Friday, 26 August 2016

Tease Marathon For Panty Boy.

Now back in chastity until next March, Panty Boy was giving the task of a 3 hour 10 minute tease marathon - as voted for by the twitter public. Of course he wasn't allowed to cum. But here's how he got on....

i’m delighted to be back serving Mistress Cristal after a pause that has seemed to go on for ever. So, in the glow of happiness of being back serving i asked Mistress to run a Twitter poll for me. Of course i left everything else up to Mistress. She asked me to get a new magic wand vibrator and some other toys which i ordered from Lovehoney and got delivered the next day by special delivery – i was keen to get started. So i tweeted Mistress pictures of the toys and She set the balls (so to speak) in motion. The result? A 3 hour and 10 minute teasing session with the magic wand. As soon as the result was in Mistress sent me a DM:

Well i nearly sh!t myself! Mistress has such a commanding tone even by DM that it just demands immediate response. But this time i could not do as She commanded as i was looking after the kids (school holidays). A quick DM back explaining that i would obey if i could and Mistress gave me a stay of execution (that’s what it felt like) until after they’d gone to bed.
Well i did a bit better than that and managed to off-load the kids to the in-laws for the night. After staying at the in-laws for a drink (sparkling water Mistress – sticking to the diet) and a chat for the polite amount of time it was back home to tidy up and get then get ready for the main event so to speak.

Now performing these tasks IS a task. They often take quite a bit of time (this one ticks that box) can require getting into some ‘unusual’ positions (not so much, but being in one position for quite a while can be hard on the knees, back, arms etc) and require dexterity because you have to document your performance of said tasks by taking photos and video (another box tick). Because this videoing etc is difficult whilst performing the tasks i had decided to try a different method of filming this one.  i set up a new HD webcam on my laptop and used that to take both video and photos. A couple of test videos and photos were successfully captured so it was off with all my clothes, on with my slave collar and down to business.

Well the Lovehoney magic wand performed miracles. i had thought my cage was pretty much a suit of armour but the vibrations from the wand penetrated it with no problems – provided you got the pressure, speed and angle right. Which i did – on frequent occasions. But care was also required; my cock was doing its best to escape its bonds and this cage has a nice, big pee-hole at the end. So my cock was frequently bulging out of that said pee-hole. One tip if any one of you masochists reading this is considering doing this to yourself: do NOT catch the exposed end of your cock with the wand! It’s like a pinch/electric shock right on the end of your cock. And i did it a few times; once i even had to stop and check for blood as i was sure i’d cut the tip off! Don’t do that even if you are a masochist.

Anyway, the Lovehoney magic wand was holding up like a trooper. Over 3 hours of use is a long time and it did get warm – but no more than that. It did make quite a noise though especially when pressed hard onto the cage – i  was glad i’d got rid of the kids as sometimes the vibe sounded like the battle of Britain memorial flight going overhead! And i wasn’t exactly being noiseless either – i live in a semi and bet the neighbours were wondering what on earth i was up to! Hopefully they’ll have the decency to never ask…
But i digress. i was really struggling, the wand was bringing me to the edge and, as i checked, i’d been going for precisely – 1 hour!!
On second thoughts maybe starting at about 10:45 pm wasn’t such a good idea. i had the choice of Friday night or getting up early (5ish) Saturday morning as both these would be kid-free times. i’d chosen Friday night as i didn’t trust myself not to oversleep on Saturday morning. i still stand by that decision but at about midnight i was beginning to flag. And i really needed a pee. So, after a quick pee break i continued this was torture – literally. For that is what it was. i was tired, my cock was crying out for a time-out and my brain was getting distinctly foggy. Add to that i had dried up on the pre-cum front. i don’t know whether it was the constant arousal, the duration of the teasing, the lateness of the hour or my general tiredness but my cock was trying it’s best but no amount of vibration was producing any more pre-cum. To keep myself going for the last half hour or so i had to resort to watching some online porn as well.

i woke automatically at about 7:30 and got up to go to the bathroom. It was then that i really discovered how much my cock had waved the white flag of surrender the night before. It was trying to disappear! Never had i seen it look so small, there was loads of room to spare in my cage! i had to take a picture of my shame and then i went back to bed for another hour and a half - i was just too brain-scrambled to stay up. When i woke at about 9 my cock had recovered a bit so i took a picture for comparison to the earlier one got up and proceeded about my daily routine – albeit slowly. And if i bump into the neighbours i’ll keep a low profile.
i hope Mistress Cristal, that You are satisfied with how i have completed this task. i have the glass stewing and await Your instructions on that 

As a final act of humiliation; Panty Boy was instructed to pour his pre-cum into a cocktail glass and add a straw and umbrella to give it an extra exotic feel. This was his Friday-night tipple last week - and he slurped every last drop - before noticing the taste clinging to his tongue and the back of his throat...a lasting reminder of his place of course! 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Separated at birth?

Do I see a similarity between Chastity Sub and the frilled-neck dragon?

That's what a spiked parachute and weights will do! 

#FundMissKitty - August Fetish Raffle!

Today; we officially launch our #FundMissKitty Fetish raffle and this month we have some EPIC prizes for you!

1st Prize

30 Minute Real Time Session & 1 pair of worn stockings from Miss Julia Taylor!

2nd Prize

30 Minute "Double Domme" Cam session with Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia!

3rd Prize

1 x pair of worn panties from Mistress Cristal!

For your chance to win one of these fabulously kinky prizes; simple donate £25 or more to the #FundMissKitty fund via the link below. Each £25 donation qualifies as one entry into the raffle prize draw.

  1. Closing date for August Fetish Raffle is Monday 19th September 2016.
  2. Winners will be announced by video draw after that date.
  3. No cash alternative to prizes.
  4. Draw decision is final.
  5. You must be over 18 to enter the raffle.
  6. Each £25 donation qualifies as one entry to the raffle.
  7. Funds raised are to support Miss Kitty as she undergoes cancer treatment.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Sinful Sundays are all about confession and worship! You will visit My Church; get to your knees and confess all of your disgusting sins of the week. Clearly you disgusting boys will have many things to get off your chest, and I want to hear every single sordid detail.

Not only will you confess, but you will also beg for My forgiveness. Of course forgiveness doesn't come easy. You must repent for your sins and the only way you can truly repent, is by suffering whatever suitable punishment I choose for you. Such punishment WILL be hard whether it be physical or psychological, but suffer you must! Don't ever think I will be merciful on you. The word "mercy" does not feature in My vocabulary. I will only believe you are truly sorry for your sins when I see evidence of it - and you have a long way to go in order to demonstrate that.

And then after confession and repentance, comes WORSHIP! No of course mortals like you don't get to worship My Superior body. My body is NOT for you. It is a deity which is only for those who are worthy - you aren't and never will be. But My feet are heels are where you will direct your worship - the lowest part of My body for the lowest of the low.

Should I decide you are not even worthy of that little delicacy; then I will find another way for you to worship Me - FINANCIALLY! Every church passes around a collection box, and Mine is no different. The only difference is that Mine is not a "voluntary" collection. If I decide you must pay; then you will pay - no questions asked. What I choose to spend your money on is for Me to know. All you need to be aware of is that My forgiveness comes at a price - physical, psychological and financial. 

There are no "Hail Marys" in My Church. And no, this Goddess does not forgive all. I am not the gentle, loving God you have read about. I'm the God who will not hesitate to unleash My wrath should you displease Me. Remember that!

Book your place in the Sinful Sunday Confessional by sending Me an email at the address below. Sessions are carried out via Skype and audio is included. My Church is open to all sinners - others will be tolerated. Confessional begins at 1pm and ends at 5pm. Start crawling!

Saturday, 13 August 2016


We have been very busy ladies this afternoon and I'm pleased to say that the first Fetish Raffle will launch this coming Friday 19th August. The raffle will run for a month and three lucky winners will have the chance of winning one of three kinky prizes! 

This month; prizes are generously donated by:

 Miss Julia Taylor.

Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia

Mistress Cristal

Be sure to bookmark Miss Kitty's fundraising page for details of the upcoming launch!

#FundMissKitty - ProDommes Against Cancer - Fetish Raffle Coming Soon!

More and more Dommes are donating sexy prizes to our #FundMissKitty raffle. First raffle will be launched VERY soon. Keep checking on Miss Kitty's Fundraising page for details! You won't want to miss this!


Those who read My previous post will be aware that a group of us are working hard to help Miss Kitty De Vine during her fight with cancer.

Together with Mistress Julia, Domina Amelia, Mistress Julia Taylor, Mistress Dita and Mistress Lola Von J, we are about to launch an  extra special fund-raiser which all you boys can get involved in AND be in with a chance of winning a very kinky prize at the same time! Our first raffle will feature something very special from Miss Julia Taylor and I guarantee you won't want to miss this!

This fund-raiser is all about kicking cancer's ass, supporting Miss Kitty in Her time of need and giving you boys a chance to win some sexy goodies and kinky "experience days". But in order to kick it off; we seek a boy to put his hands to better use and do some free graphic design for us in order to promote this cause.

We need some absolutely EPIC pictures so that we can gain as much interest in this fund-raiser as possible; so the graphic designer in question needs to be of an exceptionally high standard. This is a chance for the creative boys among you to serve 7 beautiful Dommes for free. Interested? Send an email and examples of your work to the email address below:

In the meantime; keep checking back for more information about this exciting event! Launch date will be coming VERY SOON! And keep donating to Miss Kitty's fund via the link below - your help & support is needed!

Monday, 8 August 2016

An Appeal To Help Miss Kitty Devine.

Some of you may already be familiar with Miss Kitty Devine aka Demon Kitty. Well Miss Kitty is not only a fellow Domme, but She is also a good friend of Mine.

Currently; Miss Kitty is going through a very hard time right now due to a recent diagnosis of cancer. Following major surgery, She will soon be starting chemotherapy and it is for this reason that She will be unable to work.

This is a very tricky situation for Miss Kitty. Not being able to work, means She will have next to no income and because of Hertreatment, this is likely to last for several months at least.

Like all Dommes, She still has expenses and financial responsibilities She has to meet and obviously with a lack of income, this is going to be very, very difficult.

As a result, Miss Kitty has set up a fundraiser to help Her to meet Her expense budget. 

Let's not forget that Miss Kitty is not just a Dominatrix. She is also a human being and Her current situation proves that cancer can happen to ANYONE.

I ask all My fans and readers to consider showing Miss Kitty some compassion and generosity by donating to Her fund via the link below. Whatever you can spare will be a big help to Her. Even if you are unable to make a donation; you can also help Her by sharing the link so somebody else can donate.

Help Miss Kitty have one less thing to worry about as She goes through a very frightening time in Her life. She deserves this not because of who She is; but because She is still a person underneath the facade.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Custom Email Assignments.

Not quite plucked up the nerve to serve Me on cam yet? Well never fear; there are still ways to serve Me and explore your kinky side at the same time!

I offer custom email assignments for boys who would prefer to serve Me in a less "obtrusive" manner. These assignments are tailor-made kinky tasks, custom designed with your kinks and fetishes in mind. Perhaps you have a fetish you're dying to explore? Perhaps you've never really ventured into the world of BDSM, and are now ready to "dip your toe"?

Email Assignments are the perfect way to ease yourself into the world of BDSM & fetish. Assignments can be designed for a novice to more advanced for the more experienced kink monsters among you.

Each assignment comprises a set of kinky tasks for you to complete by a set deadline. As you complete each task, you are expected to take photographs of your humiliation. Perhaps I will share your humiliation with the world and post your photographs of My website? How embarrassing to know the world is watching your shame!

At the end of the assignment; your final task is to do a diary of each task you have completed. Your diary will detail the task, and your experience as you carried it out. Be sure to include as much detail as possible - My fans really want to know how much you squirmed in shame!

Conditions for email assignments are straight forward. You MUST be aged 21 or over. You MUST have at least a basic knowledge of BDSM. And most importantly; you MUST be 100% clear about your kinks and also those kinks you're absolutely NOT into.

Ready to take the plunge? Then get in touch by email and tell Me how you propose to entertain Me with such task! 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Panty Boy's Appointment With The Tens Machine..

So now that Panty Boy is back in service after a long hiatus, the first thing to do was punish him. You see; Panty Boy forgot the golden rule. EVERY masturbatory emission must be eaten - whether emission was while he was conscious or not. Wet dreams are no excuse...neither is mopping up said emission with a tissue.

So his punishment for this lapse in obedience was a 2 hour appointment with the TENS machine...increasing the current level every ten minutes. The results were spectacular!

"i admitted it to Mistress: i’ve been bad. i’ve cum and not eaten my mess. That it was a wet dream and i sleepily cleaned myself in the middle of the night is not the point. i’ve not done as my Owner, Mistress Cristal, has trained me over many months. So i must be punished and to add extra spice to the punishment Mistress Cristal let me choose it.

i didn’t have to think for long – it had to be a suitable punishment for the crime, something that would entertain Mistress and something that i would not like. And my range of weapons of punishment has become quite small so, after a short while it became obvious. The tens machine on my balls. i put this to Mistress and She came back with the details. Tens on balls for 2 hours, starting on level 1 and increasing by 1 every 10 minutes.

You’re probably better at maths than me and know that that means ending on level 12. i like to think i knew it too but i was panicking so had to work it out. That’s right, i’d have to go to level 12 and endure it for ten minutes.
A quick background – my tens machine has 30 levels and i’ve used it on my balls at Mistress’s command  before. It is set to a shock pattern that hurts and i’ve used it twice on my balls at Her command - once on level 6 and once on level 8.
This punishment was making me panic, i could feel my heart racing and my cheeks flushing. Level 12 *gulp*.
Well nothing to do but get on with it and better to get it done sooner rather than later so i started that night - once i’d got the kids to bed *blushes*. Yes i had the kids in the house so this was risky and i’d have to be careful and as quiet as possible. Oh dear.

i stripped naked, kneeled and put my collar on. i put the tens pads on my balls and connected the machine. It does 30 minute programs and then you have to restart it. A safety precaution i presume, lol. So the first 30 minutes comprised levels 1, 2 & 3 and were light work. A light prickling even at level 3, i even managed to get some housework  done*more blushing*. Next, reset the machine for the next 30 minute program for levels 4, 5 & 6.Levels 4 and 5 were quite mild just a mild tingling sensation through to level 6 which was getting more serious - some mild shocks that caused a few winces and squirms.

Now for the next 30 minutes. Now we are getting into serious territory. Levels 7, 8 & 9 are not to be trifled with. i know what you’re thinking: “but it goes up to level 30. What a wimp at only level 7/8/9!”. Well if you though that then i invite you to try it, my friend, just pop in to your friendly Lloyds Pharmacy for exactly the same model as i have. Anyway back to my punishment and i’ll just tell you about level 9. Well when that kicked in i cried out in pain! As soon as i’d done that i listened for movement. Had the kids heard? No sign of movement so that was a relief – at least until the next shock in the balls. Ten minutes of level 9 had me panting and gripping the bed, anything i could do to try to ride the pain until the ten minutes are over.

And so to the final 30 minutes. i’m not ashamed to say that these final 30 minutes and 3 levels scared the shit out of me. Level 9 had been bad enough but level 10 hit me like an express train – straight in the tenders. It’s when you reach these higher levels that you begin to appreciate the sheer sadism of this punishment. You have ten minutes of pain to get through, endure, experience – however you want to look at it. But as your time begins to come to an end the fear of the next level begins to add to the pain and discomfort. Because as the ten minutes ends you’re not going to be ending the pain. You’re ramping it up to the next level. For 10 more whole minutes.

So let’s skip to the business end – level 12. i was trying to video with my phone as level 11 came to an end to show me clicking the tens up to level 12. That in itself is difficult enough without level 11 kicking you in the nuts every few seconds. i really was beginning to feel close to screaming. As the timer ticked over from 11 to 10 minutes with a shaking hand i somehow managed to change the level to 12. It was bad. Worse than i had expected and i wheeze and puffed like a lady in labour. i was on my hands and knees at the start of level 12 so i could video the process. And then i changed position to lying/sitting on the bed. This was much worse. i think the pads must have made better contact or something – even though i did keep reapplying them if they came loose (i don’t think they’re really designed to go on balls). Whatever the reason this position on level 12 was a killer. I can’t really describe it in words  - you’ll have to watch the video. You’ll laugh. But please don’t be too unkind in your mirth, we all make mistakes and i think i’ve paid the price and hope that Mistress Cristal thinks so too.

So, dear Mistress Cristal, i humbly apologize for my mistake and hope that You are satisfied with how i have completed this task. i think i have learned from my error and will always strive to do better.
Your slave,"