Friday, 31 July 2015

How To Give A Pill To Your Cat....

Well this is how I give a pill to My cat...

  1. Take wormer tablet (or tablets depending on cat's size) and cut in half.
  2. Place tablet on arm of chair.
  3. Grab cat, talk in cutesy baby voice to him as he realises you're going to do something horrible to him.
  4. Place cat on his back as he sinks his claws into your arms.
  5. Try to prise cat's jaws open.
  6. Remove bitten finger from cat's mouth.
  7. Try to prise cat's jaws open again.
  8. Realise that cat has decided to clamp jaws shut and resort to cutesy baby voice again. Of course this does nothing to calm cat. He's not stupid...
  9. When you can finally open cat's jaws, place tablet at the back of his tongue.
  10. Retrieve spat out tablet from floor.
  11. Grab cat before he makes a bid for freedom.
  12. Place cat on his back again.
  13. Unhook cat's claws from skin.
  14. Resume talking in cutesy baby voice as you try to stem blood flow from where cat has taken out his annoyance on your chest.
  15. Hold cat's head still.
  16. Try to prise jaw open again. Remain calm as cat sinks his incisors into your thumb.
  17. Place tablet at back of tongue.
  18. Quickly hold cat's jaw closed. Stroke his throat and close his nostrils. Wait for signs of him swallowing.
  19. Release hold on cat's jaw.
  20. Retrieve tablet from floor and repeat.
  21. Now that he's finally swallowed half, realise you both have to go through that hell again.
  22. Retrieve cat as he starts to climb up your shoulder.
  23. Resist temptation to scream as he removes 10 layers of skin with his claws.
  24. Attempt to steady cat as he twists and turns like an octopus escaping a laundry bag.
  25. Wrap cat in towel so just his head is sticking out.
  26. Take hold of second half of tablet.
  27. Tuck cat's paws back inside towel.
  28. Try to prise jaws open.
  29. Tuck cat's paws back inside towel.
  30. Place tablet at back of tongue and hold jaw shut until he swallows.
  31. Give cat a cuddle and a treat; go and prepare dinner.
  32. Find spat out half of tablet on the floor some 20 minutes later.
  33. Shove half of tablet in a chunk of salmon and feed to cat.
  34. Smile in satisfaction that the con artist has become the conned.
  35. Feel the sense of dread that in three months time; you've got to go through that all rigmarole again.

Heel Lovers Heaven

Do you crave to be under My sexy heels? Need to clean them? Lick them? Suck them? Worship them? Need to drool over My sexy red painted toenails? How about listening to My 6 inch heels clicking as I stalk towards you? I will enjoy how nervous you will become as I approach! And you can enjoy this photo-set/movie combination! A must-have fetish goodie for any heel connoisseur!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Titty Tease for Titty Lovers!

How would you like to become hypnotized by My gorgeous 38 DD boobs? They're so soft and juicy. Perfect for you to worship. You want to worship them; don't you? Imagine having them pressed into your face, as I force you to worship them! You're thinking about that right now? And you're pitching a tent in your trousers for good measure! Go on - take it out, look at My beautiful breasts and enjoy that titty-tastic wank! If you're a boob-lover - this clip is the one for you!

Teasing Jerk Off Instruction.

Want to wank your little worm? You're desperate for it, aren't you? You've been hard all day while dirty, kinky thoughts have filled your mind. Perhaps it was the last webcam session you had? Perhaps it was the last naughty clip you saw? Either way; you're on fire and if you don't cum, you'll go crazy!

So take it out and stroke it. Look at Me while you stroke - look at My teasing eyes, sexy lips and voluptuous breasts just bursting to get out of My leather corset. That's only adding to your arousal. Your balls are so full right now. You can feel them swelling as your cock twitches. Speaking of your cock; it's drooling like a leaky tap - euphoria is so close. That's right - you need to feel it - you need to explode. But will I let you? Watch the clip and find out!

Explaining My Webcam Absence.

You will have noticed that My cam presence has been rather sporadic of late. Well there is very good reason for this. Not only have I been plagued with various illnesses and family crises; but My once lovely neighbours are thoughtfully having an extension built - right next to My office window. So 6 days a week; I have to listen to the not so gentle sounds of drilling, hammering, off-key singing and various expletives from builders who were dragged up in the cave.

These knuckle-heads really don't know the meaning of the word "consideration". And while yes I accept they have a job to do; they don't like to give a warning of "oh just to let you know; we will be using a pneumatic drill right outside your window tomorrow - just thought we'd warn you." No they just do it - for hours on end - often whilst singing like a strangled cat.

This doesn't really set the scene for a femdom session. I doubt My slaves want to be engrossed in a teasing & denial session; when suddenly "oi cunt, pass us that fucking hammer!" rings through the air. I think not.

Now the good news is that there are signs that this project is nearing completion - I hope! We have been at it 4 months now - so surely it can't take much longer. Unless of course they're on a daily rate; in which case they can probably make painting a door knob last all week. Yes builders of the world - we are wise to your "daily rate" tricks.

So until they disappear for good - sadly My cam days will continue to be sporadic. I'm no more happy about it than you are; but it's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Until they do finally bugger off; there will be more days of instant messenger and one way cam (your cam) and without sound. Oh I'd like to point out that one of the builders is very thirsty - he likes to peer through My windows when he's working next to the office - I'll be needing a stick to poke his eyes out. Another reason why camming isn't possible when they're this close.

I am hoping to get back to normal soon - desperately hoping, but in the meantime I thank you for your patience. But just so you know; webcam isn't the only way you can serve Me. Take a look at My "Sessions" page and you'll see more ways you can enjoy My attention - and provide a nice distraction from the "Bash it & Bodge it" crew.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Who said choices have to be fair?

It is not often that My slaves will have any say in the activities they perform for Me. They do whatever I desire on webcam because they don't have a choice. Mistress is making them do these things. But there are on occasions; times when I will allow a slave some choice - but of course it's not without it's sadistic merit.

Take this afternoon for example. Chastity sub has been caged for two weeks. He has been teased relentlessly in that time, both on and off cam and has found himself to be in permanent state of arousal. This week in particular; has proved to be very uncomfortable for him - and that is exactly how it should be. He has no say in the matter - if I decide he is to be caged for any length of time, then that is what will happen. My choice, My rules.

This is what makes chastity so wonderful - teasing a slave until they're about to go crazy; but still denying him. It really is a test of loyalty. I don't provide a key-holding service as such; because that would be too easy. When I chastise My slaves; they are kept in chastity through force of will alone. Yes; if they wanted to break My rules; they could so easily unlock themselves and cum as much as they like. Of course I would find out about it. Mistress knows these things. And they know that by doing so; they will make Me angry and lead Me to sending them away - telling them I no longer want to see them. That is where the test of loyalty is. If they want remain under My control; they do as they're told - whether they like it or not.

And chastity sub is excelling at this. He has the key to his cage, and yet he has been teased repeatedly. He has never ever known frustration like it. Last week; I allowed him to gently stroke while he watched porn. I taunted him with the possibility of letting him cum. He got so excited - only for Me to deny him once more. He placed himself back into chastity and went without - that is how devoted he is to obeying My every command.

Today; we enjoyed another CBT session and yet again; I dangled his pleasure like the proverbial carrot. If he suffered well, I might let him cum. But he had to work hard to earn it. The more torture he endured; the greater his chances of cumming. And of course he did suffer! We hit the heady heights of 50 on the pain scale - that's an exceptionally high pain threshold. He was enjoying every single minute of it and his cock was drooling like a leaky tap. The more I tortured him; the more he drooled. Surely he would be allowed to cum after all that, right?

Nope. This is where his choice came in. He could either cum today and then go into chastity for a whole month. Or, he could wait until our session next week and maybe be allowed to cum. MAYBE. He chose the latter and instead was landed with a homework task of stroking himself slowly for an hour while he watched porn - but not cumming.

Will he last another week? Yes. He doesn't have a say in the matter. Will I let him cum next week? Hmmm; I haven't decided yet....

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I currently have 2 vacancies for slaves who wish to serve Me via email. You will be expected to complete weekly email tasks to My satisfaction and by a due date set. Each task will be specifically written for your particular kinks and fetishes, and you will be expected to provide a full written report and photographic/video evidence of you completing each task. Subject to your agreement; these photographs/videos will be published on My website for the world to see your humiliation.

You MUST be aged 21 or over to be considered. I will make no exceptions. You must also be 100% submissive, honest and obedient. I expect you to complete each task with ME in mind. Remember; serving Me is about ME and not you. Your needs don't even enter in to the equation.

If you feel you have what it takes to serve Me in this manner; you may read all about Email Training via the link below and apply in writing to:

Remember; put effort into your application - so that I put effort into reading it. Find out more about how you should apply here.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Insta-Dommes never learn..

You can always tell when it's summer. The weather gets warmer. The days get longer - and all the instadommes crawl out of the woodwork. They seem to think it's an easy way to get wads of cash for them to spend on their summer holidays.

Let's get one thing absolutely straight here. Financial Fetish is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If it was; all the established and genuine Findoms would have long-since retired to lead a life of luxury. Let's get real here. You aren't going to get rich from it - and you're not going to make a single penny if you don't know anything about the fetish.

Today, I've seen a so-called "findom" who brings nothing but shame to the scene. Not only is she clueless, but she seems to think that being foul-mouthed and abusive is the key to success. She also thinks buying twitter followers also makes her successful. No, it makes you desperate. In fact, no genuine finsub is going to touch you. Time-wasters however; will flock to you in their droves. They know you're clueless and will quite happily exploit that - time-wasting is a fetish in itself, don't forget.

In 13 years in the scene; I have received many gifts from subs. Each one has been offered - never demanded. These gifts are a lovely surprise from boys who have enjoyed being in My online company. Or they have simply sent Me a gift because they want to - because I have obviously done or said something which as meant a great deal to them. It's a form of gratitude.

Let's put things into perspective here. Would you say to your friends and family; "it's my birthday next week, so you better fucking give me a gift, losers!" No, you wouldn't. The most you would get is a slap in the face for being such a nasty little bitch. You'd lose friends and admirers pretty rapidly too. So why then; is it acceptable to speak to your followers like this? It isn't. Sub boys are still human beings at the end of the day. Granted; they differ from Dommes in terms of status - but they are still human. And even though they should of course been completely respectful to those above them; respect is very much a two-way street. Show a modicum of respect to your sub, and they will show the utmost respect to you. Verbally abuse them, and generally have a mouth like a sewer and they will avoid you like the plague. Subs like class, dignity and intelligence. They don't like a trashy little gutter-mouth who projects an image of desperate little slapper. They won't touch you with a dead man's dick, nevermind their wallets!

Now this particular "findom" had some serious delusions of grandeur - she is apparently going to take over the findom world! Funnily enough; I don't hear the sound of a hundred genuine Findoms quaking in their thigh boots...I think she may be confusing that with them pissing themselves laughing!

The fact is; if you're fake and you scream fake; you will be found out. You WILL be exposed. It might not be some exposure account which does it. You will expose YOURSELF. Genuine Dommes and subs have heard and read your tweets before - your tweets are a carbon copy of every other instadomme I've seen and you're not fooling anybody...except maybe yourself that is.

If you want to truly become a Findom - put in the effort and learn about the fetish - have a sense of pride in what you do. Those who do put in the effort will reap the rewards. Those who don't and instead prefer to fake their way through it will end up either being caught out or end up at the mercy of many time-wasters - its just a question of which will happen first...

Friday, 17 July 2015

Blue Balls Anyone?

Poor little pain sub. He's been in chastity for a whole week. During that week, he's had to endure endless teasing and denial from your's truly. Today, he enjoyed 40 minutes of intense cock and ball torture. He got so hard and excited and was leaking away from the word go. All engorged but no where to cum. I felt it far more fun to deny him for another week - let's see just how blue those balls can get, shall we?

Saturday, 11 July 2015

What is it to be "owned"?

The words; "You own me" are banded about a lot by many of the submissives I encounter. But the fact is; few of them actually know what that means. And an even smaller number are ever truly owned by Me.

What is it to be "owned" by a Dominatrix? Simply put it means you become Her property. And not just in title. To be "owned" means you are freely giving all of yourself to Mistress - mind, body and soul. It also means you are freely giving Her your entire life - everything you do and everything you are. That is real ownership.

Real ownership means that from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to sleep at night - you live your life for Mistress. Mistress is the sole focus of your mind. Every single task you perform is with Mistress in mind. You live for Mistress. You live in accordance with the way Mistress expects. Your entire life revolves around the needs and desires of Mistress. Your needs and desires become obsolete; as does your independent persona. Everything about yourself, as an independent person does not matter. Indeed; they are now extinct. The only thing which matters in your life is your Mistress - your Owner.

In actual fact, very few subs can rightfully consider themselves to be owned by Me. I can count them on one hand. While many of the submissives I speak to would like to be "owned" be Me, only a chosen few are - because I prefer QUALITY over quantity.

Those who do enjoy being owned by Me; understand the responsibility that comes with the territory. They understand that it is far more than just a "title". Titles are just words - a combination of letters in a certain order. Being owned comes from within and they knew they have to strive hard to retain that status. What's more; they enjoy striving hard to retain it. They seek only to please Mistress and make Her proud. They take whatever Mistress throws at them - the good and the bad - and they do this without question or objection. They know that they can only ever be truly happy when they have made Mistress happy. Everything else pales into insignificance. They have only once true purpose in life - to please and to give - all of themselves - completely.

No, it's not about gifts or tributes. This is another common misconception. If you think I'm going to "own" you simply because you have purchased a stack of stuff from My Wishlist then you are very much mistaken. Anybody can do that. Those are just things. And I guarantee your gifts will be remembered long after you are forgotten.

But if you prove to Me, during the course of your servitude that you have what it takes to be considered for ownership; then that's a different matter. It's about the DOING and the BEING - actions and reactions.  It's about demonstrating your own unique qualities and standing out from the rest; and therefore making yourself memorable to Mistress - in a positive light. I remember a lot of so-called "subs" in a negative light - and the few I remember in a positive light are those who now belong to Me.

So you see - it's not simply a case of stating "you own me, Mistress". It is far more complicated that that and takes EFFORT on your part. Anybody can put four little words together. But can you truly appreciate and act on what those four little words mean?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Kidnapped Sissy Slut.

Unfortunately, it's been a painful week for Me. Having trapped a nerve in My neck and also sprained My trapezius muscle, I've had to forego being on cam for a few days due to not being able to move My head or indeed most of My upper body. And while I've been offering some DirectIM/Instant Messenger sessions; it has been in between being zombified due to the painkillers.

But I'm pleased to say that even though I'm still in a lot of pain; I am improving and looking forward to being back on cam again this coming Friday and throughout the weekend. I am determined to get back to normal even if it kills Me!

DirectIM sessions haven't been without their charm of course. Last night; I enjoyed a nice long chat about a kidnap fantasy with a sissy slut. I've spoken to him many times on the phone, but last night he decided to confess a deep-seated fantasy with Me via DirectIM.

Sissy slut loves cock. Indeed; he often goes cruising for cock. He cannot function unless he has a regular dose of man-cock. But what he loves even more is cum - and as much cum as he can get. It doesn't have to be his own cum either. In fact, he likes it even better if it's the cum from as many cocks as possible. This slut really is a cum-bucket and has no problem with demonstrating how truly depraved he is.

His fantasy last night involved him being dragged into a van, drugged with chloroform and coming round to find himself dressed in slutty lingerie and bound and gagged. He would be on the floor of a dirty men's bathroom, surrounded by naked men of all shapes and sizes. His gag would be unceremoniously pulled from his mouth, and a huge cock shoved in it's place. Meanwhile, his ass would be up-turned ready for some serious abuse. One thick cock after another would be shoved up there - each one using his ass the way it should be. Each cock would pound him hard until it explodes inside him, filling his slutty ass with cream. And as soon as a cock cums down his throat, another cock is shoved in it's place.

When that last cock has cum up his ass, it would be pulled free to reveal a wide open creampie with thick cum oozing out of it. His little pucker would be red and thoroughly abused but still begging for more. So the men who haven't had the opportunity to fuck him; would instead jerk off and squirt their cum into his gaping man-cunt; thus filling him up even more.

He was in a real frenzy while we explored this dirty fantasy of his, and so desperate to play with his pathetic little man-clit. Of course I denied him. He has only one purpose after all - to give pleasure, not to receive it. Dangling his pleasure like the proverbial carrot keeps him compliant - and eager to please even more cocks!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

When it's too hot for Kink.

The downside to kink is when the weather is hot. I mean; while I love all the rubber and PVC outfits I often wear on webcam; when the weather is hot I have to consider dressing down - and that means leaving the PVC in the wardrobe and putting on something cooler.

But don't ever fool yourself into thinking that this makes Me any less Dominant. The fact is clothing is aesthetics. The PVC and the latex are props for your benefit - to set the scene as it were. What and who I am comes from inside - it is My mind which does the work - not My clothing.

And of course it is only right that you would want Mistress to be comfortable while She is giving you the honour of Her attention. You don't want Mistress to end up with heat-stroke. A genuine sub will understand that the needs and comfort of Mistress are of the utmost importance and so you will not be making any objections. You have no rights to objection - remember that.

So today is a dress-down day today. It is way too hot for restrictive clothing. And of course My needs come first. I will be wearing something light, cool and comfortable - because I can. As for you - unless you're a sissy who is to perform for Me; you don't need clothes. You should not hide your body from Me. I expect 100% access to it.

The mantra of today is that Mistress is comfortable - and you are not; in every sense of the word. Your comfort isn't important. Your servitude and respect is. Period.