Friday, 29 April 2016


Mistress Cristal teases you with Her fishnet clad feet; red painted toenails and very sexy silver toe rings! How badly do you want to worship them?

$10 - Fetish Clip

Thursday, 28 April 2016


Two sexy, kinky new goodies for you today. You won't be disappointed with these fetish delights!


I want to stuff My sexy red toenails in your mouth and make you taste every single inch of them. The lowest part of My body is where you belong!

$10 - PHOTO SET.


Drool over My red lips as you stroke. Which will drool first? Your mouth or your cock?


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Foot Worship Reminds You Of Your Place.

I don't allow body worship in My session simply because you are not worthy of My glorious, Superior body. I save that for real men who are worthy of the honour of worshipping My beautiful curves. 

Foot worship on the other hand; is not only permitted but is also encouraged. This form of worship acts as a delicious reminder of where you belong - on you knees; on the floor and at the lowest part of My body - My feet. 

I dedicate a lot of time to pampering My feet as does My personal slave. I love nothing more than to see him kneeling before Me; running is tongue in and around My toes to clean them. His foot massages and pedicures are wonderful and I will often command him to do this while I'm watching TV or even if I'm sat in the garden during the summer months. It wouldn't be the first time I've demanded he worship My feet in public. Well when we're shopping; My feet get sore - and then it's time for him to do his duty. It's a perfect reminder of his status in life. 

I allow slaves to worship My feet on webcam from their point of view. This means that the view they receive is the view from the floor - giving them the ultimate foot worship experience of seeing Me tower above them as I command their next move. I dangle My shoes to tease and delight before letting the shoe drop to the floor and spreading My toes for slave to see the soft skin between them. I can have you hypnotised by My feet VERY easily. All I have to do is show every single inch of them; and tell you exactly where I expect your lips and tongue to be. 

If you please Me well when you worship My claws; perhaps I will grant you the opportunity of stroking yourself while you stare at My delectable toes. I shall even wiggle them just to add to your teasing torture before commanding you to beg for permission to cum all over them. You want to see that; don't you? You want to see your cum splashing across My red hot toe nails before seeping between those beautiful digits. I know what I want to see. I want to see you licking it all off again....

Friday, 22 April 2016

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.♥

Prince Rogers Nelson
1958 - 2016.
Yesterday; the world was greeted with the sad and shocking news that we have lost yet another musical genius. Pop superstar Prince was found unresponsive at his Paisley Park Estate and later pronounced dead by emergency services.

Having been a fan of Prince since the mid to late 80's; I am personally saddened to lose this wonderful icon. This multi-talented artist; small in stature but huge in personality was regularly blasted out at full volume in My bedroom; much to the annoyance of My long-suffering Mother.

Prince was indeed unique and was absolutely one of the greatest song-writers the world has ever known. Never one to place himself in one musical genre; his music ranged from rock, to soul, to pop, to hip-hop and beyond; each song better than the last. My personal favourite was "Sign O The Times"; a thought-provoking anthem which highlighted the side of life we sometimes don't want to see.

Mysterious, elusive and fiercely independent; Prince was indeed a very clever businessman when it came to the art of self-promotion whilst making a stand. Changing his name to a "symbol" and writing "slave" on his cheek during his feud with Warner Bros; he was not afraid of controversy. Neither was he afraid to stick two fingers up at the constraints of gender roles. This pint-sized superstar lead a glamorous, flamboyant life; influencing many of the new artists we see today.

It truly is the end of an era. The Royal Family of music has lost another of its noble members and today; we cry tears of purple as we come to terms with the loss of this wonderful creative genius.

Rest In Peace Prince.
This is what it sounds like when doves cry.


Thursday, 14 April 2016


This is to certify that:


Is sentenced to:


Proposed Date of Release:

24 NOVEMBER 2016

Proposed date of Parole Hearing:

4 AUGUST 2016

Panty Boy may be eligible for parole on or after this date subject to him pleasing Mistress and at the discretion of Mistress.

Panty Boy is the property of Mistress Cristal

Panty Boy has managed to achieve the highest honour - he has pleased Me enough to become My property. I now take full ownership of him as I mould him into the kind of slave I enjoy. This truly is a great privilege for Panty Boy and is testament to the hard work he has applied in ensuring he pleases Mistress to the best of his ability.

Only a few have this honoured status and through his dedication; Panty Boy has managed to achieve this. He has proven himself to be worthy of My continued and long-term attention and I have no doubt that he will continue to learn and flourish in his journey of true submission.

Panty Boy will now reap the rewards of becoming My property. He will enjoy the special perks which come with the honour of becoming an owned slave. He will be permitted life-time access to My Kik ID at no extra cost - meaning he can communicate with Me as often as he would like. He will also enjoy the extra reward of being under My wing; and will continue to take pride in serving Me unconditionally.

I shall point out that at no point did Panty Boy ask to be owned. He knew better than that. He simply obeyed and performed until he had impressed Me enough for ownership to be offered. This is what made him a cut above all the rest when it came to serving Me. His servitude is truly selfless - he has all the qualities of an excellent submissive; and I very much look forward to seeing our relationship grow as he learns more about what is expected of him and even more about himself. 

Join Me in congratulating Panty Boy - he earned his rightful place with very pleasing results.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Just how sadistic is Mistress?

Don't believe I'm really that sadistic? I think chastity sub would whole-heartedly disagree with you! Here's a picture of his balls after today's torturous CBT session. The yellow stuff is strong English mustard - burning hot enough to make his eyes water. This is AFTER some torture with sand paper; the pin wheel, hot wax and of course a good whipping from a leather belt. It's also after he wore toothed clamps to his balls for 20 minutes.

By the time I'd finished with him; he was not only shaking in agony; he was also crying. Yes his eyes were squirting despite the fact that his cock still isn't allowed to squirt - not until at least May anyway.

So in to answer those who wonder just how sadistic I am - take a long hard look at this picture. It could be you if you play your cards right!


You will be pleased to know that I have added an alternative payment method for those who do not have an Amazon account; or are unable to pay via Amazon.

I now accept Gift Vouchers for Delivery code. I will accept vouchers for tributes, kik/skype ID fees, cam sessions phone sessions and email assignments. Said payments with either be used for Me to treat Myself to something from My delivery code wishlist or will be paid in cash to Me; depending up on how I feel.

Want to know more? Then I invite you to visit the link below:


What constitutes bad behaviour of a slave?

I was recently asked by a considered slave; about what would constitute bad behaviour worthy of punishment. So rather than just tell him; I've decided to highlight this very good question in a blog post. This should clear up any confusion:

  1. Failing to address Mistress in the correct and respectful manner.
  2. Conversing with another Domme without the permission of Mistress.
  3. Acts of masturbation and other sexual activity without the explicit permission of Mistress.
  4. Failure to report to Mistress on a regular basis.
  5. Failing to act on the instructions of Mistress.
  6. Attempting to top from bottom.
  7. Attempting to serve another Domme without the permission of Mistress.
  8. Behaving in a less that respectful manner to other considered slaves.
  9. Failing to report to any correspondence by Mistress; in a timely manner.
  10. Failure to thoroughly complete any assignment as instructed by Mistress.
  11. Lying to Mistress.
  12. With-holding requested information from Mistress.
  13. Sending dick pics without the permission of Mistress.
  14. Failing to put the needs of Mistress above anything else.
  15. Failing to request permission for "time off" due to work, family or holiday commitments.
  16. Failing to submit assignments on time.
  17. Failing to attend webcam appointments on time.
  18. Failing to send appropriate webcam session/email assignment fees as requested by Mistress.
  19. Failing to appear naked on webcam with Mistress; unless otherwise instructed.
  20. Failing to update Mistress of any health or welfare issues.
Punishments for breaking the above rules vary from physical or psychological punishments. Of course the ULTIMATE punishment for a badly behaved slave is dismissal. And when you're dismissed; you're dismissed permanently. This means that Mistress will no longer acknowledge your existence....

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Time-waster becomes the time-wastee!

So this weekend; I was approached by a well-known time-waster who was absolutely gagging for a forced-intox/rinsing session. Unfortunately for him; I always keep My ear to the ground. I'm also intelligent enough to spot a time-waster before they even start their little games.

This one is known for cancelling gifts and is very famous around the findom scene for doing so. He has a session; buys shit loads of stuff from a wishlist then cancels it. And he does this repeatedly. I'm well aware of his activities. So I decided to turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine.

After he sent two tributes for £50; he wanted to have said intox session with Me. I told him I expected the session fee. He argued that he'd just paid Me £100. And here's where he incriminates himself further. A good financial slave knows the difference between "fees" and "tributes....

So; I told him to go and research Financial Fetish; since it was painfully clear he knew very little about it. And I instructed him to do this why I dangled the possibility of his much craved for forced intox session in front of him. This morning he contacted Me again; stating that he'd researched it "a bit"; thus falling even further into My trap. My next task for him to was to write an essay on financial fetish; telling him that if his essay pleased Me, I would indeed grant him a forced intox session - provided he paid the session fee of course. This he agreed to do.

However. here's what he tried to pass off as his own work:

Moneyslaves in true form give tributes often consisting of all their disposable income - this is done under their own volition and without any expectation. They are happy in the knowledge they are making a Dominant's life easier and happier whilst giving purpose and meaning to their own. Over and above this some like to have the boundaries pushed to the extent life becomes hard for them when the Dominant demands over and above the contributor's disposable income. Sometimes other elements of play and control can be included such as chastity, mind games, tasks, cam sessions, use of Teamviewer, realtime shopping etc.

Of course, pain and degradation are inherent to BDSM, and in many respects financial domination is no different from many other BDSM fetishes; it often overlaps with other kinks, including foot fetishes, erotic hypnosis and enforced chastity. Yet through practices like wallet draining, wallet rape, ATM draining or TeamViewer sessions, in which dommes log into subs’ bank accounts via remote computer access software, findommes take humiliation to an entirely different level. “One of the primary tenets of BDSM is that people want to be hurt,” financial domme Anastasia (not her real name) tells me. “This is a very particular way in which people want to be hurt.”

Although findom practices vary widely from domme to domme, most of the dommes  interact with submissives via BDSM social networking services like Dommedose and Kinkbomb, where they arrange individual cam sessions for an initial tribute (there are also thousands of findom videos on YouTube, many of which feature dommes counting their money or showing off gifts they’ve received from subs). From there, subs are expected to send ever-larger tributes to attract dommes’ attentions, from $25 Amazon gift cards to thousands of dollars in one session. Submissives are also encouraged to buy gifts from dommes’ Amazon wishlists. The items on these lists vary widely in price and glamor: Fang’s, for instance, includes a lilac and lace bustier, a bottle of black nail polish, and a silicone potato masher.

To those in the vanilla world, the relationship between a financial domme and a sub doesn’t seem that far removed from that of a sugar baby and a sugar daddy, or a mistress whose lavish lifestyle is subsidized by a wealthy, older male. Dr. Sue Storm, the host of Canadian BDSM podcast In Bed With Dr. Sue, says the distinction between the two arises from the lack of physical intimacy between the domme and the sub. “Sugar babies are kept in beautiful condos and are showered with gifts and they reciprocate with sex, whereas the financial domme does not,” says Storm. “With a sugar baby, she’s just there, ready, whenever you want her. With the financial domme, it’s the other way around.”

Unlike sugar daddies, financial submissives are not necessarily in a higher socioeconomic bracket than their dommes. Many dommes say their slaves range from well-off older males to college kids working minimum-wage jobs. “Wealthier men are more likely to be into financial domination, but there are a lot of poor fin subs also,” Fang says. Domme Kyaa, a financial domme who is currently the highest earner on Kinkbomb, agrees: “It’s financial domination whether you’re taking 5 dollars from someone who works at McDonald’s or taking 500 dollars from some CEO. It’s all about the sacrifice and having to spend more than is comfortable.”

Most financial dommes do not do “real-time” domination — meaning they rarely, if ever, meet their subs face to face. As is the case with any online subculture, this shroud of anonymity creates the conditions for a veritable kink playground, where dommes are free to adopt any persona they like. With her cyan-colored hair and professed interest in gaming and comic books, Fang draws in more introverted, nerdier subs.

For subs and dommes alike, it’s this blurring of reality and fantasy, the lack of distinction between hazy fantasies of submission and the harsh truths of an ever-whittling bank account, that makes financial domination so appealing — and so disturbing to outsiders. Unlike most workers in the industry, financial dommes are selling a service less tangible than straight-up sex, which has led many to label them as lazy con artists. “We are usually portrayed as scamming prostitutes,” Miss Pinky Galore, a financial domme1 who also works as the administrator of findom website Greedy Snobs, tells me. “Which, ironically enough, is a good thing to those men who ‘get off’ on being scammed.”

Even in the world of online BDSM, where pretty much anything goes as long as it’s safe and consensual — enforced chastity, cock-and-ball torture, even fart fetishes — there’s an element of financial domination that strikes many as unsavory or taboo. “No one talks about it, and no one really wants to talk about it,” says Storm. “[Because] whenever you’re talking about anything in the BDSM world, it always comes back to an exchange of power and control. Well, what’s the biggest thing that you can take control over? One is [another person’s] medical care. The other is their finances. Whenever you talk money, people freak out.”

Pinky Galore concurs: “Money can hurt a lot harder than a whip sometimes. It’s a very sexy and powerful weapon.”

Silly boy - all he managed was a cut and paste job. And he attempted to insult My intelligence by expecting Me to swallow this as his own work. Little did he know; that all the time he was panting in anticipation of having a session with Me; I was doing some research of My own. It's amazing the things you find when you study somebody's twitter time-line. It's also interesting what happens when you chat to other Dommes about him - they often give you the low-down to confirm what you already know!

The upshot is he got his just desserts. I took his money and ran. I played him like a well-strung violin; just like he's done to many other Dommes. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of playing him like the fool he is; as he fell deeper and deeper into My not so sweet honey-trap. Conning him the way he's conned many other Dommes, was absolutely delicious - almost orgasmic in fact. And I don't feel in the slightest bit sorry about it. He tried to fool Me...but in reality; he's the fool for even trying! 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Domination & Responsibility.

It doesn't matter if you're a real-time or an online Dominatrix. If you are practising the art of BDSM; it comes with an immense amount of responsibility. And that responsibility is about ensuring your slave is always safe. You must always remember; that your slave is putting his trust in you 100%. When they submit to you; they give up complete control and trust that while you will control their life, mind, body and soul; you will also ensure that they will never come to any harm.

This responsibility begins from the word go; not just during a session. It is so very important to do a full health screening of your slave. You need to ensure you have a comprehensive background of your slave's health and well-being. Not doing so risks serious injury to your slave; or worse. This is one of the few things you DO owe your slave.

When I take on a new slave; they have to fill out an application questionnaire. There is no way around this. They provide answers on their likes and dislikes; experience, limits (another VERY important factor!) and of course their health. And you need to ensure you know EVERYTHING. That is why; if a slave should be successful in the process; they are then subjected to an online interview via text chat. I will ask them details of any illness or conditions they have; any surgeries; any history of medical complications; any dietary requirements; and of course; a complete list of any medication they are taking.

Some slaves have actually been quite surprised at Me asking such questions. They have even gone so far as to consider it "intrusive". It is then that I remind them it is for THEIR safety. You must provide some care for your sub - every time you play with them.

Another reason it is important to find out these things is for the BDSM techniques you intend to use. For example; the use of electrics on a slave with a heart condition is asking for trouble. Just like the use of poppers on a slave with heart, lung or blood-pressure problems is also very dangerous. If you have a slave with diabetes; you would definitely not do a forced-intox session involving alcohol - that'll put them at serious risk of a diabetic coma.

So as you can see; there's a lot more to being a Dominatrix than making your slave do naughty things. It's a title you earn - by taking care of your slave - before, during and AFTER session - every single time! 

Friday, 1 April 2016


Public humiliation is not for the faint-hearted. And My range of public humiliation tasks will have you squirming so badly; you'll wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole! Fact is; I don't have to be physically there to humiliate and demean you. All I need to do is tell you what I want you to do; instruct you to take pictures and/or video and wait for the incriminating evidence to fall into My wicked hands.

And once I have the evidence of your public humiliation; I shall humiliate you even further by spreading it across social media and My website. I might even upload it to My clips channel to make money off your shame. Believe Me; there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it!

Perhaps I will make you stand in a busy street; wearing a very humiliating sign? Or maybe I can send you on a very special shopping task? I could even send you off somewhere while you appear on Skype video. A visit to a nail bar? A trip to the hair salon for a blue rinse? Maybe to the local Ann Summers store for a few cringe-worthy items? My list is endless. And I will receive many hours of enjoyment from it - as will My fans!

Public Humiliation tasks start from £50. The more humiliating the task; the higher the price. I will even do a bespoke task for £100 - but be prepared to squirm A LOT! Will you be mentally scarred for life? Almost certainly!










Tribute is via Gift card ONLY and in advance. Pictures and video of you completing the task is required.

Email for further details