Friday, 1 September 2017


I've been doing some redecorating. And now just the house. I've been re-arranging your wardrobe too. Every single pair of your boxer shorts has been moved to My underwear drawer. Why? Because I'll be wearing them from now on. But what will you be wearing? Well that's easy. My panties. You'll also be wearing My tights, My dresses, My heels. Do you see what's happening here? That's right - you're going to be My pretty little slut. You're going to behave like a good little sissy girl. Well; you were hardly the man of the house in the first place. So embracing your feminine side should come easy to you. You should be grateful - I'm giving you the opportunity to be who you really are. In fact you can show your gratitude - by kissing My feet and sucking your cum out of My panties!


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