and how much you're going to love it. And you'll be pleasuring Me in any way I desire. 

I am very skilled in the art of filthy phone sex. I have been in the industry for approximately 16 years and I guarantee that My sexy imagination will have you panting like a dog and fighting hard not to cum before I allow you to! You're in for a XXX hot time and an experience you won't forget in a hurry! Lines will be open tomorrow!

1-800-863-5478 Extension: 10733123  Calls cost $2.00 per minute

Fancy yourself as a bit of a fetish freak? Love to chat all things fetish? Then come and chat with Me on My dedicated Fetish Exploration line! As you know; I am a keen fetishist and LOVE to explore fetish. I'm unshockable and open minded - so don't be embarrassed or shamed about what floats your boat. Just open up and enjoy the release of talking all about it; how you discovered your fetish, how it manifests itself in your daily life and what you have yet to explore within your fetish! All I ask is that your fetish not feature anything considered illegal, anything involving age play or breathe play or anything which has the "ick" factor (hard sports, vomit, blood etc). Lines open tomorrow!

1-800-863-5478 Extension: 10731313. Calls cost $2.00 per min

Cam Days Week Commencing 25th May.

This week will see a change to My usual cam schedule because PS has a birthday on Sunday - so I will be spending all day "playing" with him and giving him My exclusive attention. You boys will just have to imagine all the things I'm going to do to him...and in turn; have him do to Me...

So, I will be available on cam, between 12.30pm and 5pm on the following days:

Wednesday 27 May.

Thursday 28 May.

Friday 29 May.

Saturday 30 May.

On Thursday, I will be doing a couple of hours in the evening from 6pm until 8pm.

Sessions are conducted via Skype and are booked in advance. Tribute is via Amazon UK Gift Card only. If you wish to book; simply email Me at the address below:

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hangovers, Eurovision & Russia's attempt at a joke....

So last night; I went to a Eurovision Party. And the next time My mate says "oh fuck working tomorrow, let's open another bottle!" I'm going to make a hasty retreat. The after-affects this morning are NOT good. Let's just say I have an IV line of coffee this wish we could get Caf-Pow in the UK. 
Yes, self-inflicted hangover-haze means instant messenger and one way cam (your cam) today...

In future; I should just learn to say "no". Still, it was a very good night, not just because of the vino collapso, but because of Eurovision as a whole - the campness and the naffness and Graham Norton's excellent commentary make for an hilarious combination.

So what of the performances? Well starting with the UK - not bad, but not a winning song, clearly. While I rather like the jazz/techno cross-over (Anybody remember Doop by Doop back in the early 90's?), the song did not really do it for Me. I had heard it before the contest and I wasn't very optimistic. I just felt the song lacked balls. As for the staging; well the art-nouveau back-drop was quirky, but the fringe dress on the female singer didn't do her any favours - except when it lit up. When it wasn't lit up; it was not at all flattering. Curvy girls should stay away from fringed-dresses...

Australia - I liked. Cute guy who reminded Me a little of Olly Murs in his whole delivery of the song. I actually felt Australia deserved more points that they received. Serbia - big girl with a VERY big voice! That girl could sing! On the other hand, Latvia's entry couldn't - the wailing witch did not do much for My ear-drums - in fact I left the room before I started to grind My teeth. 

I very much enjoyed Belgium's entry - and in fact I did vote for them. 19 year old guy who actually wrote the song. I liked the KraftWerk/Justin Timberlake feel about it. And the staging was actually very clever. Sweden, the rightful winners; of course blew the rest of the acts out of the water when it came to the staging. Very cleverly done with projections and interactive lights. That is some seriously well-timed choreography!

But Russia? Oh dear! For a start; she barely got through the song before she started blubbering and continued blubbering during the voting process right up until Russia slipped from the top spot. When Conchita asked the Russian singer "how do you feel?" she answered; "oh I just can't seem to stop crying!" No shit! You were pissing out of your eyes from the word "go" love...

For Me though; the highlight of the night was Russia's definite faux-pas when it came to dishing out the points...take a look:

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!! For a start, you start the greeting with "Hello from Mother Russia!" - yeah during current tensions, that is just a tad contentious....and then you make a VERY bad-taste which the boos were almost deafening. Arrogant, much?

Thank goodness they didn't win....because under the current Putin's anti-gay regime, THIS is how the arena would have looked next year...

Friday, 22 May 2015

Hail To The Norks!

So I've been on +CassCams  for almost a week and in that time I've been VERY busy with My profile page. Not only have I uploaded a lot of VERY sexy pics to My private gallery, but I've also uploaded some hot clips - clips that normally you wouldn't get to see!

I'm on Cass Cams most days and on Monday evenings; the whole time is dedicated to worshipping My awesome boobs!

Yes boys; I have a very impressive pair of norks - 38 DD, all natural and very, very sexy. Even before I've got My bra off you'll be fighting hard not to cum in your pants. But of course you can't cum without My permission!

I offer breast worship because I enjoy teasing you into to submissive. Indeed; I can easily hypnotise you by waving My pink, cherry-sized nipples on cam, and you'll quickly be under My control. You boys are governed by your dicks - and My tits are guaranteed to get your dicks excited! Who knows...maybe I'll break out the baby oil and REALLY tease you!

Addicted yet? You will be! Check out My Cass Cams profile now, by clicking on the link below!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Power of Chastity & Cuckoldry.

I had an interesting and very enjoyable chat yesterday, with a phone slave who's very much into cuckoldry and until recently was serving a Professional Dominatrix in that capacity on a long-term basis.

Unlike many of the "wannabe" cucks I've spoken to in the past; this guy really understood the whole psychology behind the fetish. To him; it wasn't about just watching his Mistress enjoy herself with a Bull. It was about accepting his emasculation and learning to embrace the spiritual and emotional changes which often come with it.

He had spent four and a half months locked in chastity during his time with his Mistress. That in itself was pretty impressive (although I know of one slave who's in chastity for much longer!), but hearing him talk about the psychological experiences of it was fascinating and it proved to Me that his head was definitely in the right place for the fetish.

He talked about how he felt that his mind had been completely opened by being in chastity. He no longer felt the need to assert his masculinity because it had been taken away from him. Instead; he went about his daily life in a selfless manner; learning that the world does not revolve around him or indeed his penis. Rather he was just one person in a big wide world.

It is true that many men place far too much emphasis on what is between their legs. To the unenlightened; the size or even the sheer fact that they have a penis gives them a sense of over-importance. They are selfish and focus on only one thing - their own pleasure. But when you put a slave into chastity and cuckold him at the same time; notice how quickly that changes. Sure; they fight the inevitable at first; but eventually they will learn to accept their fate and they learn that they have taken their pleasure for granted; because they have assumed they have a right to it. The mind shifts from it's sole focus of self-gratification to understanding that their needs are but a tiny fish in a massive ocean.

He talked about how one day; he was approached by a young woman at his local railway station. She was feeling intimidated by a gang of men who had been bothering her on her train journey. She asked him to stay with her until her boyfriend arrived to pick her up from the station. She needed to feel safe. In the past; slave would have told her where to go. It was not his problem. But because of the power of being in chastity; his priorities had shifted. He stayed with the woman for as long as it took until her lift arrived. He felt a responsibility to help this woman.

See what had happened here? He no longer saw women as objects for his sexual kicks. Instead; women were to be worshipped and cherished and only once he had pleased them; would they please him - provided of course they felt inclined to do so.

While he watched the Bull fuck his Mistress; he admitted that he felt overwhelmed with jealousy. The Bull in question was black, and very well endowed. His Mistress was white. Slave is black. Yes; there is a status and racial status thing going on here; without wishing to delve into racial humiliation. But in his mind; the Bull was his equal and yet was above him. He had to call the Bull "Master" and beg him to fuck his Mistress. And as he watched Bull enjoy what slave so desperately wanted; he was overcome with a multitude of conflicting emotions - jealousy, excitement, and even humility; such is the psychological power of chastity combined with cuckoldry.

At the end of his time in chastity; his Mistress gave him a choice. He could either fuck Her, or he could please Her by fucking the gorgeous cross-dresser She had with her. He told Me about how this cross-dresser was stunning - and certainly didn't look like a guy in clothes. Mistress had clearly chosen this cross-dresser wisely.  But in giving slave the choice; She emphasised how fucking the cross-dresser would please Her more; yet the choice was slave's and slave's only. A test of loyalty and indeed priorities.

Slave was tempted. He had spent 4 and a half months in chastity and had watched his Mistress repeatedly fucked by a Bull. His cock had seen absolutely no action. But on the other hand; because he had received psychological and emotional clarity during his time in chastity; he knew it was important to please his Mistress and he felt compelled to do that more than anything. So what did he choose? He chose the cross-dresser. And after he had fucked the cross-dress while his Mistress had watched and played with Herself; she told him how proud She was that he had made the decision the please Her rather then please himself. THAT was his reward. Not the physical act of receiving pleasure. No; it was the praise from his Mistress which gave him the most pleasure. He was no longer proud of what was between his legs. Instead he was proud of what he could do to make his Mistress happy.

And that ladies and gentlemen; is what serving a Dominatrix is about. It is the true meaning of absolute servitude; thinking of what will please Mistress but never considering pleasing yourself. This is what you should be aiming for when you take the decision to serve. It should be at the front of your mind at all times. Only then can you truly be worthy of serving.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mistress Joins Cass Cams!

I am now a very proud member of CassCams and you can chat with Me most evenings and during My usual camming days!

I offer a range of different kinds of session. Free chat is available for you to get to know Me before enjoying a fully private chat. Group is also available as is full Private. And in the evenings; in full private I offer breast worship!

Yes, you will enjoy seeing My massive 38 DD boobs as you drool over them and imagine worshipping them. If only you could be so lucky! But still; it will be fun to tease you; and show you what you will never have! Just how much teasing can you take, I wonder?

I also have a range of private pictures for you to enjoy and last night I uploaded a couple of short clips. More clips will be added over time; so keep your eyes peeled.

You can visit My Cass Cams profile at the link below. Take a look and become addicted!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Pimped whore for use!

The idea of being pimped out; to whore yourself out while Mistress enjoys the financial benefits is a very common fetish among sissy sluts. But when it comes to the crunch; few are prepared to see it through. Unless they're addicted to being a slut....which is what the sissy in the above picture is.

Meet Sissy Milly. You will have seen various blog entries about him before. He has performed for Me on AdultWork Direct Cam many times in the past. But now he has finally taken the leap into being a proper little cam whore - satisfying men on webcam for his Madam....Me!

Sissy Milly will play with his toys, deep throat his dildo, fuck his sissy cunt and even cum over his own face for you. He is very obedient and only exists to pleasure you. Whatever you want to see him do; he'll do it. Feel free to humiliate & degrade him - he thrives on that. 

He's not adverse to a little torture either. He can take plenty of cock and ball torture and often enjoys a good sound spanking. If you want to see him give himself a good red bottom; he'll do it. He has no choice but to obey. His role is to pleasure you; without expecting any pleasure himself. 

But sissy milly will not please your for free. He is a whore and he gets on cam to earn money for Me. I take a large percentage of his earnings - the rest he uses to increase his collection of slutty outfits and toys. He doesn't need any more than that; because his sole purpose is to fuck and suck for your viewing pleasure.

He will perform on webcam via Yahoo and on AdultWork. His sessions are priced at £1.50 per minute with a minimum booking length of 5 minutes. He is available daily from 7pm until 11pm. He is also available all day on Sunday.

If you would like to make private webcam booking with Sissy Milly, simply email Me at the address below. Feel free to advise what you would like Sissy Milly to do for you, and how long you would like to book him for. He will carry out every session I order him to.

Alternatively, you can book him at AdultWork via the link below; where he has a nice collection of filthy pictures for you to enjoy!

Be sure to visit his dedicated page on My blog too - there's a few slutty pictures there!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Humiliating a phone slave...

Humiliation is among one of My most favoured fetishes; particularly when it comes to humiliating a slave who has few or zero limits. This means I can really go to town and degrade them in any way I desire; which makes for a very entertaining session.

I carry out humiliation sessions not just on webcam but also via phone. Granted; I don't get the full impact of slave's degradation, but imagination takes care of that...sometimes sound effects can be more amusing.

Today I took a call from a new slave who was heavily into any form of humiliation. He did mention he had a thing for hard sports; which is of course a hard limit for Me. But that didn't stop Me from ensuring he went above and beyond in pleasing Me with his squirming! Like any other humiliation session; I enjoyed asking him lots of embarrassing questions about himself; how big he claimed his cock to be (no, it's not as big as he thinks it is - despite his wishful thinking), about his sexual experiences, his relationships and BINGO - out came a big fat juicy confession about his love for cock.

Indeed; he appears to be in a rather "open" relationship. His girlfriend is free to fuck who she wants. She's also free to watch him fuck other guys - and even fuck him with her strap on. So out came his dildo, and was very soon buried up his ass, which he was now made to refer to as his "boy cunt" while he moaned like a female porn star.

Next it was time for him to taste his "boy cunt" so I had him sucking on the dildo while he fucked himself with his fingers before swapping over again. He's clearly a cock-whore - so we don't want him to get "withdrawal" symptoms!

"Oh I love the feeling of the dildo coming out of my boy cunt!" he gasped as he pulled it out again. Of course I had to exploit that. So he was repeatedly pulling the dildo in and out of his ass while he stroked his dicklet. When it was obvious that he was ready to cum; I had him begging Me in a very girly voice before he was permitted to cum into an empty glass. Of course there's a reason for the glass. He's also a cum whore; which he proved by slurping away at the contents.

Whilst that was fun; I wasn't finished with him. Let it be known that I will only stop humiliating you when I'm good and ready to. And the fact that you've been allowed to cum doesn't mean I will be satisfied.

So next he was made to crawl on all fours to the bathroom. There; he was instructed to lift the toilet seat and lick the bowl clean. I could tell he wanted to take that further; because he hinted he wanted to "make a mess". Nope, My limits are not open for negotiation. So instead I had him pissing into a glass before greedily gulping it down. He didn't like the taste. He admitted that he felt pretty disgusted with himself. Excellent! That's exactly how I wanted him to feel - whilst he's disgusted; he's obedient.

But it still wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted to really laugh at his embarrassment and I knew exactly what would achieve that. Instructing him to push his head as far into the toilet bowl as he could get it; I told him to depress the flush....yup, he got a good bog washing - an old favourite of Mine. I was screeching with laughter as I listened to him coughing and spluttering while the toilet water rushed over his head. "That's cold Mistress!" he finally gasped when he came up for air. I could just imagine him; kneeling there and looking like a drowned rat. Perfect!

But he was horny again and since he'd performed well; I figured I would let him come once a price.

I told him to stand up and place a coin against the wall before holding it there with his nose. Next he was made to wank very very slowly. "Do you think that you could cum in this position?" I asked him; already knowing the answer to that one. "No Mistress," he admitted. "It's not very comfortable." Of course his comfort isn't important to Me. I don't care how uncomfortable he is. He's there to do as he's told.

"I'm about to make it even more uncomfortable," I told him. "Go back to fingering your boy cunt at the same time. Oh and don't forget to moan like a bitch!" And he did - squealing and moaning like a girl as he tried to get his little dicklet to cum. He finally managed it; even though it wasn't a satisfying orgasm for him. But he did cum all over the carpet - which he dutifully licked and sucked clean afterwards. "Wow!" he breathed afterwards; "That was the best session I've ever had, Mistress!"

I haven't even started yet.....

Education for idiots.

There are some days when you're on cam and it's just great. Busy, busy busy - lots of good, well-mannered boys eager to serve. And they serve well; knowing exactly what is expected of them. You finish your cam sessions for the day feeling happy and satisfied, and looking forward to the next day.

And some days you get on cam and you're plagued by idiots. I'm not just talking the odd one or two. I'm talking one after another. They're in the droves, like a plague of locusts all flocking to My cam room with the most ridiculous of "suggestions" in how they may best serve Me:

"Miss, will you measure my huge dick?"
"Mistress, will you fuck yourself while I wank?"
"Give me a free preview Miss, then I'll take you private."
"Yo bitch, you're gonna be my slave."

And the list goes on...each one more stupid than the last. I spend the whole time with My finger hovering over the "kick" button.

Then they're at it on twitter....

"Miss, follow me please..."
"Will you pls follow?"
"I wanna be your friend!"

I don't need your friendship...I have friends..and I didn't find them by begging strangers on twitter.

So here's a few "pointers" to hopefully slap the idiot out of you.

  1. I don't follow back unless you are a) owned by Me or b) have made a tribute...period.
  2. I'm not interested in your dick. I don't care about is not important to Me.
  3. There is a reason why I advertise Myself as "Dominant" ...I'm NEVER submissive.
  4. There are no "free previews" or "try before you buy". My attention is not for free. If you want it - pay for it.
  5. "Hey" is not the way to greet Mistress. "Hey" is for horses.
  6. Neither is "bby, honey, sexy, sweetie, bb, babe, or gorgeous."
  7. Free preview is not for explicit chat. I will tell you this ONCE and ONCE only - then you're gone; never to return.
  8. Serving Me is about My needs. Only when you have pleased Me will I consider your needs.
  9. I wear what I like on webcam. I'm not about to change into something else because it's what you want. What you want isn't important.
  10. I'm not here to make you cum. I may consider allowing you to cum IF you please Me. Don't assume you'll always be allowed relief. Your relief depends on how well you serve Me.
  11. "I'll do anything you want" is FUCKING BORING. If that's how you think you can serve then you're not worthy of My attention. Those who say they will "do whatever I want" are kicked out of My cam room, never to return.
  12. I don't do text speak. If you're too lazy to properly string a sentence together, then you're too lazy to serve Me.
  13. My AdultWork profile is there for you to READ; not just look at the pictures.
  14. No I don't meet...and anyone who asks this clearly hasn't done their research...the result of which will be them being blocked.
Finally here's the answer to the most annoying question:

"Mistress, do you get naked?"

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Time to start the journey.....

Because your life has no meaning without Me....

Because you yearn to throw yourself at My feet.....

Because you know you have no choice but to obey....

You will crawl, you will kneel and you will serve.

Skype bookings available today until 4.30pm....your journey into complete submission begins here.....

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Because some sissies were born to be used!

Sissy milly has to be one of the sluttiest little whores I've ever had the enjoyment of training on AdultWork. Our sessions are always intense as I put her through her paces into being the ULTIMATE sissy bitch. And here she is; showing off today's outfit in order to please Me:

 She enjoys being a slut - and strives hard to make herself appealing not only to Me; but to those who wish to use her. Indeed; anybody who got to chance to sample her willing cock holes will enjoy a good long suck and a good long fuck; so eager is sissy milly to please.

As you can see from the picture below; sissy milly loves to suck cock - and she really is a size queen. Just look at the size of that dildo! She takes a good few inches in her mouth and then some. Watching her fuck her throat is incredibly amusing!

I'm sure you'll agree that sissy milly's red lips were made to suck cock. She would love to take two cocks in her mouth at once. I personally think that will be very pleasing to see. In fact today; while she was fisting herself for My entertainment; she was moaning over the thought of her mouth being filled with cock. This sissy was born to be a whore!

The best thing about sissy milly is she can take every single each of that dildo up her slut-pussy - and she takes it with enthusiasm.

If I ever decided to pimp out the little bitch; I guarantee you won't be disappointed. She'll take as much cock as she can get. Simply ram it in, fuck her, fill her up with your cum and she'll still beg you for more! She is perfect for a gang-bang; to be passed around like a piece of meat. 

Oh, and she loves cum. I often make her cum in her own face. She looks absolutely delightful with thick globs of spunk oozing over her cock-sucking lips. She'll enjoy you shooting your load up her cunt as well. Just remember to wipe your prick on her lips afterwards - I like to ensure she remembers her place...

Saturday, 9 May 2015

What happens during a JOI session?

Many of My slaves like to take part in a Jerk Off Instruction session, because they are hopeful that Mistress will be kind enough to let them cum. But of course you should never take your relief for granted. Only once you have pleased Me; will I consider your needs. Whatever the theme of the session; pleasing Me always comes first.

My Jerk Off Instruction/Guided Masturbation sessions are on three levels - each level explored in ascending order, and the intensity of pleasure increasing with each level. Wanking is so much more than simply pumping your fist. And My JOI sessions are geared towards teaching you how to be more creative when you jerk off - and ultimately experience an all-over body orgasm...provided I permit you to have an orgasm, of course.


All newbies to JOI/Guided Masturbation start at level 1. This is the very basic of guided masturbation, and you won't require anything other than plenty of lube. You will be instructed how to tease your cock using your hands and fingers as well as how to use BOTH HANDS to masturbate. You will learn how to use your imagination in tandem with your hands - as you tease yourself further and further towards euphoria. Pre-cum tasting is NOT optional. The moment your cock starts to leak; you'll be cleaning it up. And as you start to climb towards the edge; be prepared to BEG hard for your release...I will only allow it if I hear sheer desperation in your voice.


It may or may not surprise you to know that women aren't the only ones with a g-spot. Men have a g-spot too and it can be reached in a variety of different ways. You will learn exactly how to find yours both internally and externally. You should be prepared to engage in some light anal play for this level, in order to stimulate the male g-spot effectively. Lube is essential! As you stroke your cock and massage your "magic button", you'll feel intense pleasure creep throughout your body - starting from your toes and working its way slowly up your legs into your crotch. This will make for a very intense orgasm - one which you will eager to experience over and over again. Will you be eating your cum afterwards? Of course!


Toys are a must for this level - and in particular vibrating toys. You will need at least a powerful bullet vibrator for external play and a prostate massager (vibrating preferred) for internal play. Lube is essential. Level 3 will take your solo-play to new heights. Not only will you be drooling continuously throughout the session, but the orgasm you experience will be the DADDY of all orgasms. The old masturbation habits will be a thing of the past once you have experienced level 3...and I guarantee you will be addicted....but will I let you experience that ULTIMATE orgasm? Provided you beg Me enough, I'll consider it....

Friday, 8 May 2015

Fetish Friday.

Friday's in My world are all about Fetish and Fetish exploration. If you're a keen fetishist; then today is for you. This is your opportunity to come and explore your kinky fetish with Mistress. Don't worry about shocking Me. I am well practised in the more "obscure" fetishes, and provided it is within My limits; I will be happy to explore it with you.

During a Fetish Friday booking, we will discuss your fetish in detail. We will talk about how you discovered the fetish and how it manifests itself in your life. We will then explore the fetish in detail, both visually and psychologically until you become one with your particular fetish. A veritable feast for those who seldom get the opportunity to explore!

For those with the more popular fetishes; here's what is on offer today:

Latex Fetish
Foot Fetish
Boot Fetish 
Heel Fetish
Financial Fetish
Humiliation Fetish
Panty Fetish (bring panties)
Poppers Fetish
Lipstick Fetish
Sploshing Fetish
Sissy Fetish
Nylon Fetish (bring nylons)
Gaining Fetish (bring food!)
Giantess Fetish
Chastity Fetish
Cuckold Fetish
Pain Fetish
Leather Fetish
Feminisation Fetish
Cum Eating Fetish
Dogging Fetish
Water Fetish
Spitting Fetish

Have a fetish which isn't listed here? Email to enquire.

Skype bookings will be available today. Tribute is always required and is payable by Amazon UK online gift card ONLY.

To book a cam session; you may email Me at:

Thursday, 7 May 2015

So where should a newbie Domme start?

Following on from My recent blog entry about the plague of "insta-dommes" who are spoiling the scene at the moment; this morning I received an email from a newbie Domme (note the difference) in response to My recent blog entry:

"I appreciate what you've written.  At the same time, I think it's misleading to just say "do your research."  It's not like I can walk into my local library and ask them to point me to the Financial Domination/BDSM section.  I've been researching for several months on my own.  I still feel that I am not prepared to delve into online BDSM.  I've read Kindle books dommes have wrote; I've read fetish, domme & sub blogs; I've bought some dommes' videos to see what a sub would expect; etc.  I'm concerned that if I were to try to get into this fetish ight now I would, as you have said above, be easy prey or worse.  As much concern as legit dommes have about insta-dommes, there aren't very many resources a person can turn to for advice or help.  When women ask a domme for assistance, they always get torn apart on social media for being a fake.  I've seen enough of this to know that I cannot contact a domme for help.  It seems to me that anyone who wants to get into this fetish is in a lose-lose situation.  You either jump in unprepared and run a high risk of being taken advantage of or you ask for help and get called every derogatory name in the book.  I'm going to keep looking for helpful resources and reading on my own.  I hope some day I will feel like I have enough knowledge to explore this fetish."

Now she does actually make a very valid point. And for newbie Dommes who are prepared to put in the effort and learn about the scene; it is often difficult to know where to start. The fact is; we all have to start somewhere and learning about something of this nature is a very daunting task. It is also true that even some Genuine Dommes will cast the newbies aside because they have made assumptions. So while the obvious and blatant "insta-dommes" are bad for the scene; so are the Dommes who forget that they too once had to learn.

Myself; if asked I will happily help a newbie. I'm certainly not going to do the work for her. But I will help to point her in the right direction. And this is what this blog entry is about - where to start. This will form part of a series of blog entries to help those who are PREPARED to put the effort in to learn all about the scene. I applaud the writer of the above email. She has reached out and been completely honest. I can say with all certainty that she is NOT an "insta-domme" but somebody starting out. At at one point in time; we were all in her position.

So where does a newbie start? Well let's keep in mind here that Financial Domination is a FETISH as part of the BDSM scene. It is a common misconception among instas that to practice Financial Domination means you are a different type of Domme. Wrong. You are a still a Domme - who has to learn all about what being a Domme means BEFORE you learn about Financial Fetish - that is where to start.

I should also point out that when you become a Domme; you NEVER stop learning. Ever. Even after 13 years in the scene, I am still learning.  Don't ever make the mistake of assuming that you know all there is to know - believe Me; you don't.

Being a Domme is a hell of a lot more than donning latex, grabbing a whip and having a "strict bitch" attitude. Anybody who gives you that little piece of "advice" is not doing you any favours and clearly don't know what they are talking about. Being a Domme or rather making the journey into Femdom is a complete metamorphosis. Yes, you are still in control but you still have to let an element of your personality come through. And there is a very fine line between being Dominant and being a bully. Nobody likes bullies. Bullies are weak - and over-compensate for their weakness. Dommes are not. Dommes are powerful and always in control.

Bullies spit out nasty insults and verbal abuse; whether it's wanted or not. Dommes use verbal abuse as a means of control - provided it is what their slave wants. Calling a slave "a stupid fucking weak cunt" when he's NOT into verbal abuse isn't going to instil any respect from him. He's just going to run a mile because he thinks you're just a nasty ass bitch.

Perhaps the first bit of good advice I can give a newbie is NEVER ASSUME. It is the biggest mistake a Domme can make to assume she knows everything about her sub. Don't ever assume you know exactly what he wants - more often that not; he will surprise you - or he'll walk away because he can see you don't have a clue. Every sub is different. They are a blank canvass. Your job is to work out what they want by LISTENING to them - another important piece of advice - LISTEN.

Before you start playing around with fetishes; it is very important to learn about the basics of Domination; not just from your perspective, but from the perspective of your submissive. EMPATHY plays a major part in the scene. Yes, you still have to mentally put yourself in the shoes of your slave and order to learn more about your slave. That's how trust is built. And TRUST is another important part of being a Domme. You have to be able to mutually trust each other for your working/personal relationship to flourish. Without trust; you have nothing.

So here's how to start really learning about the scene in order to become a brilliant Domme - and it's a lot more than you think!

A good place to start is The Frugal Domme. This site has a wealth of information about the BDSM scene, techniques, etiquette and many of the terms you will be using as a Domme. This really is one of the best places to start when you are new to the scene.

Another one is BDSM 101 - and is where ALL newbies should start. Lots and lots of information about BDSM and how to be a Domme - as well as debunking many of the myths surrounding the BDSM scene. It is a very good example of a website offering good, practical advice.

Fetlife is also a good place to visit if you are still learning. Another load of information for the newbies and even the more experienced. Granted; it's not as good as it used to be - and yes there are time-wasters on there. Bit it's good in terms of BDSM resources.

But it's not just online where you need to to the research. There are some very good books out there as well - and you should consider investing in them:

The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge - Tristan Taormino.- this is available from $10.98 for paperback on Amazon. Some consider this to be the BDSM bible - with it's wonderful essays of how-to tutorials and essays about power, desire, & pleasure. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

The New Topping Book - Dossie Easton is another book available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback. Very good for newbies as well and is packed with information about on-line domination, the lifestyle, and safety - SAFE, SANE, CONSENSUAL PLAY - You MUST learn about this before you even start offering any kind of session.

And finally for the newbie; I also recommend The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance - Mistress Lorelei - I wouldn't use this as a bible as such when it comes to BDSM, but it does talk about technique as well providing an excellent introduction into the world of Female Dominance - available on Amazon for around $14 in kindle or paperback.

So there you have it - and THIS is where you should begin, if you seriously want to enter the scene and become successful at it. Put in the effort, take the time to learn and not only can you turn it into a career, but you can also reap the respect of many for doing the leg-work first!

Good luck!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"Why do you only do online sessions Mistress?"

I'm often asked why I'm online based only, and this is a very good question. I have touched on this point in the past and to remind those who are still asking; I choose to be online based only because I have a personal slave as part of a relationship.

I refer to personal slave as "PS" - I don't give out any details about him, nor do I post any pictures or videos of him. This is simply because he likes his privacy. And I respect that. He doesn't want pictures of himself blasted into cyber-space, so I'm not about to betray his trust in Me simply to satisfy the curiosity of others. But you will see Me blogging about him now and then. That is about all you'll get. Nothing more. What is private; remains private.

I met PS a few years back in a BDSM chat room. We got chatting, and we instantly "clicked". It was like we'd found the other piece of each other which is missing. Our chats then developed into phone calls, and finally a meeting. Was I nervous about meeting him? A little. Was he nervous about meeting Me? Terrified! He'd seen Me in action and knew that I don't mince My words!

But as it was; we got on well as vanilla friends and gradually over time; we got to know each other and love blossomed. We didn't just jump straight into play, as some might assume. Instead; we learned about each other and established a solid foundation of trust. Only when the time was right for both of us; did we begin our D/s relationship.

Now that really opened doors for us! I quickly found that PS is VERY open-minded. He loves it all - enforced fem, bondage, pegging, sadism, humiliation and above all he ADORES Female Supremacy. It was serious thunderbolt city as we continued to experiment with our kinks - and before long; "checkmate" - Queen takes slave.

A now we are like any other happy couple you see. Yes, it's a full loving relationship. On the outside; we're just a normal couple - doing what couples do.We go out to dinner sometimes, we go to the pub, we go shopping.  He goes to work while I keep My online slaves in check. When he comes home, he takes care of Me... in the way I'm accustomed to - complete worship. On his days off; we play together. Today he was overdue for a pegging - it's been a few weeks. So that's what he got...except he didn't get to cum. I left him right on the edge before caging him...

Yes sometimes we argue. But during our arguments; I don't suddenly take out My whip and let him have it. That's not the way forward. You NEVER whip somebody in anger. Instead; we argue like any normal couple argues. It's when we "make up" after the argument that I "punish" him - let's just say he loves the make up bit as much as I do. But we are a couple and a committed couple at that.

The fact is; it's a relationship. And when it comes to relationships I believe in loyalty; hence I choose not to do real-time. Yes; I might dabble in the odd double-domme session in the future - but only after discussing it with PS and provided he is in full agreement. But one to one sessions with other slaves are out of the question. PS provides Me with all I need in a real-time sense and we have impeccable trust between us. We are emotionally there for each other, and neither one of us has space for an extra person - we don't want that.  It's our choice..Mine and his. And as far as I'm concerned; that's all there is to it.

Monday, 4 May 2015

There is a lot more to Domination than whips and chains....

Controlling a submissive is not always about whips and chains. It is a very common misconception that serving a Dominatrix involves physical suffering and pain. On the contrary. In actual fact; domination is 90% psychological and 10 % physical.

My subs enjoy the fact that each session has a lasting effect and it has nothing to do with pain and marking. Many of My slaves prefer not to have marks, for obvious reasons. Sessions are a well kept secret between Domme and sub; which is why trust is a very important issue in this field. When you are serving a Dominatrix; you are putting your complete trust in Her and the fact that you do have a life outside of your kinks.

I digress. The lasting effect My subs enjoy is the way I make them feel. Whilst they fear Me and My unpredictable nature; they also feel safe with Me. They feel a sense of freedom in being able to express their kinky side without fear of their privacy being breached. I suppose in a sense I am like a kinky "Agony Aunt", except I've no interest in hearing about how their wife fucked the babysitter and now she's pregnant (unless it's a cuckold session of course!). I'm more interested in what makes them tick.

More often that not; they don't necessarily have to tell Me what makes them tick. With the very basic amount of information; I can start working My way into their psyche and start paying attention to "triggers". It is these triggers which alert Me to what they crave and need. The more triggers I pick upon, the more layers I peel away until I finally reach their kinky core - and it's then that I've entered their mind - in every sense.

It's kind of hard to explain what the triggers are. It could be a reference to something, or even a sound they make. It could even be an almost imperceptible flash in their eyes. But whatever it is; the moment I see it, that's when I know I've got them. It's like fishing in a way. You cast out your line with a nice juicy worm. The fish sees the worm and are instantly drawn to it. And then they take a bite - that's the moment you reel them in. But of course you have to take care. Reel them in too slowly and they'll lose interest. But do it too quickly and you'll lose your grip on them. How quickly or slowly you reel them in takes practice - and depends on the fish.

No, I'm not talking about angling here. What I'm talking about right now; are the unique differences between each sub. It is very foolish to assume every submissive is the same; just as it's equally foolish to assume you know what each sub wants before you've cast out that juicy worm. Patience and probing - that's the key.

But once you've caught them; that's when the real fun begins. It's then that you start the spell. The physical domination is just a small part of it. You've walked into their mind and now it's time to start taking full control of it. And this is the bit I love. What can I say? I adore psychology - and I adore working with psychology.

I like to use a sub's triggers to gain control of him. If I receive a trigger which tells Me he needs chastity - then that's the route I'll go down. I'll talk about how he deserves to be locked away - and how he will never know how long I intend to keep him caged for. Days, weeks, months...perhaps forever. The threat of being in chastity on a permanent basis is a very big turn on for somebody with a chastity fetish. It's the ultimate form of control - Mistress has taken complete control of sub's sexual freedom - the sexual freedom they once took for granted.

Or maybe they want to be cuckolded. Another psychological fetish. No, it's not about seeing the wife get fucked by a big black guy - that is only part of the fetish. It's about sub being completely emasculated. Take away that machismo and what has he got left? Nothing. It's at that point he's completely powerless. It is at that point he has a void - and so he needs to fill that void. How does he fill it? Well that's through several ways. The first is to obey the one who now controls him. He obeys because he realises that without his male pride, he has nothing to identify his gender in an emotional sense. All he can do is sit back and watch his wife enjoy being pleasured by another man. And he does this because it's a window to what he once had, but will never have again. He takes pleasure from being cruelly reminded of what only a real man can have.

Couple that with queening and chastity and you have very powerful control over that sub. You are reminding him of his place. Yes, he may lick his wife, but only to clean up what another man has left. You're showing him that he only serves a purpose - a means to an end - and a disposable means at that. Once he's done his cleaning duty; he's forgotten about. His role is tiny and is over very quickly.

The chastity part reminds him that it's not about him or his pleasure. He quickly learns his new role - to give pleasure - but not ever to expect pleasure himself. You are using psychology to objectify your sub. He's not a person any more. He's a tool; and he's there to do a job for another. But never to serve himself. This is the every essence of Female Supremacy.

It's is these feelings My subs enjoy and remember the most. It's not about how good the orgasm was (don't forget - orgasm isn't guaranteed in My sessions.) neither is it about how painful the torture was. It's about the roller-coaster of emotions they go through at every stage of the session. I've known slaves break down and cry at the end of a session - because the emotions they felt were so powerful. All those different feelings whizzing around and bumping in to each other have to go somewhere - and the dam bursts - the out-pouring begins. This is why many of My subs will agree that a session is a great stress reliever. IF they are allowed to cum; they release a lot more than ejaculate!

I enjoy that fact that I can experience this with them. Seeing that sense of relief on their face at the end of the session is just as enjoyable as the actual sessions itself. Which is why I said I am like a kinky Agony Aunt. My subs are unburdening themselves - through their fantasies, their desires, their memories and their experiences. They are making sense of what they are feeling. And I'm sharing that journey with them. It is that which makes being a Dominatrix extra special!

Insta-Dommes are SOOOOOO Predictable!

Just like the wildlife begins to creep out of the woodwork after a long winter sleep; at this time of year, the instadommes creep out of the woodwork in a pathetic attempt to get rich for summer. It really is that predictable. As soon as the weather starts to warm up; out then come.all the "fuck you pay me" girls - girls who haven't a clue about Financial Domination or BDSM but think they are deserving of a piece of the action. Yeah, you have a wishlist, you have a webcam, you have a paypal account - hey, it's an easy way to make money, right?! WRONG!

In the last week, I've lost count of the amount of silly little girls, boasting about how they have paypal and demanding "piggies" to send them cash. And in the last week; I've shaken My head at these stupid girls who will very soon find a nasty surprise when they try to log in to their "overstuffed" paypal account. That money they've conned genuine subs out of - all gone - Paypal have their grubby mits on it and won't be giving it back. Neither will they be giving back their Paypal account due to permanent limitation. Yes, don't say I didn't tell you so.

I reckon I'll be a tad older than God before some of these girls understand - PAYPAL DOESN'T ALLOW PAYMENT FOR ADULT SERVICES. I must tweet this out on a weekly basis - and it goes in one ear and out of the other...

But then when you look at the tweets some of these girls send out; it really doesn't surprise Me. A fellow Genuine Domme (Thanks @Mistress_Summer!) pointed one out last week. "pay me pigy, I want this dres." Yes love - very good - now go back to school - elementary school that is.

What gives these girls the right to get a piece of the action? They haven't done their research, they know nothing about etiquette and they certainly haven't learned about safe play. "Oh if I injure a sub through My own ignorance; it's not my problem." Err actually it is...and yes you can be sued.

The funny thing is that I see a lot of these insta-dommes posting about how they've had their time wasted by some fake piggy. Well that's because you're asking for your time to be wasted. Your tweets scream desperation. These "piggies" can see you're desperate - and they're think "oh hell yeah, I gotta have some fun and mess with this bitch!" And that's exactly what they do. They have got one over on you because you've let them - because you haven't done your research and you don't have the experience to see a time-waster coming.

The amount of times I've had a fake fin-sub waste My time in 13 years - twice. Even recently, I had one purchase a load of gear from My amazon wishlist. Before he'd finished I KNEW he was going to cancel those items. I just knew. You get a sense of it when you're experienced. It's not anything they say or do. You can just TELL. So it didn't surprise Me that 2 days later; when I logged on to My amazon account, I found that he'd cancelled those purchases. I saw it coming - which is why he didn't get any attention from Me. Not an ounce. I didn't lose anything and yet he lost the chance to serve a real Domme. Nevermind; a nice insta-domme will surely take care of him...for free...because she'll not have the common sense to wait for his gifts to arrive before she gives him her attention.

I also see instas tweeting to eggs on twitter - "pay me fucker!" Yeah, there's a reason why this person has an egg avi - it means they can't be bothered to make their profile interesting - why on earth would they be bothered to interest you? And why are YOU approaching THEM? I mean why don't you just head out on the street with the begging bowl - it amounts to the same.

And stop bullying these "piggies" submit to you. Servitude is either given or it isn't - accept it!

These insta-dommes are doing a complete disservice to the scene. Those subs who have only ever served an insta-domme, and have suffered a poor experience; sadly assume all Findoms are the same. We aren't. Those of us with the experience and knowledge about Financial Domination will explore the fetish properly - and you'll be more than happy to serve us over and over again. In fact; we don't need to hurl insults and abuse to make you serve us. You will enjoy serving us willingly - and without any prompting.

And what of the genuine subs who have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to an insta-domme? It really isn't fair to insult a submissive's intelligence by claiming to be something you are not. Not only are they paying you; but they are also putting their trust in you. If all you're going to do is stumble blindly through the fetish, having no real clue of what it entails; then you have no business to be in the scene. You're letting down your slave and you're letting down yourself.

You're just going to help the fake finsubs to breed. Just like you think it's "easy money" they think you are "easy prey". Financial Domination isn't easy money - but fake your way though it and you WILL be easy prey.

If you're willing to learn, put in the effort, and do your research; you'll be welcomed into the scene with open arms. The more experienced Dommes will be happy to help you and offer advice. However; if you're a nasty little brat, who thinks the world owes you a living because you look good on webcam - stay way. You are not wanted - by Genuine Dommes and subs alike! 

That moment when you show your pussy on cam....

Pussy: "I've caught bigger mice than that!" 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

How to please Mistress for FREE!

Of course you know it is important to keep Mistress happy. You should be strive hard all the time to make Me happy. If I'm happy; then you're happy. That's how it works. And the longer you keep Me happy; the longer you can enjoy residing in My world. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton; "to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction."

Now here's how you can make Mistress happy for FREE. That's right; I'm giving you a completely FREE and very easy task to complete. Even the most simple-minded bitch-boy can complete this one. It really is that easy.

Your tasks is to take yourself along to My Delivery Code Wishlist via the link below. You are then to click on the "Vouchers 4 Votes" button and vote for Me. Each vote will result in gift vouchers for Me. And I will spend those vouchers on whatever I like to make Me happy. Isn't that easy? Yes, even you can manage that! So what are you waiting for? Get voting and get pleasing Me!






Saturday, 2 May 2015

Wank-Holiday Torture & Servitude.

I will be available throughout the Bank Holiday weekend to keep My beady eye on you little worms. Cam days will be as follows:

Sadistic Saturday - My favourite day of the week. Yes, I can really unleash My sadistic side and become your Mistress of Pain. You will suffer for My entertainment and amusement because you need to. It is the only thing which will give you meaning. You will work hard to ensure you suffer well - and only then will I consider rewarding you with relief...

The Church Of Sadistic Purification will be open as usual this Sunday. I know all you pathetic wimps have been misbehaving all week. The Church of Sadistic Purification is designed to deal with that. You will enter the confessional and tell Me all about your crimes; every single humiliating detail while I watch you squirm. And then you will be purified by pain. How that pain will manifest itself; is entirely up to Me....

Masturbation Monday is a day for all you wank-obsessed losers. It is the ONE day of the week where you are ALLOWED to masturbate. But there are conditions - you must masturbate to My instructions and you will ALWAYS clean up after yourself - with your tongue. No, cum-eating is NOT optional.

Skype sessions are available between the hours of 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Tribute is always required.
to book; you should email Me at the address below: