Saturday, 16 September 2017

Chastity Sub has a "girlfriend"...

So lately; I've been noticing that Chastity Sub has been shamelessly flirting with an owned sub on twitter. Horny Kink aka Sammy is the pet of Mistress Anniddea and it would seem both he and Chastity Sub have taken quite a shine to each other.

With repeated compliments of "oh I'd love to suck your dick Sammy" and "oh come over here for a cuddle, CS"; I couldn't resist the opportunity to have Chastity Sub "perform" in a very special set of clips just for Sammy's enjoyment...and of course the enjoyment of Mistress Anniddea.

I must admit; seeing these clips for the first time had Me in stitches. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at the sweet pleadings from a bimbo slut, begging to suck the cock of her "girlfriend." I'm pretty sure you will enjoy them too!

In the first clip; we see Chastity Sub on his knees with his favourite blow up doll. Normally; the doll is called "Vincent" but today; I allowed him to name it "Sammy" for entertainment purposes...

As you can see; Chastity Sub is obedient on his knees; and doing his favourite past-time - sucking cock. I'm sure you will agree; his sweet whispers to Sammy are very endearing!  Here's more of his performance...

I'm pleased to say that Sammy very much enjoyed seeing how Chastity Sub would please him and Mistress Anniddea had a good laugh too! I'm sure you'll agree that Chastity Sub is turning into quite the good little sissy cock sucker! 

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