Sunday, 24 September 2017

Lapdance for the "Girlfriend"....

Over the last week; I have certainly seen love blossoming for Chastity Sub and his new "girlfriend", Sammy. In fact; Sammy was away from twitter for a few days, and I can't begin to describe how much chastity sub missed her. Poor little slut! I almost felt sorry for her. But absence does make the heart grow founder, so you can imagine how pleased poor Chastity Sub when Sammy finally returned.

The return was met with Chastity Sub practically throwing himself on to Sammy (in the virtual sense of course!) and devouring him with kisses. It was so sweet to see love's young dream reunited and even better to watch the erotic flirting which soon ensued. I think craving has been mutual, especially since I had Chastity Sub film a special little surprise for Sammy.

Here's Chastity Sub showing Sammy how he would be a good little slut and give him a lap dance. Enjoy!

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