Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sending An Unsolicited Dick Pic? READ THIS FIRST!

As much as I love My job, and believe Me I do, there are always some downsides to it. Well maybe not so much as a "downside", more like a fucking annoyance. What am I talking about? I'm talking about those pesky unsolicited dick pics.

Unfortunately; working in the sex industry and receiving unsolicited dick pics tend to go hand in hand. They are annoying, they are disrespectful and they are downright offensive. Just this morning; I logged on to twitter and checked My Direct Messages to find some oik had deluded himself into thinking I would actually like to see what can only be described as a stillborn baby rat. It wasn't pretty and indeed, no dick pic ever is.

The fact is; it takes a very insecure man to actually believe we want to see a picture of his dick. We don't. Trust Me on that. The male penis has NEVER been attractive and nothing will ever change that. It's even less attractive when it's right there, in your inbox, and you didn't even ask for it. Listen up boys; we are NOT interested in your dick. Only you think it's attractive - we don't.

But is it really just a harmless annoyance or is it something far more serious?

In these trouble times of sexual harassment cases being in the public eye on a daily basis; one has to question the sanity of these boys. We have Hollywood Directors, actors and even politicians being called out for "unwanted sexual behaviour" against others and of course the media are whipping up the entire world into a hysterical frenzy. Harvey Weinstein; once a highly respected Hollywood Director is now known as the King of Hollywood pervs, while Theresa May's cabinet seems to be a revolving door of perverted deviants who have seemingly abused their power. Even wolf-whistling is considered to be sexual harassment these days. Granted; no actual charges have been brought against any of these perpetrators, but tell that to those who are now seeing their careers in tatters.

So why should you think twice about sending that dick pic? Well aside from the obvious fact that it's NOT going to have women beating a path to your door; you could actually find yourself in serious trouble for doing so.

It goes without saying that sending sexually explicit pictures to anybody under the age of 18 could not only lead to you spending some time at Her Majesty's Pleasure, but will likely lead to you being placed on the sex offenders register. Of course, one would hope that most men would be sensible and double check that the recipient is indeed over 18 (they shouldn't be working in the sex industry if they are not), but what about if the sender is under 18? And yes it can and does happen.

If you send a sexually explicit picture of yourself when you are under 18, you are not only distributing child pornography but you're also making child pornography. Such an offence can lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison. Is it really worth taking the risk?

But sending unsolicited dick pics to an adult is fine, right? Nope. It isn't. Under the Malicious Communications Act, if the image sent was designed to cause offence, distress or upset; you could end up with a criminal conviction. Such offences could lead to a sentence anywhere from a fine up to and including 6 months in custody. And then of course there's the fact that you have a criminal conviction and will likely be placed on the sex offenders register.

What's the result of this? Well having to disclose this to potential employers, the shame of everybody knowing that you like to send pictures of you wingwang to online strangers, the involvement of social services if you have children, possibly losing your job and in fact your entire career if you work with children and vulnerable people. Oh and don't forget; you can be denied entry to some countries because of your conviction. So that simple "harmless dick pic" could proper fuck up your holiday plans.

Is it really harmless to send a dick pic to somebody you don't know? Forget that this person works in the sex industry. It takes one person to send it and one person to find it offensive to the point of reporting you to the authorities. It takes laziness and/or ignorance on your part for that unsolicited dick pic to wind up in the hands of a minor. It takes moment of vanity or indeed stupidity to ruin the rest of your life.

Still think it's right to send that pic?

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