Saturday, 25 April 2015


One thing I LOVE to do is to see slaves humiliate and degrade themselves in front of a camera for My entertainment. I know full well that there are some of you attention-starved sluts who come over all of a quiver at the thought of recording a special movie clip for Me - and the thought of Me watching it at My leisure, whilst laughing at your ridiculous antics; probably has your pathetic little maggots drooling. 

Of course, those who REALLY entertain Me may enjoy having their clip added to My website (subject to prior agreement) for all to see. Public humiliation will also add to your delicious degradation!

However, I understand that some out there are concerned about their privacy. This being the case; you may obscure your face in the clips as needed, if you would prefer to be anonymous.

Video tasks are priced at £10 each - for a clip of no longer than 5 mins. You will be given instructions of exactly WHAT I expect you to do in the clip and when I expect you to submit the tasks to Me. Again, penalties are in force for those who are late.

To receive a video task simply tribute £10 by Online Gift Card to:

Once tribute is sent, you should email Me to receive said task.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Sissy Poppy's session diary.

Sissy poppy recently had a cam session with Me. Here's her diary of the session:

"Mistress was gracious enough to see me last week (after refusing to for the preceding fortnight... (An object lesson in approaching respectfully and not being a cock sure idiot!) and it was worth every moment of the wait. Having been to Ann Summers beforehand, Mistress allowed me to wear my new purchases home (crotchless knickers and hold ups) in preparation for our session. I spent the bus journey home fantasising about what Mistress would be wearing, her gorgeous, commanding tone and wondering what humiliation she would visit upon me for both being the aforementioned cock ure idiot and for turning up 1 minute late to my session. As ever, I needn’t have worried as I was put through my paces thoroughly and as was befitting my station.

When Mistress came on line she looked stunning as ever and proceeded to put me in my place. She had already instructed me to bring certain things to the session that she would need so I had these to hand. Firstly, I was forced to turn around and show my sluttish backside whilst spanking myself and thanking Her for each one. This had the immediate effect of making me realise the errors of my ways with regards to time keeping and the proper way to both speak to and approach Mistress.

Feeling suitably admonished and utterly in Her thrall i was then instructed to use the toys i had brought to the session on myself for Mistresses (evident!) amusement. One of my favourite parts of the session (of which there were several!) was being told to bend over and finger fuck myself, firstly with one, then 2, then 3 fingers (in readiness for the AT LEAST 6 inch dildo that Mistress has instructed me to buy in time for our next session) All the while being told what a slut I was, and being instructed to moan like one and be as girly as possible. This really hammered home, as if it were needed, my natural place in the order of things, namely that i was a worthless sissy slut good for nothing but sucking cock and doing Mistresses bidding.

I must have been in luck too as Mistress, against my expectation, allowed me to cum which, as I had been abstaining in anticipation of our session, was music to my ears. I knew it wouldn’t be without a catch though and so it proved. Still wearing my slutty outfit, I was made to lie on my back and slide my beads into my lubed sissy pussy and to fuck myself with them while I brought myself to orgasm. To add to my delight/humiliation, I was instructed to lift my hips so that I was pointing directly as my own face when I came. As I lay there, exhausted, my own sluttish mess dripping down my face I could hear Mistress chuckling to herself at the state she had reduced me to. The tragic thing is that I cannot WAIT for out next session together, assuming of course that I am lucky enough to secure one. Its definitely worth bearing in mind, that this isn’t a given….. I am grateful to Mistress for starting me on my journey of discovery that I hope will lead to me giving into my true nature on a full time basis. I know I couldn’t be in better hands if so."

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

About Slave Tasks.

Slave tasks gives you the opportunity to serve Me when I am not online. You see; just because I'm taking a day of rest it doesn't mean you should. My days off don't extend to you. While I'm enjoying a day of relaxation; you should still be working hard to keep Me happy and entertained. That is; after all what you exist for.

So that's why I prepare tasks to keep you busy - the devil finds work for idle hands. And you know how Mistress feels about disobedience.

You will receive a set of 9 tasks to complete by a certain date. These tasks will be catered to your particular kinks and fetish. As you complete each tasks, you will write a report and include photographs with your report; ready to send to Me by a set date. If you fail to meet the deadline; there will be fines for lateness - so it's in your best interest to get your priorities in order. ME FIRST!

If your task report interests Me; I will post your account on My website along with any photographs you send (subject to your agreement). That's right - public recognition of your hard work to keep Mistress happy.

However, if you displease Me; I will ensure that your next set of tasks reflect this - be prepared to suffer by any means necessary!

What to know more? The email Me at the address below:

Monday, 20 April 2015

Masturbation Monday.

I know that if it were up to you; a lot of you pathetic worms would be jerking your maggots off 24/7. Let's face it - a good percentage of you simply can't leave your twig and berries alone. Morning, noon and night, there you are; pumping your fists until you just about rip your cocks off. Chance would be a fine thing for the latter...

Luckily for you; there is a day dedicated to all the wankers out there - Masturbation Monday.

Masturbation Monday means exactly what it says on the tin. You are ALLOWED to masturbate. But there are conditions. What's that? You thought you'd be able to masturbate at your leisure? Oh you poor deluded fools! Of course not! Self-pleasure comes at a price - whether you like it or not!

You will ONLY be allowed to masturbate if you follow My instructions. That's right - I will be telling you exactly HOW I want you to jerk that little maggot. And you will not deviate away from those instructions. It's My way or no way.

Furthermore; IF I decide to allow you release; you will be licking up EVERY SINGLE DROP of your mess. It's your mess at the end of the day. And I'm not about to see it wasted. What comes out, goes back in.

Oh and you'll be learning how to jerk off PROPERLY as well. Masturbation is far more than simply pumping your fist. Of course the compulsive wankers will know that. But for the unenlightened; there are many ways to spank the monkey. And masturbation doesn't just involve your cock! Yes really! Your cock is just the tip of the ice-berg. 

For example; the male g-spot. "Oh only women have a g-spot, right?" WRONG! Men have one too - in fact they have several. Be a good boy and do exactly what I say, and perhaps I will help you to find yours.

Oh and it is possible to cum WITHOUT touching your dirty little dick at all...I have ways and means to ensure that happens....IF I feel you're deserving of it.

A few items required for your Masturbation Monday session:



Dildo/beads/vibrator/plug (vibrator required for milking - and I'm not talking cows...)

Empty plate or glass.

You have those items? Of course you do! Then take your hand off your dick long enough to book your Skype session. Email Me at the address below and then abstain. You only touch WHEN I say so!