Sunday, 5 November 2017


It's quite simple.

To receive My attention; you have to prove yourself useful. You have to please Me. You have to work hard to please Me. My attention is priceless. Weak and pathetic males barely deserve it. Unless you can prove yourself useful and EARN My attention; you are NOTHING to Me. In fact; if you fail to please Me, I can simply click My fingers and you'll vanish. I will forget you ever existed.

So because you're still not working hard enough; in this clip, you only get to see My feet. And you don't get to see My bare feet. You get to see them in stockings. I know you probably wanted to see My legs; and the way the stocking tops hug My curvy thighs. You probably wanted to see My face too, so you can drool over how beautiful I am.

But you're not worth of it. So until you work HARD and keep working hard to show you do deserve it; this is all you get. Want more? EARN IT!


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