Monday, 20 March 2017

Chasity Sub channels Marilyn Monroe for My birthday

It was My Birthday yesterday. I had a lovely day and thank you to all the boys who spoiled Me with various gifts. All have been gratefully received and you have pleased your Mistress well.

Because I enjoy humiliating Chastity Sub; I decided he was to shoot a very special clip in honour of My birthday.

It is no secret that I love all things vintage. And My one of My favourite vintage Hollywood stars is of course the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. So; in order for Chastity Sub to please Me on My birthday; I had him recreate Ms Monroe's legendary "Happy Birthday" serenade to President Kennedy.

Here is his attempt - enjoy!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Pubic Humiliation For Chastity Sub

So My owned pet; Chastity Sub was given a mammoth task to complete today. A task that had him squirming in shame which will probably last him for the rest of the day and beyond.

It was time for Chastity Sub to get tagged. And when I say "tagged;" I mean in the puppy sense. He's been wearing a collar since ownership, but as a result of his dedication and obedience; he has now earned the honour of his very own tag for his collar.

Of course that doesn't go without some humiliation on his part. I'm not in the business of making things easy for him, so it was off to his local Timpsons store today; to purchase said tag and have it engraved.

I had already spent most of the weekend taunting him about this task. Not only would he have to purchase said tag; but he'd also have to ask for it to be engraved with his slave name - Chastity Sub. Yes dear readers; that means he has to physically ask, in person, for his name to be put on the tag.

To further increase his humiliation, I had him spend an hour teasing himself. He's recently taken delivery of a 7inch anal plug. It's shaped like a cock and he absolutely loves to play with it. Now he can have cock in his ass all the time. And today was no exception. After inserting the plug early this morning; he was instructed to use his vibrating wand to tease himself as his cock leaked away like a dripping tap. He was supposed to be released from his chastity cage this weekend - the first time since the New Year. But he failed to collect at last three inches of pre cum in his brandy glass. As a result, extra days have been added to his sentence.

To help him along with collecting this pre-cum; I instructed him to wear his new plug during his shopping trip. The result is that every time he moves and walks, he can feel the plug moving inside him, so he's already squirming before the serious humiliation starts.

We had a chat on Sunday about his fears about doing this task. He dreaded the possibility that it could be a young girl who serves him in the shop and would have much preferred an older gentlemen.

So you can imagine My delight to learn that it was indeed a young lady who dealt with his "request". To add insult to injury; she even smirked at him when he told her what name he needed to be engraved on the doggy tag! This left him bright red with embarrassment, with a desire to crawl into a hole while she went to work on the engraving.

Fortunately for him; he was the only customer in the shop - mores the pity. But let Me tell you, dear readers, that this young lady will be remembering her customer for quite some time. I can just imagine her next conversation with her girlfriends..."oh you'll never believe what happened. I had a pervert walk into the shop the other day. He wanted 'Chastity Sub' engraved on a dog tag!!" 

Needless to say; Chastity Sub has pleased Me well with this task. I know he'd been dreading it. I'd been threatening it for months, and finally decided it was time for him to carry it out. He's desperately hoping that he doesn't see the young lady again while he's out and about. I have a feeling she'll be discreet - but I'm pretty sure she'll recognise him and smirk at him again.

Public humiliation with EPIC results!

Thursday, 9 March 2017


An important date is coming up. Get ready to mark your calendars! Watch the clip above and get busy. Emails to:

I strongly suggest you don't ignore and disappointment Mistress...

Monday, 6 March 2017


In the last few weeks, I have been very busy uploading new content to My clips channel. Most of these content features Myself. Some feature My owned pet, Chastity Sub. And I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the clips I have available.

For your viewing pleasure; I have uploaded the following fetish clips:

This is but a small selection of the many kinky clips I have available. But I'm sure your dick is already twitching to attention. Now's the chance to give in to the demands of your cock, and take a look at this video filth. Click on the link below to go straight to My clips channel!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

As funny as Shit!

Ladies and germs; meet Slave Shit. Shit is a boy who serves Me on Skype. He thoroughly enjoys public humiliation, which is why I took the liberty of taking all of these very amusing screenshots. I felt Shit should be shared with the world in all his pathetic and ridiculous glory.

The word on Shit's head is supposed to be the word "TWAT", but unfortunately, Shit needs to go back to school and learn how to write properly. Nevertheless; I made sure Shit wrote other rude words on himself, including "CUNT" and the name I have chosen for him...

Shit likes to experience pain and anal abuse, so today I had him whip that nasty flap of skin he calls a "cock", as well as attach pegs to his pathetic balls. The aim of the game was for him to use a leather belt to whip off all the begs; but sadly Shit lived up to his name and was well... shit at it. Instead; I found a far more amusing way for him to entertain Me. Shit was made to lick himself clean....

Of course the act of licking himself clean meant that Shit got all dirty again when his nasty little "cock" did a love piss. So to further humiliate Shit; I had him lick up his mess. Here he is with a tongue full of cum.

Shit did actually wish for Me to share these highly embarrassing pictures with My readers. Perhaps in future, Shit will be careful what he wishes for! 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sunday Services with the Sister of No Mercy.

Lots of fun was had in today's kink fest. In case you missed it; I dressed up in My kinky Nurse uniform as you can see above. It's amazing how slipping into a uniform brings out the sadistic Bitch in Me. Well I say brings it out. I'm a Sadistic Bitch pretty much all of the time; but today I was perhaps more sadistic that usual.

This afternoon, I have been performing thorough rectal examinations and prostate milking, ball resilience with the aid of some pretty harsh genital torture, and multiple sperm sample collection via jerk off instruction. Of course, said collections haven't been retained by Myself. My boys have dutifully been swallowing the lot, as is expected. Well except for the dirty cum whore I spoke to this afternoon, who likes to swallow the cum of complete strangers. He normally asks male escorts to save him their used condoms. But I decided he needed a constant supply of spunk. Tonight; he's off to his local dogging site to do a "collection." That will keep him in spunk supply for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, the Sister of No Mercy will be taking confessional from 12.30pm. All sinners are welcome. Others will be tolerated. You will be crawling into My Church to confess your filthy deeds of the week. You'll be squirming in shame as I ask you various humiliating questions about your misdeeds. I may even instruct you give a demonstration of your dirty, deviant behaviour.

Repentance by punishment will follow after you have squirmed to My satisfaction. Expect the punishment to fit the crime. Wanton wankers will have their cocks tortured within an inch of it's life. Sissy sluts can expect to be thoroughly drilled and used. Perverts can expect to be fully degraded and humiliated as they spontaneously burst into flames of shame. My sadistic and creative imagination will be going into over-drive. Scared? You should be.

So get those bookings in, sluts! Sundays are normally very popular among the dirty bitches out there. Send your booking in NOW to avoid disappointment

Friday, 3 March 2017

Weekend Wanking.

I'm sure you boys will be very pleased to know that I will be live and available on webcam ALL weekend this weekend, from 12.30pm until 5pm, DAILY!

You will be able to interact with Me on both AdultWork & NiteFlirt as well as enjoy Skype Shows with Me to serve and explore your darkest desires and fetishes.

I will be putting you through your paces to ensure you serve Me to the best of your ability. Punishments WILL ensue for those who fail to please Me. You MAY be given relief at the end of your session; provided I am happy with how you have performed for My amusement. Be aware that eating your mess after relief is NOT optional!

I will be offering a variety of kinky shows designed to get you salivating for more and I dressing up in My kinkiest outfits. I may even break out the Nurse Uniform on Saturday, for some kinky medical play. Those who are interested in Medical Play can expect to receive a thorough examination inside and out, as well as suffering the humiliation of being put into a variety of exposing positions and made to carry out degrading acts to ensure you receive a thorough health check.

Sunday will see Me opening up Confessional for sinners who need to be absolved of their dirty, deviant behaviour. I will listen and watch you squirm while you spare no detail about your dirty, immoral deeds before accepting a suitable punishment in order to repent. The punishment will be of My choosing and will always reflect your crimes. So whatever your misdeeds; I'll leave the punishment up to your imagination...

And Monday will be dedicated to all things concerning masturbation. Don't kid yourself, however that this will allow you to wank your little worm at your leisure. I expect to be entertained, remember and I will do that by finding humiliating and/or painful ways for you to masturbate. Masturbation games will also be on the menu, as will jerk off instruction for boys who want to get the most from their wank. Of course whether or not you get to cum depends on a variety of factors; if I feel you deserve it and if I feel you should remain in your own frustrated juices. The decision of course will always be Mine.

To book a Skype session for any of these days; you should contact Me via the link below. Remember to be as detailed as possible when talking about your kinks and interests. I neither need or want single sentence emails. The more detail you include; the greater the chance of My replying.