Saturday, 4 July 2015

When it's too hot for Kink.

The downside to kink is when the weather is hot. I mean; while I love all the rubber and PVC outfits I often wear on webcam; when the weather is hot I have to consider dressing down - and that means leaving the PVC in the wardrobe and putting on something cooler.

But don't ever fool yourself into thinking that this makes Me any less Dominant. The fact is clothing is aesthetics. The PVC and the latex are props for your benefit - to set the scene as it were. What and who I am comes from inside - it is My mind which does the work - not My clothing.

And of course it is only right that you would want Mistress to be comfortable while She is giving you the honour of Her attention. You don't want Mistress to end up with heat-stroke. A genuine sub will understand that the needs and comfort of Mistress are of the utmost importance and so you will not be making any objections. You have no rights to objection - remember that.

So today is a dress-down day today. It is way too hot for restrictive clothing. And of course My needs come first. I will be wearing something light, cool and comfortable - because I can. As for you - unless you're a sissy who is to perform for Me; you don't need clothes. You should not hide your body from Me. I expect 100% access to it.

The mantra of today is that Mistress is comfortable - and you are not; in every sense of the word. Your comfort isn't important. Your servitude and respect is. Period.