Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kinky Boots and A Risky Humiliation Session.

An interesting and busy day today, with plenty of subs to control!

First up was a slave who wanted to experience guided masturbation and cum eating. He confessed that his girlfriend was downstairs watching TV, so could only remove his bottom half. This I allowed, in case he had to cover up quick. As sadistic as I am, I'm not going to be party to the breakdown of a relationship.

Of course, keeping his top on did come with a forfeit. After he came, he licked his hand clean and was then instructed to go downstairs and give his girlfriend a long, hard kiss, with tongues. I wonder if she noticed the unusual taste in his mouth?!

Next up was a slave who wanted to drool and worship My boots. My favourite knee-high boots made an appearance today, and he admitted he'd seen them on My Youtube channel. So after some begging and pleading, he was permitted to see them. I enjoyed teasing him, rubbing My ankles together so he could hear the squeak of the leather, showing him the soles, which he begged to lick. He ran out of credits, so left rather abruptly, but he certainly enjoyed himself! Perhaps next time, he'll be treated to a shot of Me putting on My boots.

My last sub of the day was into public humiliation. I asked him what public humiliation he had explored to date, to which he replied he had run naked in the street, and that was about it (I had an inkling he wasn't telling the truth!)
I asked him about the area he lived in - was it busy? Did he have large windows? Then ordered him to private chat to show him was public humiliation was really like.

He appeared on cam, completely naked and had one of the tiniest dicks I've ever seen. Clearly, anybody walking past would have been hard pressed to see it, unless they were carrying binoculars! I had him write the word "slut" across his chest in permanent marker and made him go to the window. The sheer curtains were drawn, so he was instructed to open them wide. He opened them, stood in front of the window for 30 seconds, then shut them and ran back like a startled rabbit.

Unfortunately for him, as he'd stood there, proudly showing off his little willy, a couple of police officers had walked past! Oops! lol

C*ntweasle says too much!

In his last email assignment, c*ntweasle was instructed to write an essay on his feelings towards his servitude to Me so far. C*ntweasle is My longest-serving slave, having served Me for a little over 2 years.

Now I suspect he was enjoying a "wee-dram" as he wrote the essay, because I get the feeling he said way too much. Indeed, when he sent it to me, the covering email was littered with comments such as; "oh it's probably too long and you won't read it all, I hope" and "I hope you get bored with reading this." Clearly he knows he's probably let his mind run away with him again!

So being the sadistic bitch I am, I've read it thoroughly and noted the little gems he's given away. Of course I'm going to have to take full advantage of that, which will be reflected in his next assignment.

A couple of days ago I received another email from him, begging Me to be kind. Well I will be kind - to a point! But you see, little matches start big fires, as he is about to experience! I suspect his next homework report will be VERY entertaining!

Friday, 29 March 2013

How I Deal With Timewasters

If you are a timewaster, and repeatedly ignore My instructions, then your details will be forwarded to BDSM Timewasters.

That means that they will displayed on the BDSM Timewasters website and probably on Twitter, so other Dommes know to avoid you.

This is particularly the case with those who apply for Blackmail and Financial Slavery. Already one new blackmail slave is heading down the road to having his details passed on, for failing to do as he was instructed.

The message is simple. If you want to be blackmailed by Me, or want to serve Me financially, then follow through with your promises. Don't say you'll do something, and then back out at the last minute. If you talk the talk, but don't walk the walk, then don't apply. I'm serious in My methods and I expect you to be too!

Pussy Gets In On The Action.

Yesterday's video was supposed to be a minute or two longer, and would have been had I have been alone.
However, My cat was watching, and in particular was watching My crop. So while I was swishing it around, he was watching it. If you look at the bottom left corner towards the end of the video, you will see a little black blob. This is him about to pounce on My crop, hence the video stopped when it did!

It is not the first time he's decided to appear on cam. If you have a webcam session with Me and he's around, you can guarantee at some point, he will choose that moment to climb up on to My knee. Such an inquisitive soul - or maybe just plain nosey! lol

So to compensate, there will be a longer video uploaded later in the week, which will feature more shots of My very sexy boots.

I'm currently trying to get a hold of some very sexy thigh boots, which I've added to My wishlist. If you want to treat Me to them, by all means, go ahead.

If not, I aim to have them in a few weeks, so they too will be making an appearance in one of My videos - hopefully puss won't!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bizarre Fetish? Come and Tell Me!

This morning I completed an interview for, where I was asked about My BDSM life as well as My life outside of BDSM. And it got Me thinking, if I'm honest.

In the 9 years I've been a Domme, I've encountered all sorts of requests. From the sub who wanted to do a role-play about him being a witch being burned at the stake, the sub who wanted to hang himself while I listened (never again!), the sub who loves hairy armpits, to the one who wanted to eat all kinds of wierd and wonderful things while I watched.

The thing about being a Domme is that life is never dull. And it's doing interviews like the one I've just done which makes Me reminisce and evaluate. (To read the full interview, click HERE. )

In truth, I've always had a love of all things kink and alternative. From being a teenager, I was never one to "fall in with the crowd". I liked to be different, unconventional and unique. Why be normal? Where's the fun in that?

From My style to My attitudes, I've always been different. And that is why I like the bizarre. During the interview, I was asked what is special about Me. The answer is that I'm not fazed by strange requests, as long as they are within My limits and are legal. If you have a bizarre fetish, then I'm happy to hear about it. Playing with somebody who likes things to be on the strange side is fun and exciting.

So if you have a fetish, which you fear nobody will be interested in, then think again, because I am! The more bizarre the better. All I ask is that it's safe, legal and consenual!

Gifts Galore!

A BIG THANK YOU goes to the slave who sent Me a gorgeous halter-neck maxi dress, thong and sandals as a belated Birthday present. Perfect for summer - all we need now is the main event to actually arrive!

Another BIG THANK YOU goes to the slave who sent Me a professional make-up brush set, which will come in VERY handy, as My current brushes are getting tired and were in desperate need of replacing!

You too can treat Mistress to something very special, by purchasing a gift from My amazon wishlist.

And all those who are generous will receive a mention here!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cuntweasle - The Easter Bunny.

And here we have the Easter Bunny - although far more "tarty! lol

He doesn't look happy - probably due to a forced visit to Ann Summers for fishnet stockings and bunny tail! lol

Vacancies for Email Training Available!

I currently have 3 vacancies for those wishing to apply for Email Training with Me.

To apply, you must be aged 21 or over, male, and GENUINELY SUBMISSIVE.

Those wishing to try Email training with be expected to complete weekly email assignments by a deadline set by Me. You will be expected to provide a full write up of your assignment activities, along with photographs of you carrying out each task. Photographs may be published on My website, subject to your agreement of course.

Each assignment will be specifically catered to your particular tastes and kinks, which you will advise Me of when you apply.

To apply for one of these limited vacancies, you may click here.

For further information on Email Training, you may click here.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Yesterday's Outfit.

Mmmmm, lovely PVC!

Wigs, PVC and more!

Yesterday, I wore the new PVC top which patheticwalletworm sent to Me for My Birthday and it looked amazing. Fitted like a glove and certainly went down well with My subs!

Now because I like to adopt different looks every so often, I also coupled this with My new black bob wig - think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction and you get the picture!

I own a few wigs, and like to wear them on cam every so often, and I'm always on the look out for more. Being blessed with not the easiest hair to style, they are useful when I simply can't be bothered to mess about with My hair, or if I'm having a "bad hair day". Also, with the weather being so cold at the moment, they add an extra layer of insulation!

I think it is important to change My look every so often - it helps keep things fresh for My subs - and will often attract new clients on Adultwork. Yesterday's look certainly went down well!