Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dispelling the myths about Online Domination.

It is a common misconception among the ignorant that Online Domination is not really BDSM and that those who offer it; are not really Dominatrices. 

The fact is; Online Domination is just as popular as real-time Domination and in many respects; is often much more intense.

The major difference between real time and online is that there is far more psychology involved. "Setting the scene" in person is far easier than it is when you set the scene at a distance. In addition; you're not physically there to ensure slave obeys; so it goes without saying that it takes a greater amount of control to ensure your slave fulfils every single command you give. 

What you have to remember is that Online Dommes do not allow any perceived limitations to become obstacles in their control on their slaves. Rather; they go around them to ensure both Domme and slave receives the best possible experience. This takes a lot of thought on the part of the Domme. She is verbally painting pictures of a BDSM scenario to really allow slave to put his head into the scene and the mindset She expects. It takes a very creative and knowledgeable person to be able to do that; in order to make it as close to the real thing as possible.

And then there's the issue of safety; especially ensuring the safety of slave. In a real-time situation, a Domme can quickly halt any proceedings to ensure slave does not suffer any injury or long-term negative effects of any BDSM practice. That responsibility is much larger when in an online position; because She doesn't have the luxury of being able to do that. Indeed; aftercare after an online session is just as important as it is during a real-time session; more so in many cases. Domme has to rely on slave to ensure he follows Her instructions in order to remain within the realms of safe, sane play. It also means that Domme absolutely has to be fully aware of any potential risks encountered throughout various BDSM practises and have measure in place to ensure slave is not exposed to those risks.

So why does online domination receive such a bad reputation from those who don't really know anything about it?

Indeed; it could be argued that it's not as good as the real thing. Arguably, more control is seized in a real-time scenario. But the fact that it's purely online based does not make it any less tangible. A good online Dominatrix has the ability to make the session seem as though She is really in the room with the slave. She does this not by just sitting there on a webcam and barking orders at Her submissive; but by fully interacting with him and ensuring he plays a very active part in the session. It's all too easy to sit there and say "right slave; this is what I would do if I was there..." Yes; you could do that. But slave is easily going to get bored. It is also commonly known that men are rather more visual then they are imaginative. In terms of porn; men like it to be blunt and to the point; no kissy-kissy romance. They like it dirty and they like it with no holes barred, and they like it in their face. A good Domme knows and demonstrates this.

"Online Domination is not REAL Domination - so why should I have to pay for it?"

Let's put it into a clear perspective here. As I've mentioned above; a good Online Dominatrix will be seriously clued up on safe, sane practices. Whether it be a real-time or online setting; you are still putting your trust in Her 100%. You are also giving up 100% control to Her. When you enjoy an online session with Her; you're not just talking to Her on webcam. You're enjoying years of knowledge and expertise. She is a specialist in the art of BDSM; having spent years learning & researching it. She will often know far more about it than you do; which is why She has the ability to take full control. And She will also be teaching you a few things about not only the BDSM scene, but about yourself along the way. Yes; you could probably go into a chat room and chat to somebody for free about it. But I guarantee; you won't get the same experience and knowledge as you would from actually having a session with a Professional Dominatrix. BDSM is Her career. She's selling a service. And as all good sales-people know; if you're going to sell something; you have to know your product inside and out. If you don't have seller-confidence; how are you ever going to achieve buyer-confidence?

So of course if you're seeking the services of a Professional Online Dominatrix, is perfectly right to expect to pay Her for Her time. She is an expert at what She does. The fact that it's kink shouldn't make a blind bit of difference. Like any other expert; She's offering a service.

In My personal & professional opinion; the bad press which sometimes surrounds Online Domination is brought on by a combination of lack of knowledge both on the part of the submissive and the "Domme" who has not learned Her trade. There are many girls out there who portray themselves as an online "Femdom". You approach them; pay your money and receive absolutely NOTHING to do with the BDSM/Fetish scene. Instead; what you receive is some nasty little brat calling you every name under the sun; while she demands you pay her more money. Of course such an experience is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth and put you off the whole thing.

But keep and open mind. There are many Online Dommes who ARE the genuine article yet don't offer real-time sessions for a variety of different reasons. Those reasons are not limited to them being "fakes". It could be that they are in the same position as Myself - they are in a romantic D/s relationship and therefore are not prepared to take on any real-time slaves unless and until that situation changes. Or perhaps its a safety issue. Or maybe they simply don't have the space to offer real-time. In short; it's down to personal choice - horses for courses. And those choices should be respected; not dismissed out of ignorance.

The truth is; if you've never tried Online Domination before, you truly don't know what you're missing! 

Monday, 27 June 2016

The dreaded "wasabi treatment".....

Ah, the moment chastity sub had long since been dreading. It was time to move his suffering up a few notches. Enter the "wasabi treatment"!

"When Mistress Cristal instructed me to purchase wasabi paste to be used in the next session I was to have with Mistress it immediately filled me with a feeling of deep anticipation and dread. Mistress has ordered me to use hot English mustard and hot Tabasco before on Her cock and balls and nipples and I have experienced and suffered the heat they generate. However wasabi has a reputation of being very hot to touch on skin so the knowledge that I would be experiencing this gave a deep feeling of dread and anticipation. I know that I am fully owned by Mistress Cristal and that I have no choice in what is done to me or my body as it is Mistresses to do with as she desires. I also know that any thought I have on anything is of no concern to Mistress as what is important is what Mistress desires or chooses.

When I went into the supermarket I was full of anticipation and when I picked up the wasabi all I could think of was how hot it would feel on me when used. It was 2 weeks after purchasing the paste that I had a session with Mistress. In those 2 weeks I was always conscious that the paste was there waiting to be used and was in dread of the feeling of it. All that time knowing I had no choice in how it was used as it was all Mistress Cristals choice. I could see the wasabi every day reminding me of what I was due to experience.

On the day of the session I had everything prepared and ready for Mistress Cristal to use in any way she chose. I was in complete trepidation and dread and fear of what was to come and excited in the knowledge that as I am the property of Mistress Cristal that I had to fully submit with no choice or concern of my thoughts.

The session was over an hour of suffering cock, ball and nipple torture for Mistresses amusement and pleasure. Throughout all the suffering I knew there was more to experience and I was in dread that it was going to be worse than I have ever experienced before. When Mistress instructed me to spread a generous amount of the wasabi paste onto a plate I was in complete dread and trepidation in fear it was going to be the worst heat I have ever been made to experience for Mistresses pleasure and amusement.

When Mistress Cristal instructed me to paint the wasabi paste with an artist paint brush generously over Her balls I knew I had no choice but to obey. Before hand the balls had already been made sore and very tender from the session. During the session I had them spanked hard with a wooden spoon before having 2 industrial clamps applied biting in hard and painfully. With the clamps attached I had been forced to do a minutes marching, a minutes jogging on the spot, 20 squats, 20 lunges with the left leg and 20 lunges with the right leg, can can for a minute and a minutes pogo jumping. Throughout all this the pain of the clamps bouncing around tugging hard on the skin of my balls was very hard and got worse with each second. After this I had a pin wheel run deep around the skin next to were the clamps were biting in which was a strong pain going right through me making me shake hard. After this the balls had been further softened by having hot wax dripped on them which as it hit areas were the clamps had bitten in and where the pins had dug in deep really stung hard. Once the wax was hardened every spot of it was removed by whipping hard with a leather belt. Before the paste was even applied my balls were really tender and sore. The heat from the wasabi as the brush touched my balls was like the flame from the candle being applied directly to them. The heat got worse and worse as my balls were fully coated in a thick layer of wasabi paste. They felt like they were on a hot plate with the heat gradually getting hotter and hotter bringing more tears to my eyes all the time.

I was then instructed to paint the paste onto my nipples. During the session they had also been made sore and tender by having clover clamps applied with 16 ounces of weights added to hang off them tugging them down hard before doing the exercises as above. As the exercising had intensified the swinging of the weights on the clamps had gotten worse making the clamps bite harder and tug sharper on my nipples. As the weights bounced up there was a moment of release of tension of the clamps on the nipples immediately followed by gravity forcing the weights back down increasing the pain of the biting of the clamps more and more. Do to the sweating from the exercise, pain and humidity the clamps slipped from the nipples which made them tug down hard on the nipples causing more pain than when they were put on. When I was allowed to remove the industrial clamps from my balls I had to place them on my nipples and as they were already so sore and tender from the weighted clover clamps the pain was tremendous. After Mistress gave me permission to remove the clamps the pin wheel was run over the nipples deep which was incredibly sharp and painful. As my nipples were already so tender and in pain I was in dread of the heat from the wasabi paste. As it was painted on thickly the heat also felt like a naked flame on them getting hotter and hotter and made me shake and sweat a lot more.

The heat from the wasabi paste coated on my balls and nipples was far worse than I had suffered from hot mustard and hot Tabasco and seemed to keep getting hotter and hotter with each second bringing more sweat and tears to my eyes. I had no choice but to endure it for as long as Mistress decided for her pleasure and amusement. My pain and suffering and discomfort was of no concern to Mistress as it is Her pleasure that is the principal goal.

I then had the vibrating butt plug inserted and put on its most intense setting. There was some pleasure felt from the vibrations but this was overwhelmed by the heat.

During the 2 weeks I had the wasabi I had been instructed by Mistress to undertake 2 hours tease and denial every day collecting my pre cum in a brandy glass with an extra 5 hour tease and denial the day before the session. Mistress made me take the full content of the glass into my mouth and keep it there until She said otherwise. It felt humiliating having a mouth full of pre cum being made to taste it for as long as Mistress wanted.

Mistress then gave me permission to wank but only by wrapping coarse sandpaper around Her cock and using that. It was a strange mixture of pain and discomfort from the heat burning my balls and nipples and the sandpaper rubbing my already tortured and tender cock mixed with pleasure from wanking after being on edge for 2 weeks solid and from the vibrating butt plug and shame and humiliation from having a mouthful of pre cum and tasting it all the time. After some hard begging Mistress was very kind to allow me to cum in the glass. I felt great pleasure from cumming which was immediately replaced with a reminder of how hot the wasabi was burning. Mistress then allowed me to swallow all the pre cum and then drink the full content of the glass followed by the humiliation of having to scoop every last part of the cum out with my fingers and lick them clean and swallow it all like I was hungry and thirsty for every last drop of cum like a cum hungry slut.

After the session I also had the humiliation of Mistress informing the whole world of my suffering and showing them pictures of my hot wasabi covered balls and nipples.

It was a relief to have permission after this from Mistress to remove the hot wasabi and apply cucumber to help cool my balls and nipples. It was the hottest they have ever been and the heat lasted for hours . Mistress also filled me with further dread by saying this appeared to be her weapon of choice now knowing how hot it actually is. I know as Mistress Cristal pet and property what is most important is Her pleasure and there is no concern for my thoughts on anything or my suffering in achieving this."

And since then; chastity sub has acquired another "instrument of torture"....keep your eyes peeled for what THAT might be....

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Many boys want to know about the conditions in place for serving Me and the rules are really very simple.

  1. You MUST be aged 21 or over.
  2. You MUST NOT be owned or under consideration.
  3. You MUST be prepared to commit to at least 2 webcam sessions per month or 3 email assignments per month.
  4. You MUST be GENUINELY SUBMISSIVE - right from your application I will be able to tell if you are not.
  5. You MUST understand that My services are not free. Fee is always expected.
  6. You MUST NOT dictate the terms of your servitude. While I will respect your limits; I will not bend My rules to suit you.
  7. You MUST understand that serving Me is about Me. Your wants and needs do not even enter into the equation.
  8. You MUST understand that orgasm/relief is NOT GUARANTEED. Only I have the power to decide if and when you may cum. I will only decide if I feel you have done enough to earn it.
  9. You MUST understand the difference between "fees" and "tributes." Fees are what you pay for a session. Tributes are gifts given freely without expectation and obligation.
  10. You MUST have at least a basic knowledge of BDSM. If you don't then you will be expected to read and learn BEFORE you approach. While I will happily train those who a new to the scene; I will not train those who are ignorant to it.
  11. You MUST be honest about your likes and dislikes. I am not psychic and I expect you to be forthcoming with the truth.
  12. You MUST be prepared to surrender control to Me 100%. If you have any shadow of doubt in your mind; then you should not approach. Submission is either given or it isn't.
  13. You MUST NOT assume that you will become My property overnight. It takes a lot of hard-work, dedication, loyalty and servitude to reach that honour. Some will never achieve it. Only the most obedient and dedicated; will.
These rules cannot be clearer and the onus is on you to read and understand them. I do not take ignorance as an excuse. If you haven't done your homework from day one; that tells Me that you are not serious enough about serving and will not last the distance. Remember; I take QUALITY above quantity. And to be taken seriously; your application must reflect that you have the quantities I seek in a slave. 

Frustrated "Bingo" Player & Dildo Rodeo..

I absolutely love cam days that are filled with variety. That's the nature of the game - some days you have about 10 sessions of jerk off instruction and some days you have sessions which cover every kind of session imaginable. Those are My favourite days and today was one of them.

The day kicked off with a lovely game of Wank Bingo with a slave. He'd already come once today and felt he needed "punishment" for doing so. It's too easy to tell him he's not allowed to cum. Instead I much prefer to tease him into a frenzy and leave him frustrated. And Wank Bingo is the ULTIMATE game of tease, denial, edging and frustration. I've know boys sob like a big girl when playing; and I always get a thrill from that.

10 bingo calls of numbers between 1 and 25. I count out the numbers generated by My random number generator. But it's the SPEED at which I count which provides the real frustration. I might count very very slowly. Or I might count very very quickly. The pace at which I count is the pace at which you wank. Sometimes I'll start off slowly and speed up. Sometimes I'll start off quickly and slow down. I particularly like it when I get a low number - like say 3 for example - that's three little pumps of your hand - very mean of Mistress.

Today's first game of Wank Bingo left the sub very frustrated. By the time we reached the tenth call; he was on his knees and begging for his release. Would he get it? Only if he came within 14 fast pumps. He didn't. So he went without.

An hour later; he was back again - this time his frustration had gone up a notch. Who am I not take advantage of the situation? So off we went on another round of Wank Bingo - this time I varied the speed greatly just to add to his desperation. 10 calls were made and with each call; the closer and closer to the edge sub got. Last call was 23 - 23 pumps of his cock to cum. Poor boy. 23 obviously wasn't enough for him - he was left feeling extremely frustrated again...I wonder how long it will be before he comes back for a third attempt? Glutton for punishment much?

Second fun session was with a dildo whore who wanted to show Me how much he loves to ride his rubber cock. The dildo provided was pretty impressive - almost the same size as My biggest strap on (10 inches) and after watching him gag and choke on the monster; I made him lube himself up and ram it up his hungry fuck-hole. It's so amusing to watch a man-whore ride a dildo for My entertainment. And he was riding it like a fat lass at a gymkhana. He couldn't get enough; bouncing up and down on that rubber dick while I told him how much of a faggot slut he was. That's when the truth came out. It's no secret that when boys are turned on enough; they'll often let slip their dark secrets.

"I wish it was a real cock Miss;" came his guttural confession. BINGO! Now we know what he really likes. He's not interested in rubber cocks really. He wants the real thing! And as I took him through a kinky fantasy of being gang-banged in a gay club; he rode his dildo faster and faster until he exploded in pleasure. I didn't need to instruct him to eat his mess. He was more than happy to do so. Well he has already admitted how much he loves cock. So loving cum as well goes with the territory....

I have no doubt that he'll act on his faggot fantasies. In fact; I'll make sure he does. Next time he comes to see Me; I'm giving him some homework. He's going to go out cruising for cock; since he wants the real thing so badly. And yes; he will be providing photographic and video evidence. Such an opportunity to humiliate him further is just too good to resist! 

Your sissy life awaits you...

There's a good sissy. Now you just hold still while Mistress turns you into a very pretty girl. By the time I've finished with you; all the boys will want you. They'll all be hard and standing to attention as you show of your girly charms. I guarantee that they will all want to fuck you. All those times you've dreamed about taking as much cock as you can eat! Well that fantasy of yours is about to become reality. There will be no shortage of cock for you. You'll soon get used to having your holes plugged with thick, hard cock-meat. And once I've caged you; you'll no longer be concerned with your own little sissy-cock. You don't need it any more. Girls don't have cocks. They have nice willing holes in which to receive cock. Sissy girls like you spend most of their time on their knees; sucking on cock and taking it up their sweet little pussies. They become addicted to the taste and feel of cum being pumped inside them. This is the life that awaits you. I'll get you so addicted; you'll be more than happy to whore yourself out for My gain. It's a win-win situation. You get to spend the rest of your life as a cock-holster and I get to exploit your sissy ass for My own financial gain! It's that just perfect? Aren't you a lucky little sissy bitch to be given this wonderful opportunity?