Monday, 28 September 2015



Some of My fans and readers may have stumbled across the above profile on and may have seen My pictures there. To clear up any confusion; I confirm that this is NOT Me. This is a fake profile; created by somebody who has stolen My pictures.

I am currently in talks with the CEO of to get this person blocked from the site for abuse of copyright. 

For your information, the ONLY social media sites you will see My pictures on are Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, AdultWork, CassCams, NiteFlirt and Fetlife. If you see pictures on any other sites; then I can guarantee the profile is fake and has not been created by Myself. Furthermore; any photos I choose to share on social media are all watermarked to show that I retain ownership. Therefore; any use of My photographs without prior written consent from Myself is a BREACH OF COPYRIGHT and will be subject to legal proceedings. I want to make that absolutely clear - this is MY intellectual property and you may NOT use them, publish or republish them without My explicit permission. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the sub who pointed out this profile in the first place. Sadly, this is an ongoing issue and I am in the process of tracking down the perpetrator to take legal action against them.

I also remind all Dommes and camgirls of the important of ensuring you watermark any content you share. Don't fall victim to content thieves!

Custom Clip Request - Caged Slave Must Worship

Because you're a worthless little slug; I've locked away that little maggot you dare to call a "dick". It really is of no use to Me so it must remain caged. But you should at least be of some use to Me. After all; what is the point of your existence if you're not? 

Get to your knees and worship every single inch of My superior boots. This clip will demonstrate exactly what I expect from you. It will also demonstrate exactly what you can expect if you fail to please Me....

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Weapons of Ball Destruction

A very good slave has sent Me some new ball-kickers! Aren't they lovely? Sexy but oh so very destructive. Just imagine the damage I could do to those pathetic little bollocks! Why I'd have you falling like a house of cards!

But before I let you suffer; first you must polish them with your tongue. Yes, they might be shiny - but I'm sure you can make them sparkle. 

So here's a nice set of pictures for you - lots of pictures of My new "Weapons of Ball Destruction" - taken from many different angles - and showing you every inch of these sexy boots. I know you're already drooling....keep drooling as you click on the button!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Teased and milked..

Ah, there's nothing like a bit of Sunday afternoon teasing...especially when it involves a very frustrated and desperate Chastity sub! Yesterday, we spent about half an hour, experimenting with different techniques to ensure he's left even more frustrated - if that's possible of course! Finally we came up with the perfect combination - a vibrating butt plug AND the hitachi wand. This meant the vibrations were very intense - and had a lovely effect on his cock. Check out the videos below. It's rather like milking a cow....

Exposed Sissy becomes OWNED Sissy!

Exposed sissy is now OWNED sissy. Yes Cock-hungry Faggot is now a servant in My world!
But he won't be "servicing" Me. No, I'm on the wrong team. What this gay-boy wants is cock - and lots of it! He also wants she-males too! In fact he asked Me the other evening if I knew of any she-males who would happily fuck him! So if you're a chick with a dick - he's all yours - a nice bit of fresh meat for you.

I'll be putting him through his faggot paces in the next few weeks. He'll be learning what it truly means to be a submissive fag-boy. I have big plans for this little turd-burglar - and they involve him being on the business end of many, many cocks! I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

It says it all really...

To the knob-jockey who thought he was clever in stealing My pics to create a fake ass profile on; this is for you!

Adios fuckwit! 
May your dick succumb to putrid gangrene and your balls be gnawed away by rats!

The Superior Me.

Chastity Sub's Teasing Progress

Chastity sub appears to be making slow and steady progress with his latest tease & denial task. Remember; he had to fill the ENTIRE GLASS with his pre-cum BEFORE I let him out of chastity. Yes; it's a long process..but that's okay. The longer he takes; the more I will enjoy it!

Wednesday 16 September.

Thursday 17 September.

Friday 18 September

Monday, 14 September 2015

Exposed Sissy Faggot

Exposure Fetish is very much part of the Public Humiliation fetish; and it is exactly how it sounds. The sub in question gets excited at the thought of having his dirty little secrets exposed for the world to see. It's a kind of exhibitionism in a way, but with far more humiliating consequences.

Meet sissy faggot - aka Kevin Matthews. Kevin approached Me on Skype today; keen to explore exposure fetish. We chatted away while I lured him into a false sense of security - and then I went in for the kill. I demanded a series of VERY embarrassing photos as well as details of his kinkiest fantasy. Poor little Kevin was squirming away as tweeted them out to the world. But what kind of bitch would I be, if I didn't share them with My loyal readers? Of course; you want to witness his shame as well!

Oh and here's the bit where he confessed his fantasies to Me....I felt I should share this with you. I wonder if any bulls out there would like to make his fantasy come true? *evil grin*

Now many of those into exposure fetish; make the fatal mistake of assuming Mistress is only "playing". On the contrary. If you want to be exposed; you'd better make damn sure you're serious about it - because I am! The image below is testament to just how serious I am in My methods...

Now I shall also add that today; I was asked by somebody on twitter if they could pay Me to REMOVE their embarrassing pictures. In fact, they offered a pittance for Me to do so - £50. That amount is what I would wipe My Superior arse on. And I don't remove pictures. You pay Me NOT to post them! Oh, and make sure you're very persuasive in when you pay Me....or I might just get a wee bit clumsy with the old "tweet" button...

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Chastity Sub Must Endure!

Chastity sub is coming along nicely. He's more than learning that he has to do whatever it takes to keep his Mistress happy. And if that means enduring hours upon hours of teasing; then that is what he shall do.

After his last "release"; he has to serve another penance. His tasks is to constantly tease himself until the glass is full of pre-cum.

Now this is a standard-sized brandy glass. As you can see; he's not even half way yet. Yes it's going to take a VERY long time for him to fill the glass. But fill it he must! I will not be giving him any time off for good behaviour. He will remain caged until he has satisfied this sadistic desire.

Of course I have given him several methods by which to tease himself. This is just one of them. I'm sure you can get a true picture of how frustrated he is. I guarantee it will get much worse before it gets better. Who knows? Perhaps his Christmas present will be his orgasm....

Saturday, 12 September 2015

PVC & Breast Tease - A very kinky clip!

PVC AND My naked breasts? With My latest fetish clip; I'm really spoiling you! Check it out via My clips channel; via the link below:

Nylon Lover's Goody Bag

Like nylons? Fancy crawling your way up Mine? How about a sexy nylon fishnet body stocking? Yes pulled tight over My curvy ass. It stretches down My shapely legs and leaves very little to the imagination.
Speaking of imagination; you’re about to let yours go wild! With this sexy little photoset; see some private pictures of Me in My sexy bodystocking. I bet you’re drooling that the thought right now, aren’t you? Well, put those naughty thoughts into action. Click the button, purchase and stroke - you know you need it!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cam Time Update.

To say life has been rather stressful in the last fortnight is putting it mildly. This is what happens when your personal life has to be put first - your kinky life takes a back seat.

For the last couple of weeks; I've had a family member very ill and in fact has been in hospital. This family member is still very ill, and although he's now home; the nature of his condition means he should still be in hospital - yet due to NHS cutbacks he is having to suffer and wait for much-needed treatment.

This has unfortunately; has been reflected in My lack of camming time. I have had to nurse him as well as kick some NHS arse for their serious short-comings in his level of care. And as he's not at all well at the moment; he is My priority. As much as I love keeping you boys in line - I also have a private life. And sometimes that life has to receive 100% of My attention - this is one of those times.

But I am just as frustrated as you are that I am unable to appear on cam. In fact; I am DESPERATE to get back to normal. I actually miss you pathetic souls who brighten up My day.

At the moment; I am unable to give a definitive picture as to when I'm going to be available on webcam. But I will give a "hopeful" picture as and when circumstances permit. That said; present circumstances dictate that camming times are subject to change and at a moments notice. But where possible; I will let you all know.

As it stands at the moment; I will be back on webcam this coming Saturday. I will then be back to normal cam hours until 23 September - when I will not be available at all. This is when said family member has a surgical procedure to help his condition. I will have a clear picture of what is going to happen, afterwards.

I would like to thank My loyal subs/fans who have been very understanding at this difficult time. Your support has been greatly appreciated. And for those who have stomped their feet because they can't get their own way - might I suggest you kindly disappear up your own arse? I don't do brats.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Chastity Sub Pays His Dues.

Now that chastity sub has received his reward; it's time for him to go back to doing what he does best - pleasing Me! And he knows the only way he can truly please Me is by suffering for My amusement. And on Friday, that is exactly what happened.

Already aroused and practically bursting out of his chastity cage; he wasted no time in begging to be unlocked. Not for pleasure though. Pleasure wasn't even on the agenda during that session. He needed to make his twig and berries painful and sore - a delicious reminder of where he is in the pecking order.

It was time for him to pay his dues and to thank Me properly for allowing the opportunity to cum last week. So after the clamps, the tabasco sauce and of course the pin wheel; he received an old favourite of Mine - the nettle torture!

Armed with a good couple of  clumps he'd harvested the day before; I had him rip off a nice big handful of leaves to rub all over his balls. Next was another handful to rub all over his cock. He was nice and sore and itchy by the time he'd finished, and I immediately made him put his cage back on. I know he's going to be extremely uncomfortable for a few days because he can't scratch that insistent itch!

But My final trick for him was to make him put the rest of the nettles on his chair and sit in it. Next; he had to use his hitachi wand to tease his cock through his cage for an hour - making sure his pre-cum leaked into his brandy glass. I told him he was to send pictures for My review and a written report of how he got on:

Mistress as ordered attached are the pictures after my hour of torturous teasing. It was very torturous to endure. It was extremely painful sitting on the nettles for an hour and there was a mixture of the constant itching from the nettles I was sat on the heat from the tabasco and the stinging from the nettles on my cock and balls and the continuous fast vibrations from the wand making me feel the need to cum all the time. I now know that I will be feeling constant irritation on my ass, balls and caged cock. It felt like the most painful session I have suffered for your pleasure Mistress.

Perfect! And even more perfect is the fact that he's still locked up - and will remain so until I decide otherwise...

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cam Availability Update

Due to ongoing family problems, I will not be taking cam to cam bookings until next week. I will however be available throughout the weekend for one way cam, instant messenger and phone chat bookings as follows:



I anticipate everything returning to normal from WEDNESDAY of next week. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Chastity Sub Finally Gets His Reward

So after over a month of being in chastity, chastity sub finally got to cum on Monday. It would have been on Friday; but family emergencies got the in the way. Not that it matters - he waits for as long as I decide he must wait.

Of course he did have to earn his orgasm. Where is the fun in just giving him what he wants? Every slave has to earn their orgasm. It teaches them to appreciate it more. They take it for granted - and it's up to Me to educate their feeble little minds. If you want Me to take care of your needs - you take care of Mine first and foremost.

So after some much needed pain training to his cock, balls and nipples, it was time for him to be milked like a cow. He inserted his aneros and in no time at all; his little twig was twitching. Then he was made to press his hitachi wand to the aneros to increase the teasing until his toes were curling. Did I let him cum straight away? Of course not! I want him to feel the frustration of seeing something just within reach and yet oh so far away.

Now I had said he had to wait until his pre-cum had reached almost to the top of the brandy glass. However as is My prerogative; I changed My mind. Instead; I'd have him endure a pretty disgusting cocktail - cock being the operative word.

I watched him twitch and shake as he teetered on the very edge. Finally I began a very slow countdown. With each number; his frustration increased until he was begging for his pleasure. He was almost in tears he wanted it so bad. He would have crawled naked across the hottest desert if it meant he could cum. Now that is exactly how I wanted him - desperate and completely compliant. He has learned a very valuable lesson - good things come to those who wait.

So eventually; when I reached "one," I allowed him to cum - into the brandy glass of pre-cum. It was a very intense orgasm. I could see that. I thought he was going to faint under the intensity of it all. He squirted out the entire contents of his balls in an impressive 6 spurts - each spurt landing in the glass to float on the 4 centimetres of pre cum. Once he'd finally composed himself; he was made to lock up his little worm. He'll be locked up again for as long as I want. He doesn't know how long. I haven't told him - and I'm not going to tell him. I will enjoy the fun of dangling his pleasure like a carrot. See - men are easy to control - you just have to lead them around with their selfish needs. They all follow the direction of their aching balls.

But of course his orgasm wouldn't have been complete without him "cleaning" up his mess. Let's recap - a month's worth of pre-cum and now a month's worth of cum - all in one glass. He finished the lot. His face was screwed up in disgust and I was highly surprised he managed to keep it in his stomach, but he didn't fail. Well he doesn't at much choice - failure leads to more time in "lock up". But he finished his drink without complaint. Well...until this evening when he popped into Direct IM - he mentioned that his drink was "disgusting". And? His opinion doesn't matter. Besides. it's not half as fun if they actually like the taste....


Today I will not be offering webcam. This is because of ongoing family circumstances. I will be offering instant messenger and one way cam bookings this afternoon from about 1.30pm. This is of course subject to change - and I will aim to post on My website should such a change occur.

Apologies for any inconvenience.