Saturday, 6 April 2013

Alternative Grand National and Pain Slut.

Well, one of My horses was in the top three - well done to Cappa Bleu! On His Own fell and I've no idea what Seabass did. But one out of three aint bad!

Yes, I had flutter on the Grand National- and being the sensible person I am, bet each way - more chances to win at least something that way.

I'm not one for having a flutter on the horses - the Grand National is the only time I do. I guess its a traditional thing really.

Wouldn't it be fun though to have a BDSM Grand National?

Line up all the pony-slaves, complete with harness, bits and tails and have them race. I'm quite sure we wouldn't be penalised for over-use of the whip! lol I for one would find it a great deal of fun!

Been a slow day cam wise - I think everybody was too busy keeping their eyes peeled on Aintree. One or two good slaves. Pain slut came in for a harsh CBT session, and I really let him have it. Pegs, wooden spoon, leather belt, toothpaste, deep heat; the lot! He did bring along his parachute and weights, but his credits ran out before I had chance to use them. I wonder if he would win the BDSM Grand National, with weights attached?

I also had a few idiots asking if I get naked - NO I DON'T! It does clearly state this in My profile, but obviously some people can't read.

But all in all pretty quiet, but good. Now I'm off to collect My winnings!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ego-Boy The Fake Sub

Today, I had a fake submissive enter Directcam, who seriously thought he was God's gift to women. Instead of doing exactly as he was told, he decided to use the session to brag about his "oh so fit" self and his "7 inch cock when flaccid", and how he "can get any girl he likes". It was both nauseating and hilarious!

He even had the audacity to say he'd like to fuck Me, because I'd love his "big cock". I just cracked up at that bit, before asking him why a pathetic, egotistical maggot dicked loser like him would ever be worthy of Me. He didn't have an answer - just said he didn't know. So I just enjoyed belittling him, tying him in knots, challenging him to back his statement with facts, until he finally realised he'd bitten off more than he could chew and left the room. Still, I was happy to take his credits from him while he totally humiliated himself!

He came back into free preview a little later, asking why he had he been kicked from private chat. I explained that his credits had run out and he hadn't been kicked. He'd just been too busy  massaging his own ego to notice.

A little while later, he came into group chat, spluttering apologies left, right and centre, saying he was "My bitch". I asked him who had told him he was My bitch, to which he didn't respond. He's only "My bitch" if I say he is - and I clearly hadn't!

When another sub came in for some jerk off instruction, I made "ego-boy" sit on his hands while he watched. No touching, no jerking off and no cumming. In the end he gave up and disappeared, probably because a shed-load of "babes" had knocked on his door......

Heels, Heels and More Heels!

It is no secret that I absolutely ADORE heels. The higher the better. I already have quite a collection, and I'm always seeking to add to it. Indeed, I can never walk past a shoe shop without it calling Me inside to buy.

I've been adding a few pairs to My wishlist, and the ones pictured below are the heels I really really want!

Anyone who treats Me to any of these will receive a special video message of Me showing off their purchase and a thank you message.

So if you love heels as much as I do, and what to see Me wearing some of these, you know what to do!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Prepare For Your Caning!

If you have been a naughty boy, THIS is what you shall receive!

Shoe Worship POV


Playing Without Permission? FINE!

Today sees the re-introduction of "wank tax", because a few of you subbies have been helping yourselves a little too much for My liking!

If you are contracted to serve Me, each time you wank WITHOUT PERMISSION, you will be fined or "taxed" £5 - for EVERY WANK. You will pay via paypal or amazon, after sending Me an email to confess your dirty deeds. And the more you wank, the more you will pay!

No excuses, no whining. Keep your hands away from your dirty little dick or pay your dues!

A Lighter Look at Kim Jong Un!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Maybe It Really Is Time To Leave Michael Jackson Alone.

Being a die-hard Michael Jackson fan, I have been following the news about the upcoming AEG trial. There are a few things which bother Me, if I'm honest.

Firstly, I note that CNN have chosen Diane Dimond has their correspondent. Diane is known for reporting on past news about Michael Jackson over the years, and her "work" has not gone down well with the fans. Rather than be impartial, she has pretty much chosen to go down the "let's all slag Michael Jackson off" route. So if you think you're gonna get a fair report from her - think again. Worst person ever for the trial!

Secondly, I note that Mrs Jackson is claiming $40 billion - the money she says Michael would have made had he have done the This Is It Tour. Now this makes Me uncomfortable. This is a ridiculous amount of money. Yes, it's quite likely he would have made this amount, judging from the footage of the This Is It rehearsal - BUT bringing AEG to task about their failings should not be about money. It should be about justice and the fact that they failed to respond to voiced concerns about Michael's failing health. They put their own greed ahead of the welfare of the star. Judging from the "leaked" emails from them, concerning Michael, this is very clear. They had dollar signs in their eyes.

If Mrs Jackson wins - then it's My feeling that the money should be donated to various charities, which is exactly what Michael himself intended to do with the proceeds of the tour. In fact, his intention was to build a children's hospital, something of which a non-profit group are trying to do, albeit from grassroots level. I'm not suggesting they should receive all of the money - but charities which were close to Michael's heart should certainly be considered, as was his wish.

The other alarming fact is that it is intended that the child abuse allegations will be brought into the trial. Michael was acquitted of all charges back in 2005. And for those who still believe he did it, I can tell you with 100% certainty he didn't. Why do I know this? Because I have read the 300 odd page FBI file, which was released in 2009, after his death, and because I've read the trial transcripts. There is not one scrap of evidence to suggest Michael was guilty. Don't forget - he was investigated for 16 years by D A Tom Sneddon's office, after the allegations in 1993. In in all those years, there was NOTHING to link him with the allegations. Scrawled at the top of the pages of the FBI file, is the word "nothing." Also, reading the trial transcripts, you can clearly see the prosecution's case is weak at best. Janet Arvizo comes across as a totally deluded loon, who just cannot get her story straight. Gavin and his brother can't get their stories straight either, claiming they had been kidnapped by Michael, only to escape Neverland and later return of their own free will. Extortion, extortion, extortion!

But why bring the allegations into the trial - as he was acquitted, and all evidence supports this, why is this relevant?

It is very worrying that this is going to be a circus of mud-slinging. Unfortunately, greed is going to tarnish Michael's memory yet again - like it did during the Conrad Murray trial. And the media are going to have a field day. It is so sad that even in spirit, Michael still can't have the peace he craved. I think it was Marlon Jackson who said at Michael's memorial, "how much pain can one man take? Maybe now Michael, they will leave you alone." If only that was the case Marlon, if only.

Who do I feel sorry for most in all of this? Well, the children. Paris and Prince will be taking the stand during the trial - something I'm certain Michael would be horrified with. Those poor kids will have to relive that terrible day when their beloved father died. Raw wounds will be opened and their grief will be heightened a thousand times over. They will be scrutinised by the the defence and the prosecution, and in particular the media. Nobody should have to go through that, especially not children. Yes, they are in their mid-teens now - but back in 2009, they were just kids. They should not have to be put in this position.

Who is to blame for all of this? Is it Conrad Murray for failing to give Michael even the basic of care? Let's not forget that this disgusting man has still not acknowledged his part in Michael's death, neither has he apologised. Whether he was under pressure from Michael or not, the fact is you do not give somebody Propofol without the correct equipment, outside of a hospital environment. You do not then go and call your girlfriend for 40 minutes, while leaving the patient totally unmonitored. And you certainly don't give CPR on a bed!

Or is it Michael himself? Was he so dependent on painkillers and various other drugs that he would have done anything to get them? Yes, he had regular problems with insomnia, particularly when he was about to go on tour. And of course he did suffer greatly as a result of the Pepsi accident back in the 80's. Was he so desperate to be pain-free and to have a decent night's sleep, he wanted to be knocked out at any cost? This does not sit comfortably with Me, I'll be honest. But we must consider this question. And if this is the case, then clearly this was a man who needed help - physically and psychologically. Why didn't he get that help?

Or is it the people who surrounded him? His "gatekeepers". Many voiced their concerns about Michael's health, in the run up to his death. Indeed, Karen Faye, his long-time make up lady was very concerned, especially when she saw how skinny he was. Fans were contacting her saying they were very worried that something awful was going to happen to him. Kenny Ortega himself was worried. And yet all concerns fell on deaf ears. Were Michael's people so preoccupied with looking after their own interests, that they forgot his?

Indeed, there are many theories out there. Some believe his death was no accident and that there are more people responsible than Conrad Murray. I for one am tempted to believe this because there are just so many unanswered questions. Where is the CCTV footage of that morning, for example? Why did it just "disappear"? Is it possible that somebody wanted Michael dead? And what for? First thing which springs to mind is his prized ATV catalogue. There are many who would like to get hold of that, for its sheer monetary value.

There are some out there who believe Michael is not dead, and is living under-cover somewhere, simply to get away. I don't believe that one for a second. He wouldn't do this to his kids, and he certainly wouldn't do it to his Mother.

I think really, we will never know what really happened. Like the case of Princess Diana, these questions will go unanswered. There is only one person who really knows the truth, and that's Michael himself. How sad it is that we can't ask him.

But My final point here is that it's time to stop...just stop. In June it will be 4 years since we lost Michael. In in those 4 years, the poor man still hasn't been allowed to rest in peace. Even in death, he is still suffering the humiliation, the pain, the same scrutiny he suffered when he was alive. Not even in death can he be allowed his privacy and his dignity.

Michael Jackson was The Greatest Show On Earth, for various reasons. He was not a circus freak however, to be pointed at and humiliated. And he isn't now. This was man who was repeatedly ridiculed and slandered by the tabloids. This was a man who repeatedly suffered an invasion of his privacy from those who wanted a piece him. This was a man who shared with us the gift of his talent and the love of his heart. And we abused it.

If people really love and respect Michael Jackson, they should just stop and give the man the peace and rest he deserves. He gave us so much throughout his life - and by simply just leaving him alone, this is how we can give him something back.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Slave Worships My Feet and Heels.

Yesterday I had a slave who wanted to worship My feet and heels. He had never served Me before, and was rather nervous. But once into private chat and he had heard My voice, he quickly relaxed.

I slipped on My very sexy platform heels - they're black with a peep toe and a very destructive heel, and teased him with them. I was shoe dangling, wriggling My toes, showing the heel in a close up shot. He was loving it! Any shyness melted away amid his pleas to worship My feet, to kiss the toes and to suck the heel "like it was one of My dildos" as he put it.

He was certainly very happy when I told him I wanted him to cum on My toes, so he could lick them clean afterwards - very happy indeed!

I do love to show off My feet. I think they are one of My best features. I always paint My toenails. At the moment its a lincoln green polish, but from tonight, they will be bright red. I wear two toe-rings, one on each foot, which are a hit with My foot slaves and I love shoes! The higher the heel, the more I love them! I'm always adding more shoes to My wishlist. In fact I can't walk past a shoe shop without it calling Me in to buy! lol

So if you think you're worthy enough to worship My very sexy feet, you're in for a treat!

Monday, 1 April 2013


My availability for cam and phone sessions this week is as follows:









If you wish to book a session during these times, you may contact Me to do so.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Timewaster Name and Shame.

It's not often I get them, but today I am naming and shaming a BDSM timewaster.

This cretin contacted Me by email, begging to be financially blackmailed by Me. Make a note of his email address so you know to avoid him in the future:

As I do with all those who wish to be blackmailed, I instructed him to dress up as a sissy, complete with lingerie, wig and make up. First of all, he said he couldn't wear the wig, as his dog had chewed it (rather like telling the teacher the dog has chewed his homework). Yet in his application he said he had lots and lots of wigs - did the dog chew those too?!

As well as dressing up, he was to hold a piece of paper on which he had written his full name, age and email address. He was given until the end of last week to do this.

On Thursday, I received photographs of him - he was NOT dressed up. He was NOT holding the piece of paper with what I had instructed him to write. Instead, he chose to take various pictures of himself, to show off his body, to try to impress Me. It didn't.

Now when he mentioned about the wig incident, I had a feeling then this guy was full of shit. The fact that he chose to ignore My instructions proved this.

His details have been forwarded to BDSM Timewasters, as well as entered on to the Timewasters list at If you come across him, don't be taken in by his promises - they will not materialise.

If you want to behave the same way as this idiot, you will suffer the same fate - so don't do it!

Happy Easter!

Now don't go scoffing all those chocolate eggs at once!