Monday, 19 December 2016


My availability for webcam over the Christmas period is likely to be sporadic. But where I am unable to cam, I will indeed be available for instant messenger and one way cam. The times outlined below are subject to change, depending on which days I'm either out partying or entertaining visitors. Any changes will be posted on My twitter timeline. You should follow Me and turn on My notifications in order to stay tuned for updates:














Wishing all My fellow Dommes, pets and kink monsters a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


Monday, 12 December 2016

Chastity Sub Fucks His Figgy Pudding.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!..."

And that's why Chastity Sub was permitted the first of his Festive fucks!

In this weekend's task, he was given instructions to fuck the Christmas pudding. That's right dear readers - he doesn't get to fuck anything in the human sense - unless it's a bull with a nice big dick. Instead; he has to fuck inanimate objects - the Christmas pudding being object of his desires.

And I even allowed him to remove his cage for this task. How generous of Me! Well not that generous. He's still not allowed to cum until 31 December.

Now fucking the Christmas pudding is one thing, but you know Me. I like to see My pet squirm in shame as much as possible. And so I put his daily 5 hour teasing sessions to good use. He's dutifully collected all his pre-cum from these teasing sessions and was instructed to pour it over the pudding AFTER he had fucked it.

Does it look appetising? Absolutely not! And that's exactly why I made him eat the lot once he'd finished his "prepping". So we have a the finished product of Christmas Pudding Au Jus - which Chastity Sub happily tucked into...

I'm pretty sure that taste will be lingering for a while! 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas is coming!

Yes boys, it's that time of year again.The turkeys are on death row and everybody is getting excited about a visit from a big fat guy in a red suit. I'm talking about Christmas - a time when to give is to receive.

Speaking of which; My Christmas wishlist is now available for those boys who have a desire to give something back to Mistress at this time of year. I've spent the year fulfilling your desires. It's now time for you to return the favour.

Alternatively; if there isn't anything on the list which appeals to your generous nature; you many send amazon gift vouchers in pounds sterling to:

Ready to show some gratitude to your Queen? My wishlist can be found at the link below:

Chastity Sentence for Panty Boy

This is to certify that:

Panty Boy

Will remain in chastity until:

15 February 2017

By order of the public vote.

Panty Boy will see out the ENTIRETY of his sentence. Days can and will be added for poor behaviour. Panty Boy is prohibited from engaging in any sexual behaviour until the sentence is completed. 

Monday, 28 November 2016


My owned pet, Chastity Sub LOVES to be degraded and humiliated. So much so that he will soon be available for YOUR pleasure. He will appear on webcam via Skype conference booking and do exactly as you tell him. He is always willing to please and obey and you will find that he will be the perfect little chastised slut for you to enjoy.

This is a brand new service which is coming soon - allowing Chastity Sub to be pimped out online to you lucky boys for My enjoyment. I will be present at each session to ensure he behaves himself. And if he doesn't please you; I guarantee he will be punished accordingly!

Want to know more? Visit the link below!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Locked up for Christmas!

By public vote; chastity sub is now back in his cage and will remain locked up for the rest of the year. No, his little willy won't be seeing Christmas. But it will see in the New Year...unless I change My mind of course.

The people of twitter voted that he must remain locked for a period of 42 days. Couple that with 5 hours of tease and denial on a DAILY basis; this is going to make for one extremely frustrated boy. Oh, how I wish I was a fly on the wall at his house!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Chastity Sub - Soon to be here for YOUR pleasure!

Humiliating Chastity Sub is fast becoming a favourite past-time of Mine. There is nothing this obedient little slut won't do. And when I eventually pimp him out online; you'll be able to see that for yourself!

Yes dear readers, the wheels are in motion for you to see and direct your very own cam show with chastity sub. He will obediently follow your every command and perform as your very own cam whore - under My watchful eye of course.

Nothing is too degrading for Chastity Sub. Want to see him suck on his dildo? He'll do it. Want to see him eat his own cum? He'll do it. Want him to beg for permission to pleasure you? He'll do it!

Sessions will soon be available via Skype where you will be able to see chastity sub in all his slutty glory. He will even perform for several guys at once via a Skype conference chat - the more guys who join in - the more cocks he has to pleasure - and he will love every single minute of it!

Keep checking back for updates on when chastity sub will be available for YOUR pleasure. In the meantime; here's a couple of samples of the kind of debauched behaviour you can expect from him....

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Dommes: Do your subs a favour - TALK TO THEM!

Yesterday; I took a very interesting call from a sub who had dabbled in real-time Domination in the past; but was having a real struggle finding the right Domme for him.

This particular sub is very introvert and was having a hard time in the scene. He'd served several Dommes before but had found that they had in the past made assumptions about his particular tastes. This led to various experiences being less than pleasant for him and has in turn; left him very disillusioned about the scene.

One such example was when he explained to a Domme he enjoyed spitting. And so this Domme indulged him - but what she did was spit in his mouth. He didn't enjoy that and in fact found himself in the bathroom after the session, emptying his guts of not only the Domme's spit but everything he'd had for lunch. Said Domme was less than impressed that he'd "had the nerve to throw up in her bathroom."

Was the sub to blame? Absolutely not! It was down to the Domme to learn the boundaries when it came to this particular fetish. He felt fearful of saying "but I don't like to have my mouth spat in" because he was concerned the Domme in question would not want to see him. So instead; he put his trust in her that she would dig deeper and work out that spitting in his mouth was a no-go area.

Second came a session where he'd experienced electrics. And this particular Domme had used electrics in the chest area. While she had indeed asked him if he had any heart problems; he blindly went ahead with the session. It was only afterwards that he learned how dangerous it is to use electrics anywhere near the heart - heart problems or not. Did he tell said Domme about her error? No - he didn't want to offend her.

This has left him in quite a pickle. He  now is interested in seeing a Domme who specialises in mummification, sensory deprivation and dollification. On her questionnaire, she asks; "do you suffer from claustrophobia?" For sub, short answer is "yes" long answer is "yes but only a little." Yet he's concerned again - if he tells said Domme he does suffer from mild claustrophobia, he worries that she won't want to see him. But then if he lies and says he doesn't; then he risks putting them BOTH in a difficult situation.

Needless to say; both of these previous experiences have given his confidence a severe knock-back and now left him fearful of where to take his fetish further. He's still learning about his fetishes. And this is true for many subs who haven't had that much experiences. While they might have an idea of what turns them on; it is highly likely there will be things they've never even thought about which appeal to them. And it's down to a Domme to work that out.

The lesson here is that all the responsibility doesn't fall to the sub. Dommes have to be held to account for responsibility as well. You should NEVER assume what a sub wants. And even if you have discussed his fetishes with him; you should never assume on how far the sub is comfortable in going. And you should NEVER practice unsafe methods. SAFE, SANE CONSENSUAL PLAY - EVERY TIME. To the Domme who did use electrics near sub's heart - you should be ashamed of yourself for failing in basic safety methods.

BDSM and Fetish is not an exact science. Like no two Dommes are the same. neither are no two subs the same. And to that end; Dommes need to be both more approachable and more flexible in their interaction with new subs. Remember; these clients are putting their trust in you - 100%. It is YOUR responsibility to see that they don't come to any harm, be it physically or psychologically and that they get something positive from the session. A bad session will definitely leave more than bad taste in the mouth of a submissive. It may be a business to you, but it should still be fun for both parties. If it's not fun, it's not going to be good.

It also reflects on you as a Domme. Have you dug deep to work out what your sub wants? Have you discussed comfort zones? Have you gotten to know your subs in a preliminary informal chat? Do you think of your sub or do you think of how much money said sub is going to pay you? If it's the latter; then you're in the wrong business.

Of course the multitude of "insta dommes" creeping on to the scene doesn't help. Sadly; many subs fall victim to these scam artists. They pay their money in the hope they will get a positive experience, only to be let down when they realise this "Domme" knows nothing about the scene and knows even less about said sub. Is it any wonder Financial Domination gets such a bad rap when few really know what it entails?

I don't take any sub at face value. It is important to remember that although in laymen's terms; a session with a Domme is a business transaction, it does indeed go much further. You are starting a professional relationship. And like any relationship, communication and trust is absolutely paramount. How can you engage in any form of relationship if you don't communicate with each other? It's not as simple as getting a sub to tell you what he's into and then taking his money. You have to take off your Domme hat momentarily and put yourself in the shoes of the sub. It's called empathy. Any Domme who refuses to open her mind and think about things from her sub's point of view is doing the scene a great disservice.

But from a sub's point of view; while you should be able to have clear communication with a Domme, in order to establish that D/s relationship, that doesn't mean you have the right to waste her time. Keep communication non-hardcore. DON'T ask for "examples" or "free tasters." Free-loading is not going to convince a Domme that you are the right sub for her. And I believe that is another problem within the scene. It is also the main reason why Dommes feel less inclined to keep the lines of communication open. Time-wasters have taken the piss and Dommes aren't prepared to fall victim to it again.

My subs don't instantly get to jump into a session. Indeed; I expect them to prove themselves first. This is not just to work out if they're going to waste My time or not, but also to see their interaction with Me and indeed My other subs. I find I learn an awful lot more from just observing them. Remember; some subs will actually be quite nervous about saying what they really want, for fear of being judged. They may also be like the sub I spoke to yesterday - very, very shy. They are only human beings at the end of the day. And that's why I observe and learn about them. When both sides have grown comfortable; then it's time to start having a session, but only once I've made sure I know what sub is and isn't comfortable with. 

My advice to any new sub or indeed Domme coming on the scene is this. Learn. Learn about yourself, your sub, your scene, and your practises. Don't instantly wake up and say; "right I'm going to be a Domme!", build a website and expect the subs to come flocking. Work out what you expect from your sub and what your sub can expect from you. BE HUMAN! It's a two-way street. If you're only prepared to go one way - then you're doomed to fail and in turn, you will fail every single sub who finally plucks up the courage to approach you. 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Halloween Brings out the "slut" in My boys!

Well both of My boys got into the Halloween spirit - with orders to decorate their cocks in honour of the occasion....

Here's Chastity Sub's efforts:

And here we have the efforts of My considered slave - Cristal's Slut:

He did forget; so he will be anally punished in his next session. His resulting "ring of fire" should keep his memory sharp.

And Chastity Sub finally got the first of his annual fucking! Meet Big Daddy Pumpkin - Chastity Sub's new fuck buddy - and here's the dirty slut enjoying his new fuck buddy!

This is the first wet hole he's had for a long time - so as you can see; he's definitely making the most of it! Next permitted fuck will be the Christmas Turkey - I guarantee you won't want to miss that! 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Chasity Sub's Shameful Secret....

When an owned pet starts to open up more; it's very interesting the kind of things they let slip - or willingly offer because they know they have no say in the matter. Like Chasity Sub who has recently admitted that he likes the idea of enforced bi. Of course; I not one to bypass on the opportunity fully exploit his dirty little secret, especially when it means I can make him squirm in humiliation to My heart's content. So here we have a picture of Chastity Sub in all his slutty glory....

As you can see; he's tied up and spread open ready to be used by any willing bulls. He loves a nice big cock up his boy cunt and I'm sure you'd like to take full advantage of his lovely, soft, wet, hot mouth.

Chastity Sub has had a sample of what it's like to be a cock-holster when he was in My group cam room the other day. Group means that any other boys can enter the room and watch the proceedings. Except the proceedings were Chastity Sub begging for cock to satisfy. So when one bull entered My cam room; Chastity Sub was made to beg him for permission to suck his cock. That's when I sat back, and enjoyed Chastity Sub giving said bull a blow by blow (pun intended) account of how he'd suck that mighty cock. Adding to his humiliation was the fact that the bull insisted on asking Chastity Sub lots of embarrassing questions; and even suggesting new ways to humiliate him - like some nasty ass to mouth action and of course being spit-roasted by Myself and bull. All the time this was happening, Chastity Sub was squirming in shame while his little maggot dick throbbed in excitement. 

He still hasn't cum, despite his constant state of arousal and humiliation. It is almost a month since his balls were last emptied, and still the taunting continues. Every time he enters My group room; I like to send out a nice little tweet to alert other boys to come and join in. The more who want to humiliate and abuse him, the better! There's no such thing as too much cock where Chastity Sub is concerned. 

It is in this way that Chastity Sub can be "virtually pimped". He has the willing holes and the boys who "virtually fuck" him; have the cash to pay me for using him. It's a win-win situation - for Me. 

I'm already looking at ways Chastity Sub can appear on webcam during a group session; and then he can have a nice audience while he shows off his slutty ways. And because he has no choice but to please Me; you'll be able to give him any command you like. It doesn't matter how depraved it is. He will do it. The threat of being back in long-term chastity is a suitable reminder of what happens when he doesn't obey.

So while I research this VERY viable option for exploiting and humiliating Chastity Sub some more; do feel free to follow him on twitter and ask him lots of embarrassing questions. His twitter handle is:


He will answer each and every question with 100% honesty - no matter how shameful it is. And he will squirm and even post pictures with My permission. Just be sure to keep praising him for being a "dirty fucking whore" regularly and he'll do his very best to please! 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Servitude Under Contract

The first thing you should know is that being under My Ownership is NOT automatic. Whether or not you have served Me on webcam, or via email before, is irrelevant. It's not about how many sessions you may or many not have had. It's about how you PERFORMED in those sessions. If you have performed consistently to My satisfaction each time; then you MAY be one of the few lucky slaves to serve Me under Contract. Make no mistake however; that this prestige comes with a degree of responsibility and takes 101% effort on YOUR part, to reach this stage.

Step 1 - Apply.

Naturally, the first step is to apply to serve Me. This is a lot more than simply expressing a desire to have a webcam session with Me. The correct way to apply is to demonstrate what you can offer Me in terms of your servitude.

This does not necessarily mean you can offer Me gifts and financial tributes. My favour cannot be bought. I've received countless gifts over the years, from boys who have wrongly assumed they can buy their way into My good books. Aside from the fact that gifts are items you give unconditionally; spoiling Me is not the same as pleasing Me with your act of servitude. And you need to learn the difference.

Applying to serve Me is a lot like applying for a job. One sentence applications are neither useful nor attractive. Bible-length applications will succumb to the "delete" button, when My interest starts to wane. Applications of 50 words or more are more likely to keep My interested piqued.

Quality is also just as important as quantity. If your application is all about you, then you've already failed. Serving Me is about Me. It's NEVER about you. If your application is littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors; that shows Me you don't pay attention to detail. It clearly demonstrates you won't pay attention to My instructions either. Don't promise something you have no intention of delivering. But DO be 100% honest about WHY you wish to serve Me, in particular why I should be the one to consider you, rather than somebody else. Honesty is the single most important part of your application, and this includes honesty about your kinks and limits. If you don't tell Me what you're absolutely not into, then obviously I'm not going to respect the limits I am unaware of.

But what should you include in your application? While I'm not about to dictate your application word for word; I will share some important tips for you to use when compiling your first email to Me:

Always include your name, age and relevant experience.
Always include details of any health concerns & conditions - safe play is essential.
Always include details of any sex toys and fetish equipment you own.
Always include details of how you wish to serve - be it via webcam, email or on the telephone.
Always include details of your limits - things you are NOT interested in. Limits are always respected.
Always include any privacy concerns. Do you need to wear a mask during assignments/sessions? Do you have issue with your photographs appearing on My website?
Always include details of when you are generally available to serve - weekly, fortnightly, monthly?

An applicant who has made good use of the above tips is more likely to receive My attention, than one who hasn't given it any thought.

Step 2 - Prove Yourself.

The next step is to put your words into action. You've already told Mistress what you can do for Her. Now it's time to demonstrate it. You do this by engaging in regular sessions with Mistress via webcam, and by completing email assignments. But your servitude doesn't just stop there. If you are to reach the status of Owned Slave, then you need to go above and beyond to prove your worth. Start by following Me on twitter if you haven't already done so. Change your twitter name to reflect that you are now under My consideration - and be CREATIVE in your twitter name. It needs to demonstrate that you are striving to become My property.

Show your dedication by retweeting every single one of My promotional tweets and using your twitter account to promote Me - and ONLY Me. The day you forget who you're supposed to be pleasing is the day I forget you exist.

While gifts may be given as gratitude of My consideration; said gifts do not guarantee ownership. But they are good a demonstration of how devoted you are to Me.

Step 3 - Demonstrate Your Obedience.

From time to time; you will be given an online task to complete for My amusement. You will be expected to complete it in a timely manner, to the best of your ability and provide photographic proof. When Mistress tells you to do something; don't question or offer a million excuses as to why you cannot complete said task. Remember; I'm testing you! If you are unable to obey in the testing stage; then it's unlikely you'll make it to the owned stage.

The tasks I give you will be in addition to any pre-booked sessions and email assignments - so expect to be at My beck and call in order to prove yourself worthy!

Step 4 - Prove Your Loyalty.

At this point, I will be tightening My control over you. That means you will not be at liberty to talk to any other Dommes without My express permission. If any other Dommes approach you; you will be expected to politely inform them that you are under My consideration and therefore, prohibited from conversing with them. Similarly, you will not approach any other Dommes to request their attention. Your sole focus should be on Me - the one you crave to become the property of. Strays are cast aside and forgotten about. Only the most loyal and dedicated of servants will make the grade.

Step 5 - Have Patience

You must never ask for Mistress to own you. Only I decide when and if the time is right for you to become My property. If you have proven yourself to My satisfaction; then eventually I will invite you to become My loyal pet. Once that wonderful day happens; you will be sent a Contract to sign and return. Your social media profiles will reflect that you are now under My ownership and you will remain exclusively under My watchful eye. You may be permitted to speak with other submissives, if it amuses Me, but the rules about speaking with other Dommes will remain.

Once you are officially My property; you will have to work very  hard to ensure you remain that way. Ownership can be cancelled at any time if you fail to maintain a high standard of servitude. And once I've removed you from My property; you do not return.

Owned pets enjoy the many perks which go along with the territory and are happy as they strive hard to keep Me happy. They are given extra special attention and privileges, as a reward for their continued servitude. They accept their position in the knowledge that they only live to serve Me; and the idea of not serving Me is too terrible to imagine. They enjoy the honour of getting to know Mistress on a more personal level as they continue to flourish under My Ownership. Indeed; the status of Owned Slave is the most rewarding status a submissive can ever hope to achieve; and those who achieve it will feel pride in their rightful place.

So can you achieve the highest honour of becoming My property? Click here and start your journey! 

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Chastity Sub Wears My Knickers.

I have to say that My worn panties definitely suit Chastity Sub. He received them last week and can't seem to leave them alone! Look how well they fit him!

Obviously, Chastity Sub was very honoured to be the lucky winner of My worn panties in the Fund Miss Kitty September Raffle. As soon as they arrived; he eagerly opened them and gave them a good sniff. I wore them for a full 24 hours to make sure they were strongly scented, before sealing them into a plastic bag to preserve their scent. He was instructed to tweet a picture of himself wearing them, the moment they arrived, and he couldn't wait to tell Me; "they smell wonderful Mistress!"

He's now addicted to the scent and I made sure of this. Last Friday; he was instructed to wear them over his head from 4pm until 11pm. The scent filled his nostrils and lingered on until the next morning. He's never been so frustrated! 

No matter how frustrated and addicted he is, he's still not allowed to cum. It's almost three weeks since he last had an orgasm, and I'm tightening the thumb-screws on a daily basis. The constant scent of his Mistress is driving him crazy, and acts as a suitable reminder as to who controls every part of him. And to keep him occupied; I instruct him to invite people to ask him very embarrassing questions on twitter. He has to answer every single one, no matter how humiliating it may be for him. He also has to be completely honest. The threat of his little maggot being caged again is ever present.

So do look out for him on twitter and feel free to make him squirm with your questions. No question is too shameful for his answer! 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Following the success of our August/September raffle; I am pleased to announce the prizes for our October raffle. This month, we have some REALLY special prizes to give away!


A dinner date with the LEGEND that is Mistress Dita. Hull's finest Dominatrix will permit you to take her out to dinner. That's right; she's blown off Tom Hardy to spend time with YOU! And who knows - if you're really good, she might even kick you in the snatch!


Lady K is giving away a pair of her worn thigh boots. You will be able to do whatever you like with these boots. If you're a lady; and have the same sized feet as her - then you'll be able to wear them for yourself. However; if you're a addicted boot-licker; then you're in for a VERY special treat!


Goddess Alexis will be giving away a FREE 30 minute Skype session to one lucky winner. You will be able to spend some online time in her company to explore your kinks and fetishes. Goddess Alexis is hot, hot hot - and you'll will definitely enjoy worshipping her!

To be in with a chance of winning one of these EPIC prizes; simply make a donation of just £20 to Miss Kitty DeVine's cancer fund via the link below. This is for a very important cause - to help Miss Kitty while she battles cancer. It will also help pay for her much-needed after care, including care associated with the side-effects of chemotherapy. In addition; this will help to pay for her living costs while she undergoes aggressive cancer treatment. 

Dig deep boys!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fund Miss Kitty - August Raffle Draw.

Monday saw the draw of our very first #FundMissKitty raffle draw in which some VERY special and kinky prizes were up for grabs. And without further ado; here's the draw!

The lucky winner of a 30 minute real time session with Miss Julia Taylor was one @MatsNedus - enjoy dear - I'm sure Miss Julia will "look after" you ;-)

How ironic that both of My boys should win a prize!

Panty Boy wins himself a nice 30 minute session, online with Mistress Julia and Domina Amelia - that's going to be his first cam session - and will certainly be a baptism of fire for the poor boy!

And Chastity Sub wins My worn panties - a very rare treat indeed....guess what he's going to be wearing on a Thong Thursday....?

Well done to EVERYBODY who took part. Your generosity means a lot to us all especially Miss Kitty who's currently battling cancer. The next raffle will be launched in the next 24 hours with some more kinky prizes including a very special one from the infamous Mistress Dita! Stay tuned!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Chastity Sub "goes gay" because Mistress tells him to....

It is a fact that I will always find out your deepest, darkest fantasies - even if you don't want Me to. And this was particularly the case with Chastity Sub; when he recently let something slip during an embarrassing Q & A session on twitter.

He was instructed to invite and answer as many humiliating questions as possible. I do love it when he squirms in shame. And of course; he has no choice but to answer honestly - the threat of long-term chastity is very much there and I know how much he now values his orgasms; after 2 years of learning not to take them for granted.

One of the questions he received was as follows:

"Have you ever masturbated to gay porn?"

Chastity Sub was painfully honest in his answer; as Mistress demands, and responded with the following answer:

"No, but I have masturbated to enforced bi porn." He further elaborated in this; stating that he would happily take cock if Mistress instructed him to. So that little nugget of information gave Me the most wonderful idea...

His task was to watch gay porn, whilst teasing himself without cumming. This he did, and confessed he was extremely excited. Interesting.... So I decided to add a further humiliating twist to his task. He was instructed to watch said porn again; this time re-enacting what was happening on screen.

First up, was a clip featuring some gay cock-sucking. Armed with his dildo; Chastity Sub was made to "take part"...

I do love how he savours that cock. He did confess to Me that he was extremely excited while doing this, especially since he imagined Me standing over him, making sure he sucked that cock well.

Next, was a clip featuring gay fucking and of course Chastity Sub was instructed to take part as well. Bending over and shoving his dildo up his arse; he proved that anything they could do, he can do better....

On Friday; Chastity Sub had a full debrief of the above tasks; squirming even further as I asked him very embarrassing questions. While he was shrinking back in shame; his cock was doing quite the opposite. Let this be a lesson boys; I don't pay attention to your words - I pay attention to your body. And your body NEVER lies!

Chastity Sub was then given the tasks of writing a detailed enforced-bi fantasy - something he'd really like to experience. Perhaps one day, he'll get to experience this for real...

Enforced Bi Fantasy

Mistress Cristal has instructed me to write an enforced bi fantasy. This all started from inviting embarrassing questions to answer to amuse and please Mistress. One of the questions was had i watched any gay porn and another asked if i had sucked a cock. I replied that i had only ever watched enforced bi porn and sucked a dildo. This gave Mistress the idea to set me a humiliating task to watch gay porn whilst undergoing my daily tease and denial and to tweet to the world and her fans about it. After carrying this out Mistress instructed me to think of this experience and compose my forced bi fantasy. 

To also prepare me for this Mistress had me watch the gay porn clips again whilst sucking my dildo when there were cock sucking scenes. While I sucked my dildo I had to imagine that it was a real cock. Then when there were men fucking each other I had to ride my dildo imagining it was a real cock.

I arrive for a session with Mistress Cristal full of nervous apprehension knowing that this will be my first experience of enforced bi. There was pleasure in the knowledge that this was all for Mistress pleasure and amusement and i have no choice but to think of her pleasure first. Since becoming Mistress owned pet means Mistress fully owns my body and what happens to it. I am not allowed any form of sexual activity without Mistress permission and She has full control over what sexual activity i am allowed and with whom. Immediately on arrival for the session i prepare myself as i should always be for Mistress fully naked and exposed wearing only my slave collar. I am then in my slave position 1 which is kneeling, legs apart, hands behind my back and head down.

When Mistress Cristal arrives She looks fantastic in Her black outfit with holes in giving glimpses of Her perfect flesh. Mistress is also wearing Her 10 inch strap on cock called the Beast. The Beast looks huge in real life and much bigger than my pathetic little cock. Mistress informs me that I am going to experience humiliation like I have never experienced before and I feel myself going bright red at the prospect. I am full of nervous apprehension and feeling so embarrassed. Mistress informs me that first Her cock needs to be fully hard so she proceeds to spank it with a wooden spoon. I feel the slaps bouncing Her cock about and I feel myself getting harder and more aroused. Once Her cock is hard Mistress then slaps the head of it with the wooden spoon. The slaps are far harder than I have done to myself and I feel Her cock getting more sensitive and aroused. To complete it off Mistress then sensitises my balls with hard slaps from the spoon making me shake and double over.

Mistress then instructs me to get into slave position 3 on all fours bent over with my ass high in the air as She tells me that she is going to warm my ass up ready. Mistress starts with 100 hand spanks to each cheek and I can feel them getting warmer. Then Mistress gives each cheek 80 slaps with the leather paddle. This makes the cheeks feel even warmer. Mistress then finishes this off with 30 canes on each cheek. I feel the cheeks begin to welt and fell warm and itchy from this.

Mistress then informs me I need practice on sucking cock and moves to in front of me. As I am bent over Mistress puts the tip of the Beast to my lips. I feel the plastic pushing into my lips as Mistress instructs me to stick my tongue out. Mistress then runs the tip of the Beast all over my tongue. Then She runs the entire shaft around my tongue making the Beast wet all over. Mistress then positions the Beast so it is in front of my lips and instructs me to open my mouth wide. The Beast is slowly pushed into my mouth and feels so big that it gags me. Mistress moves the Beast slowly in and out of my mouth gradually getting faster as it gets wetter and slides in and out easier. The vision of Mistress in front of me as she fucks my mouth is exciting me despite the humiliation of feeling the Beast completely filling my mouth.

Mistress then instructs me to stay in slave position 3 whilst She goes and brings Her guest into the room. I hear footsteps behind me and then Mistress says “Slave meet your partner for the session and I am sure you will make him feel at ease.” Then a male of about 6 foot stands in front of me completely naked and fully shaven. I feel myself blush a deep red as I know a total stranger has been allowed by Mistress to witness me totally exposed. Mistress then tells me I am to do exactly as I did with the Beast to make the guest feel good. Mistress takes hold of the males cock in front of me and guides it to my mouth telling me to stick my tongue out. Mistress then guides the tip of the cock over my mouth as I taste real cock for the first time. I feel so red with embarrassment and the taste of it feels so much different to plastic cocks. As I feel the tip running over my tongue I feel it starting to get harder and throb against me. “Look how hard you are making your first cock slut” Mistress says as she giggles and I feel myself even redder. Mistress then guides the shaft of the cock all over my tongue as I feel cock flesh for the first time throbbing hard. The cock is about 7 inches long and is starting to get wet with my saliva.

“Open wide slut” Mistress then says as I open my mouth as she guides the shaft of the cock slowly into it. Real cock feels so different from plastic ones as I feel myself blushing even deeper red as I feel it fill my mouth getting deeper in throbbing inside my mouth. “Look at My cock getting all excited” Mistress says as she notices that despite my embarrassment my cock is hard and leaking pre cum. “I will help make this enjoyable as it should be for you slut” Mistress says as she lets go of the cock that is now fully in my mouth and then I feel her foot rubbing slowly against my cock making me so aroused and leaking more pre cum. Mistress instructs the male to slowly fuck my mouth as I feel the cock slowly moving in and out. For the first time of sucking real cock I feel myself getting aroused as Mistress slowly rubs my cock with her foot keeping me hard.

"Now you've gotten that cock nice and hard and wet lets put it to a different use" Mistress said as she instructed the guest to move round from the front to my rear. I then felt Mistress sit on my back. I could feel her warm flesh sat on mine and the hard Beast lying on my back pointing towards my ass. I felt Mistress lean forward slightly to grab hold of the cock behind me and guide the tip to my ass. I was blushing deeply as i felt a real cock for the first time touching my ass. Mistress then spat down on my ass to help lubricate it as i felt the saliva dribble down my ass and around the cock. Then Mistress slowly pulled on the cock to gradually guide it inside me for the first time ever i had experienced a real cock inside my ass. The feeling was a lot different to a dildo or a butt plug as i felt the flesh inside me and then the stomach and balls of the man behind me touch me. Mistress instructed the man to slowly fuck me. I was even more embarrassed as i felt a real cock fucking me for the first time. I felt even more embarrassed as i felt my own cock hard and starting to leak pre cum.

Mistress then stood up and i saw her move in front of me with the Beast in front of my face. "Time for you to experience a spit roast slut" Mistress said as she made me open my mouth and slowly insert Her strap on into it. Mistress then moved the Beast slowly in and out of my mouth in time with the cock fucking me. I felt so embarrassed as i could feel a real cock fucking my ass and Mistresses strap on fucking my mouth. The motion of the cock behind me pushed my mouth harder onto the Beast and the motion of the Beast pushed my ass harder onto the cock in my ass. Mistress told the man behind me to keep up with her strokes and started to speed up. I could feel myself gagging on the Beast and being stretched wider by the cock as both got faster and faster. Mistress told the man to grab hold of my cock and tease me as he fucked me. To my embarrassment i felt myself throbbing and leaking in his hand. I was feeling really slutty and well used. 

The man fucking me informed Mistress he was ready to cum and She instructed him to remove his cock and squirt all over my back. I felt even more embarrassed as i felt the hot cum all down my back. Mistress then removed the Beast from my mouth and my ass and mouth felt well used and i was embarrassed to admit i enjoyed the full enforced bi use.  Mistress asked me if i would like to cum and I have to beg Her really hard for permission. Mistress finally gave Her permission but only by the hand of the man. Mistress put a brandy glass under me and instructed the man to wank me off into the glass. I was so humiliated on all fours being wanked by a man and so excited at the same time that i came hard into the glass. Once all the cum was in the glass Mistress made me get back into slave position 1 and drink all the contents down and lick the glass clean.

As i write this fantasy i feel so embarrassed and know there will be humiliation for Mistress pleasure as her fans will know all about my fantasy. Plus I am sure that this will invite even more embarrassing questions and comments.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fund Miss Kitty & Win A Kinky Prize!

You only have 4 days left for a chance to win a kinky prize in our #FundMissKitty raffle! A reminder that this raffle is for the purpose of raising funds to support Miss Kitty De Vine as she battles cancer. This is a worthwhile cause, with kinky frolics for you to enjoy.

A reminder of the prizes up for grabs:

A FREE real-time session with Miss Julia Taylor of Dudley. You will not only receive a pair of Her used stockings; but you will also be given the opportunity to worship Her superior feet in person and for FREE! 

A FREE Double Domme webcam session with Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia. The Queens of "Double Trouble" will indulge your kinks for 30 minutes; while they whip you into a fetish frenzy! Their "Double Domme" sessions are LEGENDARY and certainly not to be missed!

A pair of My worn panties. This is indeed a VERY rare treat. I don't sell My used underwear so entering the fetish raffle is the ONLY way to get your hands on a pair of My knickers. You can do with them what ever your kinky little heart desires, and who knows? Perhaps I'll make them extra creamy for you....

To enter for a chance to win one of these kinky prizes; all you need to do is make a donation of Miss Kitty's Cancer fund of £25 or more. Each donation of £25 counts as 1 entry to the raffle - so the more you donate; the greater your chance of winning!

The raffle will close at midnight on 19th September. Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia will then draw three winners at random on their video draw. 

Salivating already? You know what to the link below and make that donation!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Chastity Sub Endures His First Caning

One of My favourite kinks is corporal punishment and I felt the time had come for Chastity Sub to endure this traditional punishment - not because he had misbehaved. Oh no. Chastity Sub is indeed a very obedient slave. Instead; he endured it because it amuses Me. Taking him to new and painful territory is both rewarding and entertaining - and his first caning certainly made Me chuckle!

"It was with great anticipation that I entered the session with Mistress Cristal after being instructed to order a cane to be used on myself. Mistress had been kind enough to let me know where I could order the cane from and the care required to look after it to ensure it kept its proper flexibility.

I was in the correct slave position 1 required when entering Mistress’ company. Kneeling naked wearing only my slave collar. Mistress looked fantastic in her red corset when I presented myself to her. Mistress informed me that I would be receiving my first caning session. Firstly Mistress inspected the brandy glass of my pre cum collected during my daily tease and denial. Then I had to make sure Her cock was hard enough by spanking it hard with a wooden spoon on the shaft and then on the helmet followed by warming my balls up with spanking them with the spoon. Prior to my first taste of caning Mistress made me put on 2 industrial clamps onto my balls. The pain from the clamps is unforgiving. I then had to dress her cock up by putting 20 bulldog clips all over her cock. Once I had all the clips on I had to thread string through the ones on each side then use the string and clips to lift up my cock and spank the underside of it with the wooden spoon and the tip of Her cock. The wooden spoon is painful on Her cock but even worse when it is being hit and metal clips are bouncing about tugging it all over whilst at the same time the clips are tugging my cock upwards.

I was then instructed to get into slave position 3 which is on all fours with my ass in the air ready for use. For the week before I was under instruction to post humiliating tweets to amuse Mistress and part of the tweets I put up pictures of me naked in the slave positions so that I was humiliatingly exposed to the whole world and Mistress followers so these positions are available to view on my twitter. At first I had to warm up my ass for Mistress with 100 hand spanks on each cheek then 80 spanks with a leather paddle. Once my ass was warmed up suitably for Mistress She gave me instructions on how to administer caning. I was informed that the back and legs are to be avoided and aim for the fleshy part of the cheeks only. Mistress then showed me how to line up the cane horizontally and then guided me by counting 12 cane hits to each cheek.  It was my first experience of being caned and each hit stung and the stinging got worse with each hit. I could feel the cane hitting down each time getting more of a sensation. Mistress taught me to keep the cane horizontal and the correct parts to hit. When I had 12 on each cheek I could feel them warm and stinging. Mistress told me to rub the cheeks and let Her know how it felt. I could feel welts formed from the cane on them. It was good to know that this had pleased Mistress. I could feel the after effects of the caning and it felt good to have experienced my first lesson from Mistress.

Mistress then informed me that I would experience some more paddling and caning later to get me more use to it. Mistress then wanted to turn Her attention to other parts of my body which is her property to use as She desires. Mistress allowed me to remove the clamps from my balls but I had to immediately place them on my nipples. The pain as they crush my nipples is unforgiving. I then had to put on the spiked ball parachute and all my weights which are 2 6lb ones and a 10lb one.

I had to then get in slave position 2 which is standing with my head on my hands and Mistress gave me instructions for exercising. I had to do a minute marching on the spot which made the clamps on my nipples bounce up and down, Mistress cock to bounce up and down making the clips tug it all over and the weights on the parachute to bounce up and down forcing the spikes top dig in deeper. This was followed by a minute jogging on the spot which made the clamps and clips bounce more harshly and the weights to bounce harder tugging the spikes in even deeper. I had to then do 30 squats and 15 lunges with each leg. This was rounded up with a minute of pogo jumping with Mistress instructing me to jump high. This made the torture even worse as the clamps on my nipples and the clips on my cock were made to bounce up and down high and harsh and the weights on the parachute bounce really high which meant that when they swung back down they really made the spikes dig in harsh. The pain rating has shot up to 120 from all this.

Mistress was then kind enough to allow me to remove the parachute but the relief was short lived because I immediately had to pour hot wax on my balls followed by covering my cock in hot wax. Due to the spikes having tenderised my balls the wax felt hotter than normal. Whilst the wax set I was given permission to remove the clamps from my nipples. Removing the clamps is as painful as putting them on because the nipples have been so tenderised from having them on and having them bounce up and down harshly that when they are taken off the rush of blood back to the nipples is so painful. I have to take them off gently due to this pain.

 I then had to whip all the wax off my cock using a leather belt. To remove it properly I have to hit it very hard which is really painful. Once I had managed to get it all off my cock I had to remove it from my balls. This required hitting them hard and was making me shake from it. On both my cock and balls there were stubborn pieces of wax that no matter how hard they were hit would not come off easily. This added to the pain as I had to constantly hit those areas harder and harder.

Mistress then instructed me to pick up the pin wheel and start running it all over the indents left by the clips on Her cock. As the pins on the wheel dug in the felt sharper than usual due to the cock being made more sensitive from the clips digging in and bouncing about. When my cock was stinging all over from the pins i then had to run them all over my balls and they felt especially sharp where the clamps had been digging in. This was followed by running the pins over the deep ruts the clamps had left on my nipples which made them feel so much sharper. 

I had to rub my cock hard for a minute with sand paper which really made it so sensitive and was reminded i was not allowed to cum as i did it. Whilst the sandpaper scraped the cock painfully the rubbing also put me on edge. I then had to scrub my balls hard for a minute with the sandpaper followed by my left and then right nipple. There were tears in my eyes from the torture my nipples, cock, balls and ass had received and the pain scale had gone up to 350. I felt trepidation when Mistress informed me that it was going to get worse.

I then had to paint a good thick coat of wasabi paste onto my nipples, then my balls and then every inch of my cock. As my nipples, balls and cock were already tenderised and in pain from all the treatment they had received for Mistress pleasure the heat from the paste was like fire and really bought tears to my eyes. There was no relief as i was then instructed to put on the spiked cock sheath and spiked ball parachute. The spikes dug the paste deeper into my cock and balls making the heat hotter and the spikes feel sharper. I was really crying now.

Mistress was then kind enough to continue my caning lesson. I had to get back into slave position 3 and further warm my ass up with 80 spanks on each cheek with the leather paddle which made my ass redder and warmer. Then Mistress guided me on the correct use of the cane and counted 12 canes to each cheek. Each strike felt sharper and I could feel the welts building up. My ass was feeling glowing and I could feel stinging where it had been caned.

Mistress informed me that as I had managed to get through my first caning lesson to Her satisfaction that she would allow me a reward of an orgasm. I was allowed to start wanking fast which made the spikes of the sheath scrape the hot wasabi up and down my cock. This was a mixture of pain bringing tears to my eyes and pleasure at the same time. It was the most painful wank i have ever had. Mistress made it even more exciting by reminding me how good her topless fetish wank clip is and to imagine Her oiled breasts. This thought made me throb more with excitement pushing my cock harder into the spikes. I begged Mistress for Her permission to cum as I can’t without it as it is Her choice when and how i cum. Mistress was so kind to grant me permission and i came hard into the brandy glass adding to the pre cum. The pumping of the cum out of my cock made it throb harder into the spikes giving a mix of pain and pleasure at the same time. Mistress then instructed me to drink all the cum and pre cum which i gulped down as Mistress has made me addicted to the taste.

It will be a long time for the effects of the session to recede and I will feel the stinging on my ass from my first caning lesson for a few days as well as the pain on my cock, balls and nipples. This was all worth it knowing i had pleased and amused Mistress Cristal. Mistress Cristal has tweeted the results from my caning for the world to see how it went and to add to my humiliation and embarrassment with the world seeing my caned ass as I am bent over with the spiked parachute also visible on my balls."

Thursday, 1 September 2016



You've already enjoyed Mistress Cristal's beautiful 38 DD breasts once. Now you can enjoy them again - with a hot extra! But don't cum until She tells you...that's if you can last that long....



It's said that good things come to those who wait. And that includes your orgasm. Where would the fun be if Mistress was to let you cum straight away? Oh no. Mistress is going to make you work for it..perhaps She will let you explode...perhaps She won't. Only one way to find out! 


Friday, 26 August 2016

Tease Marathon For Panty Boy.

Now back in chastity until next March, Panty Boy was giving the task of a 3 hour 10 minute tease marathon - as voted for by the twitter public. Of course he wasn't allowed to cum. But here's how he got on....

i’m delighted to be back serving Mistress Cristal after a pause that has seemed to go on for ever. So, in the glow of happiness of being back serving i asked Mistress to run a Twitter poll for me. Of course i left everything else up to Mistress. She asked me to get a new magic wand vibrator and some other toys which i ordered from Lovehoney and got delivered the next day by special delivery – i was keen to get started. So i tweeted Mistress pictures of the toys and She set the balls (so to speak) in motion. The result? A 3 hour and 10 minute teasing session with the magic wand. As soon as the result was in Mistress sent me a DM:

Well i nearly sh!t myself! Mistress has such a commanding tone even by DM that it just demands immediate response. But this time i could not do as She commanded as i was looking after the kids (school holidays). A quick DM back explaining that i would obey if i could and Mistress gave me a stay of execution (that’s what it felt like) until after they’d gone to bed.
Well i did a bit better than that and managed to off-load the kids to the in-laws for the night. After staying at the in-laws for a drink (sparkling water Mistress – sticking to the diet) and a chat for the polite amount of time it was back home to tidy up and get then get ready for the main event so to speak.

Now performing these tasks IS a task. They often take quite a bit of time (this one ticks that box) can require getting into some ‘unusual’ positions (not so much, but being in one position for quite a while can be hard on the knees, back, arms etc) and require dexterity because you have to document your performance of said tasks by taking photos and video (another box tick). Because this videoing etc is difficult whilst performing the tasks i had decided to try a different method of filming this one.  i set up a new HD webcam on my laptop and used that to take both video and photos. A couple of test videos and photos were successfully captured so it was off with all my clothes, on with my slave collar and down to business.

Well the Lovehoney magic wand performed miracles. i had thought my cage was pretty much a suit of armour but the vibrations from the wand penetrated it with no problems – provided you got the pressure, speed and angle right. Which i did – on frequent occasions. But care was also required; my cock was doing its best to escape its bonds and this cage has a nice, big pee-hole at the end. So my cock was frequently bulging out of that said pee-hole. One tip if any one of you masochists reading this is considering doing this to yourself: do NOT catch the exposed end of your cock with the wand! It’s like a pinch/electric shock right on the end of your cock. And i did it a few times; once i even had to stop and check for blood as i was sure i’d cut the tip off! Don’t do that even if you are a masochist.

Anyway, the Lovehoney magic wand was holding up like a trooper. Over 3 hours of use is a long time and it did get warm – but no more than that. It did make quite a noise though especially when pressed hard onto the cage – i  was glad i’d got rid of the kids as sometimes the vibe sounded like the battle of Britain memorial flight going overhead! And i wasn’t exactly being noiseless either – i live in a semi and bet the neighbours were wondering what on earth i was up to! Hopefully they’ll have the decency to never ask…
But i digress. i was really struggling, the wand was bringing me to the edge and, as i checked, i’d been going for precisely – 1 hour!!
On second thoughts maybe starting at about 10:45 pm wasn’t such a good idea. i had the choice of Friday night or getting up early (5ish) Saturday morning as both these would be kid-free times. i’d chosen Friday night as i didn’t trust myself not to oversleep on Saturday morning. i still stand by that decision but at about midnight i was beginning to flag. And i really needed a pee. So, after a quick pee break i continued this was torture – literally. For that is what it was. i was tired, my cock was crying out for a time-out and my brain was getting distinctly foggy. Add to that i had dried up on the pre-cum front. i don’t know whether it was the constant arousal, the duration of the teasing, the lateness of the hour or my general tiredness but my cock was trying it’s best but no amount of vibration was producing any more pre-cum. To keep myself going for the last half hour or so i had to resort to watching some online porn as well.

i woke automatically at about 7:30 and got up to go to the bathroom. It was then that i really discovered how much my cock had waved the white flag of surrender the night before. It was trying to disappear! Never had i seen it look so small, there was loads of room to spare in my cage! i had to take a picture of my shame and then i went back to bed for another hour and a half - i was just too brain-scrambled to stay up. When i woke at about 9 my cock had recovered a bit so i took a picture for comparison to the earlier one got up and proceeded about my daily routine – albeit slowly. And if i bump into the neighbours i’ll keep a low profile.
i hope Mistress Cristal, that You are satisfied with how i have completed this task. i have the glass stewing and await Your instructions on that 

As a final act of humiliation; Panty Boy was instructed to pour his pre-cum into a cocktail glass and add a straw and umbrella to give it an extra exotic feel. This was his Friday-night tipple last week - and he slurped every last drop - before noticing the taste clinging to his tongue and the back of his throat...a lasting reminder of his place of course! 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Separated at birth?

Do I see a similarity between Chastity Sub and the frilled-neck dragon?

That's what a spiked parachute and weights will do! 

#FundMissKitty - August Fetish Raffle!

Today; we officially launch our #FundMissKitty Fetish raffle and this month we have some EPIC prizes for you!

1st Prize

30 Minute Real Time Session & 1 pair of worn stockings from Miss Julia Taylor!

2nd Prize

30 Minute "Double Domme" Cam session with Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia!

3rd Prize

1 x pair of worn panties from Mistress Cristal!

For your chance to win one of these fabulously kinky prizes; simple donate £25 or more to the #FundMissKitty fund via the link below. Each £25 donation qualifies as one entry into the raffle prize draw.

  1. Closing date for August Fetish Raffle is Monday 19th September 2016.
  2. Winners will be announced by video draw after that date.
  3. No cash alternative to prizes.
  4. Draw decision is final.
  5. You must be over 18 to enter the raffle.
  6. Each £25 donation qualifies as one entry to the raffle.
  7. Funds raised are to support Miss Kitty as she undergoes cancer treatment.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Sinful Sundays are all about confession and worship! You will visit My Church; get to your knees and confess all of your disgusting sins of the week. Clearly you disgusting boys will have many things to get off your chest, and I want to hear every single sordid detail.

Not only will you confess, but you will also beg for My forgiveness. Of course forgiveness doesn't come easy. You must repent for your sins and the only way you can truly repent, is by suffering whatever suitable punishment I choose for you. Such punishment WILL be hard whether it be physical or psychological, but suffer you must! Don't ever think I will be merciful on you. The word "mercy" does not feature in My vocabulary. I will only believe you are truly sorry for your sins when I see evidence of it - and you have a long way to go in order to demonstrate that.

And then after confession and repentance, comes WORSHIP! No of course mortals like you don't get to worship My Superior body. My body is NOT for you. It is a deity which is only for those who are worthy - you aren't and never will be. But My feet are heels are where you will direct your worship - the lowest part of My body for the lowest of the low.

Should I decide you are not even worthy of that little delicacy; then I will find another way for you to worship Me - FINANCIALLY! Every church passes around a collection box, and Mine is no different. The only difference is that Mine is not a "voluntary" collection. If I decide you must pay; then you will pay - no questions asked. What I choose to spend your money on is for Me to know. All you need to be aware of is that My forgiveness comes at a price - physical, psychological and financial. 

There are no "Hail Marys" in My Church. And no, this Goddess does not forgive all. I am not the gentle, loving God you have read about. I'm the God who will not hesitate to unleash My wrath should you displease Me. Remember that!

Book your place in the Sinful Sunday Confessional by sending Me an email at the address below. Sessions are carried out via Skype and audio is included. My Church is open to all sinners - others will be tolerated. Confessional begins at 1pm and ends at 5pm. Start crawling!