Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sissy m loves giant cock!

Earlier in the week; sissy m made a startling confession to Me via twitter. She'd been playing with her girlie clit-dick without permission. Sissy knows full well how I feel about this. Touching yourself with permission is NOT allowed and there will always be consequences for those who do.

In the first instance; she was made to pay wank tax. And as she paid her dues, I was left in no doubt that I would be taking the matter further. I know sissy m very well - she is a whore through and through and there is no way she would be able to leave herself alone.

And this afternoon, as if on cue, she made another confession; tweeting to Me that she needed to be punished. No prizes for guessing what she'd been up to!

Ordering her into My private cam room on AdultWork; I demanded to see her slutty outfit in it's entirety. There she was, kneeling before Me in a little maid's dress and stockings. And do you know what, ladies and gentlemen? The little slut hadn't even bothered to put on panties! Her little sissy clit was on display, fully hard - evidence that she'd already been helping herself. Now this just will not do! I could see that a simple fine was not going to be enough to keep this whore in check. A far more hands on (no pun intended) approach was necessary.

She produced her "instruments of torture"; wooden spoon, riding crop, toothpaste, anal beads and dildo. And while it was pleasing to see that she had prepared her little fuck toys, I was far more interested in the "torture toys" to begin with. Her clit as getting harder by the second so it was time to do something about it. And that's when the wooden spoon was put to good use.

Watching her little sissy clit bounce and jerk with each slap of the wooden spoon was very satisfying. And each slap was punctuated with a delightful gasp from sissy. At one point; she was suffering so much she actually began to tremble - and that shows Me that clearly the punishment she was enduring was proving to be very effective.

Next came the riding crop; a number of strokes being delivered to her clit and her balls. Again; she trembled in agony; thus proving to Me that she was indeed suffering. My aim was to make her clit and balls so sore she couldn't handle touching them for a number of days. I wanted to make sure this punishment created a lasting impression on the slut - and clearly that was the case.

To round off her punishment; I had her take some toothpaste and rub it into her already very sore balls. Almost immediately she was gasping and writhing in pain as the soreness started to increase. "Mistress, it's burning!" she cried out. Well of course it was - that was the whole point..

Now I'm not one to refuse the opportunity to humiliated a dirty slut. And since she was dressed in such a slutty manner, I had to take full advantage of it. You see; before I began her punishment I made her insert the anal beads into her slut-cunt - counting out each one as it popped inside. I wanted her cunt prepared for what was to come.

So when I was ready to give her what she deserved, I had her pull out the beads - again counting each one as it popped out. And they really did pop out - her cunt yielding some resistance with each one.

As her cunt recovered, she produced her dildo for the second time. Now this sissy is a greedy bitch. She LOVES cock - and she loves them big! In fact the bigger the better! So the dildo she produced was in fact a large double-ended dong, in flesh coloured rubber - perfect for a slutty size-queen. I wanted to see how much of it she could take - in her mouth first of course. So there she was, knelt on the floor, sucking on this huge rubber cock like a pro. Clearly this bitch has either watched a lot of porn or is a well-practised cock-sucker. Either way; she was gagging and sucking on that thing nicely. Any man would be lucky to have full use of her mouth!

I could see she was desperate - she needed to really feel that cock. At one point; she begged Me even with her mouth full! Clearly the saying of "don't talk with your mouth full!" was lost on her. So desperate was she to feel her cunt being stretched and filled with this massive rubber cock.

But then I couldn't resist either. I wanted to see how much she could take up her ass-cunt. She lined it up, and sank herself down on it - ALL of it. I mean she really took it all - save for about 2 inches protruding out of her. This thing had to be 12 inches at least - so that's 10 inches of dick right up her fuck-hole - perfect!

And off she went - bouncing her sissy ass up and down on it like she was riding a horse at full gallop. Seeing her cheeks bounce as she slammed herself down on the dildo was very entertaining. There is no mistaking how much of a cock-hungry whore she is. Next, she was on her back, her legs spread as she slammed that rubber cock in and out of her hungry ass-pussy - squealing like a little bitch with each thrust. I gave her permission to stroke her clit - only because I wanted to see her with a face full of cum. Sadly her credits ran out before that happened - so she did all that fucking for nothing.

Nevermind - the main thing is I was satisfied.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Mistress Had A Birthday.....

If you follow Me on twitter; it should not have escaped your notice that yesterday was My BIRTHDAY! Now the fact that I wasn't around should not be an excuse. You should always be thinking of your Mistress, ESPECIALLY when She isn't online - because that's the time you have to behave yourself the most. Mistress always knows! Don't forget that.

And there shouldn't be an excuse for you not to send Mistress a birthday gift - a token of your appreciation for the fact that I acknowledge your existence. It's about wants and needs. You WANT Me to acknowledge you so you NEED to find a way of making sure that happens. And what a better time then the occasion of My birthday.

So take that wanking hand of yours and head over to to purchase a gift certificate. Put that hand to far better use - making Mistress happy instead of satisfying yourself.

Amazon Gift Certificates can be sent to Me at the email address below. Show Mistress you deserve My attention...