Saturday, 28 February 2015

Pain-Slut hits new heights of suffering....

Pain slut #1 paid Me a visit to My DirectCam room yesterday and oh what fun we had! You may remember that I blogged about him a couple of weeks ago. Pain slut LOVES heavy CBT and very much enjoys having his pain limits pushed. Last time I blogged about him; we had reached 10 on the pain scale. As promised; I have increased the pain scale to between 1 and 20 - and yesterday we reached 15 - this pleases Me.

Pain slut was under instruction to bring chopped chillies to the session. He had previously emailed Me to ask if he was to gather any more equipment to add to his torturous repertoire and I felt chillies was a natural progression. Of course as time goes by; there will be more things added - he's getting a shopping list next week..

So after making him strike his floppy cock with the back of a wooden spoon until he was hard; I had him take one of the chillies and rub the juice all over his balls. I could physically see them changing colour as the skin began to burn - paint a white line in front of them and you would have a "stop" sign - albeit a rather unorthodox one.

Next came the ball-stretcher. I love it when he uses this because it makes his scrotum nice and taut. A perfect canvass for some painful torture. So spanking his balls with the back of the wooden spoon brought the colour even further out of his already highly colourful balls. While they were as pretty as a picture, there was something missing. Sore is good; but aching is better.

Next came the parachute and the heaviest of weights. Now speaking of heavy; pain slut is not what you would call "trim". He needs some exercise. In our sessions, I like to make sure he takes some exercise and lifts his "weights". No, I'm not talking the weights you have at the gym. I'm talking fishing rod weights - attached to the parachute. These tug heavily on his balls as he does his exercises - 20 squats, 10 star jumps, 20 lunges, jogging on the spot for 1 minute. You can imagine the effect as those weights swing around nicely. He worked up a sweat and so did his balls - adding to the already apparent soreness.

Once I permitted him to remove the weights and parachute, I felt it was time for his balls to endure some prolonged suffering. So out came the bulldog clips - attaching and nipping on his balls. He had to sit with them like this while I had him rub more chopped chillies along the shaft of his cock. Whilst we waited for the juice to take effect; he was rubbing the end of his cock with coarse sand paper before running his pin-wheel around his pee hole - a lovely form of torture on the most sensitive part of his cock - and this is when we reached pain rating of 15 - a great improvement on last time.

Throughout all of this; pain slut's little cock was drooling. Yes this slave really does get off on pain - he lives for it! So, I decided it was time he was allowed to masturbate. Well it was the least I could do. Pain slut had suffered well - and suffering has it's rewards...Well not entirely. Of course I'm going to had a little sadistic twist to his pleasure.

So, as a final torture I had him scoop up a handful of the chopped chillies and squish them into his hands; spreading the juice all over his palms. Then came the masturbation. With one hand he was rubbing his cock furiously whilst the other was rubbing on his already very painful balls. As the chilli juice penetrated his cock he shot his load - and boy was it intense! I don't think I've ever seen him cum so hard before!

I always like to wait a minute after he's come down from his orgasm. In the throws of pleasure; the pain is a nice sensation. Once you've got a pain slut de-spunked, that's when the reality of the pain kicks in and you're faced with "oh shit! Damn, that hurts Mistress!" Yes of course it does - that's why I made him do it!

He left the session both satisfied, pained and exhausted. His feedback was testament to how much he'd suffered; "that was probably the most intense session of my life!" No pain slut. that was NOT it - but believe Me; you'll know when it is! 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Your FIRST and ONLY chance...make it count!

During times I'm actively recruiting slaves; you cannot imagine how much "chaff" there is among the few bits of wheat. Well, the Dommes among you probably can, but for the benefit of those who are none the wiser; I get an awful lot of very poorly written applications. These applications get the attention of the "delete" button, along with My attention for the writer.

When you first contact Me, it is your FIRST and ONLY chance to create a good impression. There are no second chances. If you fail at the first hurdle, you fail full stop; and My attention is removed - permanently.

  • DO ensure that your first contact email is respectful. "Hey" is NOT respectful. 
  • DO ensure you address Mistress in the correct manner in your first email. "Babe" or "baby" is not correct.
  • DO ensure your first email is well-written. Proof-read it for spelling and grammatical errors. Lack of proof reading = lack of attention to detail = lack of attention from Mistress.
  • DO keep it short and to the point. I don't want to spend time reading biblical-length emails.
  • DON'T make demands. "Dominate me!" "control me!" sentences turn Me OFF!
  • DON'T talk about subjects which are beyond My limits - do your research first BEFORE you contact Me.
  • DO talk about what you can offer Mistress - but BE HONEST. I want to know your strengths AND your limitations.
  • DON'T promise the world if you know you can't deliver. I will find out that you can't deliver what you have promised - and you will be dismissed from My attention - permanently.
  • DON'T expect Mistress to propose to you what She wants. The onus is on YOU to do your research first. My expectations are well documented throughout My website.
  • DON'T attach any explicit pictures with your first email - they will be deleted without even being opened - as will your email.
  • DON'T harass Mistress with multiple requests for My decision - IF I feel you are worthy of My attention; I will advise you in due course.
  • DON'T ask questions like; "do I need to make tribute?" This should be plainly obvious.
  • DO include details of your kinks as well as your limits - open and honest applications are more appealing.
  • DO consider making a tribute when sending your email. This is not obligatory, but it is a good way of creating a good first impression! It shows a genuine willingness to serve. Of course, if your email isn't up to scratch - your tribute can and will be sent back......
  • DON'T include skype, twitter or other social media account details in your first email. If I want these details, I will demand them if I feel you have what it takes to serve Me.
  • DO let your intelligence shine through in your email. I like slaves who are intelligent, eloquent and articulate. If your knuckles skim the floor, and it shows - I will be ignoring you.
  • DON'T beg in your first email. Those who beg in the first contact sicken Me. I ignore them and their pathetic attempts to gain My favour.
Follow these very simple guidelines and you will have a good chance of making the grade. Of course; the final decision rests with Me. But as you can see; there are ways and means to influence the decision I make.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


From 23 March, and in accordance with blogger's new policy updates, I will no longer be posting explicit pictures on My blog. This does not mean explicit pictures of Myself - you know full well that I don't get naked. But explicit pictures of My slaves will now appear on My tumblr blog. This means any pictures sent via email assignments will be posted there. 

You can find My tumblr blog at the link below:

You will find lots of dirty, kinky, naughty posts about how My slaves are getting along; as well as any important updates I want you to know about. 

Of course I expect you to follow Me on tumblr - and if you know what's good for you; you'll do just that. If your posts interest Me, I may reblog long as you don't bore Me of course.

Email Slaves Required.

Mistress currently has 3 vacancies for slaves who wish to serve Me via EMAIL.

You will be expected to carry out weekly email assignments (each assignment lasting approximately 5 days) and provide a written essay about the assignment along with photographic evidence. These photos (subject to your agreement) maybe posted on My tumblr blog as recognition of your servitude.

Each assignment will be bespoke to your particular kinks and fetishes. Your limits of course will be respected. If you fail to please Me in your assignment, you can expect to be punished in the next one. If you go above and beyond to please Me, you may be rewarded in the next one. That is how it works - serving well has it's rewards - provided you earn them of course!

To be considered for Email Servitude, you MUST be aged 21 or over. You must NOT be owned or under the consideration of another Domme. You must understand that serving Me in this manner is not about you. It is about Me and providing weekly entertainment to keep Me happy. Therefore; you will expected to be selfless, compliant, honest and open about what you can DO for Mistress.

Interested parties must have a good command of the English language. Your assignment essays are expected to be well written - and you WILL be penalised for any spelling or grammatical errors!

Do you have what it takes to serve Me in this manner?

Then you should apply in the first instance to:

Monday, 23 February 2015


This is why I'm Superior, and you're not.....

TheCristalDomme: why?
teddyn: because i am a naughty boy
TheCristalDomme: and how do you feel Mistress should punish you?
teddyn: anyway mistress chooses....i have a banana if you can think of anything to do with that mistrss
TheCristalDomme: anyway I choose....hmmmm
TheCristalDomme: So if I told you I wanted you to wank with sandpaper - you'd do it would you?
teddyn: your the boss mistress
TheCristalDomme: Yes I am
TheCristalDomme: I don't need to be told that. I am fully aware of it.
teddyn: ha ha....i may make an exception to that unless it is the smooth stuff
teddyn leaves the room
teddyn enters the room
TheCristalDomme: so in other worse, I can't punish you in "any way I choose" - as per your earlier statement.
pompey100 enters the room
teddyn: no mistress i guess not.
pompey100: hello miss
TheCristalDomme: Which means you are attempting to dictate the way I should punish you, does it not?
TheCristalDomme: good afternoon pompey, and how are you?
teddyn: yess mistress i am sorry
pompey100: good thanks yourself miss
TheCristalDomme: you don't have what it takes to keep my attention teddy - goodbye

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fake Submissives - What they say and what they really mean....

Unfortunately, being an Online Dominatrix means I encounter many boys who prefer to fake their way through being submissive. In fact it would be fair to say this is an annoyance of many Dommes in My position. The other common factor however; is that We ALL know how to spot them simply from their pathetic attempts to gain Our attention....

When he says: Mistress I've been naughty.
What he means: I've no clue about BDSM, it's just spanking and shit isn't it?

When he says: Mistress, will you tell me how to wank?
What he means: I don't know anything about BDSM - I just want to have a wank.

When he says: I will do anything you want Mistress!
What he means: Well actually I won't. I just want to cum.

When he says: I have no limits.
What he means: Well apart from the limits I can't be bothered to tell you about.

When he says: I want to please you, Mistress.
What he means: I want to lick your pussy Mistress - you owe me that.

When he says: What do you do in private chat Mistress?
What he means: Do you get your muffin out and play with yourself?

When he says: Will you tell me what to do, Mistress?
What he means: Will you tell me to wank Mistress? I've done nothing to earn, it but I want a wank.

When he says: I've got a dildo in my ass Mistress.
What he means: I want you to turn my cam on in free so I can show you, and not pay.

When he says: How can I please You Mistress?
What he means: I haven't a clue what I'm supposed to do here. I have no idea how to serve a Domme, but I'll get a wank out of it, right?

When he says: What would Mistress like me to do?
What he means: Actually, it's more about what I'd like to do - fuck what Mistress wants.

When he says: I only have 10 credits Mistress.
What he means: I'm a cheap-skate. I can't be bothered to top up. But I want to cum before my credits run out.

When he says: Will you be my Mistress?
What he means: Will you provide me with free wank material whenever I want?

When he says: I want to be owned.
What he means: I don't know what BDSM is - or what being "owned" means. I just want somebody to wank to.

When he says: I want you to ruin me!
What he means: I want free attention and I'm going to pay you fuck all!

When he says: Will you blackmail me, Mistress?
What he means: I'm not actually going to give you my personal information. Neither am I going to tribute you. I just want to get my rocks off.

Purification By Pain - My Church of Sadistic Purification.

Back in Medieval times; criminals and heathens were often tortured for their crimes. This torture; carried out before the ultimate punishment of death; was designed to "purify" the soul ready for the afterlife. By receiving pain; the tortured would be able to make peace with their guilt to become well...pure.

I too am a believer of this; granted perhaps not the same means, but nonetheless, I share the same school of thought that pain is good for the soul - and it is very good in encouraging subs to acknowledge their crimes, realise their guilt and ultimately learn how to be a good, obedient and selfless submissive; rather than a disgusting, selfish and deviant little slug.

This is why I designed Sunday Confessional. It is an opportunity for the wicked to crawl before Me, to confess all, to beg for purification by pain, to suffer and become free from sin. Forget a simple; "I'm sorry Mistress. It won't happen again." Those are only words. ACTIONS speak louder than words. I want to make sure if definitely doesn't happen again - by any means necessary.

Some of My methods are what you would call "ironic." For example; if you have been wanking too much - prepare to wank while it HURTS. If you've been a dirty little pervert, ogling at women while you play with yourself; be prepared to be humiliated and pegged. And if you have been less than respectful; be prepared to suffer every form of torture I have up My sleeve, until respectful behaviour is imprinted on your brain.

These are but a small introduction of the kind of methods I use. In reality; the list is endless. I am sadistic by nature. So whatever disgusting behaviour you've been getting up to; I guarantee a method of torture which will reflect that behaviour. And don't assume you will be purified physically either. Psychological punishments are also very effective - and longer lasting....

My Church of Sadistic Purification is open EVERY Sunday as part of Sunday Confessional. Confession begins at 1.30pm and lasts until 5pm - three and a half hours of delicious torture and entertainment. It pleases Me to see you suffer as you learn the error of your ways. I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday.

And while it's true that of course you will fall to you knees; forget about praying for forgiveness. I may be a Goddess and a Femdom - but no amount of prayer will save you. Purification is the ONLY way to make you behave...