Friday, 21 August 2015


Imagine having Mistress starring in a fetish clip because you requested it! Yes that's right - a custom clip just for you!

I am now taking requests for custom clips. These clips will be created, edited and uploaded to My @clipsfatale channel for you to stroke away and enjoy - as many times as you like. As long as your request doesn't include involve anything which is a hard limit for Me; it will be considered. And if I'm agreeable to your request; it will be uploaded. As you will know; I am VERY open minded. So don't be shy - and don't let the thought of you shocking Me hold you back. It's not possible and I'm not going to pass judgement on what floats your boat - as long as it's legal of course.

Prices for each clip will be determined by the length of the clip. If you wish Me to wear anything I currently don't own, then you will be expected to contribute towards it. So; if you want Me to be wearing a red latex dress - then you will need to stump up the readies for Me to purchase said red latex dress. You get out what you put in.

So if you want Me to film a clip just for you then you should email Me with the details at the address below. Your request will be considered and I will contact you with a decision. Once the clip is created and uploaded; I will then contact you to advise you when it will be available for your viewing pleasure.


In the meantime, if you wish to see the clips already available; you may visit My clip store by clicking HERE.

AdultWork Scammer Gets His Just Desserts.

Anybody who is a member of AdultWork - be it performer or customer should read this. It WILL make your blood boil...

I cannot believe the arrogance of this wank-stain. He scams paying customers by setting up fake profiles and then has the nerve to play the victim. Yes, of course we should all feel sorry for him - big bad AdultWork has "stolen" his money. Money he tried to get through fraudulent activity.

Excuse Me for laughing at this dickhead's "misfortune" but karma is a bitch. You try and deceive people and you get a fair few scratches of your own. In this case; to the tune of $16k.

While this brainless idiot was scamming honest people; and losing his ill-gotten gains; he could have put his time to much better use. There are a range of affiliate sites and programs out there he could have made good use of. He could have made the money and actually kept it. Instead; he tried to do it the "easy" way - yes and look where that got you!

I personally feel for all those paid money to see these fake pictures. I can only hope they were reimbursed. But do take delicious comfort in the fact that this cunt-flap got exactly what he deserved. The only downside is that he wasn't prosecuted for fraud - yet. His arrogance shows that he hasn't learned from this - he will be caught - and will probably lose a lot more than $16k. I wonder if he'll be proud of himself when he becomes the jail-house bitch?

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why UK Prostitution Laws Are Endangering Women.

So the other evening; I watched a tv programme on BBC Three - Prostitution, What's The Harm? And as predicted; it opened up not only a chance for a great debate on social media, but it opened My eyes as to how downright irresponsible & outdated the UK Laws are with regard to selling sex.

Prostitution is the oldest trade in the world - and is becoming increasingly popular with clients and ladies alike. Indeed; one thing I took away from watching the programme was that it's not the taboo subject it once was. There are many men out there who will happily admit that they have paid for sex at some point in their lives and have no problem in talking about it. They also understand that it is what it is - a business arrangement. In fact they go so far as to admit that it's rather like having a one-night stand with a girl they've met at a club - only the agenda is clear from the very beginning. It's not about emotional baggage. It's very simple - they pay their money, they have sex with the girl - and everybody is happy.

But what really troubled Me was the crazy laws surrounding the trade - and how it would seem the government are intent on endangering women.

Let's talk about laws with regard to visiting a brothel. It is not illegal to pay for sex. It is not illegal to sell sexual services. However, it is illegal to run a brothel. You might argue that this is to combat sex trafficking - and you'd be wrong. The fact is; the majority of brothels are safe, clean environments for women to work in. They have strict rules about drugs, strict rules about coercion and strict rules on how the girls conduct themselves. It is all above board in terms of tax and national insurance. The rooms in which the girls service their clients; are equipped with panic buttons. And the girls look out for each other - if one girl hears another in trouble - they all get in there and deal with it. The risk of abuse & sexual violence is greatly reduced when a girl is working in a brothel; because she knows there is always somebody there to look out for her.

Yet in the eyes of the law; this is considered to be wrong.

Let's talk about one of the Escorts who featured on the programme. Like many escorts in the industry; she will do "tours" around the country. With a fellow escort; she will rent out an apartment so that clients in that particular area can come to see her. So you have two escorts selling sex in one apartment. This is illegal apparently. Because by doing so; you have effectively turned that apartment into a brothel. Let's not forget the simple fact of safety in numbers. Both of those girls have broken the law. They haven't done any illicit drugs. They haven't had wild parties and smashed up the place. They have been discreet and professional. But because they want to stay safe and look out for each other; they have broken the law.

Brothels are popping up in cities and towns all over the world - and many which are overseas,are now legal and regulated. One such brothel which featured on the programme was in the Czech Republic. It was a clean, safe environment for men to visit and have sex with the girl of their choice. There was no drugs. There was no enforced prostitution. The girls there were purely because they were earning a living. One girl did it because she wanted her son to attend a good school. To her; it is simply a job. And that's all it was for many of the girls who featured on the programme. A job - the fact that they are selling sex shouldn't come into it. They are just going to work.

But on the other side of the coin; the programme featured street prostitutes - girls who walk the streets and offer their trade - and yes this is illegal. But let's go deeper into this. Street prostitution is the form of prostitution with the highest risk. These girls are often working to fund a drug or alcohol addiction. Some are even working with pimps who are pushing drugs on them to keep their addiction going and in turn keep them working on the streets. The programme talked to a lady who had been working on the streets for many years, but had finally left the industry. She had previously been a street prostitute to fund her alcohol and drug addiction. She had been beaten and raped repeatedly during her time on the streets. At one point; she was locked in a punter's flat and kept there for 10 hours - repeatedly sexually assaulted, raped and beaten. It was then that she realised she had to get out of the scene and get herself clean - or she wasn't going to survive.

It doesn't take a scientist to work out that girls who are working on the street, getting into cars with strange men are going to be at a great deal of risk. There is no "screening" of the client, like you would get with an escort or escort agency. There is nobody to protect them or help them if things go wrong. They are putting their lives in their hands every single time they go with a punter. While one punter might be completely safe; the next one might not be. At best they will end up beaten and raped. At worst; they will end up dead.

Yet the law seems to think it's okay for girls to be prostitutes as long as they are working alone - therefore increasing the risk.

Despite the "moral" outcry on the subject; would it really be so bad to legalise brothels and ensure they are heavily regulated? Australia doesn't think so. In fact, when they legalised & regulated brothels; they saw very little moral outcry. They also saw a big decline in substance dependency and violence and this is the case for every other country in the world with legalise brothels. The main thing is; they are keeping the girls SAFE. Isn't that what we should be focusing on?

As one brothel owner who featured on the programme put it; "why is this government seeing it fit to endanger women?" Quite. Why do they think it okay to endanger women with their archaic laws?

The fact is; prostitution is never going to die out. You will never completely eradicate selling or paying for sex. Not when it's clearly becoming more and more acceptable. While I'm not a prostitute Myself; I have never thought badly of those who are. It's all about choices, particularly those who are working in a safe and clean environment. If both sides are safe and consenting; why should it be so "offensive"? There really is no difference between buying somebody drinks and sleeping with them and paying them money for sleeping them. In fact as I've previously mentioned; it's safer. An escort worth her salt will never drink on the job - because she's always in control. She is sensible enough to keep her wits about her at all times, because she knows that even in a safe environment; there is still an element of risk. Could a drunk girl really protect herself? Widening that debate; could a girl high on drugs and working as a street prostitute protect herself? We've already seen by the many murdered prostitutes which have hit the headlines - the answer is "no."

Yet many escorts are running a legitimate business and ensuring they put their safety first - by working with other girls and in an establishment - yet they are breaking the law because they want to be safe.

I think the important question to ask is are these laws REALLY helping to combat sex trafficking? I firmly believe the answer is "no". There are many cases of trafficked women being sold on the streets - and we've already discussed this. If a women is working on the street; it's very difficult to keep an eye on her and jump in when it becomes clear she's being abused or forced. Secondly, for the trafficked women being forced to work in brothels, how are the authorities going to keep an eye on this? It's illegal to advertise sexual services on the streets. That's why you will find many brothel's will state the girls are "models". But if these places were legalised and regulated; regular visits to the establishment could be made. Indeed; the police will only swoop on a place where there is substance abuse and coercion taking place. The moment they believe there are trafficked women in an establishment - they raid it. Surely if these places were legal; they would be able to keep an eye on this better. It is a fact that if you push something underground; it will become more and more open for abuse and criminal activity - and because it's pushed underground; it falls off the radar - putting more and more women and girls at risk.

I firmly believe that these ridiculous laws go around the issue rather than dealing with it properly. It's more a case of "if we don't see it, then it doesn't go on" thus absolving themselves of the responsibility to keep women safe. They are failing sex workers - often with the most disastrous consequences.

If you really want to stamp out sex trafficking - deal with it properly! Legalise & regulate brothels and get rid of pimps! Put it out in the open but in a discreet manner. Regularly visit these places to ensure no drugs or other criminal activities are taking place. Above all KEEP WOMEN SAFE! Don't prosecute the girls who are working in the industry. Don't prosecute those who are working hard to keep the girls safe. Prosecute those who are ABUSING women for financial & criminal gain! Those are the REAL criminals - when will the government finally wake up to this stark fact?

Monday, 17 August 2015

Chastity sub is forced to tease....

The best part of putting a sub into chastity is the relentless teasing you inflict on them - and the fact that they have no choice but to endure it.

Armed with his hitachi wand, vibrator and cum-catcher; chastity sub is forced to tease himself for My enjoyment...

And of course I'm not going to let this go by without a cruel twist. He has to continue the teasing until his "leakage" reaches the first marker on the glass...

He's now entering the 3rd week of being in chastity for a month. Of course when the month is up; I might let him cum. Or I could be extra cruel - and continue teasing him until his "leakage" reaches the second long do you reckon that will take? ;-)