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What is Forced Intoxication?

Forced intoxication is the art of having a slave become intoxicated via various substances and then exploiting his intoxication by various humiliating and degrading means. It is something I regularly explore with submissives and often; I like to couple this with some intense humiliation and anal play.

Intoxication is usually via poppers (alkyl nitrites) but can also be via alcohol; the former being the most popular. Other substances can be used; but I generally stick to the above. Of course I don't engage in play with any illegal substances - that's for idiots.

In the case of poppers; slave is instructed to sniff under My direction. Alternatively; vapour (not the liquid itself) can be collected on two slim tampons and inserted into the nostrils to deliver a constant supply of vapour; meaning slave is intoxicated quicker and over a prolonged period of time. The effect is that the user experiences a "high" and this can enhance sexual pleasure. It can also aid relaxation of the anal sphincter which is particularly useful in anal play. Poppers have been known to provide longer and more intense orgasms and heighten sexual pleasure. Many subs have indeed reported stronger erections when using poppers.

Poppers are a liquid substance stored in a small bottle and contain a group of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites. Specifically; alkly nitrates include butyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite and amyl nitrites. They work by dilating the blood vessels and allowing more blood to get to the heart. They are sniffed from the bottle or via something dipped into the tip of the bottle. In the past; they were used medically to treat angina (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart) and came in small capsules which were popped open and sniffed - hence the term "poppers." They are not controlled by the Misuse of Drugs act 1971. Possession of poppers is legal in the UK; but may not be so in other countries. You should check the laws of your country before using.

The use of poppers is very popular among My submissives but it is certainly not without it's risks. Poppers should NEVER be used in the case of somebody with heart, lung or blood pressure problems as this can be fatal. That is why I will always check the health history of any sub who wishes to explore this for the first time. In addition; it is important that poppers do not come into direct contact with the skin; as this can cause painful chemical burns; particularly underneath the nostrils. Any spillage on the skin should be immediately be washed off with soap and water. You should also avoid using poppers if you are taking any erectile medicines such as viagra; as they can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure. And absolutely NEVER mix poppers with alcohol as this may lead to unconsciousness and even death through choking on vomit.

Alcohol is generally a safer method of intoxication and this can be coupled with humiliating drinking games. I also like to have a slave use a straw to consume the alcohol as this reduces oxygen intake, thus creating a vacuum. In addition; people generally drink faster when drinking through a straw so ingest larger quantities of alcohol in a shorter period of time; meaning they become intoxicated faster.

Again; this method is not without it's risks and it is important that the submissive has a lining on their stomach before exploring. Spirits should NEVER be mixed to avoid the danger of alcohol poisoning. The trick of forced intoxication is to enable a sub to relax and become compliant; NOT to have them completely intoxicated to the point of passing out. In short; tipsy is good - paralytic is not.

The beauty of forced intoxication is that once a slave is sufficiently relaxed; they will often let down their guard and are therefore more pliable. You will find they will do things that under normal circumstances; would mortify them. Alcohol and indeed any form of intoxication gives a person that false sense of confidence. They feel they are superhuman and free from any responsibility their actions may cause. Judgement is somewhat impaired; meaning you are 100% responsible for the submissive and their welfare. Forced intoxication sessions are intense and it is important that you don't take that level of responsibility lightly.

That said; it doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun during the session. I have been known to have a sub dress up as a sissy and take a walk to the shops to purchase feminine products - and shoot video in the process. Of maybe; I'll have them make a video confession of their kinkiest, darkest secrets. The results of that are very entertaining; especially when they view said video in the cold light of day - after I've shared it online of course... The list is endless. Fully compliant under the influence; they will obey every single humiliating command because they feel they are invincible...until the effects of intoxication wear off.

That's when the real squirming begins. The horrifying realisation that yes you do did actually do something deeply embarrassing AND it has been shared on the internet for all to see. Or maybe the throbbing sting of your anus is testament to the fact that FINALLY; you did take that huge dildo you've been struggling with AND you enjoyed it! Or maybe it's the financial reality. You were so off your face; you just kept those tributes coming...and your bank account is now looking less than healthy.

That's the thing about forced intoxication. It's very much a psychological fetish; just like many fetishes are. And it's the ULTIMATE form of giving up control; given that you're so high or drunk you don't care about the consequences - until you're sober. Nevertheless; the effects are long-lasting both for sub and Mistress as long as it's done safely. Hours of entertainment for Me...hours of squirming for sub...