Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cuntweasle Begs A Favour.

A big THANK YOU goes to Cuntweasle for sending Me a stunning Gothic choker as a prelude to begging a favour from Me.

Now normally I don't do favours for slave's, but on this occasion, I will make an exception, especially since I now know what this favour is - and I will of course have to take full advantage of it! Expect to see some highly entertaining photographs coming soon!


Today I find I am having to expose yet another time-waster who thought he could get the better of Me.

Leo Shannon ( applied to serve Me as an email slave a few weeks ago. In his application, he mentioned swallowing urine as one of his fetishes, and on acceptance of his application and the sending of his first email assignment, this particular fetish was one of the tasks set.

I later received an email from him, in which he admitted that he hadn't been truthful in his application, therefore, he would be unable to perform that task. He also came up with various reasons as to why he couldn't perform some of the other tasks set.

Now I am a reasonable person, so agreed to set alternatives for him to do. But I am not a pushover. For failing to be truthful, he was duly fined £5 as punishment.

Leo has not paid his fine. Neither has he acknowledged receipt of the alternative tasks, despite frequent reminders.

Today, I have emailed him to terminate his Contract, to find that he has closed his email account, and therefore will no longer be contacted on that particular email address.

This is a blatant time-waster. Not only has he breached the terms of his Contract of Slavery by lying in his application in the first place, but after I was merciful enough to change the tasks for him (and I don't have to - I could have been cruel and left the urine tasks in place) he decided to disappear, thus proving what a time-wasting cretin he is.

His details have now been passed to BDSM Timewasters accordingly.

Dommes out there, if you don't want to be taken for a ride by this idiot, I suggest you avoid him at all costs!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

RIP To The Woolwich Soldier.

I am horrified beyond belief at the terrible attack in Woolwich, London yesterday. To take a man's life in such a sick and barbaric way is inexcusable and My heart goes out to the victim, his family and all those who were deeply affected by this atrocity. No words can express My sympathies.

And in the midst of all this, there are two things which bother Me.

Firstly, since the news broke of this attack, I saw status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter of a racist, anti-muslim nature. Now I am not defending what these two monsters did, and nor am I excusing it. But it is My feeling that these two individuals did this purely for propaganda reasons. This is clear from the way they stood around around after the attack, demanding they be photographed and filmed by horrified on-lookers. They set out to cause a storm, to create unrest and to have their huge moment in the spotlight.

By lowering ourselves into racist and anti-muslim statements, we are giving these people exactly what they want. And indeed this we saw last night when EDL decided to jump on the bandwagon and "protest" in Woolwich. Not appropriate at all. What that area of London needed last night was calm, and respect, not a load of bone-heads after a ruckus. And let's be honest - the EDL don't need much of an excuse at the best of times.

We also saw attacks on Mosques in Kent and Essex - a direct result of the Woolwich attack - thus further giving the perps the coverage they wanted. Surely it's best to rise above all this?

The other thing which bothers Me is the coverage by the media. I was watching the news last night from the moment I was alerted to the attack until gone midnight. And all I could see was repeated flashing of that awful image of one of the attackers - blood on his hands, and brandishing a knife and cleaver. The media have played right into those hands by doing this. I also saw that the reports and coverage were very one-sided. It was all about the attackers themselves and very little coverage about the victim. It was almost as if the victim was insignificant, and that the attackers should take the lime-light - which is of course what they wanted. No doubt today's newspapers will have that awful image plastered across their front pages, thus fanning the flames of such propaganda.

I prefer not to call this incident a "terrorist attack", because I don't want to give the attackers any more notoriety than they have already received. Neither do I want to make a point about the fact that they just happen to be Muslim. As far as I'm concerned, this is murder. Two men murdered another in the worst way possible. I prefer to keep the flaming statements out of it.

Now here's were it's very worrying. These men are gaining exactly what they set out to achieve. It was not about Islam, and it was not about our troops being in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was about causing a storm, and My fear is that if this isn't handled very carefully, very sensibly, with the media staying away from sensationalism, I predict some serious civil unrest in the weeks to come. This will become a nationwide trend if we are not careful, and more innocent victims will suffer - victims of all backgrounds.

Because of the actions of some, it is so sad to see that all Muslims are tarred with the same brush. To some people, the word "terrorist" in the English dictionary is closely followed by the words "see Muslim." I have many Muslim friends. In fact I have friends from all religions, and they are all quick to condemn what happened yesterday. They repeatedly say that the actions of radicals do not reflect the rest of them, and that is true.

Let's remember some fundamental points of attacks like the one in London yesterday, and all such attacks across the world. What are the goals? Maximum impact, maximum coverage, maximum exposure. Remember the various beheading videos doing the rounds? Why do you think these people sent the tapes to various news agencies? Think about it!

The best form of defence in these circumstances is and always will be; not to feed the propaganda machine. Rise above the racist and anti-muslim statements - we are better than that. And don't give those responsible what they crave - exposure. It will only fuel more hatred and extremism.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday's Availability.

Because I have a very busy day in My vanilla job, today I will be offering session via Adultwork DirectChat and DirectIm

Private sessions will be via direct im only.

If you wish to book a session with Me today, I will be available from 2.30pm until 5pm. You may contact Me at to book.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Today I am exposing a time-waster who came to Me wanting consenual blackmail.

Tom Milford also known as contacted Me on fetlife. He applied to be blackmail and was duly sent a blackmail Contract.

Instead of following the instructions in the Contract, and sending the required photograph, he sent a picture of his balls pegged - NOT what he was told to do.

If you are Domme, avoid this cretin - despite the fact he claims to be "serious" about serving you, he is fact only serious about jerking you around.

Tom's details have now been passed to BDSM Time-wasters, so other Dommes know to avoid him in the future.

Bad Behaviour Will Be Punished!

It would seem that it is a day of bad behaviour from My slaves today.

Firstly slave l has crawled to Me via email and admitted that he has not been 100% truthful in his application. He put "swallowing urine" as one of his tastes, but has now admitted he doesn't like that. So he is fined £5 for this slip up

And slave j, who is fast heading towards expulsion from My ownership has yet again failed to acknowledge receipt of his homework. He is also fined £5.

Let it be noted readers - if you behave badly in your servitude you WILL be punished!