Friday, 21 February 2014

Sexy Leg and Foot Worship Shows Tonight!

From 7.30pm GMT this evening, I will be offering very sexy bare leg and foot worship shows via Skype and AdultWork!

If you wish to worship My legs and feet via Skype you will need to email Me via the address below to book. Price for one of these shows is £1.30 per min and can include audio if you so desire. Tribute is via Gift Card and the minimum booking length is 10 minutes.

You will see Me wiggling My toes, stroking My legs and thighs, but you won't be seeing My face or any other part of My body. This is strictly for leg and foot fetishists only, who will enjoy playing while I tease them with My sexy feet.

So get ready to be teased into complete foot servitude and email the address below to reserve your place!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Fat Bastard Does A Peter Griffin.

Fans of the TV programme Family Guy will be familiar with this classic clip. Peter Griffin, pressing his man boobs together while he gives his take on the Kelis song "Milkshake." Yes this clip is very funny, and I've laughed many times whilst watching it.

Now imagine a big fat tattooed Peter Griffin lookalike, on webcam. Fat jiggling everywhere, tits almost as big as Mine. And imagine this fat bastard having to re-create this epic scene from Family Guy for the amusement of Mistress.

That, Ladies and boys is exactly what I did with the fat cunt who craved some humiliation via AdultWork. Why? Because the sight of his maggot dick, peeking out from under his flabby gut was too much of a repulsive sight to look at - so instead, his moobs got the treatment, while he pressed them together, shaking his fat, wobbly ass as he sang about his "milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard." Laughed? I nearly pissed Myself!

Don't Forget My Birthday!

Coming up in just over a month is the most important day of the year - one that you should put in your diary NOW to avoid disappointing Mistress. I strongly advise you NOT to disappoint Me.

On 19th March it will be My Birthday. That means I will expect all of My slaves to treat Me to gifts from the specially created Wishlist for this auspicious occasion. I expect Mr Postman to be very busy, loaded with lots of lovely parcels. I expect slaves to show their adoration of Mistress by worshipping Me at this very special time of year.

You should ensure you visit My Wishlist NOW so that you can decide on what you will be treating Me to. If you don't see anything on that list you want to purchase, then alternatively you may send Gift Cards to:

This is the perfect time to make Mistress happy - and making Me happy should of course, be your TOP priority! Link to My birthday Wishlist is below - let the worshipping commence!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday 16 February - Sunday Confessional

Sunday Confessional opens today at 2.30pm GMT via NiteFlirt, AdultWork and Skype.

To confess your sins of the week and receive punishment via Skype, you should email Me via the email address below to book. Sessions are priced at £13 for 10 mins - this is with webcam including audio. Tribute is ALWAYS required by Gift Card.

Also don't forget that Sunday is a day of WORSHIP!!! Worship Mistress today by sending Gift Cards to - every generous boy is ALWAYS rewarded!