Friday, 12 July 2013

Private Bookings Available!

Unfortunately Adultwork has been the victim of yet another DDOS attack, the third one since April. To say I'm peeved is putting it mildly. With the amount of money they make from their service providers and clients, one would have thought they would have the proper software in place to prevent this sort of thing happening once, let alone three times! Let's hope this latest attack doesn't do irrepairable damage to their client base!

Anyway, while it is down, I will be offering Private Bookings via skype and Yahoo as well as being available to take calls on Niteflirt.

Prices for Skype Booking are as follows:

Instant messenger - £0.70 per min (5 mins minimum booking length)
Cam Only - £1.00 per min (10 mins minimum booking length)
Cam and voice -£1.30 per min (10 mins minimum booking length)
Phone chat via landline  - £1.50 per min (10 mins minimum booking length)

Payment can be made via paypal (preferred) or Amazon Gift Certificate. You can add Me on Skype today using the skype name MistressCristal1

Prices for Yahoo Bookings are as follows:

Instant Messenger - £0.70 per min
Cam only - £1.00 per min
Cam and voice - £1.30 per min

Again, you can pay for your booking via Paypal or Amazon Gift Certificate. My Yahoo name is


Of course, you can also speak to Me on Niteflirt. Simple dial 1-800-863-5478
ext: 10070633 and you will be connected!

Fingers crossed normal service will be resumed soon. And since I've lost money due to Adultwork being down, as soon as it is back up, I will be working late into the night aswell!

Monday, 8 July 2013

New Laptop Fund Has Begun!

Ok, the time has come to admit that I DESPERATELY need a new laptop before this one dies completely - and then that will be a disaster. It's already on life-support as it is!

I have seen the exact one I'm after on Amazon at a really good price of £352.85 and YOU can help Me to purchase it sooner rather than later!

If you do want to help then you may send Amazon Gift Vouchers of any amount in POUNDS STERLING to Everyone who is kind enough to donate to this much-needed purchase will receive a public mention and a signed photograph for free! Yes, that's a free signed photograph for you to do whatever you like with - and I think I know exactly what you will be doing with it, you naughty boys!

So please, do give generously and help towards My new laptop fund today!