Thursday, 10 October 2013

New Slave's First Email Assignment.

My new slave handed in his first Email Assignment yesterday, and apart from the odd mishap he shows great promise. Judge for yourself!

  1. You will completely shave your genitals, underarms, legs, chest and buttocks. - have completed this task except my legs, as a diving instructor it would raise many questions, I hope mistress cristal understands and I will not be punished to hard for this. I have of course completed the other tasks images included. 
Of course he will be punished for this - I don't do excuses.

  1. You will insert a small plug into your anus to wear for 10 mins every day.
         I did not have a butt plug but I inserted my strapon and left it in for 10 minutes it has left me very wide and also more than a little horny.

Of course Mistress will have to exploit this little gem of information - *evil grin*.

  1. You will slap the shaft of your cock hard 25 times.- ii did this mistress, but I am ashamed to say I very much enjoyed it and my cock grew with every slap
  2. You will slap the end of your cock hard 25 times. I leaked precum all over my hand doing this mistress it was very messy
  3. You will slap your balls hard 25 times. This hurt mistress cristal and I winced but to please you I completed them every night
  4. You will continually squeeze your balls while you count slowly to 20., I did as mistress cristal asked and counted to 20 after 16 it really began to hurt
  5. You will wear a thong every day, all day. I very much enjoyed this task mistress cristal I picked a nice string number I hope it please you
Ah so we have a pain-slut - this pleases Mistress enormously. And he likes to wear girlie thongs. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun at his expense!

All in all I am very pleased with slave's first assignment. But let's see if he will perform as well during the next one - when I step things up a gear....

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show you because slave elected not to have them published. This is something I ALWAYS respect - unless you piss Me off that is.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hot Cock Anyone?

I saw this on Facebook and I just had to share! I mean just....why???? Why??? There's kinky and there's totally fucking stupid! :-D

Celebrate Mistress Cristal's Sexy New Body!

Having lost a lot of weight (2 stone to be exact!), Mistress needs new clothes for Her slim, sexy new body. And I want you to congratulate Me on working hard to lose the weight, by treating Me to some new clothes!

On My Amazon Wishlist you will find a good selection of clothes I desire including fetishwear, gothic clothing and lingerie, and I particularly love Gothic clothing as you know.

Every sub who is generous enough to treat Me to a gift will receive public recognition on My website and photos of your gift will be posted too.

If for any reason you are having difficulty purchasing your chosen gift then you may send Amazon Gift Certificate of any amount (pound sterling only) to mistresscristal@mail.

To visit My Amazon Wishlist you may click on the link below:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Today's Outfit.

Today's outfit - enjoy!

Fun With Forced-Intox

I had a great forced-intox session with a phone slave last night. That's the beauty of forced-intox; slaves are so pliable when they're under the influence and will freely give away whatever information you demand of them! That in itself can have a whole multitude of uses.

Anyway, after getting said phone slave completely off his face on poppers, I seductively demanded he tell Me his deepest, darkest secret. I want to know something he had never told anybody else before and he was happy to comply, sheepishly admitting that he regularly enjoys being a total man-slut with a bisexual couple he's been seeing for a while.

Now this was too juicy for words. Of course I'm going to pump him for more information, whilst instructing him to keep sniffing those poppers. I wanted to make sure I had him right where I wanted him.

"So tell Me everything," I purred to which he confessed he last met with them last week. Whilst the wife was getting herself ready, he enjoyed licking and sucking her husband's cock and arse, before being well and truly fucked, eager to feel that throbbing meat inside him. Then when the wife was ready, he spent a good amount of time between her legs, nibbling and sucking at her pussy, as the husband yet again, plunged his cock up his arse.

"You wanted something else, didn't you?" I accused. Yes I knew this. He was itching to tell Me, but still wasn't quite as pliable as I'd have liked him to be. So a few more sniffs later, he made his darkest confession. He wanted to clean up the wife's pussy after her husband had spurted his load in there. That was what he really craved. Of course I had to take this even further, particularly since he was moaning desperately in My ear.

"I think what you really wanted to do was get underneath the wife while her husband fucked her arse," I continued. "You wanted to lick her pussy and suck his balls."

"Oh yes Mistress!" came the passionate gasp.

"But that's not all is it slave?" I accused again, before ordering him to take some more poppers.

"No Mistress," he replied, barely above a whisper. "I wanted more."

"You wanted her husband to fill her arse with his cream, didn't you?" I said. Cue a very audible gasp from now totally helpless slave. "Not only that," I said. "But you wanted to suck the cum from her arse, didn't you?" He was on the edge, jacking away furiously as the image of that cream-filled ass filled his brain. "You're going to do that, you know," I instructed. "The next time you visit them, you're going to beg for that to happen."

That was enough. He screamed his affirmation as he came hard, totally compliant and helpless, along with a promise to call Me again for a blow by blow (excuse the pun!) account. I can't wait!