Saturday, 16 March 2013

Go on, say "bb" again!

For all those who come into Directcam and instantly "forget" how to address Me - this is for you!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Camming in Action

Here I am, logged on to talk to you all this afternoon!

My Birthday - only 4 days to go!

There are only 4 days to go until I celebrate My 34th Birthday, and one slave has already sent Me something nice. He will receive a special mention, with pics next week.

There is still time for you to be kind to your Mistress by purchasing a special gift for Me. I have created an Amazon Wishlist specifically for this, which you can find by clicking here .

Like the slave I have already mentioned, all those who treat Me this year will receive special mention, with photographs on My website. If you are VERY generous and purchase an expensive gift for Me, you will receive a thank you by way of video!

So what are you waiting for? Show your adoration for your Mistress by purchasing a gift today!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Teasing with Tights.

Bare Feet and Legs Tease.

How To Spot A Free-loader in Adultwork DirectCam.

From time to time, when I am logged on to Adultwork Directcam, I do offer free chat, even if it's for an hour, during each shift. Sometimes, it can work in My favour as a fair few will introduce themselves, tell Me what they wish to explore before entering private or group chat.

But sometimes, I will be plagued with piss-takers and free-loaders who simply don't want to pay. It's these people who seriously fuck Me off. Today, the freeloaders were in force, hence after an hour, free chat was turned off.

Now for those who are new to Directcam, and are struggling with free chat, this is generally what a free-loader will do:

  1. Enter free chat, not say anything for the whole 3 mins then leave - they're jacking off for free. I usually give them up to 2 mins, then if they don't speak, they're kicked.
  2.  Enter free chat, and ask Me to stand up, show what I'm wearing, show My boots etc. If they want to see these things, they should enter pvt or group - neither of which they are intending to do.
  3. Enter free chat and say "hey open my cam!. Now this is one I despise! These free-loaders want a free session. NEVER add their cam. They will often say "open my cam and I'll go private with you." I guarantee they won't. I also guarantee that if you refuse, they will be out of your room faster than you can blink.
  4. Enter free chat, are ordered to enter group or pvt, and just ignore that instruction. Instead, they discuss their fetish in explicit language - hence trying to get you to do the same and get a free session.
  5. Say they have problems with adding credits to their account, but will pay via paypal - NEVER fall for this! Not only will they get your email address for free, but you will not be paid. Furthermore, discussing if paypal via Adultwork is a good way of getting your profile removed!
  6. Offer to tip you in pvt if you do as they ask in free - they won't, because they won't even enter pvt in the first place.
  7. Enter free chat, stay for about 30 seconds and leave - they are hoping to see you naked.
So these are classic signs of how to spot a free-loader. NEVER GIVE IN TO THEM! Don't give your time away for free. And if you're getting fed up with the free-loaders, turn off free-chat. Those who are prepared to pay for your time will enter group or pvt no problem.

I have a simple rule for these idiots - no pay, NO PLAY! It's as simple as that. If you do want to cam with Me, by all means enter free, tell Me what you wish to explore, and then enter pvt or group. But if you are just looking for a freebie - and I can spot a free-loader a mile off - don't bother entering - your visit with be very short!

Sad Songs Say So Much.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a dear friend of Mine, who sadly, at the end of February, lost her battle to cancer.

The church was absolutely packed to the gills and I was humbled by the amount of people who had turned up to say their goodbyes. My friend had clearly touched a lot of hearts in her time on Earth and it was a testament to her to see so many faces.

I have attended a fair few funerals so far throughout My life and they never get easier. Some I have sobbed all the way through, some I have felt utterly numb and have only been able to cry once alone, and some, like yesterday, I've managed to hold it together until a poignant song is played - yesterday's was Eva Cassidy's "Over The Rainbow."

Now I'll be honest, this song gets Me every time - no matter what the circumstances. I could be very happy, until I listen to it, but once I hear Eva's beautiful voice, the tears start, and they flow as though My heart is breaking. Yesterday, of course there was the other contributing factor of the circumstances in which it was being played.

The thing about that song is that it is a very emotive song sung beautifully. I imagine you would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by it. I've heard other versions - the best one of course being sung by Judy Garland. But it is only Eva Cassidy's version which has that affect on Me.

There are other songs which have that affect on Me, usually because they take Me back to a sad time in My life. One of which is Guns N Roses "Don't Cry". That was played at a friend's funeral about 10 years ago. And even after all this time has passed, I still can't bring Myself to listen to it without crying. If I'm listening to the radio and it comes on, I'll turn the radio off. It's a song which breaks My heart to listen to.

The other one is Michael Jackson's "Earth Song." Now I make no secret of the fact that I am a die-hard Michael Jackson fan and have been since I was a little girl. I was devastated by his untimely death in 2009 - and it is that particular song which brings back all the grief of that terrible day. It is a beautiful song, but I just can't listen to it.

But there are songs out there which make Me cry for no reason, and yet somehow pull on My heart-strings. Garth Brooks "If Tomorrow Never Comes", Glen Miller "Moonlight Serenade", Spice Girls "Viva Forever" and of course the highly emotive "Imagine" by John Lennon.

So what songs stoke your emotions for no particular reason? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Weekly Video Upload - Thursday 14th March.

As I do every week, later today I will be uploading a video to My YouTube Channel, for you to see.

Today's video is specially for Nylon Lovers, and will feature Me wearing a pair of tights, as I tease you with My feet. I will also be uploading an extended private version of this video, which you will be able to view for a fee. Be sure to check out My Items For Sale for details, after the video has been uploaded.

What's more, the tights I wear in the video will be available for sale, so one lucky sub will be able to purchase them and have them sent direct, for him to enjoy! Just imagine - the tights you have seen Me wearing will be sent to you, complete with the sweet aroma of My feet.

So check back later this evening for further details. And don't forget to subscribe to My YouTubeChannel to see more of My video uploads!

C*ntweasle locked up!

Well, as I promised, c*ntweasle is back in chastity, following his 15 minute play. Giving up masturbation for Lent means exactly that - no excuses. So he's now locked up until Easter Sunday. I know he will find that extremely frustrating - especially considering the next email assignment I have in mind for him!

He has already voiced his frustration, in the form of pathetic whinings about how it's not fair - he won't be able to touch, etc, etc. Well that's the whole point of him being locked up - and it should remove all temptation to touch, especially when he posts the key off!

I predict that by Easter Sunday, he will be crawling the walls. I certainly hope so!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vacancies For Email Training Available.

I currently have 3 vacancies for those who wish to partake in Email Training with Me.

To apply you must be aged 21 or over and GENUINELY SUBMISSIVE. You will be expected to carry out weekly assignments for Me, and each assignment will be catered to your particular tastes and desires. At the end of each assignment, you will be expected to provide Me with a full-write up including photos. These photos can be published on My blog, if you agree to it of course.

You can find more info about Email Assignments by clicking on the link below:

To apply for Email Training, you may Contact Me.

Sub K Dresses Up!

Here we have sub k, dressing up as a slut for Mistress. And I have to say, the outfit suits him!

Sub k, is generally a splosher, but does enjoy over things too. At the moment he is being forced to wear a nappy, and make full use of it. He also has to powder his bottom with each change, and managed to avoid near disaster in his last homework, which the store assistant at his local supermarket nearly saw the large tub of baby powder!

Sub k is a relatively new slave, but is also very loyal and always sends in his assignment write-ups to the highest standard. This time his assignment was late, which he was duly fined for. But generally speaking, he is a good boy.

Pink C*ntweasle

For your entertainment, here is c*ntweasle in his latest enforced get up! I am posting this picture here as a punishment. He is supposed to be giving up masturbation for Lent - and yet decided to have a play. I have a feeling he will be in his chastity device for the remainder of Lent!

He was made to purchase all these from his local Ann Summers store; something of which he has a love/hate relationship. He hates going in there, and then afterwards having to carry around a pink carrier bag. He hates it even more when I force him to ask the assistants for help. But he LOVES the humiliation!

You will also note that he's wearing bangles. This is again enforced by Me. The cheeky-boy did try to cover up this by taping them together so they wouldn't make a sound. Well, I'm not having that. So he's now wearing them without tape - and trying to stop them from making any sound. As a bangle-wearer Myself, I know this is virtually impossible.

The above picture is c*ntweasle playing a little game I enjoy and he loathes! He has to hold a penny against the wall with his nose for an hour or more. Every time the penny drops, he has to start again. I know he finds this frustrating, which of course is the whole point of Me making him do it. But it sure is fun to imagine his moans and sighs of annoyance every time that penny drops!

You will be seeing a lot of c*ntweasle as he is My most loyal and probably My longest-serving slave. And of course I love nothing more than tormenting him by posting his pics on My blog!

Last night I became a platinum member of

When you visit My profile, you will see I've uploaded some very sexy pictures of Myself, with more to be added after My photo-shoot.

I had encountered this site before, but never chose to go ahead and be a full member. But once I read about the benefits of doing so, well, I simply couldn't resist! There are so many features I can use! And I particularly like the fact that I can get to chat with fellow Dommes in the UK. Useful tool that!

So come and find Me over there - and check out My pics!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Not Available On Wednesday.

Wednesday, I will not be available all day as I am attending the funeral of a dear friend, who recently lost her battle with cancer.

The next time I will be available for bookings however, will be on Thursday from 3pm.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sexy Red Toe-nails!

Very sexy boots.

Can you imagine cleaning these?

Thanks Wordpress - Not!

Unfortunately, Wordpress have clearly chosen to change their Terms of Service, which has meant I have had to move My blog here. I'm not disappointed by it - this platform is suiting Me much better. You will find that everything that was on My wordpress blog is now here - the old one having now been closed down. 

So what's going to be happening now that I've "moved"? Well, each week, I will be posting new videos to My YouTube Channel - some will be private, so you will have to pay for access. Details of this are available here.

At the moment, these videos are for those who adore feet and shoes, so I'm sure the free previews will get you salivating! 

There will be more videos coming soon, so make sure you subscribe!

Also coming soon are Easter pictures of My slaves - one of which will be dressed as the Easter Bunny (I think this slave knows who I'm referring to!) so you won't want to miss that.

And of course, My next photo-shoot is coming up next month.

Don't forget, I have a birthday coming up next Tuesday, so you are welcome to so send Me a gift from My Birthday Wishlist. All those who are generous will receive a mention on My blog. If you are VERY GENEROUS, I will do a personal thank you video for you!

So despite the sudden move, exciting things are in the pipeline! Don't forget to sign up the mailing list for updates of My online availability and keep reading!

April Photo-Shoot

Next month will see My next photoshoot. If there is a particular tasteful shot you would like to request, then you may contact Me to request one. There will no naked shots however. All will be tasteful, glamorous and classy.

During the photo-shoot, you will see Me wearing a range of corsets - many of which were purchased by generous slaves, PVC, leather and latex.

Of course, there are still some times on My wishlist you may want to see Me wearing during this shoot, so if there is something you really want to see Me wear, then you had better get shopping!

After the photo-shoot, there will be a new batch of signed photographs available to be sent to you, via royal mail, complete with a sexy message on the back!