Saturday, 11 July 2015

What is it to be "owned"?

The words; "You own me" are banded about a lot by many of the submissives I encounter. But the fact is; few of them actually know what that means. And an even smaller number are ever truly owned by Me.

What is it to be "owned" by a Dominatrix? Simply put it means you become Her property. And not just in title. To be "owned" means you are freely giving all of yourself to Mistress - mind, body and soul. It also means you are freely giving Her your entire life - everything you do and everything you are. That is real ownership.

Real ownership means that from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to sleep at night - you live your life for Mistress. Mistress is the sole focus of your mind. Every single task you perform is with Mistress in mind. You live for Mistress. You live in accordance with the way Mistress expects. Your entire life revolves around the needs and desires of Mistress. Your needs and desires become obsolete; as does your independent persona. Everything about yourself, as an independent person does not matter. Indeed; they are now extinct. The only thing which matters in your life is your Mistress - your Owner.

In actual fact, very few subs can rightfully consider themselves to be owned by Me. I can count them on one hand. While many of the submissives I speak to would like to be "owned" be Me, only a chosen few are - because I prefer QUALITY over quantity.

Those who do enjoy being owned by Me; understand the responsibility that comes with the territory. They understand that it is far more than just a "title". Titles are just words - a combination of letters in a certain order. Being owned comes from within and they knew they have to strive hard to retain that status. What's more; they enjoy striving hard to retain it. They seek only to please Mistress and make Her proud. They take whatever Mistress throws at them - the good and the bad - and they do this without question or objection. They know that they can only ever be truly happy when they have made Mistress happy. Everything else pales into insignificance. They have only once true purpose in life - to please and to give - all of themselves - completely.

No, it's not about gifts or tributes. This is another common misconception. If you think I'm going to "own" you simply because you have purchased a stack of stuff from My Wishlist then you are very much mistaken. Anybody can do that. Those are just things. And I guarantee your gifts will be remembered long after you are forgotten.

But if you prove to Me, during the course of your servitude that you have what it takes to be considered for ownership; then that's a different matter. It's about the DOING and the BEING - actions and reactions.  It's about demonstrating your own unique qualities and standing out from the rest; and therefore making yourself memorable to Mistress - in a positive light. I remember a lot of so-called "subs" in a negative light - and the few I remember in a positive light are those who now belong to Me.

So you see - it's not simply a case of stating "you own me, Mistress". It is far more complicated that that and takes EFFORT on your part. Anybody can put four little words together. But can you truly appreciate and act on what those four little words mean?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Kidnapped Sissy Slut.

Unfortunately, it's been a painful week for Me. Having trapped a nerve in My neck and also sprained My trapezius muscle, I've had to forego being on cam for a few days due to not being able to move My head or indeed most of My upper body. And while I've been offering some DirectIM/Instant Messenger sessions; it has been in between being zombified due to the painkillers.

But I'm pleased to say that even though I'm still in a lot of pain; I am improving and looking forward to being back on cam again this coming Friday and throughout the weekend. I am determined to get back to normal even if it kills Me!

DirectIM sessions haven't been without their charm of course. Last night; I enjoyed a nice long chat about a kidnap fantasy with a sissy slut. I've spoken to him many times on the phone, but last night he decided to confess a deep-seated fantasy with Me via DirectIM.

Sissy slut loves cock. Indeed; he often goes cruising for cock. He cannot function unless he has a regular dose of man-cock. But what he loves even more is cum - and as much cum as he can get. It doesn't have to be his own cum either. In fact, he likes it even better if it's the cum from as many cocks as possible. This slut really is a cum-bucket and has no problem with demonstrating how truly depraved he is.

His fantasy last night involved him being dragged into a van, drugged with chloroform and coming round to find himself dressed in slutty lingerie and bound and gagged. He would be on the floor of a dirty men's bathroom, surrounded by naked men of all shapes and sizes. His gag would be unceremoniously pulled from his mouth, and a huge cock shoved in it's place. Meanwhile, his ass would be up-turned ready for some serious abuse. One thick cock after another would be shoved up there - each one using his ass the way it should be. Each cock would pound him hard until it explodes inside him, filling his slutty ass with cream. And as soon as a cock cums down his throat, another cock is shoved in it's place.

When that last cock has cum up his ass, it would be pulled free to reveal a wide open creampie with thick cum oozing out of it. His little pucker would be red and thoroughly abused but still begging for more. So the men who haven't had the opportunity to fuck him; would instead jerk off and squirt their cum into his gaping man-cunt; thus filling him up even more.

He was in a real frenzy while we explored this dirty fantasy of his, and so desperate to play with his pathetic little man-clit. Of course I denied him. He has only one purpose after all - to give pleasure, not to receive it. Dangling his pleasure like the proverbial carrot keeps him compliant - and eager to please even more cocks!