Monday, 10 August 2015

Why Applying To Serve Is Not Only About Tributes...

It may surprise you to know that serving a Dominatrix is way more than throwing tributes Her way. Now I know that at this point; many boys will have to pick themselves off the floor due to shock, but you're about to receive a very good education in what servitude actually means. And no; it doesn't mean salivating over being spanked while you wank your little maggot. That's not servitude - not by even the slightest stretch of the imagination.

Submission to another is either given or it is isn't. But there are no half measures. Submission is exactly what it sounds like. You submit to the will of another. You give up all power and control and give yourself freely to the control of a Superior. This means your opinions do not matter. Your body becomes the property of the one who owns you. Your thinking is not of yourself but of the one who controls you. In fact every single thing you say or do; is with the Dominant in mind. You become selfless and act only on the commands and directions of somebody else. Every single independent thing about yourself becomes non-existent and is replaced by a dependency on your Dominant. You depend on them to show you the way of how you should speak, act, live and behave. You live your life for them and never for yourself.

So why then are you surprised that your offer of tribute has been refused? Well let's talk about that. Many Dommes will relate to opening up their emails and reading countless messages of "Can I be your slave? If I send tribute, will you own me?" The genuine Dommes among us will ignore those messages. If in fact tribute has been sent in addition to said email; that tribute will be sent back.

But that's how to approach a Domme right? That's how you attract their attention, isn't it? WRONG! You cannot win over a Dominatrix with the promise or act of tribute. Tribute is just the tip of the iceberg. Anybody can send a gift certificate or add funds to a google wallet account. It takes all of five minutes and requires the minimum of effort. And yet you expect for be owned as a result of that tiny effort? Not going to happen.

While it is true that you should expect to pay for the time of a Dominatrix; don't fool yourself into thinking that is all She wants from you. She wants to know what you can DO for her. How are you going to entertain Her? What are you going to do to please Her? Are you going to be obedient and carry out every single one of Her commands without questions? Are you going to completely give yourself over to Her every whim? THAT is what you should be considering when you approach a Dominatrix. Offering tribute in return for ownership means you are already setting conditions and expectations from Her. You are attempting to call the shots and be in control of the relationship. Why would a Dominatrix want to consider owning somebody who does that?

If you are going to submit to the will of another; you should understand that you have no business setting conditions before you start. Mistress will set those conditions IF She wants to speak to you. And you will learn to live by those conditions whether you like it or not. But as far as you're concerned; your servitude is unconditional. You simply do as you're told - that's the bottom line. She commands - and you do.

So for all those who are still unconvinced ask yourself this: Would you approach a prospective employer in the same manner? Would you sit in the interview and say; "if I give you money, will you employ me?" I didn't think so. Applying to serve a Dominatrix is very much like applying for a job. You tell your prospective employer what you can bring to the company in terms of your skills and expertise. You sell yourself to them so that they want to consider you. If you're not qualified for the job; a sizeable cheque included with your job application isn't going to make the slightest difference...

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