Thursday, 9 June 2016

An intense torture session with Chastity Sub.

Generally speaking; Chastity Sub reports to Me every Friday afternoon for some harsh CBT and nipple torture so he can show Me how much he enjoys suffering for My amusement. This week however, he reported for his weekly suffering a day early and that feeling is rather like getting an early birthday present - it's a nice surprise and you can't wait to open it!

Now Chastity Sub can take A LOT of torture. He is a very resilient slave who enjoys having his pain threshold pushed over and over again. I certainly don't go easy on him. And I especially don't go easy on him if he appears before Me with a flaccid cock. He knows how I feel about that. He also knows that his cock belongs to Me and because it belongs to Me; it will always stand to attention. If I see it shrinking; it is forced to stand to attention by any painful means necessary. So I like to ensure it behaves itself in this manner by commanding him to repeatedly slap it hard with the back of a wooden spoon. This treatment is just limited to his cock either. The helmet and indeed his balls all get the same harsh treatment to ensure they remember who they belong to.

I also like to start off our sessions rather tame and work up in intensity to drive him into a frenzy. Throughout the session; I will ask him to give Me a pain rating which at the moment can be anywhere between 1 and 300. Obviously; the higher the rating, the more pain he is experiencing. He started off with a rating of 8 - which is simply not good enough for My standards. So to ensure the rating started on a solid incline; I had him attach two of these bad boys to his ball bag...

These clamps are not for the faint-hearted. They are heavy and they pinch - a lot. They bite into the skin nicely and have been known to pierce the skin on a few of our sessions. Those are the sessions when I have him rub vinegar or even salt into the wounds..literally.

But today I decided to increase the intensity of these clamps by having him also attach 16 bulldog clips to his balls. A further 4 bulldog clips were attached to his foreskin and string was threaded through. And to ensure his cock remembered it's place; he was instructed to tug on the string to stretch his foreskin (and make the clips bite in harder) while he whipped the shaft of his cock hard with a folded up leather belt. Half-way through his 2 minutes of whipping; he was already beginning to shake in agony and I was left in no doubt that the pain rating would continue to climb.

Once the whipping was complete; I allowed him to remove the bulldog clips from around his foreskin before having him adopt "Position 2"; for some much-needed exercise:

His weekly exercise regime does vary but this week it included the following:

Marching briskly on the spot - 1 minute.
Jogging on the spot - 1 minute.
15 lunges - right leg
15 lunges - left leg
20 squats.
And perhaps the most cruel of all..
Pogo jumping - 1 minute

Easy you may think? Well not really. For one thing; Chastity Sub is not the fittest of slaves and secondly; aerobic exercise whilst wearing heavy and biting clamps on his balls is NOT easy. This was especially evident when he was doing his pogo jumping - an exercise he dreads. His balls were bouncing all over the place but being weighed down by the clamps. He was in excruciating agony as was evident from the screams he was clearly emitting.

Once I was satisfied he'd had a full work-out; it was back to Position 1 for some further torture and at this point I had him remove two bulldog clips from his balls and place them on his nipples. As you can see; all that exercise worked up quite a sweat - although I do suspect that the pain had something to do with it as well.

Unfortunately for Chastity Sub; he wasn't quite paying attention when I issued that last command and attempted to remove the large clamps from his balls. Tut, tut! I expect My boys to get it right the first time. So on to Position 3 was he for a sound spanking with the back of a wooden spoon. 

Those white marks will be turning purple as the hours tick by - a nice lasting reminder for him pay attention in the future.

Once I was satisfied he had learned his lesson; it was back into Position 1 for some hot wax treatment. His task was to drizzle hot wax all over his shaft and helmet and wait for it to set. This is a method which features more often than not in our sessions simply because it's very intense - particularly in the removal. I don't allow him the luxury of simply picking the wax off. I have him whip the wax off with the leather belt. This can take anywhere from 80 to 200 strokes - depending on how hard he's whipping and it wouldn't be the first time he's ended up with a very bruised and swollen cock as a result. There's no danger of him wanking it after such a session - that cock is too sore for him to manage it.

And after the cock had suffered the wax treatment; it was time for those balls to follow suit. Of course it's far more painful to remove the clips and clamps from his balls than it is to put them on. He always removes the larger clamps rather gingerly and I do enjoy the sight of him shaking in agony as he does so. It's usually at this point the screams get louder and the neighbours start to wonder if somebody is being murdered....

After the clamps have been removed and he's screamed the house down; it's time for the hot wax to be drizzled on to his balls. They're already very sore and the hot wax feels like a thousand bees stinging his ball bag all at once. I like to prolong this treatment so that firstly; I can make sure all of his balls are covered - particularly the "hard to whip" areas and secondly to prolong his agony. What kind of sadist would I be if I didn't? And today while we again waited for the wax to set; I had him pick up his pin wheel and run it all over his cock, including the helmet as he squirmed and shook at the pins digging in nicely. After 2 minutes I had him stop with the pin wheel. It was time to remove the wax.

Watching him whip off all that wax was very satisfying. He was squirming all over the place and would have more than likely gladly ripped off his balls to save himself from the agony. In the past; he's tried to stop before all the wax is removed and has quickly learned the hard way that attempting to fool Mistress is definitely not a good idea. So these days; he ensures he removes every last speck, no matter how painful the process might be.

Another round with the pin wheel followed the wax removal; as he dug the pins into the rather angry looking indentations left by the large clamps. To give you a clue as to how that feels; imagine the worst paper cut you've ever had and then dipping it into a cup of vinegar. Brings tears to your eyes doesn't it? Yes the pin wheel always does for Chastity Sub - particularly when used AFTER the clamps.

Finally to ensure the agony of his "great balls of fire" was prolonged; I instructed him to paint them with hot English mustard. He'll rinse that off when I feel like it. I omitted to tell him a time when he could rinse it off...just to keep him dangling and squirming in pain...

He thinks the English Mustard is the worst. How very much mistaken he is! Next week it's time for the wasabi treatment.

Did Chastity Sub earn his orgasm today? Yes he did. But not without some humiliation. He's been teasing himself for 2 hours every day for the last week. He has ensured he has collected his pre-cum in a brandy glass and reserved it for our session. Usually; I will make him drink it after he's cum in it. But today I decided to make things that bit more shameful for him. Instead, I had him take his mouthful of pre-cum and hold it there while he masturbated into a glass using a piece of coarse sandpaper. Pleasure and pain is the name of the game! After begging for his release; he came very hard and it was only then that I allowed him to swallow his mouthful. Of course there was another mouthful for him to swallow - the mess he'd just made in the glass. He took every last drop like an obedient pet. And what was his pain rating at the end of the session? A whopping 250! Next time; I will ensure he reaches 300 but for now; slave has pleased his Mistress well.

What makes a true submissive?

As I've mentioned before; the reason I only have a handful of owned submissives under My wing is because I take QUALITY over quantity. I have very high expectations and I expect My slaves to strive hard to meet them. Sadly; only a small percentage will last that distance and that small percentage are among the elite - those of whom are able to prove themselves worthy of My precious attention.

Anybody can type out an email and approach a Dominatrix with the intention of serving Her. But it's the thought and effort which goes into that email and indeed beyond; which makes a HUGE difference between gaining Her attention and finding themselves being ignored. "Surely it's just a case of doing as you're told" is a common misconception among many "would be" submissives. In truth it is far more complex than that. Obeying orders is just one small part of the whole dynamic of a D/s relationship and true servitude comes from within.

So what does make a good slave?

Let's talk about submission as a starting point. The fact is; submission is either given or it isn't. And when it is given; it's given in its entirety. No Dominatrix I know of will take on somebody who is only "a little bit" submissive. You either are or you aren't. And if you fall into the unsure category; then perhaps you're not ready to take the plunge into a D/s relationship until you have established what you really are.

By definition; to "submit" is to surrender all free will and give up control to another. And that control is absolute and extends far beyond the physical sense. The "controlled" should expect to have every single aspect of his life controlled for him - his thought patterns; his priorities, his day to day life; sometimes even his diet, his relationships, his wants and his needs and sometimes even his finances. And it is for this very reason why submission cannot be given at only half-measures. And on both sides of the coin; it is not to be undertaken by those who are only mildly curious. Just as giving up control comes with a certain amount of responsibility; taking control comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

As a Dominatrix; I am totally responsible for My slaves and not just their obedience. I am responsible for their physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is so very important not to lose sight of the fact that they are also human beings, Taking control of a slave is not as simple as say training a new puppy. Human beings by nature are far more complex than that and their psyche is often very very fragile. Respect and trust are the most important aspects of a D/s relationship. The submissive respects and trusts in you to keep them safe from any real harm. And you must respect their boundaries and weaknesses. You must also trust in them to be honest.

A true submissive will always put the needs of his Superiors above his own. Indeed; they understand that their needs are not important. That's not to say that they are robots who will willingly obey every command you give. Submission is more than that. It is a state of mind and will come easily to those who are genuinely submissive.

So from the word go; in that first point of contact with a Dominatrix; and before you even start taping out that application email; you need to ask yourself one very important question. "Why should I be considered?" To put things into perspective; I receive countless applications on a weekly basis. 90% of those applications are ignored. Why? Because they lack standards, care, effort and above all; selflessness. So think about the applications that fail to make the grade and consider why yours should stand out from the rest. What are you going to do to encourage said Dominatrix to actually READ your email? And how do you intend to illicit a positive response from Her? As a hint; "wrITing lYke Dis" is rude and unhelpful and will find itself in the bin....Don't rely on the spell-check either. There is no substitute for proof-reading to ensure good spelling and grammar.

Then comes the actual journey of servitude. Ask yourself this; "do you care more about what you get out of it or what your Mistress gets out of it?" Now this might seem an easy question to answer at first. But look at it again and consider another fact. If Mistress chooses to deny you any pleasure for an indeterminate period of time; will you consider yourself lucky or hard done to? If it's the latter; then servitude is not for you. If you understand that your frustration entertains Her and puts a smile on Her face; then your head is starting to get in the right place. And don't think you can fake your way through this process either. A good Dominatrix can spot that a mile off and it will quickly put a rather abrupt end to your journey.

Are you prepared to do whatever Mistress demands of you? If your answer starts with "yes but only if..." don't even continue that sentence. In fact; don't even continue reading. A true submissive realises that his servitude is not open for negotiation. He doesn't do what Mistress commands because he wants to. He does it because his Mistress is making him. That's not to say that Mistress will totally ignore your limits. These limits or "no go" areas are agreed upon before servitude begins. It is also mutual's that important word again..RESPECTED. Mistress doesn't breach your limits on the understanding that you don't breach Hers. Respect is a two-way street.

And finally; is your selflessness "outside the box"? Are you intuitive in how you can further please your Mistress? Have you paid enough attention to Her to understand how best to please Her? Now this is something which separates the wheat from the chaff. A true submissive has the initiative to go above and beyond not because he wants something out of it; but because he receives real pleasure from the knowledge he has pleased his Mistress. And he comes up with more creative and SELFLESS ways to do this. Everything he does is with his Mistress in mind. And because it's with Mistress is mind; he always seeks Her permission before he does it. Making assumptions is the worst thing a sub and in fact a Domme can do. NEVER ASSUME. Just like every submissive is different; so is every Dominatrix. And we Dommes are VERY unpredictable. We make it our mission to be unpredictable - that's how we keep you chomping at the bit to continue pleasing us. The steps are simple - think, ask and act accordingly. And accept when Mistress says "no". Boys who whine and complain are not submissive. They're needy and they're selfish. I personally don't give the time of day to needy boys. I prefer boys who respect the word "no" as My final answer. Neither should a submissive expect Mistress to back up Her decision with a reason. The answer is simply; "because She has said so."

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Chastity Sub becomes My owned pet.

It gives Me great pleasure to announce that Chastity Sub has achieved the highest honour after going above and beyond in his servitude and is now a fully owned pet. Here you can see him in the position he is expected to adopt when he presents himself to Me - naked, kneeling, hands behind his back and of course wearing his slave collar. He will be having a nice little tag attached to the collar once it's been fully engraved....I'm saving that as a reward if he pleases Me between now and his six month review.

Chastity Sub is the second of My owned pets; the first being Panty Boy. It may surprise you to know that I have only two slaves under My ownership. And why is this? Because I take QUALITY over quantity. Ownership is not something which happens automatically. It takes months of hard work; selfless servitude and exceptional behaviour to achieve this honour. And while many slaves serve Me; only those who meet My high standards are ever considered for ownership. Like both Chastity Sub and Panty Boy have; they must prove themselves worthy of this prestigious position. Many won't - but a few will be an exception. And it is those few who will attract My attention.

Of course ownership is only the beginning of the journey. Once you become My pet; that's when the REAL hard work starts. Just as ownership can be given; it can also be taken away. It is your duty to continue to work hard to please Me in order to hang on to that status. This means going above and beyond in your servitude; always keeping Mistress at the forefront of your mind. Chastity Sub and Panty Boy will last that distance. Both have the qualities I look for in a slave. Their devotion to Me will never falter; because they know how much My presence in their lives mean to them. They please Me not because I expect them to. But because they WANT to. The thought of disappointing Me is too terrible to imagine and they will do whatever they can to win My approval - THIS is what makes a good slave. And THIS is why only a few ever find themselves under My consideration. Slaves like these boys are among the elite. And they know what they must do in order to remain in that elite - always loyal, always devoted, always selfless and always obedient. And in turn; I am proud of them to have reached this exceptionally high standard.