Saturday, 6 June 2015

Look What You Missed!

Miss Me on webcam today? Silly boy! Look at what you could have seen!

Don't miss Me tomorrow! I'll be on-line from 1pm!

Come Feed My Sadistic Appetite!

To ask Me if I'm Sadistic is like asking the Pope if he's Catholic. The fact is; I'm Sadistic by nature. I love to see My slaves writhe and squirm in pain while they beg for mercy. I get off on seeing them tremble in agony. Hearing their pathetic cries & whimpers makes Me wet and it is a fact that I will NEVER get enough of pushing their pain threshold. The more they suffer; the more I enjoy it.

I have several pain-sluts under My control and each one is an absolute delight to train. Pain slut 1, who's heavily into cock and ball torture; takes whatever I decide to throw at him. What started out as light CBT has now stepped over into harsh CBT - and I'm certainly not stopping there. The more he can take, the more I will give. He knows full well that My sadistic creativity knows no bounds. He also knows that the only way to make Me happy is for him to suffer - so he's always eager to please.

The best thing about being a Sadist is the fact that I'm constantly thinking up new ways to torture My sluts. How wonderful it is that simple household objects can be turned into instruments of torture. I can have a lot of fun with a suit hanger. Metal bottle caps - they can be fun too. Tabasco ice cubes...hmmmm, the things I can do with those!

Foodstuffs are great too - chillies, ginger, vinegar - oh My days! Already I'm falling into a Sadistic frenzy!

Let's not forget the non-physical sadism as well. Humiliation can be just as torturous. Oh how hilarious it is to see a grown man, dress as a little girl, and recite nursery rhymes on webcam - and that's just for starters. There are many ways in which I can enjoy humiliating you; each one more cringe-worthy than the last!

So what is My favourite form of Sadistic torture? Well I absolutely love torturing tiny cocks and pathetic balls. Indeed; your cock wasn't made for fucking - despite what you may think. It was designed for Me to torture it. It is the only use I have for that pathetic flap of skin. The only reason I show an interest in your cock is because I'm thinking of all the ways I can make it suffer. And THAT is the only way your cock will ever give Me pleasure; the ONLY way.

I offer Cock & Ball Torture sessions via webcam every Saturday. Sessions are conducted on a variety of different levels depending on your pain threshold. But as a rough guide; here is what you will need for each level:

Wooden Spoon
Tooth paste

Pegs/Clothes pins
Wooden Spoon
Leather Belt
Deep Heat

Bulldog clips
Tabasco sauce
Chillies - chopped
Ginger - Chopped
Wooden Spoon
Suit hanger
Leather belt
Cotton Buds/Cue Tips
Tiger Balm
Sand Paper
Stinging Nettles
Pin Wheel

Think you can handle My Sadistic nature? Then you are invited to get in touch and tell Me all the ways you wish to suffer for Me. If you capture My interest; I'll respond. If however; I feel you're a wimp who will crumble at the slightest blow; I'll be ignoring you. I only entertain those with a real thirst for being a masochist!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

So where does my fetish come from?

While it is a fact that there is a Fetish for just about everything and anything; it is also a fact that many fetishes stem from a childhood experience. And those self-confessed fetishist will easily relate to what I'm about to talk about.

Cue a slave who entered My direct im room on Friday evening. He wanted to talk about his particular fetish and how I would help him to explore it further.

Now it started off at a completely different tangent. Invariably this is the case; because they are testing the waters. Confessing your fetish to a stranger is a deeply personal thing - and you want to make sure that person can show empathy and understand where you are coming from. So; he mentioned that he was in a nappy and asked if it freaked Me out. No, it does not. After all these years; I can say with 100% confidence that I DO NOT get freaked out. That's not to say I've heard it all, because I most certainly haven't. I just have a very open mind. If I didn't; I wouldn't be good at what I do.

So no, I didn't get freaked out. Instead; I took the opportunity to dig a little deeper into his fetish. No; I did not assume it was an adult-baby thing even though that will be the first thing which springs to mind for some. Myself; I wanted to know if it was a comfort thing (adult-baby) or a humiliation thing. I had an inkling that it was a humiliation thing, with the way he'd actually asked if it freaked Me out.

Now the interesting thing was that in asking further probing questions about his fetish; I was pleased to see that he volunteered some further information. He liked the idea of being put into a nappy for not eating his over-cooked sloppy vegetables. He loathes his greens (with exception of peas). He doesn't like sprouts (I'm with him on that one - vile things!), but he liked the idea of being punished, humiliated and force-fed them. It was then that I'd worked out exactly where this fetish had come from.

"You had a strict dinner lady at school, didn't you?" I asked. "Yes Mistress!" was his reply. "She punished you for not eating your greens, didn't she?" "Yes Mistress! How did you know?" Because I'm that good and I did some clever detective work.

He was at a certain age - middle aged. He came from a time when school dinners really were gross. You could be guaranteed that the vegetables had been boiled to fuck and the gravy was a combination of lumps and cabbage water. This was before Jamie Oliver got involved. School dinner budgets were tight - and if you didn't eat what was put in front of you; you were punished. Vegetables were NOT optional. No; you couldn't stock up on pizza and chips. It was meat and vegetables - whether you liked it or not! (oh and spam fritters - yuck!)

So if you were to turn your nose up at the slimy, green foul-smelling gloop on your plate, you were going to be in trouble - and you were not going to be leaving the table until you'd eaten it. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was where slave had "discovered" his fetish. He'd been humiliated in front of the school for not eating his greens. He'd probably also gotten so upset at the time; that he'd wet himself - and had to be put in a nappy as a result - thus further humiliating him. And in his adult years; instead of being traumatised by such an event; he got excited about it. He has a sexual attachment to it, and as an adult; seeks a catalyst to re-enact it for his sexual pleasure.

So here's were that catalyst began. I talked about how I would tie him to a chair and force feed him his greens until his plate was clean. And with each disgusting mouthful; I would be holding his nose until he had no choice but to chew and swallow. Oh, and to add to it - he'd be naked except for his nappy. "What if I throw up, Mistress?" he asked. "You'll be eating more greens until you learn to keep them down!" I replied. "You won't make me eat it?" he responded. No, I'm not going to make him eat his own puke - that's too much. But of course I would be rubbing his face in it - and in his wet nappy - to the delight of his class-mates.

It was an interesting session - very intense - and very eye-opening. These are the kind of sessions I go for - the taboo ones - the ones which mean you can get deep into the psyche of the sub. And once I had him hooked with the whole dinner-lady thing; he was so easy to read. I knew exactly what buttons to press to have him panting like a dog.

It comes with experience though - that and having an open-mind. I've said it before and I'll say it again; NEVER ASSUME! Yes, one could be forgiven for thinking this was going down the adult-baby route. but experience told Me that this was something deeper. He just needed Me to reach inside and grab it. And I did - making it thoroughly enjoyable for both of us!