Friday, 22 May 2015

Hail To The Norks!

So I've been on +CassCams  for almost a week and in that time I've been VERY busy with My profile page. Not only have I uploaded a lot of VERY sexy pics to My private gallery, but I've also uploaded some hot clips - clips that normally you wouldn't get to see!

I'm on Cass Cams most days and on Monday evenings; the whole time is dedicated to worshipping My awesome boobs!

Yes boys; I have a very impressive pair of norks - 38 DD, all natural and very, very sexy. Even before I've got My bra off you'll be fighting hard not to cum in your pants. But of course you can't cum without My permission!

I offer breast worship because I enjoy teasing you into to submissive. Indeed; I can easily hypnotise you by waving My pink, cherry-sized nipples on cam, and you'll quickly be under My control. You boys are governed by your dicks - and My tits are guaranteed to get your dicks excited! Who knows...maybe I'll break out the baby oil and REALLY tease you!

Addicted yet? You will be! Check out My Cass Cams profile now, by clicking on the link below!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Power of Chastity & Cuckoldry.

I had an interesting and very enjoyable chat yesterday, with a phone slave who's very much into cuckoldry and until recently was serving a Professional Dominatrix in that capacity on a long-term basis.

Unlike many of the "wannabe" cucks I've spoken to in the past; this guy really understood the whole psychology behind the fetish. To him; it wasn't about just watching his Mistress enjoy herself with a Bull. It was about accepting his emasculation and learning to embrace the spiritual and emotional changes which often come with it.

He had spent four and a half months locked in chastity during his time with his Mistress. That in itself was pretty impressive (although I know of one slave who's in chastity for much longer!), but hearing him talk about the psychological experiences of it was fascinating and it proved to Me that his head was definitely in the right place for the fetish.

He talked about how he felt that his mind had been completely opened by being in chastity. He no longer felt the need to assert his masculinity because it had been taken away from him. Instead; he went about his daily life in a selfless manner; learning that the world does not revolve around him or indeed his penis. Rather he was just one person in a big wide world.

It is true that many men place far too much emphasis on what is between their legs. To the unenlightened; the size or even the sheer fact that they have a penis gives them a sense of over-importance. They are selfish and focus on only one thing - their own pleasure. But when you put a slave into chastity and cuckold him at the same time; notice how quickly that changes. Sure; they fight the inevitable at first; but eventually they will learn to accept their fate and they learn that they have taken their pleasure for granted; because they have assumed they have a right to it. The mind shifts from it's sole focus of self-gratification to understanding that their needs are but a tiny fish in a massive ocean.

He talked about how one day; he was approached by a young woman at his local railway station. She was feeling intimidated by a gang of men who had been bothering her on her train journey. She asked him to stay with her until her boyfriend arrived to pick her up from the station. She needed to feel safe. In the past; slave would have told her where to go. It was not his problem. But because of the power of being in chastity; his priorities had shifted. He stayed with the woman for as long as it took until her lift arrived. He felt a responsibility to help this woman.

See what had happened here? He no longer saw women as objects for his sexual kicks. Instead; women were to be worshipped and cherished and only once he had pleased them; would they please him - provided of course they felt inclined to do so.

While he watched the Bull fuck his Mistress; he admitted that he felt overwhelmed with jealousy. The Bull in question was black, and very well endowed. His Mistress was white. Slave is black. Yes; there is a status and racial status thing going on here; without wishing to delve into racial humiliation. But in his mind; the Bull was his equal and yet was above him. He had to call the Bull "Master" and beg him to fuck his Mistress. And as he watched Bull enjoy what slave so desperately wanted; he was overcome with a multitude of conflicting emotions - jealousy, excitement, and even humility; such is the psychological power of chastity combined with cuckoldry.

At the end of his time in chastity; his Mistress gave him a choice. He could either fuck Her, or he could please Her by fucking the gorgeous cross-dresser She had with her. He told Me about how this cross-dresser was stunning - and certainly didn't look like a guy in clothes. Mistress had clearly chosen this cross-dresser wisely.  But in giving slave the choice; She emphasised how fucking the cross-dresser would please Her more; yet the choice was slave's and slave's only. A test of loyalty and indeed priorities.

Slave was tempted. He had spent 4 and a half months in chastity and had watched his Mistress repeatedly fucked by a Bull. His cock had seen absolutely no action. But on the other hand; because he had received psychological and emotional clarity during his time in chastity; he knew it was important to please his Mistress and he felt compelled to do that more than anything. So what did he choose? He chose the cross-dresser. And after he had fucked the cross-dress while his Mistress had watched and played with Herself; she told him how proud She was that he had made the decision the please Her rather then please himself. THAT was his reward. Not the physical act of receiving pleasure. No; it was the praise from his Mistress which gave him the most pleasure. He was no longer proud of what was between his legs. Instead he was proud of what he could do to make his Mistress happy.

And that ladies and gentlemen; is what serving a Dominatrix is about. It is the true meaning of absolute servitude; thinking of what will please Mistress but never considering pleasing yourself. This is what you should be aiming for when you take the decision to serve. It should be at the front of your mind at all times. Only then can you truly be worthy of serving.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mistress Joins Cass Cams!

I am now a very proud member of CassCams and you can chat with Me most evenings and during My usual camming days!

I offer a range of different kinds of session. Free chat is available for you to get to know Me before enjoying a fully private chat. Group is also available as is full Private. And in the evenings; in full private I offer breast worship!

Yes, you will enjoy seeing My massive 38 DD boobs as you drool over them and imagine worshipping them. If only you could be so lucky! But still; it will be fun to tease you; and show you what you will never have! Just how much teasing can you take, I wonder?

I also have a range of private pictures for you to enjoy and last night I uploaded a couple of short clips. More clips will be added over time; so keep your eyes peeled.

You can visit My Cass Cams profile at the link below. Take a look and become addicted!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Pimped whore for use!

The idea of being pimped out; to whore yourself out while Mistress enjoys the financial benefits is a very common fetish among sissy sluts. But when it comes to the crunch; few are prepared to see it through. Unless they're addicted to being a slut....which is what the sissy in the above picture is.

Meet Sissy Milly. You will have seen various blog entries about him before. He has performed for Me on AdultWork Direct Cam many times in the past. But now he has finally taken the leap into being a proper little cam whore - satisfying men on webcam for his Madam....Me!

Sissy Milly will play with his toys, deep throat his dildo, fuck his sissy cunt and even cum over his own face for you. He is very obedient and only exists to pleasure you. Whatever you want to see him do; he'll do it. Feel free to humiliate & degrade him - he thrives on that. 

He's not adverse to a little torture either. He can take plenty of cock and ball torture and often enjoys a good sound spanking. If you want to see him give himself a good red bottom; he'll do it. He has no choice but to obey. His role is to pleasure you; without expecting any pleasure himself. 

But sissy milly will not please your for free. He is a whore and he gets on cam to earn money for Me. I take a large percentage of his earnings - the rest he uses to increase his collection of slutty outfits and toys. He doesn't need any more than that; because his sole purpose is to fuck and suck for your viewing pleasure.

He will perform on webcam via Yahoo and on AdultWork. His sessions are priced at £1.50 per minute with a minimum booking length of 5 minutes. He is available daily from 7pm until 11pm. He is also available all day on Sunday.

If you would like to make private webcam booking with Sissy Milly, simply email Me at the address below. Feel free to advise what you would like Sissy Milly to do for you, and how long you would like to book him for. He will carry out every session I order him to.

Alternatively, you can book him at AdultWork via the link below; where he has a nice collection of filthy pictures for you to enjoy!

Be sure to visit his dedicated page on My blog too - there's a few slutty pictures there!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Humiliating a phone slave...

Humiliation is among one of My most favoured fetishes; particularly when it comes to humiliating a slave who has few or zero limits. This means I can really go to town and degrade them in any way I desire; which makes for a very entertaining session.

I carry out humiliation sessions not just on webcam but also via phone. Granted; I don't get the full impact of slave's degradation, but imagination takes care of that...sometimes sound effects can be more amusing.

Today I took a call from a new slave who was heavily into any form of humiliation. He did mention he had a thing for hard sports; which is of course a hard limit for Me. But that didn't stop Me from ensuring he went above and beyond in pleasing Me with his squirming! Like any other humiliation session; I enjoyed asking him lots of embarrassing questions about himself; how big he claimed his cock to be (no, it's not as big as he thinks it is - despite his wishful thinking), about his sexual experiences, his relationships and BINGO - out came a big fat juicy confession about his love for cock.

Indeed; he appears to be in a rather "open" relationship. His girlfriend is free to fuck who she wants. She's also free to watch him fuck other guys - and even fuck him with her strap on. So out came his dildo, and was very soon buried up his ass, which he was now made to refer to as his "boy cunt" while he moaned like a female porn star.

Next it was time for him to taste his "boy cunt" so I had him sucking on the dildo while he fucked himself with his fingers before swapping over again. He's clearly a cock-whore - so we don't want him to get "withdrawal" symptoms!

"Oh I love the feeling of the dildo coming out of my boy cunt!" he gasped as he pulled it out again. Of course I had to exploit that. So he was repeatedly pulling the dildo in and out of his ass while he stroked his dicklet. When it was obvious that he was ready to cum; I had him begging Me in a very girly voice before he was permitted to cum into an empty glass. Of course there's a reason for the glass. He's also a cum whore; which he proved by slurping away at the contents.

Whilst that was fun; I wasn't finished with him. Let it be known that I will only stop humiliating you when I'm good and ready to. And the fact that you've been allowed to cum doesn't mean I will be satisfied.

So next he was made to crawl on all fours to the bathroom. There; he was instructed to lift the toilet seat and lick the bowl clean. I could tell he wanted to take that further; because he hinted he wanted to "make a mess". Nope, My limits are not open for negotiation. So instead I had him pissing into a glass before greedily gulping it down. He didn't like the taste. He admitted that he felt pretty disgusted with himself. Excellent! That's exactly how I wanted him to feel - whilst he's disgusted; he's obedient.

But it still wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted to really laugh at his embarrassment and I knew exactly what would achieve that. Instructing him to push his head as far into the toilet bowl as he could get it; I told him to depress the flush....yup, he got a good bog washing - an old favourite of Mine. I was screeching with laughter as I listened to him coughing and spluttering while the toilet water rushed over his head. "That's cold Mistress!" he finally gasped when he came up for air. I could just imagine him; kneeling there and looking like a drowned rat. Perfect!

But he was horny again and since he'd performed well; I figured I would let him come once a price.

I told him to stand up and place a coin against the wall before holding it there with his nose. Next he was made to wank very very slowly. "Do you think that you could cum in this position?" I asked him; already knowing the answer to that one. "No Mistress," he admitted. "It's not very comfortable." Of course his comfort isn't important to Me. I don't care how uncomfortable he is. He's there to do as he's told.

"I'm about to make it even more uncomfortable," I told him. "Go back to fingering your boy cunt at the same time. Oh and don't forget to moan like a bitch!" And he did - squealing and moaning like a girl as he tried to get his little dicklet to cum. He finally managed it; even though it wasn't a satisfying orgasm for him. But he did cum all over the carpet - which he dutifully licked and sucked clean afterwards. "Wow!" he breathed afterwards; "That was the best session I've ever had, Mistress!"

I haven't even started yet.....

Education for idiots.

There are some days when you're on cam and it's just great. Busy, busy busy - lots of good, well-mannered boys eager to serve. And they serve well; knowing exactly what is expected of them. You finish your cam sessions for the day feeling happy and satisfied, and looking forward to the next day.

And some days you get on cam and you're plagued by idiots. I'm not just talking the odd one or two. I'm talking one after another. They're in the droves, like a plague of locusts all flocking to My cam room with the most ridiculous of "suggestions" in how they may best serve Me:

"Miss, will you measure my huge dick?"
"Mistress, will you fuck yourself while I wank?"
"Give me a free preview Miss, then I'll take you private."
"Yo bitch, you're gonna be my slave."

And the list goes on...each one more stupid than the last. I spend the whole time with My finger hovering over the "kick" button.

Then they're at it on twitter....

"Miss, follow me please..."
"Will you pls follow?"
"I wanna be your friend!"

I don't need your friendship...I have friends..and I didn't find them by begging strangers on twitter.

So here's a few "pointers" to hopefully slap the idiot out of you.

  1. I don't follow back unless you are a) owned by Me or b) have made a tribute...period.
  2. I'm not interested in your dick. I don't care about is not important to Me.
  3. There is a reason why I advertise Myself as "Dominant" ...I'm NEVER submissive.
  4. There are no "free previews" or "try before you buy". My attention is not for free. If you want it - pay for it.
  5. "Hey" is not the way to greet Mistress. "Hey" is for horses.
  6. Neither is "bby, honey, sexy, sweetie, bb, babe, or gorgeous."
  7. Free preview is not for explicit chat. I will tell you this ONCE and ONCE only - then you're gone; never to return.
  8. Serving Me is about My needs. Only when you have pleased Me will I consider your needs.
  9. I wear what I like on webcam. I'm not about to change into something else because it's what you want. What you want isn't important.
  10. I'm not here to make you cum. I may consider allowing you to cum IF you please Me. Don't assume you'll always be allowed relief. Your relief depends on how well you serve Me.
  11. "I'll do anything you want" is FUCKING BORING. If that's how you think you can serve then you're not worthy of My attention. Those who say they will "do whatever I want" are kicked out of My cam room, never to return.
  12. I don't do text speak. If you're too lazy to properly string a sentence together, then you're too lazy to serve Me.
  13. My AdultWork profile is there for you to READ; not just look at the pictures.
  14. No I don't meet...and anyone who asks this clearly hasn't done their research...the result of which will be them being blocked.
Finally here's the answer to the most annoying question:

"Mistress, do you get naked?"