Thursday, 27 April 2017

Chastity Sub Does Peter Griffin

Family Guy fans will remember that hilarious moment when Peter Griffin dances to The Milkshake song by Kellis.

And I've made Chastity Sub recreate it for your viewing pleasure.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Creamy Easter Task for Chastity Sub

Last weekend was Easter and in keeping with the season; I decided to set Chastity Sub an Easter themed task to ensure he keeps squirming for My amusement.

His first task was to purchase a Cadbury's creme egg, unwrap it and after chilling it in the fridge for a couple hours, cut it in half.

Next he was instructed to carefully scoop out the fondant filling and set it aside. Yes I know the fondant filling is scrummy, but I decided he should fill it it with something far more appropriate...

I shall point out that Chastity Sub STILL hasn't had an orgasm since 1st January. I do keep waving his orgasm at him like a metaphorical carrot on a stick. It's how I ensure he stays on his toes at all times. Why would I allow him to be de-spunked when it's far more fun to leave him permanently frustrated?

Anyway; to add to his constant frustration; I had him tease himself for a long while, until he filled half of the delicious chocolate egg with at least 2 teaspoons of his own pre-cum.

As you can see; the selected mode of teasing was using his largest butt plug and his powerful vibrating wand. It always has a pleasing effect of making him drip like a broken tap. And it is the most effective way of ensuring the egg is filled to the specified amount.

Now because everybody deserves a nice chocolate treat at Easter; I decided that he was to lick out his own "cream filling" from the chocolate egg. Remember the Creme egg advert? 

Well dear readers; this is how Chastity Sub eats his....

An excellent job by Chastity Sub. He sets a good eggsample of what good little subs should aspire to achieve! 

Friday, 21 April 2017

Double Domination with a Male Dom.

On the odd occasion; I will work with other Dommes to humiliate a sub. Usually it is another Dominatrix but today; for the first time ever, I enjoyed humiliating a sub, together with a male Dom.

It was by request from a submissive on AdultWork, who has long since had a thing about forced bi. The idea was that he get a random guy over and I direct the proceedings via webcam. Well who was I to refuse? I couldn't wait to get My teeth into such a session.

So suitable candidate was found and while he was on his way over, I had sub naked, kneeling and inhaling poppers to make himself fully compliant with what was about to happen. Once Dom had sent a text to sub to say he was literally metres away from his house, I had sub put on a blindfold, place his hands on his head and wait patiently for Dom to arrive.

Dom simply walked into the house and after a brief chat; the session started with sub kissing Dom's feet like a good boy. At all times; I was ensuring Dom was pleased, and encouraging him to be rough with sub if he was not. During the process of sub kissing his feet; with both of us commented that sub could do better,. Sp I had sub pull Dom's socks off with his teeth.

Silly boy used his hands. I hadn't given him permission to do that. So I instructed Dom to slap sub across the face and do it properly. Sub was instantly subdued and reminded of his place.

Once Dom and I were both satisfied sub was doing a better job, I had sub open his mouth wide for Dom to push his thick, meaty cock straight into sub's throat. Dom was a little tentative at first until I told him that sub could take very rough treatment. Before long; Dom was fucking sub's face with gusto, sometimes pushing sub's head right down on his cock to choke. It was so wonderful to see sub being used this way and I couldn't get it enough. Neither could Dom because before long; he was slapping sub's face and pummelling his mouth.

Next sub was instructed to lick Dom's balls which he did dutifully. "Don't be afraid to use painful correction if he displeases you," I said to Dom and he happily gave sub a few more hard slaps across the face. Sub can't get enough of being degraded so I figured it was time for him to lick somewhere else. That's right; Dom's ass. Dom quickly turned around and pushed his ass right in sub's face as sub began to lick. I took great delight in the fact that Dom reached back to push sub's face even further. "Get right in there with that tongue;" I ordered. "If you displease Sir; then you will ultimately displease Me. That will not be tolerated."

Sub was licking with much more enthusiasm and was then allowed to use fingers, which Dom happily accepted.

"I like to keep slut properly frustrated," I explained to Dom. "So I want to see you in a 69 with him." After a bit of moving around; Dom happily planted himself on sub's face, shoving his cock down his throat once more. I think Dom enjoyed sub's mouth, don't you? He gave sub a little suck but just enough to increase his excitement. Certainly not enough to let him cum "Be sure to have him lick your arse in this position," I advised. "Just to remind him of his place." More arse licking from sub, before I ordered him back to his knees.

I could tell Dom was getting seriously turned on and almost ready to cum, so I had him fuck sub's face even more. "Where would you like to cum?" I asked Dom, and without hesitating Dom replied; "oh all over his face." And that's exactly what he did. Sub was made to stick out his tongue ready and Dom just unloaded his balls all over his face. "Oh make sure you wipe your prick on his cheek when you've finished," I said to Dom. It was so pleasing to see Dom do that - just wiping the end of his cock all over sub's face.

And do you know what Dom did after that? He simply got dressed, and left. No "thank you". No "good boy". He just dressed and left without saying a word. I couldn't have planned it better Myself. A lovely cold reminder of what sub exists for and a reminder of his place.

Next time; sub will be taking big black cock - from an even more Dominant male who likes to get rough and sadistic. I'm REALLY looking forward to that one!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Swan Lake Featuring Chastity Sub

I thought we'd kick start the week with a bit of culture. Here's Chastity Sub's rendition of Swan Lake. As you can see; he does lack grace. But he makes up for it in amusement! Enjoy! 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

While Mistress is away....

When I'm not online, you're still working hard to please Me. The devil makes work for idle hands. So it is My intention to ensure your hands are NEVER idle. If they're idle then there's a danger they will be used for activities of which you are not entitled to. And we can't have that, can we? It is your duty to always ensure you are busy, beavering away, to keep your Mistress happy.

Minions are never too tired to serve, or have other things more important than ensuring their Mistress is satisfied. Minions go above and beyond to stay in Mistress; good books. Minions are always prepared to show Mistress why they should continue to receive My attention. Minions know that their number one priority is satisfying the needs and desire of Mistress and nothing else.

You will do this today by following the simple steps as outlined below:

  1. Choose an assignment theme from the list as illustrated above.
  2. Email the address above to request said assignment.
  3. Answer My questions in a timely and honest manner.
  4. Follow any instructions I send to you.

Minions will also ensure they abide by the following terms and conditions when completing tasks for Mistress.

  • You will ensure said assignment is completed in its entirety by the deadline I set for you.
  • You will ensure you send photographic evidence & diary of you completing the assignment.
  • You will ensure your diary is well written and free from any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • You will ensure you acknowledge receipt of your assignment within 24 hours of receipt.
  • You will pay any late fines for assignments not completed by the deadline set.
  • You will acknowledge that assignments more than seven days late will lead to your INSTANT DISMISSAL from My training.
I'm sure even you can follow these simple instructions. Are you ready to please Me? You may now begin.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Important Information Regarding Webcam & Email Servitude.

Because I have had an abundance of under age boys attempting to serve Me, from today I am bringing in a new rule.

I will no longer take your word for it that you are aged 21 or over. If you are under 25 years old, you will be expected to provide ID to verify your age. If you fail to do this. then you will not be permitted to serve Me either via email or webcam. 

Acceptable documents are:


When you contact Me to apply; you will be asked to send a photograph of yourself holding your ID and a scan of your ID. Said scan must be visible and your date of birth clear. ID which does not meet these standards will not be accepted.

Your information will remain private and will not be sold or passed on to a third party. It is simply to ensure both parties are acting in accordance with the law. 

This new rule is NOT open for negotiation.