Friday, 24 July 2015

Who said choices have to be fair?

It is not often that My slaves will have any say in the activities they perform for Me. They do whatever I desire on webcam because they don't have a choice. Mistress is making them do these things. But there are on occasions; times when I will allow a slave some choice - but of course it's not without it's sadistic merit.

Take this afternoon for example. Chastity sub has been caged for two weeks. He has been teased relentlessly in that time, both on and off cam and has found himself to be in permanent state of arousal. This week in particular; has proved to be very uncomfortable for him - and that is exactly how it should be. He has no say in the matter - if I decide he is to be caged for any length of time, then that is what will happen. My choice, My rules.

This is what makes chastity so wonderful - teasing a slave until they're about to go crazy; but still denying him. It really is a test of loyalty. I don't provide a key-holding service as such; because that would be too easy. When I chastise My slaves; they are kept in chastity through force of will alone. Yes; if they wanted to break My rules; they could so easily unlock themselves and cum as much as they like. Of course I would find out about it. Mistress knows these things. And they know that by doing so; they will make Me angry and lead Me to sending them away - telling them I no longer want to see them. That is where the test of loyalty is. If they want remain under My control; they do as they're told - whether they like it or not.

And chastity sub is excelling at this. He has the key to his cage, and yet he has been teased repeatedly. He has never ever known frustration like it. Last week; I allowed him to gently stroke while he watched porn. I taunted him with the possibility of letting him cum. He got so excited - only for Me to deny him once more. He placed himself back into chastity and went without - that is how devoted he is to obeying My every command.

Today; we enjoyed another CBT session and yet again; I dangled his pleasure like the proverbial carrot. If he suffered well, I might let him cum. But he had to work hard to earn it. The more torture he endured; the greater his chances of cumming. And of course he did suffer! We hit the heady heights of 50 on the pain scale - that's an exceptionally high pain threshold. He was enjoying every single minute of it and his cock was drooling like a leaky tap. The more I tortured him; the more he drooled. Surely he would be allowed to cum after all that, right?

Nope. This is where his choice came in. He could either cum today and then go into chastity for a whole month. Or, he could wait until our session next week and maybe be allowed to cum. MAYBE. He chose the latter and instead was landed with a homework task of stroking himself slowly for an hour while he watched porn - but not cumming.

Will he last another week? Yes. He doesn't have a say in the matter. Will I let him cum next week? Hmmm; I haven't decided yet....

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I currently have 2 vacancies for slaves who wish to serve Me via email. You will be expected to complete weekly email tasks to My satisfaction and by a due date set. Each task will be specifically written for your particular kinks and fetishes, and you will be expected to provide a full written report and photographic/video evidence of you completing each task. Subject to your agreement; these photographs/videos will be published on My website for the world to see your humiliation.

You MUST be aged 21 or over to be considered. I will make no exceptions. You must also be 100% submissive, honest and obedient. I expect you to complete each task with ME in mind. Remember; serving Me is about ME and not you. Your needs don't even enter in to the equation.

If you feel you have what it takes to serve Me in this manner; you may read all about Email Training via the link below and apply in writing to:

Remember; put effort into your application - so that I put effort into reading it. Find out more about how you should apply here.