Thursday, 31 March 2016


Yes it's true. I have a nice big round ass. I'm proud of My ass and because it's so big; there's more of it to smother you with. But being smothered by My big Superior ass is an honour - a privilege. And like all privileges; it has to be earned. You earn it by worshipping it - thoroughly!



My boots are very, very dirty. And I detest dirty boots. You know what you need to do boy...get down on your knees and make them SPOTLESS!



I know you're addicted to My feet. Why you just love to drool all over them. The lowest part of My body controls you. But add some extra kink into the equation; and I can turn you into a submissive, obedient, quivering mess VERY quickly!


Thursday, 24 March 2016


It would be so easy to allow you to sit there on cam; tugging on your little maggot until your empty your balls of your disgusting cock-snot. But as you should know by now; Mistress doesn't make things easy for you. If anything; I make life difficult for you..because I can.

Introducing a new frustrating and humiliating masturbation game for all you wank-obsessed boys out there - WANK BINGO!

This is a game of tease, denial and edging with a very interesting twist. You get a "virtual" bingo card. I call out 25 random numbers. Each number determines how many pumps of your fist you are permitted. The speed at which I count to each number determines how fast you pump your fist.

Of course you don't get to cum until I've counted out each number - that's when you get a FULL HOUSE. Once you get a full house; that's your opportunity to beg for your release. But be warned; I don't have to grant you release - at all. It all depends on how kind I'm feeling or on how much I enjoy seeing your frustration.

Word of warning though; when you reach a successful "full house" - that is to say I permit you to cum; I generate a final number. That number determines the amount of pumps you are allowed in order to cum. So for example; if I call out "15", you only have 15 pumps of your first. If you don't cum in those 15 pumps; you don't get to cum at all - the session ends and you're not a "lucky winner". Instead; you're a VERY frustrated loser!

If however; you manage to cum before all your"full house" pumps run out; then you have the reward of recycling your mess - with your tongue. And that isn't open for negotiation - ALL of My slaves eat their cum; whether they like it or not!

Oh and remove all notions of cumming before you reach a "full house". You'll quickly find that I make it quite impossible for that to happen...



While Mistress is away...My boys still play!

So what did My boys get up to in My absence over the weekend? Well; Chastity Sub endured three hours of constant teasing - I'll be doubling it next time - should keep him in check until his May parole hearing...

And Panty Boy experienced the pleasure and frustration of his new butt plug...soon it will be huge dildo - I wonder how much he's drooling about that?

Finally; it's no fun unless My boys are REALLY suffering - and I know how addicted to pain Chastity Sub is. So I had him scratch that itch with some VERY painful clamps....

Back in the saddle!

You will be pleased to know that after a birthday and an eye infection; Mistress is now back in the saddle and operating at full throttle. My cough has cleared and My eye is back to it's normal beautiful self. This means that I am more than ready to remind you of who wears the trousers - little hint - it isn't you.

I will be back on webcam today from 1pm and taking skype bookings right up until 5pm. I shall also be opening My Niteflirt lines for those of you who crave some phone domination. I shall also be reviewing a few completed email assignments over the next few days. Let's hope for your sake; they make the grade....severe punishments are in order for those which don't!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Tomorrow is a very special day....

In case it has escaped your notice; tomorrow is a very special day for Mistress. And I will not be taking bookings at all on this day.

Tomorrow is My birthday. I shall turn 37 years old and I shall be spending the day away from My minions and instead spending it with My friends and family; while I enjoy some of the gifts My loyal boys have sent to Me.

My absence doesn't  mean that you can rest easy however. Birthday gifts are still very welcome in the form of physical gifts or gift cards to - if you are currently owned or under My consideration; I strongly advise you against disappointing Me!

My special Birthday wishlist can be accessed by the link below. If your gift pleases Me; perhaps I will be generous enough to tweet a picture of it? Only one way to find out!

Panty Boy's Dancing Balls.

See how those balls dance! Panty Boy had another session with the Tens Machine - at level 6 - he didn't quite hit the ceiling...perhaps he will when he has another session at a higher level....

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Panty Boy's Third Visit From "Aunt Flo".

So Panty Boy has been experiencing what it's like to be a girl again; with his THIRD visit from "Aunt Flo". This month; I decided to heighten the experience by having him wear pegs on his nipples for a whole hour. This was to simulate the breast tenderness Women experience around the time of their period...

Of course; Panty Boy did nothing but complain and whine during this period - so his next assignment will reflect this in a well-deserved punishment. He must be reminded that being a girl hurts! And boy did it hurt - especially when he finally took off the pegs!

Two days later; his "period" finally started. Instead of strawberry jam, I decided to make things even more embarrassing for him by instructing him to use strawberry syrup this month. Syrup is much more runny...which means even more chance of "leaks"!

And as a final reminder of why Women are much stronger than men; I had him use a tens machine on his balls - this was to simulate period cramps. He should consider himself fortunate - he only experienced them for 30 minutes. He'll be experiencing more today. He started off at 4 on the tens machine before turning it up to 6 and found himself and I quote; "nearly hitting the ceiling". Just imagine what will happen if I make him use the full 25....ooohh tempting!

Panty Boy will be spending the next FIVE DAYS on his "period". That's five whole days of humiliation..I could be so cruel as to make him wear white trousers too. Now there's a thought....


Now that you've gotten used to something in your fuckable ass; it's time to start stretching it! How else are you going to take a fist up there? 


Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Bitch is Back!

You will be pleased to know that I'm now fully recovered from the flu bug and ready to get My bitch on! Online domination sessions will resume today - and after a week off; I'm more than ready to demonstrate who's Boss!

Today is Sinful Sunday. I know full well that many of you will have committed disgusting sins in My absence. Well today is the day you PAY for those sins. Through some strict behaviour modification; you will soon learn the error of your ways. Impure thoughts about Mistress will be removed from your mind and you will learn to become a fully compliant, selfless little worm again. 

My Church of Pain was designed for this - for the filthy specimens who cannot keep their hands away from their maggots; for those who still fail to accept their true position in life; for those who seem to think their pleasure is all important. I remind you now that there is only one God; and it's Me!

Enter the Church of Pain and through sadistic suffering; you will soon learn that your sole need is to please those who are above you. You will quickly learn your place is at My feet; crawling on your belly like an insignificant little grub. You will learn to respect My Superiority and you will relish in suffering for My entertainment as I demonstrate this. Self-obsessed morons may not approach. Those who are ready to be broken and moulded may crawl forward...

Friday, 11 March 2016

Cam sessions restricted due to illness.

Unfortunately; last weekend I managed to catch a pretty nasty dose of flu. And while I'm over the worst; it has left Me with a nasty little cough. This means; that unless you want Me coughing and spluttering in your ear; I am unable to offer full cam sessions at the moment.

However; that doesn't mean I'm completely out of action. One-way cam without sound is still available - this means I can see you but you cannot see Me. How humiliating to know you're being watched but not being able to see Me watching you1 And you won't know if it's just Me watching you - oh it could be a few of My girlfriends too! Don't worry; you have My full permission to squirm!

One-way cam sessions are available at a reduced price until I am able to get back to normal - hopefully in the next couple of days. Text chat of course; is always available.

So don't bother thinking you can kick-back and relax just because Mistress is currently sick. Even from My sick bed; I'm still more than capable of keeping you on your toes! 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Panty Boy receives anal training.

After his last assignment; I decided that Panty Boy needed a little more practice when it came to anal play. So this was the theme for his most recent assignment. Take a look and see how he got on...

My 4th assignment for Mistress – anal training. Mistress sent it a six day timetable starting it off gently with fingers only for the first two days and then introducing the anal plug for the next two days before introducing the dildo for the final two days. Thank You Mistress.
i followed Mistress’s instructions to the letter and for the first two days played with my ass using fingers only. Using only one finger on the first day and one then two on the second. Each day involved 15 minutes of anal play and i found the most comfortable position for this was on my side with my legs drawn up towards my chest – almost the foetal position. Whilst being more comfortable than on all fours this had the slightly unfortunate connection to being at the doctor‘s and having your prostate checked. Not nice or sexy. But i relaxed as best as i could and followed Mistress Cristal’s instructions and gently fingered my ass doing what i’m sure She intended – stretching it slightly and slowly ready for the next step.
The next day was the first day with the butt plug. Using copious amounts of lube i slid it in and out of my ass for 15 minutes and then fully inserted it for an hour. During this hour i was at home pottering about doing jobs as you do when at home. So i was taking out the rubbish, loading the washing machine, clearing away after lunch, just general stuff you do when at home. Now the problem i had was that the plug would slip out as i was walking around. It’s a slim beginners plug and, as such, there’s not a lot to grip to stop it popping back out. Relaxing or clenching didn’t help at all and i found there were only two things that would keep the plug in place for the whole hour as Mistress commanded. The first was to sit on it. In that position it wasn’t going anywhere but it was very restrictive – i wanted to be up and about doing my normal everyday things. The second way – the way that enabled it to get on with things – was to pull my panties up really tight. Effectively giving myself a mini wedgie, and the pressure of my panties would help keep the slim plug in place. So that’s what i did. And i also did the same on day four after first stretching my ass for 15 minutes with two fingers as Mistress instructed. This gentle stretching was beginning to play dividends because I was finding the process easier and easier. My “little pucker” as Mistress calls it was being slowly unpuckered. Slowly.

Days five and six involved use of the plug - keeping it in for first an hour and then two hours on day six. But i felt this was all leading up to the use of the dildo on days five and six. This was what, in my mind, Mistress really wanted it to be able to do. The whole point of this task. To be able to fuck myself up the ass. Even after all the anal play, stretching with fingers and plug, i still found this a challenge. My “little pucker” would tighten if i was not totally relaxed and make the process difficult and, if i was not careful, painful. i think part of the problem is that yes i’m kinky and open to doing this type of thing but i’m also painfully straight and the thought of cock up my ass is not one that appeals to it. But i found a solution. The sight of Mistress with a cock attached is a sight i really like to see. So i positioned my laptop in front of it displaying a picture of Mistress wearing Her strap-on and tried again. This helped no end. i relaxed and could slide the dildo fully in and out of my ass with no trouble. In fact, with my eyes closed sliding backwards and forwards on that small dildo i could imagine Mistress talking to it, calling it names; Her little slut, Her bitch. Was it not for my cock being firmly locked in it’s cage i think i might even have got hard. i definitely enjoyed it.
Thank You Mistress for this my fourth assignment. i hope i have completed it to Your satisfaction.

So to combat his little "problem" with regard to the plug slipping out; I've decided he needs a larger plug. He was instructed to order one last night...I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures when it arrives...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Chastity Trial By Jury

When it comes to chastity; the longer you're locked up; the better it is...for Me. And while yes I am quite capable to deciding on how long you should be locked up for - it's far more fun to put it to a public jury. It's also delightfully humiliating for you!

Long-term chastity comes from a public vote on twitter. My fans have 1 hour to vote via a retweet game. Retweets equal one week and likes equal one day. At the end of the vote; I tally up how many retweets and likes your vote has received. If the retweets win; then you're in chastity for weeks. If the likes win; then you're in chastity for days.

Easy? No; of course not! The number of likes and retweets also determines how many weeks or days you're in chastity. For example; if your vote receives 26 retweets - then you're in chastity for 26 weeks! Imagine that! 26 whole weeks of being locked up! Chastity Sub is currently at the beginning of his 27 week sentence....and already he's frustrated beyond all sanity.

Of course with every "custodial" sentence; there is a chance for parole. And you will find that your "parole hearing" is half way through your sentence - subject to your good behaviour of course. If you have behaved well then your "parole" is put to a public vote again via another retweet game. Retweets equal early release and likes equal full sentence. Which ever wins the most decides your fate. If you gain early release; then you are released at the end of the vote. However; if the public decide you are to serve your full sentence; then that is exactly what you will do - no time off for good behaviour - the WHOLE sentence will be served.

But what if you've misbehaved during your chastity sentence? It's quite simple. You don't get any kind of parole hearing. You're locked up for the whole sentence. Furthermore; if I feel your behaviour warrants it; I shall also add extra time. That extra time could be could be could even be months! It all depends on the severity of your disobedience.

Chastity trial by jury is not for wimps. It's for those who are serious about spending a long hard spell "behind bars". Don't forget that I can also use your sentence to inflict some serious tease and denial on you. I want you to be grateful for your release when that day finally comes. It's all part of behaviour modification - an attitude adjustment; reforming your character to transform you from a selfish wank-obsessed brat to a humble; selfless and fully obedient slave!

Think you can handle your fate being decided for you? Apply via email now to:


Generally speaking; I don't smoke...I smoulder...and vape! How would you like to see that smooth white smoke snake it's way out between My plump red lips? 

$15 - movie clip


Not only are My feet Superior in every way; they also remind you of your position. And your position is the lowest of the low. That is why you are only permitted to worship the lowest part of My body. These objects of your adoration spend most of their time on the floor - where you spend most of your time; on the floor; crawling on your belly like a little worm...that is where you belong and that is what you are. Now show your gratitude for the gift of My beautiful Superior feet!