Saturday, 13 June 2015

Weekly pics

Here's a look back at this week's pics....the more "private" ones are available in My AdultWork Private Gallery: 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Pain-sub suffers the nettles and is rewarded!

Well I think we can safely say that pain-sub has suffered far greater than he has every suffered before. Our session at 3pm this afternoon was definitely very entertaining. I knew he was nervous about it - and with just cause - because today was his first nettle-torture session. And after 4 weeks of not being able to cum; he was more than eager to please.

Pain-sub arrived to the cam session on time - which is always good. I like My slaves to be prompt and will ensure late slaves are punished. Pain-sub was naked as always (another thing slaves have to be when they arrive ready for a session) and straight away showed Me the lovely bunch of stinging nettles he had manage to harvest. Oh yes; I'd be saving those for the "finale".

He was hard, but not hard enough by My standards. I like him to remain hard throughout the session and the slightest sign of his dicklet going soft warrants a punishment. Because I know it can go soft very easily (humiliated yet, pain-sub?) I had him slap his cock, his helmet and his balls with the back of the wooden spoon - he spent about a minute delivering quick hard slaps to each section as I watched with amused enjoyment.

Next came the bulldog clips; which he used on his foreskin and balls - 4 in a circle on his foreskin - 4 on his balls. Once they were attached; the suit hanger came into play - and he attached the clips to his nipples. I could instantly see they were pulling on those tender nipples; but I wanted to see how much more they could take. So I instructed him to yank the hanger up towards the ceiling. It was at that point those clips REALLY began to tug on his already very sore nipples.

I wanted to build him up to take the nettles at the end of the session; so I gradually increased his torture as the session progressed. After letting the hanger fall, with the clips still attached to his nipples; I had him rub a generous amount of tabasco sauce into his cock and balls. Straight away he complained they were hot and that this was causing him a great deal of pain. But in a CBT session with Me; one can never suffer too much pain - My sadistic appetite can never be satisfied! So to ensure he really felt the burn; I had him vigorously rub his cock and his balls with some rough sand paper. That certain brought tears to his eyes!

Finally the moment both us had been waiting for; arrived. It was time for the nettles. He picked them up and spread his legs wide before brushing them against his already sore balls. Straight away I could see lots of red angry bumps appear on his ball sack as the nettles did their delicious work. His squirming was almost hypnotic as he writhed in agony. Of course, he had to do the same with his cock, so he was soon brushing the nettles against that. More red stinging bumps on his shaft and helmet - more squirming and writhing. He was certainly suffering well! And I was definitely enjoying the show!

Finally I allowed him to cum. Well it has been 4 weeks and he did do very well in today's session. Plus he's got the constant itching to look forward to over the next couple of days - yes I really am that evil! He came within only a few strokes and came very hard indeed - splashing his load into a brandy glass before drinking the contents. One very satisfied and relieved pain-sub. But his relief is very short-lived. His next task is to purchase as chastity device...and I'll be teasing him for a further few weeks while he's wearing it - oh that's going to be so much fun!

Torturous Teasing!

I love a good session of teasing and edging a slave; and the recent session I've had really has broken My previous record!

For the past 3 weeks; I have denied pain slave the opportunity to cum. I know he's climbing the walls and I know his cock and balls are extra sensitive - which is just perfect because we have a pain-training session later this afternoon. But while he's been waiting for today; he has been chatting with Me frequently via AdultWork DirectIM and of course I've taken the opportunity to keep him permanently aroused and on edge.

He's had to endure 3 hours of watching porn whilst teasing the end of his cock until it drools like a thirsty dog. He's also been instructed how to tease himself whilst talking with Me via DirectIM and I've enjoyed the power of denying him. His balls aren't just blue. They're close to exploding with spectacular effects. But still he does not get to cum. That little spot just above his pee hole has been throbbing away, and each time he's gotten more and more frustrated. Yesterday; he reached the crying stage. He would have to cum or he'd go crazy - well I guess he will have to go crazy because he's still denied.

So that's now 4 weeks being on edge. That's 4 delicious weeks of being frustrated. 4 weeks of permanent arousal until he can barely think straight. 4 weeks of having his pleasure completely controlled.

How has he managed to go this long? Well that's because he doesn't have any choice. He is My slave and so he has to do what I desire. He knows the consequences of disappointing Me. If he chooses to satisfy his urges he will disappoint Me. And if he disappoints Me; I will send him away. I will not want to see him. He is too addicted to Me to even contemplate that - so his delicious torture will continue until I decide the time is right for him to unleash his orgasm.

Speaking of torture; of course because he's so aroused his cock and balls will feel the pain I mean to inflict on him. In fact they will feel it more than they have ever felt it before. This is good news for Me because another task he has had to endure is gathering stinging nettles for his next session. Nettle season is another reason why I love summer - bring on the lovely hours of nettle-torture - which is exactly what pain-slave will be experiencing this afternoon.

The beauty of nettle-torture is that the effects are long-lasting. Of course there is the initial sting. But as the sting begins to heal, the sting site starts to itch. It's rather like a chicken-pox. That itch is so insistent that you just HAVE to scratch - no matter where you are. Of course; if he scratches; everybody will be assuming he has pubic lice - so we have some extra humiliation thrown in just for good measure!

Will I let pain-slave cum this afternoon after receiving his nettle-torture? Perhaps. Although I'll admit it is rather tempting to see how much longer he can last - while he's addicted to Me, I'm addicted to keeping him thirsty! 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Introducing the Sissy Academy!

Calling all sissy-sluts, sissyboys, pantysubs, and sissy-faggots! I new have a new website which is dedicated to you! 

The Sissy Academy is an on-line Academy designed for sissies like you who need to explore their girly side! You will be able to enjoy sessions with Me on webcam via Skype, AdultWork and Cass Cams and coming soon will be a dedicated Sissy Academy NiteFlirt line!

Not only that; but sissy email tasks will also be available for those who are not yet ready to take the plunge into LIVE sissy training.

Also on The Sissy Academy is the Sissy Gallery which is a place for you all to have your slutty, girly pictures posted. Feel free to dress up in your prettiest out fit and send Me your pictures for posting. The world needs to see your humiliation!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your heels and strut across there by clicking on the link below!

How to apply to serve Me.

Everyday, I open My inbox to lots of email applications from subs wanting to serve Me on-line. And if I'm completely honest; only a few will actually capture My interest. Only a handful will be worthy of a response; with the rest being swept into the trash can - where they remain.

When you apply to serve Me, you have only ONE chance to create a good impression. And I'm not talking about showering Me with tributes. That does not show Me you genuinely wish to serve. If your email shows Me you simply don't have what it takes to serve Me; you will not be able to buy My attention. And of course I will refuse your tribute; because you are not worthy of Me. Money talks - but for Me; what you can DO; talks louder.

You should treat your application to serve like you are applying for a job - but with much more ass kissing. That said; you should not come across as obsequious because I can and will see through that. I'd much rather you be honest about your intentions rather than telling Me what you think I want to hear. Honesty is the best policy where I'm concerned and you should always be honest - even if being honest means you have to talk about your weaknesses as well as your strengths. That at least shows Me that you are human - and are not perfect. And while I expect you to dance to My tune; serving Me is a personal thing - so you should at least allow your personality to come through in your application.

Now let's go back to when you write a written application for a job. You wouldn't just write; "Need a job! Employ me!" So when you email Me with; "I'm a slave! Please own me!" it equates to the same. It tells me absolutely nothing. It doesn't tell Me about you, about your experience, about your aspirations, about your strengths and weaknesses. What it does tell Me though; is with that simple and ineffective sentence; you can't be bothered. And if you can't be bothered to put some effort into your application; then I fail to see how you will be bothered to put effort into your servitude.

So what should you put in your application to serve? Well it isn't actually that difficult, even for the novice. Like I said; treat it as an application for employment. Create a good impression - be informative and honest. Kiss ass but don't go over the top. Sell yourself - that at the end of the day; that is what you are doing - you are selling yourself to Me. But you have to work at it if you want Me to "buy". And because I'm a firm but fair Mistress; below I have included a few tips for you to follow:

  • Always start your application email in a RESPECTFUL manner. "Hi hun" is NOT the way. "Dear Mistress" is a good start.
  • Introduce yourself correctly - give your name, your age, your background, your marital status. Tell Me a little about yourself - but don't go overboard. I don't want to read an application which is the length of a bible.
  • Talk about any experience you have had - good or bad. Talk about how long ago you had these experiences. How did these experiences make you feel?
  • Talk about what you can offer in terms of servitude - but do this from MY point of view - not yours. If you start talking about how you have a massive dick and you can satisfy Me then I'm going to stop reading. You're serving your own needs - and will continue to do so. And those who only seek to serve their own needs will not be serving Mine.
  • Talk about your kinks and fetishes - what makes you tick? What fetishes do you enjoy the most? What fetishes are you curious about and want to explore? 
  • At the same time; talk about your limits - things you are NOT into. I receive so many emails with the words "I'll do anything you say!" I guarantee you won't. Those who say this fall into several categories a) again they can't be bothered b) again they're thinking with their dicks and what's in it for them, c) they know nothing about fetish or BDSM and are painfully showing their ignorance on the matter.
  • Talk about your strengths and weaknesses - what area of servitude do you excel at and what area do you feel needs more work?
  • Talk about how your servitude fits in with your lifestyle. Does your significant other know about this side of your personality? Do you require your servitude to be completely private or are you happy for your slave journey to be published on My website? Do you need total discretion? Remember, if anonymity is needed then it shall be given. I will ALWAYS respect that. But if you are quite the exhibitionist; then of course I will respect that too! :-)
  • How do you wish to serve? Do you wish to serve via text, email, phone or webcam? How often are you able to serve? 
  • Do you have any toys or equipment to use in our on-line sessions? Do you have any lingerie or fetish clothing? What items do you have? Are you prepared to acquire more?
  •  DON'T MAKE DEMANDS. A slave never demands something. The words "I want" will get you nothing. However the words "I would like" I will consider.
  • Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY; understand that while I will help you in your journey of exploring your kinky side; I will not be sexually interactive with you. A common misconception among the unenlightened is that Mistress will have sex with Her slaves - cyber or otherwise. No, that doesn't happen - ever. No Professional Dominatrix I know of has sex with Her servants. And that is why you will never see full nudity from a Professional Mistress. The whole agenda is that Mistress' body is out of bounds for you - because you are unworthy of it. But that doesn't mean She can't tease you. Of course She can tell you about the intimate areas of Her body - because She knows it will tease you into a frenzy - but She will NEVER show them to you - because those areas are not for you. And She will enjoy reminding you of this important fact. Understand and respect that, and realise that these are the dynamics of a Domme/sub relationship. 

So now that I've very kindly given you the "tools" to begin; the rest is up to you. I'm certainly not going to tell you exactly what to write in your application - because I'm not going to do the hard work for you. And let's be clear on this; serving Me IS hard work because I have very high expectations. And it is for that reason I am very selective when it comes to choosing who is worthy of My attention. But with the hard work comes the reward - praise and approval from Mistress and pride in the fact that you have pleased Her. While it's true - pleasure from satisfying your selfish needs is nice - it's not long lasting. Pride in your efforts is - and will shine through far longer than the after-glow of a self-induced orgasm!

Ready to try and gain My interest? Then apply to serve Me by emailing Me at the address below:

Monday, 8 June 2015

Masturbation Monday & The Topless Fetish Wank!

You kinky boys are in for a treat today - a treat you won't want to miss! Today sees the return of Masturbation Monday - a day where you are ALLOWED to masturbate, but only with My instruction. But don't forget; IF I let you cum, you will expected to lick up your mess. That is not open for negotiation; no matter what your preference.

As previously discussed; Jerk Off Instruction/Guided Masturbation is available in a variety of different ways. All those new to instruction, will start off on a very basic level. Those who have served before; will be given the opportunity to enjoy advanced instruction which will incorporate male g-spot massage, prostate massage and milking! Want to experience the cum of your life? Then I will help you to discover that! Be prepared for the most earth-shattering orgasm you have ever had - one that will make your toes curl and your eyes cross - you won't forget your session in a hurry! Bring lube and some of your favourite toys and let the good strokes roll!

I will be LIVE on AdultWork for some Jerk Off Instruction/Guided Masturbation from 1pm today. You can either session with Me in Direct Cam or in a Pre-Booked webcam session. More details are available via the link below:

Alternatively, you can enjoy a session with Me via Skype for £1.50 per minute (minimum booking length 10 minutes) Tribute is payable via Amazon UK Gift Card only. To book, you may email Me at the address below. Bookings will be taken from 1pm.

Tonight; however sees the return of something I know you boys have been craving - the Fetish Wank! Yes, from 7.30pm until late; you will be able to enjoy worshipping My gorgeous 38 DD boobs while you wank your maggot. If you're REALLY good; I might even oil them up for you. But you have to be REALLY REALLY good for Me to consider that! I'll be getting the norks out; jiggling them, stroking them and using them to tease you good - it won't be long before you're panting like a dog - I guarantee it!

The Fetish wank will be available on Cass Cams ONLY, and you can chat with Me there from just 66p per minute. You can also chat with Me for FREE, but you won't get to see "the boys". You have to pay for that!

You can come and see Me at Cass Cams tonight via the link below. Of course if you're getting rather over-excited, I have a few vids on there for you to choose one - that should tide you over!