Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kiss My Ass!

A little treat for you all today .....

Riding Crop - In The Eye!

So today, I'm dominating a slave on cam, as he strokes his pathetic little dick. To add to his excitement, I start to toy with one of My riding crops - flexing it between My hands, running it up and down My legs as he gasps and moans enjoying My little show.

Then without warning, the tip of the crop flies out of My fingers and smacks Me straight in the eye. Ouch! I now have an aching eye, and will probably have a black eye come tomorrow - that's gonna take some explaining! lol

But, I maintained professionalism. I didn't end the session - I didn't even make a sound. I just continued the session as though nothing had happened - of course it's perfectly normal for Mistress to whip Her eyeball with the wrong end of a riding crop.

Mind you, as soon as the session had finished, I logged off and then moaned in agony, before taking a quick look in the mirror at My now sore, weeping and slowly swelling eye. Embarrassing much?

Thursday's Picture.

Here I am in black - featuring the new corset bought by mill7676!

Cuntweasle Is Retiring :-(

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce to you today that Cuntweasle - My longest serving slave has chosen to go into retirement from My ownership. On completion of his final assignment, he will be formally released from his Contract, of course with the door open for him to return should he decide to do so.

I am very sad to see Cuntweasle go. Over the years we have developed a great Domme/slave relationship and he has provided Me with endless hours of entertainment; from his highly humiliating photographs, his whinings about Mistress being merciless in his assignment reports, to his cringing every time I mention the word "Ann Summers."

He has been through several different slave names starting off as Slave D, moving to Whiny Cunt and then finally Cuntweasle - I know he has thoroughly hated the latter which is why it was perfect for him!

I must admit, it was highly strange accepting his resignation using his real name - I shall miss My little cuntweasle and his claims to be "unbreakable." But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and therefore I have chosen to respect his decision - I know it won't have been an easy one for him to make. But I look forward to us staying in touch - something I know he's keen to do.

This of course leaves Me with several vacancies for slaves to take his place. Slave p is already shaping up to be a good contender for the prestigious position, proving to be a very dedicated and eager to please slave. Of course the door is always open for other's to prove themselves worthy - but be warned - you have some very big shoes to fill!

If you feel you can step up to the challenge of serving Me as well as cuntweasle then you are invited to get in touch with Me via email to

In the meantime, I leave you with one of My favourite of Cuntweasle's pics, which is definitely in-keeping with today!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cuntweasle's 100th Assignment.

So here is cuntweasle's 100th homework, albeit rather late - I must admit, I had a fair few laughs while reading it!

Dear Mistress Cristal

Please find below my 100th homework for your good self.  My sincere apologies for it's laterness, and i have laid it out differently than usual due to the number of tasks, and that some of those tasks were happening everyday/all the time. 

I fully realise the lateness, and if you can let me know the outstanding fine, then i will get that off to you ASAP on hearing from you.  I trust and hope it amuses you.  Some of it was a 'surprise.  (Since written, have heard from ye, and sent 'fine')

Homework No.100


Mistress Cristal

When i first received my 'special' homework No.100, and having a read of it, i was filled with dread by parts of it, but thought that only one was 'impossible' and that being No.9 and the picking up of the rice with my teeth.  Outwith that i had concerns about No.2, and No.10 as i expressed to you that i would comply with the wine glass drink, but thought all others would be possible, and some even 'fun'.  And so it proved not to be.  The following is littered with failures, and most not expected.

And so the tasks :-

1)    The first visit went easily & quickly enough.  I was going to be in Glasgow on Thursday anyway, so simples.  Except when i got there, they has moved the shop around since my last visit, and so i had to hunt round the shop to find where they had 'hidden' the stocking.  On the way up to Glasgow i had thought that a colour other than black may make a change, but no such luck, the choice was black, or black, and the smallest size i could see was large, which were i too have bought then, would i imagine fallen off.  I considered leaving it until my next visit, but then thought better of that as a) it would not go along with homework b) the choice may still be the same c) It would make 2nd visit longer, and the chance of more chat/questions.  And so i had to ask for a 'small' pair, resulting in a grin from the(female) member of staff.  And so i ended up with my wee pink carrier, wandering around Glasgow, and standing with it at the bus stop!!

2)    On the Saturday i had another trip planned to Glasgow, and so my 2nd required visit was due.  On Thursday, during my hunt around for the bloody stocking, at least i knew where to head, and so duly found a 'choice' of 2prs white, with near frills.  And on inspecting the price i noted that i could see no 'individual' price but a sign saying 2prs for £12, and so i had to look through both racks to find a suitable size.  Now the whole time i was looking i had been keeping an eye out for a 'sympathetic. member of staff, who may be on her own, and i could chose my time to ask my question...... assuming i could get the words out.  My 'luck' was not good, and 3 assistants stayed firmly behind the counter together, with a 4th on the shop side of the counter. I stood around hoping one would come over to see if i needed help, but nope, they stayed where they were, and just kept looking over in my direction.  The time had come, and i had to boldly approach the counter.......... and bloody wait until there was a break in the conversation, at which point one turned round as i presented my goods, and asked if there was anything else she could do for me!  So i blurted out my question, and in return, i got a 'stare', before she wrapped them and i paid.  As i turned to leave, i had taken a couple of steps when the assistant that had been on the shop side of counter, and who must have heard my question (as they all must have done), gave me a big smile, and said along the lines of 'hope you found what you wanted, and we'll see you again' by which time i was bolting out of the shop.  And again the 'ritual' of going around Glasgow with my little pink bag, and even to a munch in the pub, though i did manage to stick the bag into an internal pocket, which (more or less) hid it.

4)    And so the two pink bags were stored in my bag when i got home, ready for the coming week, during which i was going to be very careful how i opened my bag, and aware of people around me if/when i had to delve into it.

5)    This in the main part was somewhat of a failure.  The first full day of my homework i had forgotten about this task completely, and even when i remembered about it on the subsequent days (normally when i was already in the Gents, and at the urinals), it was somewhat too late to 'change'.  All told, i would think i remembered in time on maybe 25%  of visits to the tiolet, though the percentage at home will have been higher (but still not great).  Oh dear

6)    The panty pad was the first part of the tasks i attended to, and had placed(STUCK) the bloody thing on with a short time of receiving homework.  I had forgotten how sticky the damn things are, even when worn inside a (wet sticky bloody plastic sleepsuit), and the (odd) times i remembered to change pad during the nights, it was then the cause of climbing back into a wet cold sweaty suit...... more of suit later.  The pads were not always changed every 4hrs, in fact if they were it would have been unusual, so another failure.  It is also worth noting that each 'change' was like getting my arsecrack 'waxed', thank you

7)   Any easy task, and done so well, though i did 'debate' with myself for some time about what sort to get for the 'task' ahead.

8)    My failure here somewhat surprised me shall we say.  I was suitably randy as i set about this task, and due to it's nature, i was rather looking forward to it, and it's 'success'!!  And so i knelt, and commenced my 'task', but the time just kept passing with no 'results', and the rice dug in.  So, i decided a slight change in kneeling position may 'help', and the minute i moved my knees a bit, things became much much sorer.  But on i ploughed, but with less 'excitement', and at the 30min mark, with knees killing me, and flaccid penis hanging there sore and unfulfilled, i gave up. Another failure.............and not a nice one LOL

9)    As i mentioned in my acknowledgement Email, i thought this task would be impossible, and though i tried with a few grains, i soon gave up with my teeth.  However, being a sporting sort, and not wishing for utter failure, i set about trying to pick the grains up by mouth. As at first this was proving more possible, i set my mind to completing the task with lips and tongue.  One problem with this was that it still involved kneeling on my rice dented knees, and the small amount of rice i had knelt on now seemed to consist of thousands of grains.  And as they spread about while i was trying to pick them up, the only way to bring them into piles was by 'sweeping' them into pile, with my tongue!!  After a further 20mins, the rice was in its bowl, and the last few grains had had to be 'picked up' by sticking my tongue flat down on the rice/floor

10)   The alcohol has remained as ye know, but at least ye will note from the photo that i kept the two 'drinks' in separate glasses, so though the task was done each nights, it was a sip from the wine glass, followed quickly by a 'gulp' from me brandy glass (with whisky in it)

11)   The hot wax was bloody hot, hotter than i remember, but once it 'got going' it wasn't too bad, especially once an amount had built up, so 'protecting' the skin undeneath from the direct heat of each drip.  I was working on the theory of last time, where the harder/thicker coating/covering was easier to 'whip' off...............BUT

12)   This time around the bloody wax would hardly move, despite me alloing loads of 'hardening' time.  I had reckoned the harder the wax, the easier it would break, and therefore come off.  But nope, the few bits broke apart, and even the odd bit came off, but even trying the 'attack' from varying angles, would it shift in any decent amount........nope.  Hence, after 80 strokes, and suffering somewhat???  I stopped, and removed rest of wax by hand (gently LOL).  Failure

13)   Now whether it was due to the previous 'treatment', or the sauce was stronger somehow or what, after boldly and bravely applying, by 5mins in i was in agony.   The problem is, by that time, the 'failure' of rubbing it off makes no bloody difference what so ever, and it just continues to 'burn' away whatever i tried.  But, as i found out, there was nothing else to do but to endure

14)   A bloody week of hell, mainly down to that bloody suit.  By a few hours in each night, despite no heating on, and no covers on the bed, my bottom half was roasted, and the chest and back bathed in slippery sweat, and i fear that on waking in that state, i several nights had to take the suit at least off, and the odd night all the rest.  BUT, the worst part, on the second night, i climbed into the suit to find it full of cold sweat, and slippery/gross.  The heat inside the nappy was weird, i may never have kids again!!  Despite the dampness, the bloody panty pad just seemed to get stuck more firmly, instead of getting wet and falling off.  I have no idea if the tights made things worse, but i suspect the tightness of them ensured a tight fit of nappy and pad, and the ony thing i think made no difference was the panties, and with the suit on, i didn't even have the humiliation of seeing the damn things. At least i learnt to wipe the suit out each morning, and so not have a cold wet suit to climb into.......... verdict, another failure

15)   All of the above problems except the floor was somewhat less comfortable, and the bloody collar was restrictive in moving my head, and caused a few wake ups due to that......and it was ANOTHER place for the sweat to build up.......but at least the collar lasted longer than the suit on all occasions.

16)   Bloody hell.  Whit is it with 'dressing' me, and then trying to do 'poses'.......... humiliating as f*ck........jeez  Only the total number of pics from other parts of homework stopped me (by way of how many pics i can attach) from having to send more, though more were taken, but just sent the few (minimum i thought i could get away with) that are attached

17)   A possible pass on this one, if ye ignore how terrible it looks.  But it is surprisingly hard to write on yourself, especially with a long word as the spacing to get full word in photo is near impossible, so the submission attached was not exactly the 1st attempt!!!

18)   What a bloody mess it made of my shirts.  Apart from feeling hellish having to do this every morning, i was also aware that as the day wore on, and the colour rubbed off nipples, it was then marking shirt, and became very aware of trying to limit the 'transfer' and fold arms etc in case the marking was showing.... but a pass i reckon

19)   Horrible sight as always, to see bloody nails everytime ye changed for bed or having a bath etc........ but a pass

20)   My wee victory, in that i did the task as instructed, and my 'ploy' of crap perfume, and an overdose of my own (male) deoderant appeared to work, and i got no strange looks or comments, and had it not been for the rest of the 'not up to scratch' tasks, i may have allowed myself to feel a little smug over this one.......

And so, the amazing 100th homework, with it's 20 tasks, and too many to count photos is complete.  On the photo front, i would reckon that the average over all the homeworks has been 6 per each, which means there are 600 photos on me being/looking a pratt, and worse, somewhere lurking, and i pray there is no 'library' in existence.


And so a milestone has been reached, one which stands as a proud achievement on you, Mistress Cristal, and your (sometimes) cruel tricks and humour.  I remain brave (foolish) and with the idea that the likes of the above 'jokes' can at least claim (or imagine) that i remain unbroken, as all us macho men should.

One day i ma get round to admitting my 'worst task', and the even worse 'adaptation' of it that i subsequently feared and dreaded, but then, as we are all individuals (unless we get broken LOL), then each of us will have our individual ideas that we fear most, and as we have both learnt over all this time, there are things more scary or gross (to us) than pain, and at least some sorts of pain, when being directed by a Domme, but self administered, and can be 'controlled'

I hope as always that my efforts have amused you....... and the ones you share it with, and i think we both deserve to feel rightly proud of what we have achieved, even if it came down at times to you putting up with some of my efforts.

Well done Ma'am

The slightly infamous


Monday's Picture.

So how do you like bohemian gothic?

Monday, 28 October 2013

The St Jude Storm - I Survived!

I had intended to be offering cam sessions today. Unfortunately however, I live in a part of the UK which was severely affected by the storm. Not only have I woken up to scene of devastation in My once beautiful garden,  (thankfully I'm alright), but I was awake most of the night as you can imagine. I will be offering phone chat sessions later however, subject to the high winds not messing about with phone coverage! Also on offer will be instant messenger session and one way cam sessions (your cam, not Mine.)

Below are a few pics of how the storm ravaged the rest of the southern UK.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday's Pic

In My PVC dress!

A Pair Of My Worn Stockings For Sale!

Want to own this very pair of hold-up fishnet stockings? They have been on My lovely legs and very sexy feet. You will be able to smell the scent of My soft skin on them. You will be able to run them all over your body while you think about your Mistress. Imagine how good they will feel on your cock as you jerk off in them.

You can own this pair of sexy worn stockings for £10.00 including postage. They will be sealed in an air-tight bag, and shipped first class directly to you with a sexy message included. If you want them, be sure to email Me directly using the link below - only 1 pair to give away, so make sure you're quick - once they're gone, they're gone!

Friday, 25 October 2013

CBT Pics From Slave P.

Here are some very interesting pics from My new slave - slave p who as you can tell; is very much the pain-slut!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

American Pie Re-Created.

This afternoon I had an absolutely hilarious cam session with a regular splosher. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, sploshers are those who enjoy getting messy with food, or masturbating with food. Generally speaking the messier the food, the more they enjoy it.

Anyway, Splosher had brought along with him a can of squirty cream, carton of custard, two large cartons of yoghurt, two milky way bars, a cucumber and a trifle. Lots of messy food for him to enjoy himself with.

Now when he originally reported in, I told him he only had 8 minutes to get himself ready for session. He took well over an hour, which of course is unacceptable. So after instructing him to put on a very pretty pink, lacy thong, I had him squirt half a can of whipped cream down the front of the thong, and a full pot of yoghurt down the back. It was a disgusting mess very quickly, but I'd only just begun. Next came the custard, which he was instructed to pour over his head and body, quickly followed by the second pot of yoghurt.

Both Milky Way bars were pushed up his ass, before he was instructed to cover the cucumber in the rest of squirty cream before sucking and deep-throating it, covering his lips and mouth in the stuff.

I was finding this whole session so funny, and with devilish amusement I had an idea for the trifle. One of My favourite films of all time is American Pie, and My mind whirled back to the notorious apple pie scene. I just had to have Splosher recreate this with the trifle. It would be hilarious!

So, under My instruction, he opened up the trifle, picked it up and slapped it against his groin, proceeding to fuck the..well...custard out of it. He was going at it hammer and tongues, pumping into the plastic bowl furiously as I screamed in hysterical laughter. Cream, custard and jelly were flying out of the sides of the bowl from the force of his enthusiastic thrusts, and I was almost pissing Myself with laughter at this. When he finally put down the bowl, the mess was just congealed gunk, and I half expected him to suddenly say "it's not what it looks like!" a la Jason Biggs in the movie itself. I don't think Splosher could "just say that it he ate it," especially when I made him add his own cream to the thing.

As soon as the session had finished, I just had to go and compose Myself. I prize Myself on being Professional at all times, but it was just too much - I couldn't contain My laughter no matter how much I tried. I think this added to Splosher's excitement, knowing that he had amused Mistress well. Well I'm certainly not going to deny that! lol

Thursday's Pic.

Today's picture features Me in the first corset I ever owned - and I'm thrilled that I can finally fit into it again!

Sexy Stockings & Heels Pics.

Slave Pleases Mistress With Gifts.

Public recognition goes to the slave who bought a lovely top and some gothic leggings for Me. I haven't had chance to take a personal photograph yet, but here are the images of his gifts. Clearly this slave knows how to please his Mistress and I expect him to continue to please Me well in the future.

If you want to please Mistress like slave did, then you may visit My Amazon Wishlist using the link below. And you too will receive public recognition of your generosity!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Suckling Piggy Fantasy.

Today on Adultwork Direct cam I had a very interesting and rather rare fantasy - cannibalism. Yes you read that right - slave wanted Mistress to eat him, and not in the sexual sense either!

The scenario began with Mistress wearing a fur coat (personally I don't wear fur - it looks far better on the animal) and smoking a cigar. I was to be this awful obnoxious bitch, with long red nails, red lips and the most cruel cackle you have ever heard.

Piggy was to be My captive. He would spend his days in a cage, as I sat in front of him, taunting him about how I'm going to fatten him up and make him into My delicious suckling pig. Every day, buckets of food would be delivered for him to devour every single morsel. Every day he would be weighed and measured to make sure he was fattening up nicely.

And finally the day came. Piggy was hog-tied and an apple unceremoniously stuffed into his mouth. He was carried to the hot coals and tied to the spit, as the searing heat began to make his flesh sizzle and burn. He could hear My cruel laughter in his ears as I stood there, in My mink coat, smoking away at My cigar, as I slowly turned the spit. I would baste his body to make sure he was extra tender, as he smelt his own flesh roasting over the coals.

And finally, when he was well and truly cooked, I would start to carve up one of his limbs and take a huge bite out of it, devouring him in juicy, tender bites.

Piggy very much enjoyed this and if I'm honest so did I. It's not often I'm met with a bizarre fantasy, but when I am, I always enjoy them. I like to get lost in it and create verbal images for the slave, without making him feel uncomfortable about it all.  And it was very satisfying to be met with "thanks Mistress, you're the best!" at the end of the session. A job well done!

Today's Pic

Long black hair and boots...I know how much you like it! ;-)

These Boots Were Made For....Mistress!

Aren't these boots just gorgeous? And they would look so good on Me. I definitely have the legs for these. They'd look good with stockings while you kneel before them and lick every inch clean SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. Or they would look really good with a pair of black skinny jeans on a night out.

And guess what? I want YOU to buy them for Me! That's right - it's time to get out your wallet and show Mistress that you're a good boy! And you know how important it is to please Mistress, don't you? Pleasing Mistress is so very important to you. If Mistress is happy, then She will make sure slave is happy. It's as simple as that.

These sexy boots are available on My Amazon Wishlist for £34.99 + £3.99 delivery. This is a very small price to pay for gaining My favour. It's better to give than to receive as you well know, and the more generous you are, the more Mistress will show Her appreciation...

To purchase these boots for Me, you can either purchase them directly from My Amazon Wishlist using the link below or send Amazon GC to the full value of the cost and delivery in pounds sterling to Don't forget to include your name for public recognition of your generosity!


This cretin asked to be blackmailed by Me. He sent the initial tribute of £25.00, but then failed to send the Contract with the relevant information, amid a whole host of excuses including:

  • "I never received the contract Mistress"
  • "I can't download this file type Mistress"
  • "Can you please send it to Collar Me - I can complete it there."
Now I don't send Contracts via anything else but Email, and this I explained. Still the excuses came.

So take My advice - while he will pay the initial tribute quite willingly, he'll give you the run around. Avoid unless you want to have your time wasted with his pathetic games.

Andy Portland

uksubmissive1 on Collar Me.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pic Of the Day.

Yes I'm in My very sexy boots!

Yahoo & Skype ID.

Those who have a genuine wish to serve Me On-Line are permitted to add Me on Yahoo and Skype, as long as they obey the following rules:

  1. You do NOT call Mistress via Skype unless you have sent a tribute for a session. You will only instant message Me.
  2. You do not expect Mistress to endlessly talk to you on Yahoo or Skype without paying for Her time. I don't mind a 5 min introductory chat, where we get to know each other, but eventually, I will expect something in return.
  3. You do not send Me any links to download etc, you do not ask Me to add your cam and or show you My cam without tribute.
If and only if you can abide by the following rules you may add My ID's as follows:

Yahoo -
Skype - mistresscristal1 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Weekend Availability

I will be available for On-line Sessions this weekend during the following hours:

Saturday 19 October - Cam, Phone & IM 2.30pm until 5.30pm.
Saturday 19 October - Phone, one-way cam and IM - 7pm until 10pm.

Sunday 20th October - Cam, Phone and IM - 2.30pm until 5.30pm.
Sunday 20th October - Phone, one-way cam and IM 7pm until 10pm

If you wish to book a sessions with Me during this times, you may contact Me via the address below:

Pre-Booked Phone Chat.

Pre-Booked Phone Chat Sessions mean you get to speak with Me on the phone via landline/mobile to My dedicated landline. During these sessions, we can explore your kinks and fetishes together by way of discussing a fantasy or you can carry out My instructions over the phone. At the end of the session, provided you have pleased Me with your servitude, you MAY be allowed relief.

Pre-booked phone chat sessions are booked in blocks of time, the minimum time being 10 mins. They are priced at £1.50 per min.

To book a pre-booked phone chat session simply contact Me using the email address below, with a brief description of what you wish to explore in the session, along with the length of time you require. I will then reply with details of the expected tribute, which you must pay BEFORE the session begins.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Cuntweasle's Generosity.

Thank you to cuntweasle for sending Me this gorgeous Gothic bracelet as a thank you for 100 email assignments. As soon as it arrived, I put it on. He clearly knows My tastes well!

You can treat Mistress to something She will enjoy and find a picture of your gift along with public recognition of your generosity here. Simply visit My amazon wishlist using the link below and show Mistress your appreciation!

For Those Who Love Stockings....

Another Fetish Pic

Fetish Pic

Ready to serve?

Today's Picture.

Cuntweasle's 100th Assignment.

I thought I'd share with you cuntweasle's 100th homework. Now this is a slave who claimed he "laughed in the face of danger" - I wonder if he's doing a lot of laughing now?

Your homework to be completed by 21 OCTOBER is as follows:
  1. You will pay two separate visits to Ann Summers. On the first visit, you will purchase some hold up fishnet stockings.
  2. On the second visit, you will purchase some white frilly panties - you WILL ask the Assistant if she thinks they will fit.
  3. If you do not ask the Assistant this question, you will be visiting Ann Summers until you do!
  4. You will carry the pink Ann Summers bag in your brief case, every day to work.
  5. You will only urinate sitting down, including at work.
  6. You will wear a super panty pad every day for the next week, changing every 4 hours, including at night.
  7. You will purchase a bag of rice.
  8. You will sprinkle the full bag of rice all over a hard floor. You will then kneel in the rice and masturbate once and once only.
  9. You will then pick up each grain of rice individually with your teeth, dropping it into a dish. 
  10. You will not be drinking any alcohol. But you will enjoy a wine glass of urine every evening.
  11. You will drip hot wax on to your cock and balls.
  12. Once the wax has hardened you will use a leather belt to whip off all the wax, until each bit is gone.
  13. You will then rub tabasco sauce into your balls, to leave on for 30 mins.
  14. At night you will wear panty pad, nappy, tights, panties and sleep suit.
  15. You will spend one night on a blanket in the corner of the room. You will wear your slave collar for the whole night.
  16. You will dress in your stockings and frilly panties. You will take pictures of yourself in various slutty poses to send to Mistress.
  17. You will write on your chest in red lipstick and in big letters "cuntweasle" and take a photo of yourself like this.
  18. You will colour your nipples red with the lipstick EVERY DAY and not wash off until the end of the day.
  19. You will paint your toenails bright red.
  20. You will wear female perfume ALL THE TIME, topping up at least twice per day.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cuntweasle + pegs + tabasco sauce = so much fun!

Cuntweasle had to get accustomed to the tabasco and peg treatment. I think it left it's mark....

And this is BEFORE the big 100 tasks! Oh I'm going to have sooo much fun planning out his 100th assignment *evil grin*.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

New Slave's First Email Assignment.

My new slave handed in his first Email Assignment yesterday, and apart from the odd mishap he shows great promise. Judge for yourself!

  1. You will completely shave your genitals, underarms, legs, chest and buttocks. - have completed this task except my legs, as a diving instructor it would raise many questions, I hope mistress cristal understands and I will not be punished to hard for this. I have of course completed the other tasks images included. 
Of course he will be punished for this - I don't do excuses.

  1. You will insert a small plug into your anus to wear for 10 mins every day.
         I did not have a butt plug but I inserted my strapon and left it in for 10 minutes it has left me very wide and also more than a little horny.

Of course Mistress will have to exploit this little gem of information - *evil grin*.

  1. You will slap the shaft of your cock hard 25 times.- ii did this mistress, but I am ashamed to say I very much enjoyed it and my cock grew with every slap
  2. You will slap the end of your cock hard 25 times. I leaked precum all over my hand doing this mistress it was very messy
  3. You will slap your balls hard 25 times. This hurt mistress cristal and I winced but to please you I completed them every night
  4. You will continually squeeze your balls while you count slowly to 20., I did as mistress cristal asked and counted to 20 after 16 it really began to hurt
  5. You will wear a thong every day, all day. I very much enjoyed this task mistress cristal I picked a nice string number I hope it please you
Ah so we have a pain-slut - this pleases Mistress enormously. And he likes to wear girlie thongs. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun at his expense!

All in all I am very pleased with slave's first assignment. But let's see if he will perform as well during the next one - when I step things up a gear....

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show you because slave elected not to have them published. This is something I ALWAYS respect - unless you piss Me off that is.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hot Cock Anyone?

I saw this on Facebook and I just had to share! I mean just....why???? Why??? There's kinky and there's totally fucking stupid! :-D

Celebrate Mistress Cristal's Sexy New Body!

Having lost a lot of weight (2 stone to be exact!), Mistress needs new clothes for Her slim, sexy new body. And I want you to congratulate Me on working hard to lose the weight, by treating Me to some new clothes!

On My Amazon Wishlist you will find a good selection of clothes I desire including fetishwear, gothic clothing and lingerie, and I particularly love Gothic clothing as you know.

Every sub who is generous enough to treat Me to a gift will receive public recognition on My website and photos of your gift will be posted too.

If for any reason you are having difficulty purchasing your chosen gift then you may send Amazon Gift Certificate of any amount (pound sterling only) to mistresscristal@mail.

To visit My Amazon Wishlist you may click on the link below:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Today's Outfit.

Today's outfit - enjoy!

Fun With Forced-Intox

I had a great forced-intox session with a phone slave last night. That's the beauty of forced-intox; slaves are so pliable when they're under the influence and will freely give away whatever information you demand of them! That in itself can have a whole multitude of uses.

Anyway, after getting said phone slave completely off his face on poppers, I seductively demanded he tell Me his deepest, darkest secret. I want to know something he had never told anybody else before and he was happy to comply, sheepishly admitting that he regularly enjoys being a total man-slut with a bisexual couple he's been seeing for a while.

Now this was too juicy for words. Of course I'm going to pump him for more information, whilst instructing him to keep sniffing those poppers. I wanted to make sure I had him right where I wanted him.

"So tell Me everything," I purred to which he confessed he last met with them last week. Whilst the wife was getting herself ready, he enjoyed licking and sucking her husband's cock and arse, before being well and truly fucked, eager to feel that throbbing meat inside him. Then when the wife was ready, he spent a good amount of time between her legs, nibbling and sucking at her pussy, as the husband yet again, plunged his cock up his arse.

"You wanted something else, didn't you?" I accused. Yes I knew this. He was itching to tell Me, but still wasn't quite as pliable as I'd have liked him to be. So a few more sniffs later, he made his darkest confession. He wanted to clean up the wife's pussy after her husband had spurted his load in there. That was what he really craved. Of course I had to take this even further, particularly since he was moaning desperately in My ear.

"I think what you really wanted to do was get underneath the wife while her husband fucked her arse," I continued. "You wanted to lick her pussy and suck his balls."

"Oh yes Mistress!" came the passionate gasp.

"But that's not all is it slave?" I accused again, before ordering him to take some more poppers.

"No Mistress," he replied, barely above a whisper. "I wanted more."

"You wanted her husband to fill her arse with his cream, didn't you?" I said. Cue a very audible gasp from now totally helpless slave. "Not only that," I said. "But you wanted to suck the cum from her arse, didn't you?" He was on the edge, jacking away furiously as the image of that cream-filled ass filled his brain. "You're going to do that, you know," I instructed. "The next time you visit them, you're going to beg for that to happen."

That was enough. He screamed his affirmation as he came hard, totally compliant and helpless, along with a promise to call Me again for a blow by blow (excuse the pun!) account. I can't wait!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Taking Bookings Saturday 5 October.

I will be taking bookings this afternoon for webcam, phone and instant messenger.

Webcam and instant messenger sessions will be conducted via Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger - whichever you prefer. Phone chat sessions can be conducted via Skype or land line.

Sessions are booked in blocks of time. Prices for which are as follows:

Webcam Bookings (without audio) = £1.00 per min.
One way cam Bookings (you cam only) = £1.00 per min.
Webcam Bookings with audio = £1.30 per min.
Phone Chat Bookings = £1.50 per min.
Phone Chat with Webcam Bookings = £2.00 per min.
Instant Messenger Bookings = £0.80 per min.

The minimum booking length for all sessions is 10 mins. Tribute is required for all types of session and can be paid via Paypal or Amazon Gift Certificate. Tribute MUST be paid in advance.

If you wish to book a session with Me today, then you may email Me using the email address below:

A Word About Financial Blackmail

Financial Blackmail is NOT for the weak-hearted. Neither is it for those who want to give it a go on a whim. It is a serious business. It is for those who want to be fully owned by their Mistress. For those who will give up every scrap of information about themselves willingly - or pay the price.

A lot of "submissives" go into Financial Blackmail with their eyes closed - "oh She won't really want all that information", "I'll just dip my toe in and see if She's serious," or "it's just a game for me." Wrong!

When I say I will make you pay for not giving up your darkest secrets I mean it. That is why I will only take applications from those who are SERIOUS about Financial Blackmail, who understand exactly what it entails and why they should go into it with their eyes open.

So how do you prove you are serious? Well the answer is simple. If you are willing to pay an initial tribute, that proves to Me that you are serious. If you are willing to give all the information I demand, that proves to Me you are serious.

If you just want to send Me pictures of certain parts of your anatomy, whilst keeping your private information close to your chest, that proves to Me that you're a loser who's trying to waste My time. So don't do it.

I'll make this clear - for the benefit of those who are unsure - serious applicants for Financial Blackmail will be expected to pay an initial tribute of £25.00 BEFORE I consider putting them to good use. No pay = no play.

It's up to you really. Do you really know what you're letting yourself in for?

If you do, then you may contact Me using the email address below. If you don't, then I suggest you move along.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Online Slaves Required.

I am currently seeking Online Slaves to serve Me via webcam and instant messenger. We will communicate via Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger, whichever method you prefer.

You will be expected to serve Me at least 2 or 3 times per month, for a minimum of 10 minutes each time. Each session will be centred around your particular kinks and fetishes. You will receive instructions to carry out while I watch/listen and at the end of the session you MAY be rewarded with relief - only if you have obeyed and pleased Me.

Tribute will be required for each an every session and is payable in POUNDS STERLING via Amazon GC or Paypal.

If you feel you are capable of serving a strong and demanding Mistress such as Myself, then you may visit out My online application form using the link below.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Taking Bookings Thursday 3 October.

I will be taking Cam, Phone and Instant Messenger bookings today Thursday 3 October. We will communicate via Skype and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Tribute is always required for bookings in the form of Amazon Gift Certificates and Paypal.

If you wish to book a session with Me today, you may email Me personally using the address below.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

All Subs Must Read This!

Here is a very interesting article from Dr Sue and I expect ALL of you to read this. I will not listen to nor tolerate your excuses!

One-Way Cam Sessions Now Available!

I am re-introducing an old favourite for when I am not personally able to appear on cam.

From today, one-way cam sessions will be available. This means I will be able to see you on cam but you won't be able to see Me.

One way cam sessions can be with or without audio and are priced from £1 per min, (minimum booking length 10 mins). I am of course still offering cam2cam, but these sessions are available when I cannot offer cam2cam.

If you wish to book a one-way cam session with Me, you may email Me using the link below:

Email Slaves Wanted.

I currently have 2 vacancies for Email Slaves.

The life of an email slave is for those who feel they are not quite ready to take the leap into webcam/phone training, and these assignments can be completed offline and in your own time.

You will receive assignments detailing a set of tasks for you to complete. Each task will be catered to your particular kinks and fetishes. You will be expected to complete each task by a deadline set. Fines will incurred for those who do not meet these deadlines.

On completion of said tasks, you will be expected to provide a written report, together with photographic evidence of you completing each task. These photographs may be published in My website subject to your agreement.

Email assignments are generally sent out once per week, and you have a deadline of 5 days in which to complete them. You must complete them to a high standard and ensure each and every task is completed. Failure to complete your assignment in its entirety WILL result in severe punishment.

Tribute is always required for Email Assignments. You may pay for a single assignment at a rate of £6 per each assignment, or a block of 6 assignments for £36.00. Payment is via Amazon Gift Certificate or Paypal, which ever method you prefer.

If you feel you have what it takes to serve Me in this manner, you may get in touch using the email address below.

Cuntweasle's Centenary.

Cuntweasle is only 2 weeks away from receiving the milestone of 100 email assignments, and I intend to mark this occasion in a variety of special ways. I have been spending time going over all of his previous completed assignments and making notes of which has been making him tick and what has seriously humiliated him. Let's just say I have a few surprised on My sleeve for him.

Cuntweasle - you should be afraid - very afraid!