Saturday, 15 February 2014

Think You Got The Better Of Me? Think again!!!

So today, some fucker with the name of Ray 342 on AdultWork decided to scam Mistress out of £10 - yes that's right. This little fucker thought he could get the better of Me - WRONG!!

After being rude in My DirectCam room, he was duly kicked. He then chose to book a special offer to the value of £10 - knowing full well that once kicked, he wouldn't be able to get back in the room as a result of his cuntish behaviour.

He then had the nerve to request a refund. I explained why I had kicked him and told him that I would refund him, purely because I didn't want his disrespectful ass in My room again. I advised that I was in a cam session with a slave, and he would be refunded by the end of the day.

This little fucker DEMANDED - yes DEMANDED that I refund him NOW! I mean he'd already been rude once, and then had the nerve to DEMAND I refunded him, at the expense of a slave in a cam session who was worthy of My time. He was refunded - and told in no uncertain terms that his attitude sucked and that I would not be speaking to him again.

This evening, I logged back into AdultWork. The little cunt had not only received a full refund from Me, but had then asked AdultWork to refund him! Not only had he pissed Me off, disrespected Me and then behaved like an attention-seeking little whore, but he had then conned both Me and AdultWork out of £10!

I have since reported this shit-sucking loser to AdultWork. All being well, he ass will be well and truly banned from the site. I have also circulated his name around all the rest of the Dommes so they too know to avoid his scamming as.

So if you are on AdultWork - avoid Ray342 - unless you want to be conned out of your credits - he will try.

Oh and to the man himself; if you're reading this - YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG BITCH!!!!

Availability For Saturday 15 February

I will be taking Webcam Bookings via Skype and Yahoo today from 2.30pm GMT. Tribute is always required by E Gift Certificate.

Webcam without Audio - £1.00 per min.

Webcam with Audio - £1.30 per min


Also, from 7.30pm GMT I will be taking Pre-Booked Phone Chat sessions.

Pre-Booked Phone Chat - £1 per min.


If you wish to book a Webcam or Phone Chat session with Me, you may email Me via the address below:

This afternoon I will be available on Direct Cam and Pre-Book Webcam Via AdultWork.  I will also be available this evening via DirectChat from 7.30pm GMT until 10.30pm GMT. Come and serve Me via the link below:

My NiteFlirt Lines will be open from 2.30pm GMT until 5.30pm GMT and again at 7.30pm GMT until 10.30PM GMT via the link below:


Do you crave to be ignored while I take all the money I want? Need to be rinsed while you BEG for My attention? Maybe your little fetish is for you to give while I TAKE!!!

Introducing My Ignore Line at Niteflirt. Call and be ignored while I watch the money pile up. That's right; I will take great delight in ignoring your pathetic ass while I take what I deserve - YOUR HARD EARNED CASH. 

Let's face it - the very fact that you're here - aching for My attention; suggests that you don't really need all that money in your life. You need something far better - the knowledge that by surrendering all your money to Me is making Me happy. It's not about you - it's never about you. It's always about ME! I should be your top priority and making Me happy should come at the very top of that list. How does a pathetic little minion like you make Me happy? By PAYING of course!

You need Me to allow you to spoil Me. You need Me to get into your head and your wallet - you crave it - you don't know what you will do if you don't get it. But just because you're spending all your money on Me, your Mistress, doesn't mean I should give you the attention you crave. Oh no - it's not you I want. I think we've already established that. You're simply are a means to an end - it's the money I want - all of it! I DESERVE to be spoiled. I DESERVE to enjoy all the new things I want, the clothes, the shoes, the fine wine and champagne, the dates with REAL MEN, at your expense. You know it and I know it. So why fight the inevitable? You'll surrender to Me one way or another.

Call My Ignore Line at NiteFlirt NOW - make sure you wallet is spread wide open as I take what is rightfully Mine. And as I ignore you, but watch the $$$$ pile up, I expect you to be grateful to Me for giving you this opportunity to realise your ultimate Financial Fetish - isn't Mistress kind to you for giving you this opportunity? Yes She is - now show Me just how grateful you are!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Boys Who Have Please Me This Valentine's Day.

Mistress has definitely been spoiled this Valentine's Day - as of course She should be, so I have the following very good boys to thank:

Slave S for the Bottle Of Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume
Slave GC for the Bottle of White Musk Perfume.

The following "secret admirers" also deserve a thank you:

Secret admirer #1 for the black hold-up stockings.
Secret admirer #2 for the beautiful Gothic halter-neck top.
Secret admirer #3 for the beautiful Gothic boat-neck top.

You boys have pleased Mistress well. Other boys can learn a lot for you!

If you haven't organised a Valentine's Gift for Mistress then there is still time to do something about it. After all; making Mistress happy should be your PRIORITY! So with that in mind, if making Me happy is important to you, you should send Gift Cards via email to the address below: 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


You boys are in for a treat this evening and you won't want to miss this! From 7.30pm GMT, I will be offering leg, stockings, heels and foot-worship shows via Skype. You will get to see My sexy, shapely legs in silky nylon hold-up stockings, My stocking-clad toes and My very sexy 6 inch heels. No face shots, just leg and foot-fetish heaven.

This is happening for one night only, so don't miss out. You should book your session NOW to avoid disappointment. For a 10 min session, you will be expected to tribute £10 via Gift Card. Sound is included in the session at no extra cost, provided you ask RESPECTFULLY of course.

To book your place you should email Me directly at:

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday 9 February - SUNDAY CONFESSIONAL!

Today is Sunday Confessional - that means you must report to Me, confess your sins of the past week and receive punishment! Sunday Confessional is available via NiteFlirt, AdultWork and Skype.

Sunday Confessional opens from 2.30pm GMT until 5pm GMT. Tribute for Skype is ALWAYS required via GiftCard. To book email the address above.