Sunday, 29 December 2013

Taking Cam and Phone Bookings Sunday 29th December.

I will be taking Cam and Phone bookings today from 2pm until 5.30pm.

For cam bookings, we may interact via Skype or Yahoo. For Phone bookings, we may interact via Skype or land-line.

Prices of these sessions are below:

Cam to Cam without sound - £1 per min.
Cam to cam with sound - £1.30 per min.

Phone chat - £1 per min.
Phone and cam chat - £2 per min.

Minimum booking length for all sessions is 10 mins. Tribute for sessions to be made via Gift Certificate in advance.

If you wish to book a session today you may email Me at :

Cam Verification

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am always happy to verify on cam to those who require this. I too am aware that there are so many scammers out there, so I offer this service for buyer confidence.

HOWEVER, because there are some unscrupulous idiots out there, who ask for verification and then disappear into the great beyond, I must charge a small fee for this service, which can only be paid via Gift Certificate.

The fee for cam verification is £5.00 - not a huge amount. Once tribute has been received, then I am happy to appear on cam so you can see that I am real and genuine. But I will only appear on cam for a very short amount of time. If you require longer than that, then you will be expected to book a session with Me.

If you wish for Me to cam verify, you may email Me at the address below:

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ball-busting With A Twist!

Today I enjoyed a very amusing session with a big fat slave in tights. He approached Me via AdultWork DirectCam explaining his love of tights, how he was wearing them and how he had half a bag of ice with him - cue thoughts of Me giving him a very cold time indeed!

So after he joined Me in private chat, I saw that he had put laces around the top of his thighs to create what could only be described as a tourniquet in his tights. Proudly displaying the bag of ice, I instructed him to pour some of down the front of his tights, and the rest down the back. It was highly amusing to see him grimace as the ice encased his nuts!

Next he picked up a small, long bean bag, swinging it to and fro which gave Me the most wicked idea. I mean having him freeze his bollocks off is one thing - but having him freeze his bruised bollocks off is another! So, making him swing the bag with gusto, I had him repeatedly hit himself in his balls with the bean bag - each time hearing the satisfying thud and the yell of pain from him. With every impact, he was crouching lower and lower, clearly in agony, until he was left with no choice but to beg Me for mercy. It was pretty obvious he was suffering, leaving Me absolutely delighted of course!

Despite the temptation to make him suffer even more, I knew it wouldn't be long before he would reach his limit, so I instructed him to swing the bean bag one more time before I would grant him mercy. Sadly, he ran out of credits before the final impact, probably very much to his relief. Even so, I can imagine his blue balls now - blue for several reasons!

Purchase My Skype/Yahoo ID.

If you want to have an informal chat with Me via Yahoo and Skype IM then you are invited to purchase My ID's.

The price for My ID's is £5.00 - a small tribute for such privileged information. Payment MUST be via Amazon UK GC - I will not accept Paypal for this now or in the future.

You should send Gift Certificates to the email address below. You will be sent My ID's AFTER purchase.

Taking Cam & Phone Bookings Saturday 28 December.

I will be taking cam bookings via Skype and Yahoo from 2pm today. Prices for this are as follows:

One-way cam (your cam) - £1 per min.
Webcam only (no sound) - £1 per min.
Webcam with audio - £1.30 per min.

In addition I will also be taking phone chat bookings via Skype and Landline - the price for these sessions is£1.50 per min.

Tribute for all sessions is via Amazon UK Gift Certificate. Minimum booking length is 10 mins.

If you wish to book a session with Me today you may email Me at:

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Availability.

I will be available for webcam and phone chat bookings on the following days over the Christmas Period.

Saturday 21 December  - 2.30pm until 5pm.

Sunday 22 December - 2.30pm until 5.30pm.

Monday 23 December - 2.30pm - until 5pm.

Tuesday 24 December 2.30pm until 5pm (PHONE CHAT BOOKINGS ONLY!)

Friday 27th December - 2.30pm until 5.30pm. (PHONE CHAT BOOKINGS ONLY!)

Saturday 28th December - 2.30pm until 5.30pm

Sunday 29th December - 2.30pm until 5.30pm.

Monday 30th December - 2.30pm until 5.30pm.

Normal service resumes from Thursday 2 January 2014.

To book a session contact Me via Email

Monday, 16 December 2013

Taking Cam & Phone Bookings Monday 16 December.

I will be available for Webcam and Phone Chat bookings via Skype and Yahoo today from 2.30pm until 5pm.

Details of these session prices are below:

Webcam WITHOUT audio - £1 per min
Webcam WITH audio - £1.30 per min.
Phone Chat via Skype/Landline - £1.50 per min.

The minimum booking length for all sessions is 10 minutes. Tribute to be paid via Amazon UK Gift Card in ADVANCE of the session.

To book a session with Me today, email Me at :

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Professor Profile Has Landed!

Last night I was very proud to be present for the launch of Professor Profile, cracking open a bottle of bubbly the moment the site went live. (Thank you to Loyal Worshipper for the champagne - I can honestly say it was well received!)

Who is Professor Profile you might ask. Well not only is he a close friend of Mine, but also a VERY talented Digital Designer. He is the man behind the gorgeous banner at the top of My website and the man who designed My fabulous Niteflirt Profile.

Professor Profile offers very low cost Niteflirt templates to really make your Niteflirt profile sparkle! All pre-designed templates are offered at £15. He can add buttons, text, different colours - whatever you desire and even upload it to your Niteflirt profile for you! What's more, he is extremely discreet so your confidentiality is assured.

You could also take advantage of his bespoke profile design service, starting from as little as £60. With a bespoke profile, you can have whatever you want - buttons, text, colours, images - the sky is the limit! The design will be completely to your requirements to make it the best for your business.

So do check him out - I give him My seal of approval, so you know you are getting a good service from him - and I don't recommend just ANYBODY. As many of you will know; I am VERY picky when it comes to these things!

Check out the template examples below and for more info and templates, do feel free to visit

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Guidelines For Serving Me.

Ok, let's get a few things straight here. Clearly some of you are thinking with your dicks instead of your brains, so I will make this absolutely clear for you:

  • You may ONLY serve Me via Email, Phone and Webcam. NO I will not meet you, no matter what ridiculous and pie-in-the-sky amount of money you offer Me.

  • If you wish to serve Me, you will RESPECTFULLY email Me at I am not in the least bit interested in your cock, so don't bother attaching any photos of it - it just sickens Me. Emails containing the words "I'm a well hung guy..." will go straight into the trash.

  • I am not "babe" "bb" "honey" or "sexy." I am MISTRESS - and that is how you will address Me - nothing else.

  • Tribute is ALWAYS REQUIRED for My time. If you aren't prepared to pay for My time then move along because you are of zero use to Me.

  • I will only add you on Skype/Yahoo once you have paid the appropriate tribute of £5. No pay = no add. Period.

  • If you choose to serve Me via Adultwork DirectCam I will NOT stand up, turn around or anything else in free chat. I will NOT add your cam in free chat. I will NOT speak explicitly about your fantasy. If you aren't prepared to enter private or group chat; the message is simple - GO AWAY.

  • Statements like "Mistress I will dedicate My twitter to you," or "Mistress I will help you with your website" etc will be ignored.

  • When serving ME, you don't come into the equation. It is about serving ME and only ME.

  • Always ensure you check out My Kinks and Limits before contacting Me otherwise you run the risk of annoying Me.

  • I don't give out freebies - not now - NOT EVER! 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Professor Profile Launch - Only 4 Days To Go!

Professor Profile officially launches this coming Saturday at 8pm! (UK time)

Find out who he is and what he can do via the link below!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Professor Profile Is Coming!

Who is Professor Profile? What can he do for YOU?

Find out Saturday 14 December at 8pm!

Slave Slut The Christmas Fairy!

Slave slut has truly risen to the task of dressing as a Christmas Fairy - you can see who cute he looks below!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela

I am saddened beyond belief to hear of the passing of Nelson Mandela. I always had a huge amount of respect for this man. He truly was remarkable, and despite all he went through in his life, he managed to shape an entire political generation peacefully. The world has lost a true hero. RIP.

Another Generous Slave!

Here slave slut is publicly recognised for his generous gift of this gorgeous corset - I will be wearing this an an up-coming event, which I'm very much looking forward to!

Slave Pleases Mistress!

And here I publicly recognise Loyal Worshipper for his recent generosity in purchasing a bottle of Champagne and a gorgeous real leather coat from My wishlist.

This slave has pleased Mistress well and I look forward to him pleasing Me even more in the future.

You too can please Mistress by treating Me to a gift from My wishlist, via the link below. If you are generous like Loyal Worshipper, you will also find yourself publicly recognised here, along with a picture of your gift!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


It may be fast heading towards Christmas, but that doesn't mean you are at liberty to help yourselves in the trouser department. As you know, playing with your little needle-dick is a privilege NOT a right. And if you want that privilege, you must first seek permission.

To that end, "Wank Tax" is in operation. This means for each and every non-permitted wank, you will be taxed. It doesn't matter whether your cum or not - you will still pay your dues.

So, if you've been fiddling, playing pocket billiards or otherwise indulging in a spot of self-abuse; it is time to pay up - £5 per wank.

Pay up today via Amazon UK GC to the email address below and LEAVE YOURSELF ALONE NEXT TIME!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Sunday, 1 December 2013

SPH Gallery - So Who's A VERY Little Boy Then?

Throughout November, I asked all the "little boys" out there to send in pictures of their maggot dicks for posting on My website. As you can see from the images below, many were very enthusiastic about this task. But which one is the smallest?