Saturday, 25 November 2017

Be Like Chastity Sub

Poor Chastity Sub.

In just over a month's time; he will have been in chastity for a whole year. No time off for good behaviour. No reprieve. 100% locked up with zero opportunity to have his much-needed sexual release.

In that year; I have teased him relentlessly. He's had to repeatedly enjoy his love doll "Vincent"; by sucking on Vincent's cock and taking Vincent's cock up his ass. How humiliating to know that a blow up doll gets more pleasure them him! 

He's had to squirm in humiliation as I've had him create numerous videos to show how pathetic he is. Twerking; Slut Date and of course an extra special video for his "boyfriend", Sammy. 

When he's not stuffing his ass or his mouth with rubber cocks; he's teasing himself relentlessly. Sometimes with gay or shemale porn (he's not allowed to watch straight porn any more), sometimes with his own imagination. But always with three forms of vibration - a vibrating butt plug, a vibrating cock ring, and a vibrating wand.

Yes it's enough to drive anybody crazy with frustration. He's admitted that he's gone close to cumming several times throughout his chastity. But he knows what will happen if he does. If he gets over-excited; he has to do the WHOLE YEAR over again. That's almost 2 years in chastity. If he isn't climbing the walls now; he will be after 2 years of being locked.

Yet Chastity Sub has never once complained about being locked. Yes he's extremely frustrated and constantly on edge. The need to cum consumes his entire life. It's all he thinks about and My relentless teasing does little to ease his frustration. But not once has he whined about it. Not once has he begged for his release. 

It's because he knows better. He knows that any begging will be ignored. He knows that I get great pleasure from keeping him locked and frustrated. He knows that My rules are to be obeyed. My desires are to be attended to and My commands are not open for negotiation.

Chastity Sub truly is a credit to Me. He is the most obedient, devoted and well-behaved slave I have ever encountered in My 16 years in the scene. He is meek, passive, and completely docile. I taunt and I embarrass him on a daily basis. I constantly wave his desired orgasm in front of his face, like a carrot. I enjoy giving him the false hope that tomorrow I'll let him cum. Yet when I change My mind; he never complains. He just accepts that it is My will to keep him locked for as long as I desire.

This is exactly how a true submissive should behave. Never thinking of themselves. Never thinking of their own desires. Always thinking of Mistress.

He will often ask if there is anything he can do to please and serve Me, in order to make My life more wonderful. It could be something as simple as promoting My website, promoting My clips, inviting embarrassing questions about himself and his sex life. Nothing is too much trouble for him. All he cares about is ensuring he keeps his Mistress happy.

Slaves like Chastity Sub are a rare breed. He is loyal to the last and will always put My wishes and desires first. He is indeed the perfect example of a true submissive; and an example boys should aspire to be - obedient, loyal, honest, selfless and completely devoted. It is a wonderful relationship and for that reason; Chastity Sub always has a special place in My heart. 

But will he get that orgasm before the year is out? Only time will tell....

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