Friday, 29 May 2015

New NiteFlirt Goodies!

I spent yesterday uploading some sexy new content to My NiteFlirt profile. Yes all My NiteFlirt boys; I have some new goody bags available and they are hot, hot, HOT! You will seriously need some heat-resistant goggles when you view them, because you may just spontaneously combust whilst watching them!

You can purchase My sexy Leg Worship POV Goody Bag simply by clicking the link below and enjoy watching Me tease you with My very sexy, Superior stocking-clad legs. Oh yes, you'll definitely want to crawl up them!

Next is My Titty Tease clip Goody Bag. A few minutes of Me showing off My VERY impressive norks while you resist the impulse to cum in your pants. Warning: this hot clip may leave you panting for more!

So there you have it; two VERY sexy Goody Bags which will make your mouth and more drool....but don't even think about touching yourself whilst watching them...that isn't allowed. Yeah, I'm that evil! 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

About Direct Message on Twitter.

One thing which really gets My goose are those boys on twitter; who have been granted the honour of a follow back, decide to take liberties. And when I talk about them taking liberties; I'm talking about them thinking they have the right to send Me a Direct Message without first asking permission.

Think about it. Would you walk into a stranger's house without first knocking or even being invited? No you wouldn't. It amounts to the same. Sending Me a Direct Message is a personal way of communicating with Me. But when you haven't even conversed with Me via twitter or by any other means; it is an overly-personal way of communicating with Me. You haven't introduced yourself, you haven't even told Me what you can do for Me. Yet you take it upon yourself to communicate with Me in a personal manner, as if it is quite right to do so. It isn't.

And then there are those boys who Direct Message Me for one reason only - for pictures. No, I'll rephrase that. For FREE pictures.

Let's get one thing straight. You will not get ANYTHING for free from Me. NOTHING. ZERO. ZILCH. Not even the mouldy crumbs from My toaster - NOTHING! So sending Me a DM with the words "pls send pic" is just going to annoy the fuck out of Me and find you being blocked.

Free-loading picture collectors really are the scum of the earth. They expect everything whilst they put nothing in. And they go from twitter account to twitter account expecting free pictures as though they're owed that. Only today, I had some disrespectful little shit-stain, not only have the gall to add Me to a group conversation in Direct Message (a group conversation with other Dommes and camgirls), but tweet each one of us with "let's have some pics, hun!"  And when I expressed My annoyance with his actions; he came back with a load of abuse "what the fuck is your problem, you fucking cunt." Cue him being blocked - well he's not My problem any more, that's for sure!

Now that is blatant spamming - it's also blatant free-loading. If you want free pics - go find a free porn site....oh you've been through all those haven't you? That's why you're hounding Me for your free pics. Not gonna happen - ever.

Oh and those who think it's cool to send cock pics via direct message - here's something for you; if you're sending out cock pics - you're clearly VERY insecure - think about it!

So here's a warning for all those on twitter. If I choose to follow you - and I don't have to. If I feel your account is not worth My time; I won't follow you. But IF I choose to follow you; you will respectfully request permission BEFORE sending Me a direct message. If I feel your request warrants it; I will give you permission.

Those who don't follow these steps will be instantly blocked - no excuses, no exceptions. Conduct yourself in a respectful manner or be gone!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New NiteFlirt Lines - Pure Phone Filth Line & Fetish Exploration Line.

Enjoy phone sex? Like to chat to a woman who is in full control and knows exactly what she wants AND how to get it? The you'll enjoy My new NiteFlirt Phone Sex line! 

Yes, this is for boys who love the idea of chatting dirty with a woman who loves to be in control. I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to do to you, and how much you're going to love it. And you'll be pleasuring Me in any way I desire. 

I am very skilled in the art of filthy phone sex. I have been in the industry for approximately 16 years and I guarantee that My sexy imagination will have you panting like a dog and fighting hard not to cum before I allow you to! You're in for a XXX hot time and an experience you won't forget in a hurry! Lines will be open tomorrow!

1-800-863-5478 Extension: 10733123  Calls cost $2.00 per minute

Fancy yourself as a bit of a fetish freak? Love to chat all things fetish? Then come and chat with Me on My dedicated Fetish Exploration line! As you know; I am a keen fetishist and LOVE to explore fetish. I'm unshockable and open minded - so don't be embarrassed or shamed about what floats your boat. Just open up and enjoy the release of talking all about it; how you discovered your fetish, how it manifests itself in your daily life and what you have yet to explore within your fetish! All I ask is that your fetish not feature anything considered illegal, anything involving age play or breathe play or anything which has the "ick" factor (hard sports, vomit, blood etc). Lines open tomorrow!

1-800-863-5478 Extension: 10731313. Calls cost $2.00 per min

Cam Days Week Commencing 25th May.

This week will see a change to My usual cam schedule because PS has a birthday on Sunday - so I will be spending all day "playing" with him and giving him My exclusive attention. You boys will just have to imagine all the things I'm going to do to him...and in turn; have him do to Me...

So, I will be available on cam, between 12.30pm and 5pm on the following days:

Wednesday 27 May.

Thursday 28 May.

Friday 29 May.

Saturday 30 May.

On Thursday, I will be doing a couple of hours in the evening from 6pm until 8pm.

Sessions are conducted via Skype and are booked in advance. Tribute is via Amazon UK Gift Card only. If you wish to book; simply email Me at the address below:

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hangovers, Eurovision & Russia's attempt at a joke....

So last night; I went to a Eurovision Party. And the next time My mate says "oh fuck working tomorrow, let's open another bottle!" I'm going to make a hasty retreat. The after-affects this morning are NOT good. Let's just say I have an IV line of coffee this wish we could get Caf-Pow in the UK. 
Yes, self-inflicted hangover-haze means instant messenger and one way cam (your cam) today...

In future; I should just learn to say "no". Still, it was a very good night, not just because of the vino collapso, but because of Eurovision as a whole - the campness and the naffness and Graham Norton's excellent commentary make for an hilarious combination.

So what of the performances? Well starting with the UK - not bad, but not a winning song, clearly. While I rather like the jazz/techno cross-over (Anybody remember Doop by Doop back in the early 90's?), the song did not really do it for Me. I had heard it before the contest and I wasn't very optimistic. I just felt the song lacked balls. As for the staging; well the art-nouveau back-drop was quirky, but the fringe dress on the female singer didn't do her any favours - except when it lit up. When it wasn't lit up; it was not at all flattering. Curvy girls should stay away from fringed-dresses...

Australia - I liked. Cute guy who reminded Me a little of Olly Murs in his whole delivery of the song. I actually felt Australia deserved more points that they received. Serbia - big girl with a VERY big voice! That girl could sing! On the other hand, Latvia's entry couldn't - the wailing witch did not do much for My ear-drums - in fact I left the room before I started to grind My teeth. 

I very much enjoyed Belgium's entry - and in fact I did vote for them. 19 year old guy who actually wrote the song. I liked the KraftWerk/Justin Timberlake feel about it. And the staging was actually very clever. Sweden, the rightful winners; of course blew the rest of the acts out of the water when it came to the staging. Very cleverly done with projections and interactive lights. That is some seriously well-timed choreography!

But Russia? Oh dear! For a start; she barely got through the song before she started blubbering and continued blubbering during the voting process right up until Russia slipped from the top spot. When Conchita asked the Russian singer "how do you feel?" she answered; "oh I just can't seem to stop crying!" No shit! You were pissing out of your eyes from the word "go" love...

For Me though; the highlight of the night was Russia's definite faux-pas when it came to dishing out the points...take a look:

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!! For a start, you start the greeting with "Hello from Mother Russia!" - yeah during current tensions, that is just a tad contentious....and then you make a VERY bad-taste which the boos were almost deafening. Arrogant, much?

Thank goodness they didn't win....because under the current Putin's anti-gay regime, THIS is how the arena would have looked next year...