Saturday, 7 October 2017

My Take On Financial Domination

Financial Domination is not an exact science and it is true that there are an awful lot of myths surrounding the fetish. 

While I am proud to be a Financial Mistress; I'd like to make it absolutely clear that what I am not is a bratty Princess. That's not to say there is anything wrong with using that approach. If that is which works for you; then of course you are entitled to adopt that method. But for Me; the whole process of financially dominating a slave I have a different approach on. 

The question I'm often asked is; "why would a slave choose to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a Financial Dominatrix?" The answer to this question is quite simple - because they want to. I do not demand to be paid. I do not bully subs to pay Me. I simply ask and they give; because they have a desire to give to Me. I allow My slaves to enjoy the opportunity to spoil their Mistress in order to prove their devotion. 

However; this is not something which happens overnight. They will only spoil Me when they are ready to spoil Me and this is something which takes time. It is during this time that I will get inside their heads and find what makes them tick. When I have found what their weaknesses; I use them to develop an honest and open relationship with My submissives; which is based on trust and absolute obedience. 

To Me; establishing and maintaining an ongoing rapport with a submissive, is the very foundation of Financial Domination. One cannot simply expect to encounter a sub & demand that he will pay from the off. Why would you consider spending money on somebody you don't know? Instead; I choose to exploit their weaknesses as we get to know each other and decide whether the relationship is or isn't going to work. Submission is either given or it isn't. 

That said; however the early part of the relationship; the INVESTIGATION part doesn't come for free. My slaves approach Me for webcam domination, phone domination or Email domination. They may even approach Me to be dominated via text message. But they still have to pay to enjoy this service. They are not paying to worship Me at this point. They are paying to enjoy My services, skills and knowledge on the subject of BDSM and fetish. 

Over time; as the relationship grows; so does the desire to worship their Mistress. I never force or demand that My slaves buy Me things or send Me money. Yes; I will request certain things, but there is no forcing or bulling in My Financial Domination training. I may set My slaves a target task and invite them to contribute to it. And this allows My slaves to join together and contribute to something big in My life. 

But I never demand. I ask and invite. And as is usually the case; I don't need to even ask. My slaves will OFFER gifts and cash because they are so hooked and turned on by the idea of worshipping Me. They are so devoted and besotted with Me that they want to be part of My life and part of My happiness. To be given the chance to worship Mistress and make Her happy is an honour and a privilege and it makes them feel special to be able to do so. Proving their devotion to Me makes them happy. And it makes Me happy too. What could possibly be wrong with that; when all parties are happy? 

Financial Domination is not all about money. It's about getting to know your slave, and how much they enjoy being submissive. My slaves thoroughly enjoy being submissive to Me and they love it when I use My Domination skills, knowledge and experience to put them in that deliciously submissive place. They like to be in this place and want to stay in it. 

Submission is never enforced in a slave. It is inspired when you have made that connection with your submissive. When you have established that connection and learned to nurture it for BOTH parties; that's when you are mutually experiencing true Financial Domination. 

Financial Domination is not something to be undertaken on a whim, and this is particularly important if you are a sub interested in experiencing Financial Domination. What you must always remember is that it isn't your money which motivates and attracts Me. In fact; if I feel you do not understand the fetish or that you are not suitable to serve Me financially; I will have no qualms about REFUSING your tributes and gifts. 

Sending Me an email with "please rinse me Mistress" or "Mistress; I need you to blackmail me and ruin my life!" is NOT going to attract My attention. I have received countless messages like this over the years and I have ignored every single one. Those who are desperate and beg for attention; rarely have any real use or anything interesting to say or add to My life. 

The correct way to approach is to tell Me what you would like to do to contribute to My lifestyle and enquiring as to how you may go about doing so. If you are a well mannered gentleman who isn't begging and showing how clueless and pathetic you are; you are more likely to get a response. While pathetic slaves are useful in terms of amusement and entertainment; they are NOT useful when it comes to Financial Domination and their methods will not wash with Me. 

To Me; Financial Domination is complex but comes naturally when is done right. It is about building a connection and a relationship; to encourage and inspire a sub to contribute and worship of their own free will. I personally enjoy the connection I have with My subs when I speak with them on webcam. It's fun to find out all about them; to chat with them; to find out about the sort of things they like and to have fun with them. Serving a Dominatrix and Financial Domme should not just be about whips, chains and humiliation. It should also be about fun so that the experience is enjoyable for both parties. And further down the line; as you begin to enjoy My company more and more; if you wish to worship Me financially, then it is your choice to do so. You might want to purchase a gift from My wishlist or send Me a gift voucher. You might even want to tribute via NiteFlirt. But you will only do this once you are ready to do so. I won't be forcing you to do this. You will give freely because I am inside your mind and I have inspired you to want to this. 

Neither will I bankrupt you. Another thing I am definitely NOT is a home-wrecker. I understand that you have a life outside of servitude. You have financial responsibilities and likely a family or partner to support, and I believe in keeping it real. Your vanilla life is just as important; if not more so, and it is for that reason that My slaves only give what they can truly afford. Yes, they may want to give up a trip to the cinema or a night out on the town. They would prefer to spend their money on Mistress; rather than wasting it on frivolities like alcohol. They buy Me a gift but are still responsible for ensuring their household bills are still being paid. It is a consensual financial relationship between Domme and sub. 

Financial Domination when it is done right; can lead to a beautiful, lasting relationship. All you have to do is to learn about Me via My website and watch My clips and decide if you would like to be part of something special and contribute to My lifestyle. If you are ready to take the next step to be inspired to show your devotion; then get in touch and correctly express your desire to worship. It is that simple and it's also a lot of fun!

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