Saturday, 25 January 2014

55 Minute Edge Play Session

This afternoon, I enjoyed an Edge Play session with a slave on AdultWork. At first, he came in to Direct Cam, with the big "I am" attitude, boasting that "you'll never break me Miss, I might surprise you!" Oh yes, bring it on bitch!

So 55 minutes later, and lots of edging, his cock was almost ready to burst. What he didn't allow for is the fact that I could hearing cursing and "praying" as he struggled to maintain his resistance. I allowed him to wank right to the edge, before he stopped, making him continue again, with only a seconds break in between. Before long, his cock was drooling and eventually he had little choice. He HAD to give in and beg for his release. He admitted that I'd not only broken him, but probably broken his cock, which of course I knew would happen in the end. Yes he came, he was most humble afterwards and the cocky attitude was gone.

Let that be a lesson boys - I ALWAYS get what I want in the end!

Friday, 24 January 2014

An Idea For Genuine Dommes

Having spoken to a lot of Dommes on twitter who have expressed their displeasure at there being far to many fakes; this has given Me an idea....

I am considering creating a group or forum, which would be exclusive for Genuine Dommes and if possible, genuine subs. This would be very strictly policed, with only those who meet certain conditions being allowed to join.

In order for Me to ascertain if such a group/forum is feasible, I have composed a short survey for you all to complete. I would be very grateful if you would take the time to complete it, so I can possibly move forward with this.

You can complete the survey below:

Follow Me On Twitter - But Only If you Are GENUINE!

Because as well as there being a fair few fake Dommes on twitter, there are also a fair few fake subs on twitter, I will be implementing a new rule.

From today, when you choose to follow Me, before I follow you back, I will ask you one important question; "why have you chosen to follow Me?" This is not a difficult question, but it requires some serious thought to answer it. If your answer is satisfactory to Me, I will follow you back. If you answer isn't, you will not be followed, but you will be blocked.

Why am I doing this? Because I seek a certain type of sub. I seek a sub who is prepared to obey, respect, worship and tribute Me for My time. Subs who are attention seeking twitter whores, should not follow. Subs who are only there to retweet My tweets without attempting to serve Me properly or even apply for a session should not follow. Subs who tweet pictures of their pathetic dicks, should not follow. And subs who expect to see My naked flesh in any pics I tweet, should not follow.

From time to time, I post tweets in an attempt to catch these subs out - and if you are a fake; I guarantee you WILL be caught out - leading to instant blocking.

I'm Genuine - and I expect you to be.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Slave Enjoys Nipple Torture.

A new slave, sent his first assignment back last week, and I very much enjoyed reading it. I particularly enjoyed the photographs he sent along with it. See for yourself!

As you can see, his nipples are clearly suffering here - and this pleases Me. He did admit himself that once he had removed the pegs, the sharp pain and eventual numbness he experienced was replaced with them continuing to remain very hard; leading him to feel very aroused. Clearly this method of torture must be used more in the future!

Skype Bookings Available Thursday 23 January.

I will be taking Skype Cam and Phone bookings today from 2.30pm (GMT). Those who wish to serve Me in this manner, will of course be required to pay tribute in advance of the session.

If you wish to book a Skype session with Me today, then you should email Me via the address below:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sub Gets Poetic!

A sub on Collar Me was kind enough to write this lovely poem for Me. As you can see, he's very talented!

The Cristal Domme, My rule is clear
A professional Dominatrix for 10 year
I only offer domination service on line
With a range of tasks that I wish to assign
Offering sessions via phone and web cam
Instant messenger and perhaps telegram
From humiliation sissy training and CBT
To foot worship, anal training and chastity
I am always looking for new slaves and sluts
Pain whores to serve me with no ifs or buts
Only contact Me with a genuine enquiry
I have no room for timewasters in My diary.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Insta-Domme Incurs My Wrath!

I don't get angry very often. Yes, I get mildly irritated when fake subs try it on, but generally speaking; serious steam coming out of My ears anger is a very rare event....last night was one of those events.

It is now a well-known fact that @ProfProfile on twitter is not only a very good friend of Mine, but also My associate. He takes care of all My graphic design needs, while in return I promote his business for him. But he's also a really cool and genuine guy who I've known for years. So when some trashy "insta-domme" sends him a nasty and downright rude tweet, damn right I'm going to tear a strip off her - which is exactly what happened last night.

This is not the first time these so-called "dommes" (and I use the term very loosely here) have been rude to him. Several times a week, I find Myself tweeting for them NOT to be rude. Yet clearly it's just not going in. So when I saw that nasty tweet from this particular person, I decided enough was enough. I immediately tweeted her, to express My displeasure at her actions, to be met with "that was me being fucken polite!" (note the spelling mistake? Hers, not Mine) and "fuck you!" Lovely girl - I bet her mother is so proud!

On visiting her profile I also noticed two things - first was a link to her amazon wishlist and second was her mobile number - sensible - NOT! All the hallmarks of a fake domme trying to get something for nothing by abusing men into giving her gifts and cash - they never learn do they?

What gives girls like her the RIGHT to be so abusive? She knew nothing about Professor Profile - she didn't know that he's vanilla and not a slave. She didn't even ask. She just assumed - golden rule number one broken - NEVER assume. She just went straight in with the potty mouth and seriously pissed Me off in the process.

As I told her in My tweet; respect is a two-way street - EARN it! Don't demand it. Abusing men because you want their money screams of desperation and it's embarrassing. How on earth can you expect to be taken seriously if all you do is be rude and obnoxious?

I am sick to the back teeth of seeing "Princesses" tweeting "give your fucking money  loser" and "I want paypigs to open their fucking wallets!" You don't abuse a slave unless they ask for it. You don't abuse a slave whom you don't own and you certainly don't abuse somebody you know nothing about, including the fact that they aren't slave material - simply a service provider offering design work to help your business grow!

That particular insta-domme can consider her tits well and truly slapped - and all the Genuine Dommes and subs now know who she is - I don't see her receiving any gifts any time soon, but I do see her having her time wasted - brought on by herself I might add.

But let this be a lesson to you. If you are rude and abusive to @ProfProfile; I will come down on you like a ton of bricks; as will the Genuine, hard-working and skilled Dommes among us. If I see any insta-dommes behaving like this little cretin, they can expect to be blocked - instantly. I will not have the reputation of Myself and other Genuine Dommes tarnished by the actions of silly little girls; who have no idea what they're doing. We have worked hard to do what we do - you haven't. If you can't be bothered to learn about the BDSM and Fetish scene; the message is clear - GO AWAY! Understood?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Coming Soon - The Cristal Domme Raffle!

Coming up in February will be the first Cristal Domme Raffle, where I will be raffling off some personal items for you to win!

Items up for grabs are:

*A Pair of worn 6 inch platform heels*

*A pair of worn stockings"

*A personally signed photograph with My lipstick kiss!*

So make sure you come back in a few days to find out how you can enter to be in with a chance of winning one of these very sexy prizes!

God Has Spoken UKIP!

I saw this on Facebook and had to share - this is in response to UKIP Member David Silvester claiming that all the recent floods in Britain are of a result of the gay marriage bill being passed. So, The Daily Harold interviewed God and here is his response:

God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth, has blamed the heavy floods of stupidity that have recently battered Britain on Ukip.
In an exclusive interview with the Evening Harold God said that Ukip members, like David Silvester the Henley-on-Thames councillor who claimed that the recent bad weather has been caused by gay marriage, are making the country thicker by acting “arrogantly against common sense.”
“It is Ukip’s fault that large swathes of the nation have been afflicted by a flood of prejudiced loons desperately pretending that their organisation has more gravitas than a cat licking its bum,” God said. “Britain is now regularly experiencing storms of sexist, racist and homophobic nonsense and despite what people like David Silvester may say this has absolutely nothing to do with Me.”
We asked God whether there was any truth to the rumours that He hated gay marriage. To our surprise this question was greeted by laughter.
“I love weddings!” God beamed. “There’s a reason why Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water into wine at that wedding in Cana you know. What could be better than a sincere declaration of love and a great big party afterwards? That said I would be pleased if you could all stop playing My Heart Will Go On at the wedding disco. Being omnipresent I go to every wedding and that woman’s voice really makes Me want to start smiting.”
Despite us pressing the matter God refused to comment either on or off the record on what the future held for Ukip and how He felt about people like David Silvester who use His name in a vain attempt to give their personal prejudices a veneer of respectability.
“I will say one thing,” God told us. “Heaven is a tolerant multi-ethnic community without countries or borders. Those that cherish division may well find themselves going somewhere a lot warmer when their time comes.”

Taking Phone Chat and Cam Bookings Monday 20 January.

I will be taking Phone Chat and Webcam bookings today from 2.30pm until 5.30pm. Tribute is required for all sessions and can be made via Amazon Gift Card. Sessions are conducted via Skype, Yahoo and telephone.

January Sale prices apply for all sessions.

If you wish to book, then you may respectfully email Me via the address below:

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Why I Hate "Instadommes."

As much as I love Twitter and don't get Me wrong, there are some great people on there; there is one thing which really gets on My tits - and that would be instadommes.

Yes, some of you will have heard this term before. Some of you will know what it means, some of you wont, but for clarification; an instadomme is usually a young girl, late teens to early 20's who has deluded herself into thinking that if she spends her time, insulting and abusing submissive men, demanding cash from them, she can get rich - WRONG!

Classic instadomme lines include "fucking pay me paypiggy!" and "Open that fucking wallet, loser!" That's right, before she has even established herself, gotten to know her audience, she is insulting not only them, but their intelligence. She will send out these derogatory tweets fifteen to the dozen, and will either be ignored or attract the attention of a time-waster.

I'm on twitter all day every day, and I get so tired of seeing these girls sending out constant "give me money fucker!!" A financial slave is not somebody you treat like a piece of shit. A financial slave, despite them not being on your level, are still entitled to respect. Genuine financial slaves will WANT to give you cash, gift cards and gifts. They will offer it. But if you bully them into it with constant insults, demanding it like a spoilt little child, you will not be successful - I guarantee that.

I also want to make something else clear. The fact that you have a wishlist and a webcam does NOT make you a Domme. Period.
A genuine Domme has spent a lot of time learning all about the scene. She knows all about safe-play inside and out. She knows how to get into a slave's head and make them feel so honoured to have the gift of Her time. She knows what makes Her slave tick. She has taken the time to get to know Her slave. She uses manners, is polite and professional. But She is intelligent - like Her slave.

How many of these instadommes have put slaves at risk by doing something risky? How many of them know where to and where NOT to use a riding crop or cane? How many of them know the risks involved in electrical play? And this is another reason why I detest instadommes - it's so easy to put your slave at serious risk if you don't know what you're doing - even if you're dominating online. If your slave follows an incorrect or unsafe instruction, at best, you're looking at a lawsuit, at worse, you're looking at a conviction!

It's these instadommes which give the Genuine Dommes among us a bad name. I, like My fellow Dommes; have worked bloody hard to ensure our clients/slaves get what they pay for. We show them a degree of respect. We NEVER insult them (unless they ask for it of course!) and we don't expect something for nothing. We work at it! We don't sit there demanding cash because we think it's our God-given right. And that's why we earn the respect of the true and genuine submissives.

And speaking of true submissives - those who are genuine will know the difference between a real Domme and an instadomme - and will give them a wide berth. Don't insult their intelligence. If you really want to earn from this scene, then do the decent thing and LEARN about BDSM and Fetish. LEARN how to be a Financial Dominatrix. Read, read and read again and know your art inside and out. Do yourself and your slave some justice, develop your own style and remember - respect is not an automatic thing. You have to EARN it!