Saturday, 21 February 2015

Locked Up For Lent!

After an unfortunate mishap; slave k had to be temporary "free" from chastity for a few days. You see that's what happens when you have your cage too tight - it can chafe. Mind you, it didn't help that during his locked up period, I had him watch porn for an hour each day....What can I say? My cruel streak must come out to play and frequently.

But, I'm pleased to announce he's now fully healed and back to being caged. For how long? I haven't decided yet....although I have to say that keeping him locked until Easter is VERY tempting....

Friday, 20 February 2015

Why Sensory Deprivation is the ULTIMATE Mind-Fuck.

Sensory Deprivation is the deliberate removal of stimuli of one or more of the sense, be it, touch, taste, sight, or sound. It can produce interesting results, like a feeling of repression, or even anxiety. It can also heighten the senses which are not removed, particularly if this is coupled with extreme bondage. But ultimately; if used correctly; it can change your whole perception of things...

Now here's a little scenario for those who have been curious about sensory deprivation. There are only two people in the room; you and I. The only item of clothing available to you is a Sensory Deprivation suit. You're locked into it. Your arms and legs are bound. A gag is placed in your mouth. Your eyes are blindfolded. Headphones playing continuous music are placed on your ears. You're waiting to see what Mistress will do next...waiting..almost holding your breath in anticipation...but it doesn't come. Instead; you are left - completely helpless - in the darkness; the music drowning out the possible clues you can get from any other noise.

You have no concept of time. The only thing you can do is guess when the minutes and hours are ticking by. But as time passes; panic overwhelms you and a sickening thought enters your head and begins to play like a record stuck on repeat..."what if Mistress doesn't come back?"

And what if She doesn't come back? Who will come to your rescue? Who will even KNOW where you are? You try to scream, but only a pathetic gurgle escapes from your gagged mouth. Suddenly the darkness in which you find yourself becomes almost suffocating. You're trying to calm yourself with deep breaths, as much as your bounds will allow. You crave some form of reassurance that you won't be left along like this forever. Surely Mistress wouldn't do that....would She?

Your anxiety climbs higher and a cold-sweat breaks out on your back. You've no idea of how long you have been locked up for. Minutes? Hours? The music in your ears that was at first soothing, now becomes an irritation. You long for the things you have once taken for granted - the sound of life, birds, people, the wind, traffic. Those things are now but a memory as the continuous drone of the music penetrates your brain.

And then there's the dark. The darkness has become almost painful. You're so desperate to see the light of day or any kind of light. As the darkness starts imprint itself on your brain; your anxiety rises further. Unwelcome thoughts fill your head; thoughts of being cut off from the world forever. But this is just a game, surely? In the position you find yourself; can you truly be sure of that?

But wait...what is this? You can't see, you can't hear..but you can sense something standing in front of you. Something is close to just know it! You start feel a sense of relief wash through your body...could it be that you're about to receive your freedom once more? Your heartbeat increases in anticipation that any moment now; the blindfold will be removed and you'll be able to see the light you desperately crave. Your body is starting to relax as you wait; the suspense becoming unbearable until...damn! No! How is this possible?! That presence you felt is gone! You try to cry out in despair only to emit yet another pathetic gurgle. Right now, you feel such a sense of injustice. It takes all you have not to burst into tears. You were so sure this was it - you were about to be released, and yet it was cruelly taken away from you.

The longer you're deprived; the more you begin to accept your fate. You realise that you have no choice but to remain here until She decides it's time for your release. You understand that you are at Her complete mercy. Your life is in Her hands. Your mind is full of conflicting emotions. You're angry - how dare Mistress do this to you?! You're scared - you want to fall to your knees and beg for your release. You promise that you will never again disobey or annoy your Mistress. Internally, you're bargaining for your freedom. You feel a sense of gratitude - Mistress holds the key to your freedom and you must do what it takes to gain it. All these emotions continue to bump up against one another until finally...nothing. Your mind is a complete blank. Your thoughts have switched off completely. You've been broken.

As time passes, you finally acknowledge the fact that you've been broken. Your body and your mind are no longer yours. They belong to the one who holds you captive. You no longer think for yourself - you think for Mistress. She is at the forefront of your thoughts. You realise that from this point onwards, it is Mistress who is important. You are just a by-product.

Finally, you feel movement...the blindfold which has kept you in the dark for an indeterminate period of time is being loosened. Slowly it is being removed. It is agonisingly slow and as a tiny glimmer of light penetrates your eyeballs; your mind is filled with renewed respect for the One who now truly owns you. Mistress.

The moment your gag is released, you drink in the cold air on your tongue - parched to feel it. The headphones are removed from your head - and you resist the impulse to sob with joy at hearing normal, natural sounds.

And finally, the bonds which have shackled you are released. Your body is free and you move your aching limbs to get the soreness and stiffness out of them. You drop to your knees - and kiss the feet of your Owner as the tears of gratitude fall from your eyes. You feel nothing but awe for the One who has kept you locked away for so long. You have weathered the storm, and now you know you have come fully compliant. The mind-fuck Mistress has enjoyed has had the desired effect. You now know your place in life...

The TRUTH about Serving Me.

The first task is to gain My attention - I say "gain" because it is not given freely. It's given to those whom I feel deserve it. The second and perhaps the hardest task is to KEEP My attention. It can be taken away as quickly as it is given. Make no mistake; if you bore Me, disrespect Me or simply don't have your priorities in the right order; you WILL LOSE MY ATTENTION.

If you think serving Me is about "having a wank" and being allowed to cum; you're in for some heavy disappointment. The truth is that your pleasure and satisfaction isn't even on the agenda. It is given as a reward to those who have pleased Me. And if you're not prepared to EARN your reward then I suggest you move along because My attention is not for you.

For those who are lucky enough to keep My attention; you will find that serving has it's rewards and not in the obvious sense. Your senses will be opened as new kinky experiences await you. You will enjoy being moulded into a subservient little pet; only eager to obey and deliver. Your dark desires will be awakened as being your journey into BDSM paradise and new forms of sexual titillation.


  1. If you simply seek to get your rocks off to a woman who will pander to your whims; I am not the Mistress for you.
  2. If you are used to getting your own way and regularly make demands; I am not the Mistress for you.
  3. If you have no idea of how to RESPECT AUTHORITY; I am not the Mistress for you.
  4. If your priorities are YOUR priorities; I am not the Mistress for you.
  5. If you think Mistress "owes" you anything in return for your servitude; I am not the Mistress for you.
  6. If you think Mistress will be at your beck and call whenever the mood takes you, I am not the Mistress for you.
  7. If you think you can serve Me on a "whim"; I am not the Mistress for you.
  8. If your sentences start with the words "I want", I am not the Mistress for you.
  9. If you lack eloquence and a basic command of the English language; I am not the Mistress for you.
  10. If you take My attention for granted; I am not the Mistress for you.

Temporary Change to Camming Days.

Because February until mid-March is a pretty slow time of year, I will be making some changes to My camming days.

Until further notice; I will NOT be available on Wednesdays, except for instant messenger/directim bookings. (DirectIM is via

Instead, My camming days will be Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 12pm until 5pm, (sometimes earlier if the mood takes Me.)

I expect to resume camming on Wednesdays again mid to late March.

To book a cam session (carried out via Skype), you should email Me at:

Monday, 16 February 2015

A Message For The "FinDommes"....

In the last week or so; Twitter has been full of what I can only describe as silly little girls who want to play at being Mistress. I say "play" because in reality they don't have a clue about what being a Dominatrix entails and they certainly don't have a clue about what being a Financial Dominatrix entails.

I'm talking about these 18/19 year old "wannabes" who think because they have a wishlist, a paypal account and a webcam; that automatically allows them to claim the title of "Findomme". It doesn't. And this post is dedicated to you "wannabe" Dommes - those who think they are the bee knees when it comes to Financial Domination, when really you're just an embarrassment.

The fact that you display your lack of knowledge about the fetish speaks volumes. Time and time again I see the same old tweets; the "fuck you pay me" tweets, the "fucking pay me you faggot loser". You know nothing about these subs you are tweeting to. You don't even know if they enjoy being verbally abused. Yet off you go with the nasty mouth and expect it all on a plate. It doesn't work like that. They tribute you because they adore you, worship you even. You give them a reason to worship you. In fact, if they do worship and adore you, they'll send tributes without you even asking.

There there's the "I spoil back" brigade." Financial Fetish is NOT about giving a financial sub something in return. If you're expecting money in return for sending him pics of your clout; you're just being a whore. Granted - that will make some men feel a throbbing in their dicks - but forget about them "serving" you long-term. They'll look at said pictures, whack one out and that's it. They'll then move on to the next silly girl who is promising naked pics for tributes. And the fact that they only give tributes in return for some wank material suggests they aren't submissive at all - they're thinking only about their own needs, not yours. But then you silly instadommes aren't intelligent enough to realise this...

And now for the real barrel-scraping lot. Yes, you know who are you. You are the "Dommes" who I've seen actually BEGGING subs. I've seen you send unsolicited tweets to men; BEGGING them to send you tributes. NO, NO NO! Since when does a Dominant beg a submissive? A Domme does not come across as desperate. She comes across as aloof. She makes it known that she does not NEED tributes. In fact, the very fact that she accepts a tribute from a sub is enough. She is in a small way acknowledging the existence of the sub. But she doesn't need to. I have in fact sent back tributes - telling slave that I have no use for him with a "Like yourself; your money is not wanted" email. Never have I begged a slave for a tribute. They either give it or they don't. If they do give it, they get My acknowledgement - and that is all they get. Sending a tribute does not give them any right to other things. It just means that just for a moment, they have received My attention - which is taken away as quickly as it is given.

I don't write this to be bitchy; although there is an element of Me making it clear to you that your behaviour is not welcome in the world of BDSM - something else you clearly know little about. I write this because it is the genuine subs who suffer. I have seen way too many who have been conned - by a cute 19 year old "Findomme" who turns out to be a hairy-arsed bloke. And in turn, it's the Genuine Dommes who also suffer - the Women who have learned their art, who have perfected it, who know it inside and out and have practised it for many years. These women have the RIGHT to call themselves Dommes - they've earned it! But they have their entire art tarnished by subs who have been burned by a fake. Some unenlightened subs tar us with the same brush - because their first experience was not a pleasant one. What gives you the right to do that?

And of course when I ask you silly girls this question; I get a tweet full of abuse "bitch, you're fat an ugly, mind your own business." Yeah...real mature. No Genuine Domme I know of (and I know many) speaks like that. They certainly don't resort to play-ground insults because if they do; they risk their reputation and dignity. But then you don't know about that one either do you? The school of carrying yourself in a dignified manner - that went out of the window when you sent your first gynae pic to a "finsub".

Oh, and the HUGE give away on your profile is the fact that you take Paypal. Yeah...good luck with that one. Will you be so high and mighty when you lose ALL of money due to your Paypal account being limited? Paypal don't allow adult transactions - and Genuine Dommes know this - that's why they don't use it. Unlike you; they've done their research.

And to the silly girl who claims she has $33k in her Paypal account - keep dreaming! No way would PayPal allow that - you would have to have a business account - with a business entity number...but I guess when you thought the world of "Financial Domination" was easy money; you didn't think about that...or that many of the subs you're insulting can smell your bullshit before you do.

In short; go back to playing with your dolls until you grow up - and leave the REAL Financial Domination to the experts! 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

10 Is The Magic Number...

Painslut is a regular submissive on AdultWork who is very heavily in to cock and ball torture (CBT), as well as the odd bit of nipple torture. He comes to see Me on webcam on average about once a week, sometimes more. And each time he visits; he never fails to entertain.

With regular slaves who enjoy CBT; I like to see how far I can push their pain threshold. Granted there are some out there who claim they can take a lot, but when it comes down to it; their eyes are watering after light slapping. In fact, I find this to be the case more often than not. It is rare to find a slave who really does live for CBT - but painslut is that slave.

Over the last 12 months he has been serving Me, he has been subjected to pegs, weights, sandpaper, pin-wheels, deep heat, raw chillies, tabasco sauce, and candle wax. On occasion, blood has been drawn as a result of the torture - and still he comes back for more. He enjoys suffering as much as I enjoy seeing him suffer and it is this dynamic in our D/s relationship which makes our sessions highly entertaining.

Today; it was time to push his pain threshold harder. Instead of using pegs, I decided it was time to use bulldog clips. Pegs nip and he often tells Me that the pegs are nipping badly. But with bulldog clips, it was a whole different story. This time they didn't just nip - they bit - hard.

Now during any form of torture session, be it cock and ball, anal or nipple, I like to use what I call the pain scale. This is something used in the medical profession - but it can also be used BDSM. I ask My slaves to give Me a pain rating between 1 and 10; 1 being hardly any pain, 10 being the worst pain they've ever experienced in their lives.

When I began training painslut - his pain rating would peak between 8 and a half and 9. Today, we reached 10. Let Me tell you; that made for a very happy Mistress.

But how did we reach that magic number? Slowly - as with any form of torture. Slow torture is the best - it's more prolonged and often provides much better results. So as well as the initial pain of attaching the bulldog clips first to his foreskin and then to his scrotum; he was made to thread string through them. Once that was done; I made him tug hard on both lengths of string, thus stretching and pulling hard on his foreskin and scrotum at the same time. I could see from the grimace on his face; he was definitely feeling this. This was by far the most intense form of torture he had ever experienced, and it was this that led him to give Me that pain rating.

Now here's the thing. Mistress is never satisfied and I expect My slaves to try even harder with each session. So while we have reached 10, there is still room for improvement. And this is especially since painslut admitted he enjoys having his threshold pushed. Today he even begged Me to make him suffer even harder in the future. Of course I'm going to say "yes." Painslut is a work in progress and the more pain he can handle the more he will please Mistress. The goal posts of the pain scale will be increased - and the magic 20 will be reached. Will Mistress be satisfied then? Perhaps....