Friday, 28 June 2013


They say things happen in threes, but in My case it seems to be happening in twos.

After a couple of days off, I was keen to get back to work, only to wake up yesterday morning feeling like death warmed up. My throat is sore, My nose is blocked and I feel like I have a head full of cotton wool - the summer cold has hit Me.

And if that's not bad enough, Mother Nature has also decided to pay a visit and is being a downright sadistic bitch this month, thus adding to My general crappy feeling.

So, right now I'm only available for DirectIm/Instant messenger bookings, possibly DirectChat once I start to feel better, until I feel human again.

I will be around for DirectIm this afternoon and evening and I'm hoping and praying I'll be back to DirectCam tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm dealing with the blood coming from My poor inflamed sinuses. Damn you lurgey!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Why You Shouldn't Lie to Mistress..Very funny!

Well, here we are, a "slave" who thinks he can impress Mistress by lying - only for him to blow up in his face. I just had to share this with you, because it's just too funny! lol He also found himself removed and banned from the owner of this particular Facebook group, who also watched the conversation in amusement!

Steve Jones am waiting to serve u 35 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Cristal Dom Then you need to fill in the form, don't you? The Cristal Domme: SLAVE APPLICATION FORM. 30 minutes ago · Like · Remove Preview

Steve Jones i already filled the form and posted 26 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Cristal Dom not received it yet. 26 minutes ago · Like

Cristal Dom How do you mean you "posted?" 26 minutes ago · Like

 Steve Jones after i fill the form i have submitted 22 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Cristal Dom ah right. Ok, well it will be reviewed when it comes through. 21 minutes ago · Like

Steve Jones after i fill the form i have submitted 20 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Cristal Dom and when did you fill in this form? 20 minutes ago · Like Steve Jones 2hrs before 18 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Steve Jones shall i fill another one form 17 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Cristal Dom Really??? Now that's very interesting! I say that because up until about 20 minutes ago the form wasn't working! lol Nice try, idiot! No don't bother filling in another one - I have no time for liars! 17 minutes ago · Edited · Like

Steve Jones ok mistress 14 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I will be available for Cam, Skype and Instant Messenger bookings this week as follows:

TUESDAY 18 JUNE - Available for DirectChat, DirectIm and Instant Messenger 3pm until 5pm and 7pm until 10pm.

WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE - Not Available.

THURSDAY 20 JUNE - Available 2.30pm until 5pm.

FRIDAY 21 JUNE - Available on Direct Chat 3.30pm until 5pm and 7pm until 10pm.

SATURDAY 22 JUNE - Available 2.30pm until 5pm. Direct Chat 7pm until 10pm.

SUNDAY 23 JUNE - Available 2.30pm until 5pm. Direct Chat 7pm until 10pm.

If you wish to book a Cam, Skype or Instant Messenger session with Me you may email Me at to do so.

And We're Back! Yay!

You will all be pleased to know that Adultwork is now back online, and normal service has been resumed. It came back online at around 8pm yesterday, and technicians worked hard through the night to bring it back to normal again. I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Adultwork for keeping us updated throughout.

Because I was unable to offer service yesterday due to the DDOS attack, I will be offering DirectChat (phone chat) today from about 3.30pm until 5pm and again from 7pm until 10pm. I will also be on DirectIM this evening.

You can speak to Me by any of these methods using the link below:

Monday, 17 June 2013

Not Again!!!

Well it would seem that Adultwork have fallen victim to another DDOS attack, which means until it's sorted, I can only offer private bookings. Signs are good though, as they are working on it right now. The site is back up, but we just cannot get to it at the moment. And after all the money they spent on sorting out the server to prevent another attack like this - who ever is behind it, clearly knows their stuff!

It pisses Me off though. I mean it prevents us from working and prevents clients from enjoying themselves. What I would love to do to the people responsible - balls and a red-hot poker comes to mind!

Anyway, I will keep you all informed. As soon as it is back up and running, then I will post the details here. In the meantime, your patience is appreciated.

Monday, 10 June 2013


My availability for cam and voice (phone) sessions this week is as follows:

Monday 10 June - available 3pm until 5pm.

Tuesday 11 June - Not Available.

Wednesday 12 June - Not Available.

Thursday 13 June - available 2.30pm until 5pm.

Friday 14 June - available on Direct Chat only.

Saturday 15 June - Available 2.30pm until 5pm.

Sunday 16 June - Not Available.

If you wish to book a session for during these times, you may Contact Me to do so.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Email Slaves Required.

I currently have 2 vacancies for those who wish to try out Email Training with Me.

You will be expected to carry out weekly email assignments for Me, each one catered to your particular kinks and fetishes, and provide a full write up with photographs afterwards. If you explicitly agree, these photos may be posted on My blog for the delight of My readers.

To be considered for Email Training you must be aged 21 over over, male and GENUINELY SUBMISSIVE. You may apply My contacting Me personally at


Cuntweasle Get's His Wish!

Well, Cuntweasle got his wish! This was the "favour" he had been talking about, and even sent Me a gift to beg for the favour!

Because his wife is away for a while, he wanted to be made to live the slave lifestyle 24/7 in her absence. Here is his latest homework account - enjoy!

Thurs 5:35pm  Jeeez.  Can't believe i am sat here with jewellery, make-up and all the rest.  Acknowledged homework a while ago and have since changed into 'required' attire, and sent ye a photo of new pants te amuse ye.  All heating off in house and yet i'm sweating, God help me later when i have te climb into new suit.   Talking of which, i tried it again earlier fer about 15mins and foolishly thought that the neck wasn't tight enough ie it let in a tiny bit of air.  So, dumn f*ck that i am i had a look around on internet to try and get a hood to go with it.  Ended up buying a black rubber hood, which may or may not be a good idea.  In serious need o a w*nk, but tightly wrapped in bloody nappy.  Heels are OK when sitting, a pain in the arse when walking about...and bloody noisy when walking on hard floor in kitchen.  Don't know if ye can see it in photo, but heels are 'locked' on.  At least heels won't be hurting when crawling to loo LOL....... more later (teet o bottle covered in lipstick!!).......
Frid 4:55am  Where the hell do i start.  In my younger days i played sport to quite high levels, and had many very sweaty training sessions..... i also years ago had a small collection of rubberwear/gear.....but i have never, never ever experienced sweat like when i woke this morning.  The inside of suit was soaking, though one advantage of this was where when i had tried suit for 15mins yesterday i had a hell of a job getting it off, it was very much stuck to me, now, it was so wet it 'slid' off quite easily.  Anyway, did my lunges, starjumps and 5 mins marching on spot (which didn't, probably couldn't make anything worse).  Then removed suit, folded and stuck it on a cupboard.  My skin very very soft (by the way, the hair ISN'T growing back on legs after last shave), felt quite feminine and 'lovely'.  Off for a bath ... more later......8:00am  Jeeez.  Just picked up suit to put it away, and noticed creases all filled with sweat.  So hung up upside down, and had a steady quite heavy trickle of sweat running out of suit for several mins before it slowed to just the odd drip.  God knows how much sweat i must have most over night.  Also just remembered that i will have a hood fer it as well within the next few day.  how the hell am i gonna cope, and whit the hell was i thinking of agreeing to this suit, never mind hood.  Busy day ahead, but hopefully more later......... 6:20pm  Just in the door after long day.  Have the immersion on fer bath in an hour so probably won't 'dress up' tonight.  Also have got myself a wee drink - 50% whisky, 50% pee, best i can do LOL.  Oh, had an Email to say hood has been dispatched.. bloody hell.  Off fer my tea of a steak roll, though quite how i manage that out of my dog bowl i have no idea... more later or the morra
Sat 5:30am  Another horrendous night in suit, though not quite as bad.  My bedroom is right by the back door, so left room door open, and back door, allowed the room to be as cold as i could manage.  Not a lot of difference, but a bit.  In serious need of masturbation, but have so far managed to 'cope', if ye can call it that.  Maybe a better word would be 'suffer'.  Be amazed if i don't end up being fined fer an unauthorised 'play'.  Will be about the house all morning so will get 'dressed' and made up after my bath.  Make up is hard to get off, will have a look when i go shopping for sommat to remove it easier, will have te scrub well before shops, then put it all back on when i get back home.  Then remove again before heading off to Violate tonight, which i'm looking forward to immensely.  Mistress Lilith last night put me up on Violate Fetlife profile that my 'reationship status' with Club is 'Served by dougie159', fame at last, though maybe not the type of fame i had ever considered LOL ......... more later i would think .......  7:00am  Sat here feeling an idiot all dressed up, make up on and jewellery jangling away.  Plus I have the thought that it's all gotta come off to go shopping, and then all back on fer the afternoon, and for preping nibbles for Violate, then all off again for Violate and when i finally get home, i've got the thought of having to climb back into that bloody suit again.  Hope the hood doesn't arrive today, i'd be just about stupid enough to try the bloody thing when ready fer bed. ......... more later  1:55pm  Been home frae shopping fer a while, and dressed as required, and it's weird.  Between my heels at home then all night tonight at Violate, reckon my feet will be killing me for the next few days!!  Gotta prepare all the nibbles fer Violate soon, will have my bath first.  Bought 'wipes' that hopefully will get make up off easier.  Bloody postie brought rubber hood, but we'll pass over that.  It fits (tight) and goes far enough down neck that i'm sure it will go over top of suit.  Want these nappies te run out so i can order the old ones that i used to get and staying a) in shape and b) didn't hang down so much when wet.  These bloody things are hanging down with only one pee in 'em...... more the morra
Sun  5:30am  Feeling awful, only had just over two hrs sleep and feeling unwell.  Will not be doing much today and will only be dressed to go to shop and for my Sunday pint with pal. ....... more the morra

Mon  6:50am  Feeling a bit better though still not right.  I'm afraid i didn't dress as required yesterday during the day as i spent most of it in bed sleeping.  Only wore 'suit' for wee morning lie down but it did remind me of sommat i meant to say before.  Suit is horrible everytime you move.  If i can stay still then it is OK apart from the heat building, but the minute i move some bits come un-stuck and other bits stick and si it's constantly very 'noticable'.  Reality is, i cannea stay still fer very long!!! .... more later.   3:50pm  Have been dressed in the full female attire, and it's still very weird.  The other things that is doing my head in is this dummy believe it or not.  Constantly sucking become a pain (literally) and even if just moved around mouth and chewed on, i'm never actually closing my mouth.  Other thing about it is that i have a big red mark on bottom lips after an hour or so.  Due to yesterday, looks like i will have to spend tonight in suit on floor.  Not looking forward to that one bit.  Reckon it will be 'best' to use downie rather than sleeping bag as that was i can 'regulate' the temp to some extent.  hate eating out of bowl and started to chose stuff like cereal instead of 'proper' food.   Sunday i peed three times in one nappy..... not my best idea.  One thing i have missed quite a bit is crawling to loo.  Normally only remember i'm meant to do that by the time i get to the loo.  Back to being desperate to masturbate, just as well suit and nappy make that impossible.... more later or tomorrow........
Tues 8:00am  Stating the obvious, floors are hard.  Put sleeping bag on floor then laid on that with downie on (and off) as required.  Suit was actually better on floor, may be because ye don't sink into floor.  Not too bad a time last night, and evn after 'exercise' things were not too wet in suit.   Mind you, absolutely no heating on and back door open to ensure cool airflow.  i get the feeling nappy absorbes quite a bit of 'moisture'.  Sat her (as usual) with bloody dummy in mouth.  Tis on a ribbon round my neck and about only time it is not in my mouth is when having a fag.  No idea why i still have it on as homework now finished.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Paris Jackson - My Thoughts.

Being a dedicated Michael Jackson fan, I was absolutely devastated to hear about the apparent suicide of attempt of his daughter, Paris.

I have been following the news about his children since his death, and as any member of MJfam will know, we feel some kind of responsibility to his children, since he is no longer with us. And this news has hit us hard.

Paris is only 15 years old - and too young to be going through so much. I am absolutely confident that this terrible AEG trial is one of the contributing factors to her desperate act. It is My feeling that this trial should never have gone ahead. Yes, it could get some justice for her father and yes, if this is settled financially, his children will benefit - but at what cost?

Already, we are only 4 or 5 weeks into the trial and some terrible stories have come out as a result. The media are being whipped up into a frenzy with the details of Michael's last days and his children; who are still grieving; let's not forget that, are being forced to endure these details. Couple that with the fact that in a few week's time it will be the anniversary of Michael's death, it is little wonder that Paris is in the mess she is now?

My heart goes out to her. It is well-known that she was very close to her father, and if you watched the memorial service at the Staples Centre, you could see in her heart-felt speech that her heart was broken. Nobody should have to lose a parent at such a young age - she wasn't even a teenager when he passed. I suspect the pain she felt back then is still just as raw today.

Michael did everything he could to protect his children. He and Debbie Rowe made sure they weren't in the spotlight. He wanted his children to live a normal childhood, something he was never allowed. Yes, you couldn't be forgiven for thinking that having them wear masks in public was bizarre, but now we see what is happening with Paris, it makes perfect sense. These children should be allowed to be children - have the luxury of privacy and not have the media chasing them at every opportunity. I've said it before and I say it now - I know Michael would have been horrified that his kids had been "exposed" so quickly.

I think Paris is perhaps the most exposed. She regularly tweets on her twitter account and is about to start in the upcoming movie Lundon's Bridge. It would seem that the media have decided she is fair-game, and it worries Me that she is going to receive the same treatment her father suffered, especially now. Michael seemed to cope with not having a quiet life at her age - because he had grown used to it. He had been in the spotlight since he was 5 years old. He'd had a fair few years of practice. Paris hasn't. In such a very short period of time, her every move has been scrutinized by many - this is way too much for somebody of her age.

I can only hope and pray that Paris will be given the privacy, the time, the love and the support she needs to deal with this very difficult time in her life. And as much as he misses all three of his children, I'm certain that Michael is not ready to be reunited with her yet. But I'm also certain that he's still with her - all the time, in everything she does. And it's that knowledge I hope, which will give her the strength to get through this, one step at a time.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Oh dear.

Unfortunately, My mental health problems reared their ugly head again over the weekend, which accounted for My lack of availability. I have been plagued with anxiety problems for weeks, as a result of a variety of issues. So on Saturday, it pretty much came to a head when I had the mother of all panic attacks.

After taking some much needed time off, I am pleased to say that I will be back to firing on all cylinders again from tomorrow (Thursday 6 June), but will not be spreading Myself too thinly, as I have done in recent weeks.

Therefore, directcam free chat will NOT be making an appearance any time soon - due to the sheer amount of free-loaders abusing it - these idiots do not help.

I aim to be available on direct chat later today, if you wish to speak to Me via phone.