Friday, 17 April 2015

Pain slut reports on CBT.

Pain slut has recently written about his training with Me. Here's what he had to say:

My training under Mistress Cristal

When I first started my CBT training under Mistress Cristal I was just starting as a pain slut. Under Mistress Cristals training I am gradually learning to take more and more pain for her pleasure. I have training usually once a week or more.

Mistress Cristal is very good at pushing my pain threshold more and more every time. When I started Mistress Cristals goal was to train me to be able to take a threshold of 10 on the pain scale of 1 to 10.

This started with the use of pegs on my balls that usually had string thread through them to then be yanked off. I was also trained in the use of a ball stretcher and a parachute with weights hanging off them. When Mistress decides I have to take exercise wearing the parachute and weights by doing star jumps, lunges, running on the spot and other forms to get the weights swinging as I move about. This can involve the use of nipple clamps on as well that swing about. This is to make me a better pain slut for Mistress.

Training has taught me that my cock must be hard for Mistress Cristal at all times that she is torturing me and if it disobeys and goes soft I have to keep slapping it hard with a wooden spoon to get it hard again.

I also got training on using a pin wheel and deep heat on my cock and balls. The more my cock and balls suffer the more it pleases Mistress

Over the course of training Mistress Cristal introduced more techniques to push my pain threshold including using candle wax and Tabasco sauce. These were all extremely hot on my cock and balls and pushed my pain threshold more and more.

When the pegs were replaced by bulldog clips as my training got my pain rating higher this was an entirely new sensation as they bite far harder on my balls, foreskin and nipples than pegs can do and are a much higher pain rating. 

Through progressive and slow cock and ball torture training I reached a pain threshold of 10 to please Mistress. This was the highest I had ever been thanks to Mistress Cristal training over time. Once I reached this high rating Mistress Cristal chose that my training should take me to a higher pain rating and set a new goal of 20.

Gradually with more training sandpaper, chopped chillies and peeled ginger were also introduced. This increased the pain rating more and more gradually up to 15 then after more training the target of 20 was reached in one session. The chillies and ginger were extremely hot and the pain of burning on my cock and balls was intense. The sandpaper introduced pain as well as softening the skin to make the pain more intense.

With more training Mistress Cristal will continually push my thresholds as I continue to improve for her. When it is nettle season Mistress Cristal has let me know that she will train me in the use of them in CBT.

During the training up to Mistress Cristal slowly building me up to 10 the pain made me grimace a lot. As the rating went beyond this up to 20 the pain made me grimace a lot more and brought tears to my eyes from the pain.

As I am trained by Mistress Cristal to increase my threshold the pain felt from the torture lasts longer and is felt for a long time after the session has ended.

Mistress Cristals training has also introduced me to cum eating which I have to do for every time I make a mess.

As my training continues I will have to obtain anything that Mistress Cristal decides I need to use on my cock, balls and nipples to take any pain that pleases her. Through Mistress Cristals slow and progressive torture training I am learning more and being trained to take higher ratings and always having my thresholds challenged and pushed further.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Service Interrupted...

Unfortunately, it would seem Virgin Media have chosen a MONDAY to do "essential maintenance work" on their broadband service. Oh how thoughtful of them! Thank you for letting us all know that you will be doing this....oh wait you didn't - I just found out with My intermittent broadband service.

Anyway, this means that sadly, I will be unable to offer cam today. I will be available via AdultWork Phone Chat instead. I will also be offering Instant Messenger/Text Chat bookings via Skype later this evening.

Calls to My AdultWork line are priced at 80p per minute. For details, simply visit My AdultWork profile via the link:

Virgin Media state the "maintenance work" should be completed after 3pm - so I'll be on DirectIm then - all being well.

Apologies folks! Totally beyond My control.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Chat with Mistress Cristal.

Fancy having a chat with Mistress Cristal?

Most days I am online and will often engage in instant messenger/text chats with My servants.

Not only do I use Skype for webcam bookings; but it also available for those who wish to have a text chat with Me. This is very useful for newbies who are getting their feet wet and aren't quite ready to take the next step into showing their face on webcam. It is also useful for those who's personal circumstances make it difficult for them to have webcam or voice chat sessions

Throughout these chats you can tell Mistress a little about your fetishes, kinks and experiences as well learning more about Mistress. Learning is good - it means that throughout your servitude you will get it right every time. Remember; it is VERY important to always strive hard to please Mistress.

The only way to enjoy a chat with Me in this way and have Me on your contact list is to pay a small tribute of £10 via online Gift Card from 

This is the ONLY way to receive My chat ID. I don't do freebies and I only entertain those who are serious about serving Me. There are no alternative methods to chat with Me.

I do this because My time is precious and is not there to be taken for granted or monopolised by those who think they can receive a limitless amount of attention for free. As a Professional Dominatrix; I don't give out My time or attention freely and I'm certainly not here to serve your needs. My time is about ME and you here to serve ME. 

You should also be aware that I don't entertain free-loaders; attention seekers and fake submissives.  My time is ONLY for those who are serious and honest about their intentions to serve. Those with the sole intention of stealing My time and using Me, should not approach - you will be disappointed. I am not about to divert My time and energy from My true servants to your selfish whims.

How to receive access to My private Skype ID:

Simply send a tribute of £10 to from You can purchase gift cards via the link below:

Once you have sent tribute for My Skype ID you should send Me an email to:

Isn't that easy? Just 3 minutes of work to show you have a genuine desire to serve Me. It couldn't be any more simple! If however you have a multitude of excuses as to why you feel you cannot afford just £10 to prove you wish to serve, then you're not serious. And I have no interest in those who are not serious. But if you genuinely do wish to serve then £10 is a small price to pay for the honour of My attention.

Deadly Nightshade & Deadly Mistress....

The Deadly Nightshade is also known as "Atropa Belladonna" and is one of the most toxic plants found in the Eastern Hemisphere.

The name "atropa" is derived from the Greek Goddess Atropos - one of the three Greek fates or destinies who would determine the course of a man's life by weaving threads that would symbolize his birth, the events in his life and finally his death. 

The name "belladonna" is Italian; meaning "beautiful lady".

It is both beautiful and deadly. The berries look particularly attractive and are sweet in taste - tempting but toxic. Consumption of two to five berries by adults is probably lethal. The most toxic part of the plant is the root, but eating a single leave of Atropa Belladonna can be fatal to an adult.

No dear readers; this is not a biology lesson. This is what is known as "symbolism". You see; like the Deadly Nightshade I too am toxic. And like the Deadly Nightshade I am beautiful. I am a Goddess and a "belladonna" and just as tempting as those sweet, but deadly berries.

The difference is; you DON'T get taste. ALL parts of Me are toxic - particularly My imagination. My eyes are hypnotic which means I will pull you in and easily lead you to give up complete control. And once you're under My spell; there is no escape. You will transfixed by the commands leaving My beautiful lips and will be compelled to obey. 

While My toxicity is not fatal; it certainly isn't something to be taken lightly. I have the power. ALL of the power. Don't be so sure that you can guess My next move. Like Atropa Belladonna; My toxicity has unpredictable effects. I can pull you in, captivate you, render you completely helpless then leave you to stew in your own frustrating juices. Or maybe I'll give you what you crave? Just don't forget; I call the shots - and you are a slave to My desires - not your own. 

Like Atropos; I will also weave the threads of your destiny. And while I'm weaving those threads, you will continue to fall deeper and deeper under My spell. Like the fish to the juicy worm, you'll be hooked ready for Me to reel you in. You will then know there is only one destiny for you - to OBEY. And why will you obey? Because you will learn to fear the extent of My toxicity....

Hooked already? Then prove to Me that you are worthy of My attention. Apply now and tell Me WHAT you can do to please and amuse. But take care in your application; My toxicity doesn't have an antidote....